Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goodbyes Are So Very Hard!!! Final Blog Post!

When Anziano Scheurn speaks of his Mission President.... President Wolfgram....The endearing additives go on for several minutes!! He was the finest shining example of the PURE love of Christ to Rhett! Rhett has been home two months now and he continues to talk of the Wolfgramms! Rhett misses them so very much! The Wolfgramms taught Rhett so much! Rhett has said that most missionaries think their Mission President is the best but....Rhett has said many times....PRESIDENT WOLFGRAMM IS THE BEST!!  President Wolfgramm will forever play a roll in Rhett's life!!
THANK YOU, THANKYOU President Wolfgramm!!!
The Wolfgramms gave their love, time, patience,hard work, knowledge, love, love, and did I say LOVE to Rhett and all the missionaries in the Italy Milan Mission! 
As parents we are forever indebted to
David and Sue Wolfgramm!
Tom and I, love and thank you both!
Rhett has such a great love for Sorella Wolfgram! Rhett has always said that she is his second mom and will forever be his mom in some ways!! 
Sorella Wolfgramm would always say..."Once a WOLFGRAMM always a WOLFGRAMM" with her arms in the air! She would also say...It is COOL to be a TOOL"!!!! I too love Sorella Sue Wolfgramm!! I always knew that Rhett was in the best sweet hands as he served his mission!! Rhett misses the Wolfgramms so very much and when he speaks of President and Sorella Wolfgramm his face just lights up!!!! Thank you to both of you for helping Heavenly Father watch over our son and taking such wonderful care of Rhett as he served the Lord!! 
I know the Wolfgramms helped to make Rhett's experience in Italy the very best two years of his life!! We love you both! Forever!!
President and Sorella Wolfgramss home....MIssion Home. Christams 2012!
Anziani Bushamn,Warren, Webb and Smith!
Anziano Webb, Warren and Bosha.
One of Anziano Scheurn's roomates and dear friend from the MTC in December 2010. Anziano Wilkey!
Anziano Sexton and Giovanni!!
President and Sorella Wolfgramm gave the missionaries a new tie to take home!
Anziano Scheurn LOVED serving with Anziano Sexton!
Anziani Sexton and Scheurn. Anziano Scheurn trained Anziano Sexton. Not sure what Anziano Scheurn is explaining to Anziano Sexton!
President and Sorella Gresta with Anziano Treadway.
Anziano Scheurn and Venturi. Ravenna Branch. Portable piano man!!
The branch of Ravenna!
Christmas dinner at the Gresta's!
Rafaele and Boscherino!
Cooking pizza in the 'Forno'! (wood oven)

This mission has been the best two years of Nolan Rhett Scheurn's life as he would say!!
As Rhett's Mother...I am eternally thankful for the knowledge that Anziano N.Rhett Scheurn has learned over the last two years! I am also so for very grateful for the safe return of Rhett to our home. 
I am thankful Rhett has learned that he can do hard things! That he can learn a new language.  That he can feel and act when the Holy Ghost speaks to him. Words just cannot describe my gratitude to  my Heavenly Father for calling Rhett to serve in the Italy Milan MIssion!! The time went so fast. What a great time to serve in Italy as the Rome Italy Temple is being built! 
We know as Rhett's parents and.... Rhett knows the Lord called him to serve in this mission for several reason....They are to personal to share here.
As Rhett's mom....I am so very thankful for him and the desire he has always had to serve a mission! I know it was not the easiest two years. I know it took great faith for Rhett to leave his home. I do remember the night before Rhett left on his mission...Again to personal to share here...But I knew at this time Rhett would have to pull from his testimony and great faith he had to go to Italy for two years! Even though we did not hear of hard times as he served....I know there were hard times! I could not be more proud and thankful for the strength and HAPPINESS that Rhett had as his served his Heavenly Father!!!
It is my most heartfelt prayer that Rhett will continue to serve and grow his testimony. 

My Dearest Rhett,
Continue to be the warrior that you have always been!! Come back to this book often and read! This blog book will always bring you strength the same strength you gave me each week as I read your weekly Wednesday emails....MY MOST FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK FOR TWO YEARS! Thank you for blessing our family as you served! Your example to all of us was remarkable and amazing!!!  I really do not think you will ever realize how proud I am of you!! In my wildest dreams I would of never thought I would have a son serve a mission in Italy. You will forever be my "Italian son"!! I know for sure Nanna and all her family are so very proud and thankful to you as well!! 
But most importantly I know that your Heavenly Father and your Savior Jesus Christ are so very thankful and proud of you for serving so well where... "THEY" called you to serve.
My heart is so very full as I write you this last letter! I know I have said this to many times to count but.....I am so proud of you!! I am so thankful for you!! Most of all I want to tell you how very much I love you!! I pray you will never ever forget the miracles you witnessed almost everyday on your mission! I pray you will never EVER forget the spirit you felt as you served your Heavenly Father and the people in Italy! With the Lord's help...You changed lives.
Now you are ready for a new are prepared. Continue to go to your Heavenly Father and talk with HIM. As you always said on your mission you are never alone. There will be hard days to come just like on your mission....but now you know you can do hard things! With your faith and knowledge and most important... your testimony...... you are ready to move forward with school and someday a family.
I love you my precious "Italian son"...I know when the day comes and you meet face to face with your Heavenly Father.....He will say.....WELL DONE......

Friday, January 18, 2013