Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Invite You Dad!

Pops, So I wrote mom on everything about trasnfers.. crazy stuff Milano!!! JUST NUTS!! I love you so much dad and I'm super stoked to be able to have heard that you received a little vacation! You deserve it! Thank you for all that you do Pops!! I'm so thankful for you! Thanks for everything!! This is the true church and I invite you dad to testify your wonderful and powerful tesimony with everyone you come in contact with!! LOVE YOU!!!   Love Your Son Anz Scheurn When we get to the next port of call I will post Rhett's longer email and pictures he sent.

Bolzano #68 Transfers and a Passage To...!!

Cara Famiglia,
Alrighty, well lets start out with the missionary work shall Well okay here is the deal. I will be getting transferred... bummer! I will be going to go serve in Milano 2! In the big city! I'm nervous, so nervous!! I'm going to need some prayers ! But hey I think I will be okay because I know that the Lord has called me there for a reason! It was crazy because we were at a ward activity and there were tons of investigators there. We actually drove with Walter and Emilana! So we were there and we played some soccer and you know it, the Italian came out of me a little. thats right I tore it up in soccer! Everyone was like wait are you American or Italian Anziano Scheurn. I was like, lets just say thats our little secret haha! But anyway we were there and it was about 1 O clock and we received a call... and sure enough it was.. yup you guessed it, our dear President Wolfgramm haha! My companion Anz Stanley will actually be training but then he passed the phone to me. I was so nervous on where I was going! It was funny because there are lots of returned missionaries in the branch in Bolzano. After president called, everyone was like well we will see you later Anz Scheurn. I was like....... noooooooo!!! Pres told me I would go to be district leader in Milano 2 ...  I was very very sad because I will not be seeing Walter and Emilana get baptized! When Walter found out I was leaving and found out that is was pres on the phone he was like no no no!!! "parlero con presidente"! Which means I will speak to the president! He wanted to ask Pres if I could stay for their baptism! On the way home from the activity the car was just quiet.. and he still wants to call president to ask him if I could come back for the baptism. Anyway it was sad and we will be seeing them tonight for the last time... It will be sad but I know that the Lord has called me to do a marvelous work in Milano 2! I say Milano 2 because there are 3 wards in Milano!!! Its huge! Walter said I have to come back and visit him.  I will visit him and he wants to come to Milano to find me haha! That will be boss.. But thats not the end of it.. so yesterday after I got home, I was still a little sad. I received another call..... it was the office and he told me that my remimbursments could not be turned in because I did not have the price of each ticket on each ticket. There was 206 dollars that I was suppose to receive back... but I wont be getting it... and then on top of that I received a call from the assistants... hmm thats weird.. they told me that president had done something new... I now have instead of one companionship of sisters in my district now I have 4 anziani! and 4 sorelli......... a huge district!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They call it a "mega district"! I'm scared and the district meetings will need to be done in Italian because the sisters are from south America and only speak Italian or Spanish and I obviously don't speak Spanish so it will be in Italian... and the zone leaders are in my district... ice me... But hey its all good I'm just scared out of my mind and I will need lots of prayers.. I will be receiving a new companion who is in his 3rd transfer! His name is Anz Collins! I will be his second companion... i'm scared out of my mind.. but I will do all I can! Please pray for me! Frances was a referral from Zimbabwe and he is so elect!!!!! He has a baptismal date for the 30 of June!! This is how it goes. When the work goes great, I leave.. but its okay.. I will tear it up in Milano hopefully! I think president is just testing me... i'm scared, please please pray for me! I need it bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its going to be great to tell you some crazy stories I will have haha! The big city!! I'm stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ghetto!!! Thats how I roll! Pres will probably be coming to my district meetings all the time... yup thats a confirmation i'm nervous!!
So the baptisms of the three kids went amazing!!! I did not mess up on the baptism prayer which is good. Man its crazy like as I walked into the water I just felt the spirit! Its so nuts!! Like I was shaking! I just knew that Simone was receiving a huge passage towards his Heavenly Father and because of this, and... if he continues to the end he will be receiving eternal life! It was sad saying bye to everyone, Our ward mission leader Fratello Adolfo was like when are transfers and we were like this week and he was like okay facciamo cosi, io chiamo il presidente della missione e lo dico che dovete rimanere qua!! Which means like you all need to stay here. It was tough! I love this branch so much! I took tons of pictures. I will be sending some to you all after I send this message! So apparently this ward I will be going to is 80% hispanic!!! So I will be learning some spanish!!! I'm so stoked!!! YUH YUH! Its crazy we will be using the subway a lot and it will be just like being in New York!
So it looks like guys look like your having a great time!!! I'm super happy that you and dad get to spend this time together! Everyone does need a break every once in a while and you guys deserve it a ton!!! I bought new shoes and they were only 55 euro and they are nice!! Super comfy! So thank you for that mom and pops.  Man crazy stuff is going on! I cant believe I'm going to Milano! I'm stoked! I'm going to be a baptizing fool! Bring it! When we come back we need to come back to this branch because I need to see Walter and Emilana! And Frances! So how is the family? I hope they are doing good! Praying for them every day! I will be hanging out with Anz Bushman and the Duomo of Milano as well on p-days because he is in Pavia! Which is super close! Also in the Milano Zone! There really isn't anything else that has happened that is crazy! Transfers and the baptism were the biggest thing but I will send you some pictures and I think I informed you enough on the transfers so yuh I think I'm going to close.
Mom and Pops.... I know this church is true and I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father who cares about me and looks out after me!! Mom this gospel is wonderful! and 'm so thankful for the temples!! Temples are the reason families can live together forever and eternity! I just wish that Italians could understand the plan, and how families are so important! If our families are focused on the gospel we will NOT go astray! My family is amazing!!!! Because I have two wonderful parents who really raised there kids in the gospel. I know I was sometimes stubborn and selfish when I was young. Just a little punk! Now I just see it when I get home, I will be so much more mature! Like just talking to Joe on skype made me miss him so much! We will just talk about are missions all the time and the awesome memories and miracles we have had on our missions! I will never come down, I will keep going and going until I got no more! I love you all so so so so much and I'm stoked for Walker and his kid on the way! The plan of Heavenly Father is a perfect plan! I LOVE YOU ALLLL!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn
 Pure JOY!!!!!! I will remember this moment for EVER!!
 Erternal HAPPINESS!!! Me, Max, Daniel, Pietro, Simone and Anziano Stanley!
 Oriana, Simones mom. She is awesome!!!  LOVE HER!!!!!
 Daniel and his family. Max his step dad baptized him! Love them all!
 Simone and me!
Daniel, Simone and Pietros!!
 Pietros family, Maribell his mom in the white. She is a member and she is great! I will miss them! She speaks to me in Spanish haha!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

# 67 Bolzano " WOOT WOOT!!!

Cara Famiglia!! Alrighty well some crazy things have happened this week and some problems but according to me some beautiful problems haha! So anwyay as you all know there will be 3 baptism this week! yeah!! WOOT WOOT! That means people reciveing eternal life! If you guys aren't jumping right now out of your guys chairs then there is something wrong with you all! Because its huge!!! Simone and Pietro and Daniel all passed the interview! It was given by the branch president, presidente Vingiatti! He is a boss infact, It was funny because after the interviews he pulled me and Anz Stanley in the room! His room! He told us to sit down and we were a little scared! But anyway he just went on about how great the kids are and how prepared they are and how the kids told him that we taught them everythign and he was just telling us how great we did! Well not me, Anz Stanley is a super great missionary and just doing work!! He is a boss! It was cool!I will be baptizing Simone and Daniel will be baptized by his step dad Max Longo and Pietro will be baptized by Anz Stanley! It will be flawless! I will send some super sweet pictures! So we will see how it goes! Thats a super cool miracle! We have some more news! We in fact have received and set 3 more batism dates!! WOW crazy stuff!!! Two of them are those parents I told you about! Walter and Emiliana! They are parents of a member who was baptized about 4 years ago and he was flirted to convert but he is a stud and has the biggest tetimony ever! We met with them and they were reading the Book of Mormona and praying and we invited them to baptism for the 23 of JUNE!! WOOT WOOT!! They are super super elect! o my goodness! It will be great because Micelle(the son) will baptize them!! It was a cool story when Micelle and his wife were sealed in the temple the parents went but they weren't members and before Micelle went in the Temple he looked at his dad and said don't worry dad we will see each other in the Temple one day!!! Just gives me goose bumps!!! The Temple is awesome!!!!!! and this gospel is great! We need it and thats that! So that was a huge miracle! We said a baptismal date with a kid named Benjamin! He is from Equador! His brother is a less active and we are working with him as well! Benjamin wants to be baptized and we set the date for the 23 of June! He needs to come to chruch and challenge himself! We will see. Tonight we received a referral from the office of a man named Frances who is African but he seems so elect! We called him yesterday and he was like when can I see you guys! We said well tomorrow and he was like ok ok ok! We will try to get a baptismal date with him tonight! Miracles miracles!!! Lot of prayers from you all and us! I know that prayer works man, I feel like I can't express myself through a letter but.... just imagine me throwing my hands in the air just screaming at the top of my lungs these things! haha! Thank you all for your prayers and all your support I know its helping tons!!   So tomorrow we go to Verona for interviews. I'm a little nervous cause I love president but man he is intimidating haha! He is a great guy! Truly is inspired! I love him to death and will serve him util the end! Yeah so we will learn tons of needo stuff that will help this work grow even more! So I'm stoked for that! Mom so anyway we had to go down to Siena! Last Saturday back to the Toscana zone!! Because Anz Stanley had to pick up his permesso he started there! It was a 8 hour train ride! YIKES! But it was great because you know why! We stayed overnight with my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANZ SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man he is a boss! It was super fun! I will send some pictures. Me and him ran in the morning to the piazza! We saw a super cool car show! but anwyay that was great and I felt at home! The Toscany zone is the best zone in the mission and if I get transfered which transfers are next week, I would love to go back to the Toscany zone! Mama Mia!! It would be great! We will see what happens next week if I get transfered. It will kind of stink because I will not be able to see Walter and Emiliana get baptized by there son but, it will be great to g.e.m. another missionary who comes and takes my place! Wow thats crazy about Posey and Ben and the kids! Thank goodness that the Lord is looking out over them! I know the prayers have helped! Its weird to the last week I have been praying for Posey and Ben specifically because I felt I needed to! Weird! But thats good that they are okay! I'm glad for that! So Anz Devincents parents!!! YUHYUHUYUH Eternities!!! Thats what I'm talking about! He is great, I love him so much! I want to serve with him again. So about the earthquake! No I did not feel it but some people who live in Bolzano felt it but I did not! So mom I gave a talk in church last Sunday and Anz Stanley said I did very good! It was funny we received a call the day before asking me to give my tetimony and thats no big deal but then the next day the councilor comes up to me and says are you ready for your TALK!!!! I was like what!!! So I gave a 10 min talk or maybe 8. I can't remember but, Anz Stanley said I did good :) so thats good. The Lord blessed me! Thats cool you guys are going up to Seattle and Alaska enjoy..! I love you all and I'm thankful for everything you guys do for me and your guys support! You guys always say that I'm the one blessing you guys at home but I know its the other way around! I'm blessed to have a wonderful family! I know this church is true! I know that the Book of Momron rocks!!!!! I know my Saviour lives! I love you all so so so much!! Thanks for everything again! LOTS OF LOVE   Love Anz Scheurn

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Dear Tamy,
Apparently the earthquake was 5.9 on the Richter scale. The missionaries in Bologna called us this morning at 6:30 a.m. telling us about their building swaying at 4:00 a.m. They went out on the street with the rest of the residents wanting to see if anything bad was going to happen. After a little while they returned to their apartment; however, they had the adrenalin flowing so they didn't get any more rest. Their neighboring city, Farrara, which is about 40 miles away had some significant damage. The 2 missionaries there had a similar experience. About 5 people were reported killed there and some of the old old buildings were destroyed in the quake. They cancelled church there due to transportation being shut down. Church in Farrara is held at a members home because there are so few members. The earthquake was felt throughout northern Italy; however, we didn't feel anything but our Assistants who live a block away on the 7th floor did.
We feel that were were protected and blessed and our missionaries in those two cities were being watched over. We are so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is at the head of this great work. Our faith has grown as we see how vulnerable we are. We acknowledge our dependence upon Him for our guidance and safety.
Thank you for your love and concern. We feel your prayers and support which is a great source of strength for us too. We appreciate you taking the time to check on us. All of our missionaries are safe and sound. We really are excited about the great and marvelous work your son, Anz. Scheurn, is doing in Bolzano! We hope you will keep praying for us and our missionaries.
Sorella Wolfgramm

Thanks to my sweet Irene for this!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

# 66 Bolzano Moroni Is Calling!!!

Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement! I don't know its the craziest thing you have always just know what to say as a dad! Crazy!! Your amazing dad, thanks for everything! I'm sorry about the softball game but don't worry in a little bit you will have "R Spice" to help out haha! We need those Coyotes to win! Lets GO, and keep me updated on the NBA! haha we will see whats going on! I love you dad and thanks for everything you do!!

Love Anziano Scheurn Your Son
Dear Mom,
Okay I need to be honest that has got to be one of the most boss and bomb things I have every seen in my life! Seeing Moroni getting hoisted up! It just makes me feel proud to be serving my Heavenly Father and trying to find HIS elect children! Man that temple is coming! I can't wait to be able to go to the Gilbert Temple when I get home!!! Everything is going great since we last talked Sunday! We went to visit Walter and his wife! The couple I talked about! Michele Accorino, he is a member and was baptized about 4 years ago! His parents were taking the lessons with the missionaries about 4 years ago! They told the missionaries off and said to them you know we need some more time to think! Now they have came to church 4 weeks in a row and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are super awesome! We are kneeling with everyone now when we give the closing prayer! It is something president has asked us to do and I need to say you feel the spirit one thousand times more! I love it! Everyone is on the same page when we ask them which is even better! It was funny, quick story about 6 weeks ago or 5, president when he was explaining how he wants us to do this! He called me and Anz Warren up to demonstrate it in front of the zone! I was nervous! President was the investigator and it was great. It was great and we prayed and it was just a little small role-play showing everyone we need to kneel when we say the closing prayer! But anyway its going great with them! We saw them last Tuesday and gave them the date of the 24 of June to be baptized. They were on the same page and now are going to pray about it together! They are super bravi!! I know its there time to accept the gospel! So as for the 3 young boys! Okay well its kind of a mess! Next week they are all suppose to get baptized but.. Daniel and Pietro's dads have not signed the paper yet saying they can be baptized. Now they are saying that we need that slip so, we don't know if they will be baptized next week! We are going to ask Simone if he wants to wait and be baptized with them or by himself but if he waits.. I might be transferred and wont be able to baptize him which will hurt him.. but hey, I know what ever happens the Lords hand is in it and they will be baptized! The work is going great right now we are still going to town!! So thank you for all of your prayers! I just pray that you can and will continue with them that would be LOVELY :)
Man Walker! that is what I'm talking about! I know that he will do good mom! He is a stud and I look up to Walker so much! Man he is just a stud! I miss him so much! I need to tell you just speaking to Joe killed me! I love him so much!!! I miss him so much! He is just a boss brother and we are going to have some good old times when I get home! Posey is just a great,hilarious sister! I wish I could have seen Blake, but thats okay, I will see him soon! I'm so thankful for my brothers,sister and sisters in laws too! There example is just wonderful and I'm thankful for them! I'm even more thankful for wonderful parents who get up at 4 30 in the morning to see there son! Thank you so much mom and dad! As for Erin tell her I said happy b-day dang! I would of said it on skyp but I didn't know! I am so thankful for everyone! I love Eric! I love all my FAMILY!!! They just awesome!! Things are going good mom! I will always focus on this great cause I'm doing! Don't worry about that, "I ain't done yet"! :) I will serve until the end! The Lord needs me until the end! Man bummer about the soft ball game! But hey don't worry when "R Spice", gets home its over! I will be owning everyone! Don't worry about that! So today for p-day Fratello Vetterato and his wife took us for a hike! They are amazing! He is a rocker! hahaha and his wife is the same, They remind me a lot of you and dad! They ride bikes and stuff. He made a bike a motorcycle haha!! They are boss! It was great to see Cita and Ralph! I will be writing her very very soon! I'm sending the pictures today! I even bought the cds.  Well anyway I'm going to go but I love you all so much!! This church is true!! I love my Heavenly Father ! Anz Stanley is a stud and Anz Parker is a boss!!!!!!! He has helped me so much in my missionary work!! Anyway tell everyone I love them and I think when you all pick me up we will be able to go to Rome and Switzerland but, I'm not 100 percent sure yet. I will ask president in interviews next week! I love you so so so so much and thank you all so much for everything you all do! LOTS OF LOVE
Joe and Erin picked their kids up early from school to watch Moroni be lifted to the very highest point of the Temple! This is a day they will never forget!! It was a hot day as you can see!!
Joe and Erin!

Would you like to have this job!!

You can see the size compared to people!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#65 Bolzano, Almost Mothers Day and NEW PICTURES!!!!!!

The Balcony of Romeo and Juliet!!
Worlds biggest kebab! The answer is, yes I felt sick after I ate this!
In Front of the Coliseum in Verona!!!
Anziani Scheurn and Stanley!! 

Anziano Scheurn taking it all in!

Haha, Long story some people in front of the coliseum!!

Papa la guanc cheina (SP). A Peruvian dish that is phenomenal! The meat is heart! Tasty!!   
Helping cook with Pietro, one of our baptismal dates! So exciting!!!

Ya you best keep it short! Ha kidding I know the cds!!!! I'M SORRY its just tough! but I'm sending them! I will send some pictures right now for you over email! The same stuff goes for skype next week!  but anyway talk to you guys this Sunday!!!! 
LOVE YOU ALL LOTS! I have some cool stories!!
Love Anziano Schuen
 Just dropping a quick note! Miss you tons pops! and we will talk this Sunday I love you alot! LOVE Anziano Scheurn your son!
Anziano Scheurn:
It is so good to hear that you are doing good! I know that things aren't always easy but you have managed to become focused in the Lords work. You have been able to recognize certain situations and most important how to act upon them! I love you! See you Sunday!! Love Dad

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#64 Bolzano Just nuts!!!!! My Last Call!!!!!

Man Pops you stud!! Just tearin it up fishing!!! Boss!! Hey but anyway I'm not sure about the release date yet because the thing is! Transfers are 6 weeks! The last week of when we come home would be after Christmas! I have hear that President would send us home a week  earlier because he does not want us missing another x- mas! I think we are released the 21 of December! but I'm not sure! I will give you updates on skype! I love you all tons!!

 Dear Family!

The work has definitely picked up here! I will start off, first things first we have 3 baptism dates!!!!! Yeah!!! Its kind of a funny story! So anyway well there are three families in the ward! One of them is a lady from Peru named Marilbell, I told you about her already she is amazing!!!!! So great!! She is about 30 or 30 something. I want to say, Anyway her and her husband got a divorce so that wasn't cool. She has two kids and one was baptized she is 12, I think, and the other is Pietro! He is 10 and he is kind of a punk. We have been working with him a lot because it says in Preach My Gospel anyone who is over the age of 9 and not a member of the church is considered a new convert baptism! So we have been meeting with him a lot. and Anz Stanley and I met with them one day and watched the Restoration and we invited him to baptism! We had invited him before and thought well he probably will just say the same old thing, but NOPE! He was prepared! Mom he felt the spirit so hard!! He said yes! We made a baptism calendar for him and he was super excited so he will be baptized the 26 of May!!! Then very quickly after we had another lesson with another 10 year old in the ward! SIMONE!!!! A boss! His mom is a single mom as well and the lady is amazing!!!!! She is such a good mom! We taught him a lesson and wouldn't you guess! The Lord blessed us again! He accepted after forever saying no! He said I want to be baptized so he will be baptized may 26 but then there is another 10 year old, I know crazy stuff!!! His name is Daniel! His mom is a convert. His mom and real dad got divorced! She is amazing and his step dad is Max Longo!! Max is a boss!!! Such a stud!  We got a date with him for may 26 as well!!!! So thats awesome they are all friends and they are all super excited! We are teaching them the discussions to get them ready! They are all amazing! That was some awesome miracles!!! Another side note thats awesome is we called Simone to check up on how is reading and praying was going and of course they are all continuing to read and pray which is awesome but then... Oriana, the mom who is awesome!!! She asked me well hey Anziano who will baptize Simone! I was like well a member or someone could do it, its his choice! Simone is a really shy kid! Anyway she went on to tell me that Simnone had picked me to baptize him! I think because I really got him to open up and he trusts me and stuff. So thats super cool! I will be doing that! Its just awesome the Lord is truly blessing us! We are continuing to do all we can to talk with EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE!! We are seeing numerous and countless blessings!
Well anyway this letter isn't going to be really long because I will be skyping in about 3 days! Wow thats pretty intense and crazy! Well I know and heard that Walker wont be there....... which is a huge bummer!!!! So he said I could skype him after I'm done with you guys. So if you could get his skype name and give to me on skype that would be lovely. So just to clear things up first! We have an awesome family to go to for skype!!!!! His name is Aaron Puff and he is a boss! His wife is Monica Debbiazzi and they are a young couple in the ward! We asked Aaron and he was like are you kidding of course you guys can come!! So what will happen is they have 2 computers. and we will go right over to there house after church! We will eat lunch with them, they invited us to do that! Then at about 3 o'clock HERE!!!!!!!! That means 7 o'clock your time but make sure you check that! It will be great! I hope I can see everyone! Looking forward to it! But anyway yeah mom Stanley is great! He has kind of has a shy personality but he is cool and a really funny kid! We are having a good time! DL is a little stressful not going to lie but it is helping me grow. I love it! Yes I arrange the scambios which is again a little stressful but it a wonderful experience to learn from the other missionaries! Also as the DL we go on scambios with the ZLs so thats a cool thing as well! The ZLs are Anz Neff and Parker, I think I told you about him but he is amazing!!!!!!! A boss missionary! So we will be scambioing with them next week! Looking forward to it! Yeah mom its funny like I served in Pisa for 5 transfers and its hilarious. Its true like the Trexlars really are my Italian family that is just how it is! They are truly great!!! Sorella Trexlar that lives here is a sweetheart! We are still working with them. They have came to sacrament the past 2 Sundays, so its going good! Still working with them! Yeah mom that family I told you about! They aren't convinced and I'm not going to lie it truly breaks my heart like no joke, kills me, to see someone reject the gospel.. Like its a bummer because as missionaries we do all we can to help them but.. in the end they just don't believe! It and its bummer! Because This Gospel is really the only thing that makes sense in the world and thats the truth!! We continue to try anyway!! Well anyway I think I'm going to go! I'm sorry if this is a short letter but things are great here! I will be looking for that package! I hope I can see everyone on skype!! I love you all so much and I will talk to you guys in about 3 days!!! AWWWW YEAH wow my last phone call!!! JUST NUTS!!!! Anyway way peace out!!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn