Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lecco #5 "No Top Ramen or Flamming Hot Cheetos"!

MOM so how is everything going! I hope all is going well so its so good to hear from you and your letters! I love receiving them so much they sometimes bring tears to my eyes! So about the mission! Ok so this week had been very tough! We have been having lots of trials and I mean lots of trials! But hey you know what its ok. We have had a lot of finding work! Man I swear Italians are so stubborn its insane but hey I need to learn to love them ha-ha because, i'm here and I need to make the best of it! So long story short we had entered into a Palazo or apartment. And we were knocking on doors and a old man came out and just started yelling at us point blank. Saying Chi Opra La Porta!? Who opened the door?! We were just like wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha-ha it was funny i'm defiantly learning lots and lots of patience on my mission that is for sure! Hmm what are some other stories! It was a miracle this week in church we had 2 investigators come which was a surprise but we will see how they do. They both just said they enjoyed the experience whatever that means!? I mean this is the restored gospel on the earth and all they can say is "it was a good experience" dont give me that.. Blah! What else another thing that is freaking off the charts is we actually have a baptismal date May 1st which is awesome! He is a man and his name is Roberto and he is from Peru. He is a stud we are teaching him lots and lots of lesson! He is a good man truly! He has a strong testimony and I just love seeing it grow! Our ward is seriously so great! The 1st counselor's name is Fratello Mazzina. Him and his wife both served missions. He served in England and his wife who is also amazing served in Palmyra New York. They help us out so much its truly a blessing! Ok so I guess Anziano Perish went home last week I forgot to tell you. He is from Utah and I don't know what happened, He just couldn't do it I guess I don't know but yupp.. And another thing Anziano Wilkey Is doing awesome!!! Everyone just says he is a stud, The missionary form England who was in the MTC with me. He rocks so much! Hmmm what else, nothing else. Just doing finding work and I know that the Lord is testing me and we will just see tons of miracles happening it will be insane! I need to write Heath a long letter and just tell him how important this gospel is. I love him so much and I would do absolutely anything for him no matter what the circumstances would be. He is my best friend and I love him. And I love Ivan so much as well he is a good kid! Man and Bushman wow that kid is so awesome in fact I meant to say this Saturday for conference we get to go to Muggio and that is where Bushman is serving! So we get to watch it with them which will be sweet! I really look forward to conference so much! I know there will be something in it that will help me so much and I just cant wait! Ok so about pictures! I have taken a lot! We have been bowling and hiking for p-day so I will have lots and lots coming so I hope your stoked for that. Man I miss Walker and Joe and Blake and Posey so much! I love them all so much and am so thankful for all there support! But man I have been thinking to myself lately like Joe is a stud! Man he chose to serve a mission and I just know he was rock solid at doing what he does as a missionary! I look up to all my brothers so much and I know I have gotten closer to Posey even though i'm so far away! I miss my nephews and nieces but I look forward to seeing them when I get home! Well mom I love you so much and no words can describe it! And dad you guys are so amazing and I to am thankful for your guys rock solid testimonies! This gospel is all we need in our life! There is nothing else we need besides it! Well lots and lots of love! Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn P.S. They don't have top ramen or flaming hot cheetos here!!! NO!!!!!!!!! haha Va Be (Va Bene)

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