Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank Goodness for Companions!

On the top floor of an Apartment building! Anziano Anderson!

So Rhett keeps saying pictures are coming BUT... My faith is fading... Just Kidding! But these pictures are of Rhett's Companion and I am thinking Rhett took them so at least you can see the town that they live in! Lecco, which is on Lake Como!
Rhett said he was worried about sending his SD card so he will transfer his pictures to a cd and send it as soon as he can!
Good job. Anziano Anderson for sending these to your mom and sharing!! Maybe next time they will ask someone to take a picture of the Anziani together!
It is funny how Rhett and his companion look alike! AND they both play and LOVE football!
Anziano Anderson is from Lubbock Texas!
Again thanks for sharing the pictures!

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