Wednesday, January 25, 2012

# 50 Transferred To BOLZANO!!!!!!

Cara Famiglia! and MOM
Alrighty then here we go get ready for just a wild ride! Drum roll please!.. Well I will be leaving cities who would of guessed haha!!! Being in Pisa for 5 transfers is quite a long time! But anyway every last Monday before the transfer we clean the apartment for the next missionaries who come in just so its clean. But anyway we were sitting there cleaning and sure enough that Nokia ring tone went off.. and my heart skipped a beat! I couldn't believe I was actually going to find out where I was going. But I answered and I heard President Wolfgramm's voice on the other side saying o hey Anziano Scheurn how are you doing??!! How is the work in Pisa! I went on to tell him that the work is just exploding in Pisa right now because we will have a baptism this Saturday with Davide! He had his interview and passed and is ready to make that covenant with Heavenly Father which is AWESOME!!!! Anyway we have also found an AWESOME Italian family that I have been telling you about, and the work is just booming right now! Just going crazy! Anyway I went on to tell him about all of the success that we have seen in the past 6 weeks because of the help of the Lord! anyway he went on to tell me well thats great!! Well wouldn't you know I will be taking you out of Pisa finally! I was like hmm big surprise haha but anyway after five transfers in Pisa.... he went on to tell me that I will be going to serve with Anziano Warren from my group! AND I will be going to the most north city in the mission which is basically Austria! BOLZANO! It will be insane and cold as well! It will be pretty crazy but that is just the beginning of the news! He went on to tell me as well that he would be taking Anziano Neff out as well!!!!!!!! We are being white washed!!!! which is not cool, President told me how he was just concerned and didn't really know what he was doing but we needed to trust in the Lord because he felt very prompted to take Anziano Neff out and put him in Verona as zone leader. So that was a huge shock!!! Anyway that is whats going on with transfers. Its pretty crazy because I told Anziano Warren at zone conference.... I said hey bro after this transfer I will come serve with you in BOLZANO! AND it happened. Its crazy because you know that family the Trexlars, they have tons and tons of family up in Bolzano and they just love us, and sister Trexlar is from there and they go there like every 2 weeks which is insane! Anyway they went on to tell me that they think I got sent there for a reason and that is to reactivate her sister! It will be awesome!! But it will be a little tough because they speak lots and lots of German up there so we will see how that goes!
So that is the news about transfers its just insane what goes on, in the mission you never ever know what is going to happen and thats the crazy thing! Hmm but it will be cool to see everyone at transfers!! I will see anziano Smith!!! Which will be AWESOME! Anz Neff will be my zone leader and I will probably go on scambios with him as well which will be insane!!! Yeah thats the transfer for you! Hmm ok well as you know I needed to say goodbye to everyone which was so hard. Last night we had what I would like to call my "last supper" with the Trexlars..... haha some good old tacos!! It was amazing but it was tough saying bye to them for sure!! He told me he would be seeing me in a couple weeks in Bolzano haha! I saw Sorella Sarti, mom let me just tell you.. she was BALLING because I was leaving! She loved me so much and it was sad but I got her information as well and all the others, Trexlars and them! I took pictures with everyone as well so don't worry i'm remembering, its just hard to send them because time and the cost but I will get those to you, don't worry.
Anyway its so good to hear about everyone doing well! I love hearing it, it just makes me happy to hear it.
Mom I love the pictures that you send me!!!! I'm so thankful for them everyday. You guys are so amazing and i'm thankful for all that you guys do for me! I know before the mission I don't even know what I was thinking!!!! haha!!!! I was such a sissy lala!!!! Anyway.... i'm trying to grow every second in my mission because, I know that is the most important thing and I know that when I say that i'm going to grow.... its growing my faith in Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father! I LOVE this gospel and I know its so true! Mom I will do my best to get that package off to you guys! Its difficult! But I will do all that I can today for my last p-day in Pisa! We will be going to a place called Volterra, its known as the place where twilight was filmed. I heard its gorgeous and awesome so we will go there! Anyway I love you guys so so so much and i'm just as shocked as you guys on whats going on for transfers!
Tell Vossa that I love him and he is such a boss!! It was him and his faith and diligence.... that he learned the sacrament prayer!!!! I didn't do anything.... I just gave him some of the words! I love all of you!  But yeah i'm trying to be the best missionary I can, I don't know how the work is going in Bolzano and to tell the truth, I really don't even care.... but what I do care about is.... I know that this church is true and we do have inspired leaders like President Wolfgramm who has chosen me to go to Bolzano for a reason!!!! I'm going to hit the ground running and find those people who are waiting for me! I love you all so so so much and I hope all is well and make sure you give all my nephews and nieces a HUGE HUG for me and tell the family they are awesome! I need to go I love you all so much! I will be giving a great update next week about Bolzano and how it is. I should be receiving my package in a couple weeks at interviews! I love you all again so much and this church is true!! and BTW it was so hard saying bye to Davide, the man we were to baptize Saturday He will still be baptized and he said he is going to miss us so much but anyway.... I love you all so very much again!
Love Anziano N. Rhett Scheurn
Anziano Neff!
Having dinner with the Trexlers!! Thank you Thank you to the Trexlers who fed the missionaries often! You are wonderful and I know You will hold a special place in Rhett's heart forever!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 14, 2012....WHOO~HOO!!!!!

WHOO~HOO.... Anziano Scheurn came to our wedding!!!!! 

We are so happy Anziano Scheurn could make a brief visit for his brother Walker, and Melanie's wedding!! It was great to see his happy cute face all day!! He was quite the conversation at the reception as well!! We love and miss you Anziano Scheurn!!
Some pretty proud nephews!! Vance, Grey and Brogan!!
Good job Anziano Scheurn, for making sure your tie was the right color!!! 
Joe and Erin, Blake and Tanya, Posey and Ben!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#49 Pisa "310 Baptisms Last Year"!

Molto Bello Anziano Scheurn!!!!
"The Gilbert AZ Boys"  Bushman and Scheurn!
Anziani Bushman, Scheurn, and Neff
Alrighty well as much as I hate to say it nothing really really huge has happened the last week, just continuing to put the hand to the plow!
Well of course my favorite thing to talk about FIRST would be!!!!!.. THE WORK!! Alright we will start with progressing investigators! Davide! He is doing absolutely amazing!!! He will be baptized..... We will be announcing his baptism this week, I think in church so thats awesome! It was funny we brought him to our ward mission leaders house to have a great lesson and I will admit with Italians its really really hard to stay focused on the topic because it will all go out of line because the topic can fall off the path so fast! Luckily because me and Anziano Neff were in unity and we had the spirit, everything was okay!! Anyway we taught him the word of wisdom and follow the prophet!! It always makes me pretty nervous when we talk to Italians about the word of wisdom because it really is a big problem here in Italy! I had been praying forever to my Heavenly Father to let Davide's heart be opened up and receptive to keeping this commandment! But anyway we taught him and he said well yeah I don't smoke I don't drink but..... COFFEE!! We were like yes the lord has commanded us and promised us blessing! In D&C 89! Anyway he chose to accept it because he knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet and God commanded! He is so great!!!!! We picked up the family Mendonza again they told us they watched the Joseph Smith movie last week and they loved it!!!!! So thats pretty sweet! We will be teaching them tomorrow and we will set a baptismal date with them i'm pretty confident! Hmm other then that we have a lot of potentials that we are still trying to contact. The work in Pisa is a little tough right now but hey thats all good!! We are trying out best and we are being blessed because Davide is just so elect!!!
Alright well its funny Sorella Sarti is a little sad because she knows that I will be leaving next transfer and she is not to fond of that. By the way I gave some people your email so they said they want write you. Its sad there is a member named Emanuel and he is leaving to Canada to live there for the rest of his life because of the economy in Italy right now|! Then Lin will be leaving only for a couple months for vacation and so Sorella Sarti knows us three our leaving and we are going to have a big dinner at her house before we will leave! That will be cool! It will be so hard to leave Lin but I told him I will go through the Temple with him and as well as he will come to my wedding someday so that will be cool! The members here in Pisa are so great mom! They are all just so great at times its hard because some of them are a little prideful but.. thats ok I cant talk because i'm no where near perfect but we all just need to try our best to better ourselves!
So I will tell a pretty funny story real quick! So anyway me and Anz Neff we were doing strada! We decided to stop this one girl who looked well let me just say a little crazy she was walking her little chihuahua dog. So we stopped her and continued to talk to her. we explained we had a wonderful message to present to her about love and God! She said, kind of in a rude voice, are you guys vegetarians!! We were like no... and she said well then, you can't go and present a message about love if you eat poor innocent animals! We were like what.....! So she started to YELL at us and told us to look in Genesis where it supposedly says not to, which it doesn't! and she was just YELLING!!! I felt good because we were just like we don't want to argue, and she was like look at my dog... DO YOU WANT TO EAT IT!!!!!! It was funny! Good times!!
So mom thats so cool to hear the conversion story about dad! Man it just grows my testimony so much to know how much dad is a boss and seriously my hero! I will be the one to say it! You and dad are so great and just the best examples in my life on how I can follow the Savior! This gospel is just so essential and we need it so much in our lives! Thank you so much for that story of dad! Mom don't worry, I know i'm going to do my best when I come home for my mission! The Lord is just shaping me and molding me into this man that I never even thought I would be!!! Its fantastic! I received the letter invitation in the mail for Walker and Melanie they look so great! Walker is a stud!!!! Just doing awesome it seems like! He will be a good pops!
Anyway we are kind of in a rush limit so this letter will be just a tad bit shorter but, I love you all so so so so much and thank you mom for everything that you are doing for me, and I mean everything!!!  O and it was cool president said something awesome at zone conference I thought I would share real quick!!
He was talking about prayer and it was cool because, he asked you know.... how can we be so content when we come home and you are saying your prayers at night knowing that we have given it our all that day...... to finding people and bring them unto Christ! and he said..... you know I got to think that Heavenly Father is so pleased and happy and feels so good for you when you come home and fall a sleep in your prayers because HE knows that you have given it your all!! I thought that was just so awesome to hear! He is so inspired and just a boss!!! I love him so much his words and meetings are just our of this world amazing!!!! I learn so much!!! I don't even know what to do! O and last year the mission had 310 baptisms for the year which is a record!! COOL!!! Anyway I love you so so so so so so much!!!!!
Love Anziano N. Rhett Scheurn

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pictures!!!! 1~12!!

Anziani Scheurn and Neff!!! Looks SO fun!!!!!! Like an adventure!!!
I think Rhett thinks he is "James Bond" here!!!
If Rhett is not careful he might get his bell rung!! 
Santa with Anzinao Bushman!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pisa #48 Davide, Lo Gia Fatto!!!

Good Work Anziano Scheurn!!!
Davide Baptismal Rhett made!!!
Anziani Scheurn and Bushman!! 
Mom E La Famiglia!
WOW!!!!! Lincoln has been called to Armenia!! Thats seriously insane!!! Its crazy all of those boys, Taylor, Gannon, Colter and now Lincoln have all received super sweet calls! I feel so bad for Joe and Walker for not getting the most sickest mission in the world! MILANO ITALIA!!! NAWWW i'm kidding, every mission is great but Italy is just a little bit GREATER haha! Yeah I would of served in Armenia though, that would be crazy awesome!! 
The spirit can prompt us at any moment! It is up to us if we would like to act on the the promptings or no! But I would say that, I think we should :)
Its crazy being on my mission has really made me think about some of the things that went on with you and dad before dad came a member! I wanted to know who baptized dad, and some really other cool details!! I feel really ashamed that I do not know this stuff but I would like to know!  Its so cool to hear stories about converts it really does boost my testimony! I love it so much!!
Ok so about the work here in good old Pisa! Well we have another baptismal date! YAY! Wouldn't you know that the Lord is great and blessing us as always :) His name is Davide! He is from Pisa and is Italian! Mom he is so elect honestly I can't even tell you how great he is! He was a referral from another investigator who is actually been kind of "weefy" at the moment! We are kind of thinking about dropping him because he will not do the invites that we leave him to do! But we will see! Anyway yeah Davide was a referral from him! And let me just say this morning we had a lesson with him and we asked him you know, Davide we want to invite you to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and really ask God if these tings are true and you want to know what he said....... Lo Gia Fatto! ( i already did it!) So he is pretty much a boss and we have a baptismal date with him and he told us he will continue to prepare himself to be baptized he is so great he is about 40 years old! He works for the hospital or something but he is great!! Other then that we have some other families that we are working with, so about the family Mendoza we have been trying to call them but they have not been responding to our call so we decided to just pass by them and see how they were doing and they were home and we dropped off the restoration movie with them, we wanted to watch it with them but they were busy so we left it and we will call them in a couple of days to see if they watched it! We found a really cool Italian family and we are still working with them so just keep them all in your prayers but they are all great! the work is good! We just need to continue continue and continue with steadfastness in Christ!!!
Hmm new converts are all doing GREAT! Lin will be going back to China only for about a month for vacation and he told us he wants 4 Chinese Books of Mormon to give to his friends and share with them the gospel so thats awesome!!!!! We will see how that goes! Chen is a boss! We want him to receive the priesthood but I hate to say it but our ramo is being a little lazy in giving it to him! He asks us like everyday, when will I get the priesthood so thats not cool but we will bring that up more specific! Donald is good he has came to church the last days! Just continuing to strengthen his testimony! This work is great and its going good! Me and Aziano Neff are working hard!
Okay well what else so mom don't worry about the Book of Mormon and not having a perfect knowledge about it. There are lots of things I still don't understand but thats the beauty of it! I think the Lord does that on purpose so we will continue to have that desire to read it! The Book of Mormon is the best! I love reading it!! :) So just continue and make sure you pray for the help to understand because the Lord will help you understand! :)
yeah I love DeVincent he is such a boss and such a good missionary and works so so so hard! He is a great example for me and I love it!! I got to go on a scambio with him lest week and I learned so much! He is so great and a super stud!! I know you must be busy with  preparing for the wedding and everything but I know you can do it! If Nephi can get the plates you can do these things! :)
Well i'm going to go I have typed quite a bit for you all to soak in! This work is real!!!! I see miracles every single day!! They may not be huge miracles but they are small and as real as it gets! I love this work! Don't worry mom school will be great which reminds me..... have you looked into school because I do not want to miss that semester!! I would love to start it so that way i'm in the working habit already! Anyway mom I love you so much!!! I'm still looking for that hump package but it will come don't you worry! :) I love you all so much and am so so so so so thankful for your guys support!! Lots of love!
Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn