Wednesday, August 29, 2012

# 81 MIlano Praying, and It Works and Gabe!!!

Welcome Welcome Sweet Gabe!!!!!
First time to meet his American parents!~

First day of School!
Gabe's American nieces and nephews!! 
First American taco with His American brother Joe!

Family!!!!!  La Mama!

Alrighty well first lets start with that work ehh?!! Well the work is going great but I got to tell you that Satan is trying to get to me as much as he ever has so far in the mission. Its crazy I swear he will do anything he can to disrupt the plan of God but I need to tell you.... IT AIN'T HAAPENIN!!!!! So anyway  I will start out with a miracle story to get ya'll to feel the spirit a little bit!

Well it was crazy Tuesday night and we do a little service and host English class and people can come learn English and we share a spiritual thought afterward! Its a great way to find investigators! Because I have learned that Italians love to learn English. So we teach it! We get a call Tuesday morning and its from a man and he said he was a member but he just went inactive and that he wanted his son to attend the English class, so we were like va bene! So we were waiting for English class to start but no one showed up!!!! Then sure enough this kid shows up and his name is Andréa! He is from Equator and he is 18 years old and he wanted to speak English but no one else showed up so we were like well..... hey Andréa the GANs who are the young single adults in the ward were playing basketball and a lot of them speak English! So we were like we could go there and you can play and speak English so, he was like alright!!! So we took him and loved it!... and we got his number! So the next day he calls us and is like hey are they playing basketball again? We told him no  but we have a GANs activity tonight and you can come with us. He was like okay! We gave the lesson about prayer and Andréa was just very into the lesson! So afterwards he was gone! I found him in the bathroom just balling! As I went in to comfort him, I asked him, what is wrong? He was like I just don't feel loved right now and just feel bad! So we taught him a lesson. He is just going through hard times but he loved the church and how nice we were and he wants to serve a mission!!!! Long story short he has a baptismal date for the 21 of September!!!!!! He is awesome!!!! It was just awesome to see the hand of the Lord!!! This is my miracle story! Andrea is doing great! Rodger came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was just going through a really hard time now! We are focusing on getting him to know members!!! So he will be taken in easily!!  We have Fabbian who is a baller but living with a lady..... not good but he is working on it he will be baptized next month!!!! Then Salvatore is doing good but still just having a very rough time stopping smoking... but he will do it, I have faith he is a baller and we gave him a blessing!! We also found a Dominic  who is a baller!!!!!!!!!! AND totally accepted baptism and he is Italian!!!! Just going great right now but like I said at the beginning Satan is working hard... our phone is busted... we have no contact with any of our investigators... I'm not even kidding one day we turned it on and there was a pin number we needed to put in but now its just turned into a mess but we are doing fine we will do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Satan got nothing!!! That is the work and Anziano Sexton and I are just tearing it up!| okay mom so about the girls. I knew you were going to be stressed about that... its not a big deal just forget I said that! you need to understand mom, I know what i'm doing... I love the advice and I will always take it and we are not teaching them anymore. so no worries!! I'm focused on the mission and I will continue to focus on it it!!! I got a package from Shayla and it was great!!!!! She is great though! Mom Gabe seems like a boss!!! I honestly can't wait to meet him and..... we will go to Sardinia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The beaches are so gorgeous!!!! Its so great to hear that he is a awesome and is doing good! Mom you will be fine you are just a fantastic women so you will be okay!! :) but anyway I know I need to give it all I got!!!! I pray everyday for like 5 hours for my district and everyone!!! I LOVE PRAYING!!!! IT WORKS!!!! But, I'm even more grateful for a family who loves the gospel just as much as I do!!!  So mom I don't know if you remember.... okay there was a Chinese kid that I found with Anziano West in Lecco! His name is Ben!!! Well anyway he went back to China because he wanted to serve a mission.... he was baptized!!!!! So he went to China to do the paper work but the government would  not sign his papers or something so..... he couldn't go and he forfeited school to go there so, he came back to Torino to try but nothing.. and he got kicked out of the school because of the mission! Anyway long story short I go to church last Sunday and who do I see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He remembered me instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hugged for like 5 hours!!! A BALLER!!! He is getting into school in Milano so now he is here!!!!! His family is mad at him and stuff is sad but he is a baller!!!! So strong in the gospel!!! Its cool! And another thing get ready for this!! For p-day today Anzaino Webb and I AND President Wolfgramm, all went golfing!!! We played 9 holes!!! It was a blast!!!!!! I didn't play so hot but Pres is the most patient and awesome man in the world and was just helping me out a ton and Anz Webb is a baller and a great golfer!!! What a treat!  Anyway thats all that is going on right now. Mom I love you so so so so much and I will keep going until the end!!! I will take lots and lots of pictures I promise! Mom don't worry about me mom, I'm concentrated! Mom I know I have little time left and I need to make the best of it!!! I know this church is true!!!! I love you all so so so so so much and I can't wait to see you all!!!! Keep up the prayers!! I pray every single day for you all!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm so stoked that your getting Gabrielle!! He will be a boss! You guys will do fine with him because you guys are great parents but just know that when I get home.....Its on we will speak only italiano!!! haha and you and mom will just have to catch up haha!  I will try to learn some dialect in Sardinia!! awww yeah!!!! I'm stoked that is happening! I hope mom is doing well! I wrote her a good email.I feel so bad I forgot moms birthday! I tell my self a month a head that mom will have a birthday but then I forget because time just flies and thats the dead truth. I hope y'all forgive me! I love you pops so much and those Dbacks need to keep up the good work haha I love you so so so much!

Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

Friday, August 24, 2012

#80 Milano "Greenies"!!

Anziani Sexton and Scheurn!
American Candy!!!!

Hola Mama!
Don't sweat it about the short email truly in fact if there is anyone who feels absolutely terrible!! It would defiantly need to be me because, I did not wish you a most exquisite happy happy birthday! You are the best mom in the whole world so I'm pretty much blessed that you were born! Its so great knowing that I have a loving Heavenly Father who is aware of me and gave me such a wonderful loving mom with tons and I mean tons of patience! Thank you for being born! For being thee best mom in the world and yes I used that word the best again!!! Happy Birthday! 
Mom about Christmas did the thought ever come to you guys and just wondering if maybe you guys wanted to wait on doing Christmas so I can be there, but its just a thought! I think it would be pretty sweet! Anyway I support everything you do so don't worry about that!! 
So the work is going good! Salvatore remember the Italian that I talked about.....! He accepted baptism for the 21 of September and accepted to stop smoking!!!!! He is super excited and he came to church and loved it!!!!!! Its crazy how the Lord prepares his children!! We sent him a text of encouragement and we were like you can do it and sent a scripture and he told us he read it and, also read the restoration booklet and just loves it!! And believes it!!!! He is fantastic it just comes to show you never and I mean never judge a book by its cover!!! We have Fabian as well who is a boss! He also accepted the word of wisdom. We are a little scared, he is living with a girl!!! But we will teach him the law of chastity tonight. Please just pray it goes well he need this bad!!!! But he is great!!! Other then that the work is going! We have had some people drop us! You remember Rodger! He dropped us, he didn't show up to an appointment one day and was just like sorry you guys, I can't do this right now! We wanted to meet with him to see what had happened because he sounded pretty upset! We tried but he just denied and it is our job to try to bring testimony and help others but they do have there free agency! Giving them the opportunity! but hey its okay.... he will accept the gospel one day. I don't know when but he will! Rolando.... kind of a headache right now.. We are letting him sit for a while for him to choose himself! So thats okay it gives him room to think! So thats basically the work right now. O wait so yeah Creed Mangrum came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He came to see me here in Milano 2!!!!!!!! Man I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a stud!!!! He was stoked to see me, I will say bye to him today because he will go back to the states, but man just a major inspiration in my life.... honesty no joke he was and is a huge example to me! He is awesome! He went to visit a convert that he baptized and sure enough there was another lady there from Russia and actually now she wants a Book of Mormon and wants to know more about the gospel!!!!!!!! So we will go visit her and its all thanks to my boy Mangrum!!! Thats the work right now! Anziano Sexton and I are just trying to do all we can!! haha But the blessings are coming and I know that!!! Speaking of Anziano Sexton.... man he is a stud! I feel like I don't even need to train him he is already trained!! Transfers did happen, and I'm still district leader.. man its tough.. especially with just sister missionaries and to top it all off!!! Both Sisters in my district, Sorelle Soh and Forbes, they will be TRAINING!!!!!!! So I will have 3 greenies in my district!! What is p-ress doing!!!!! I don't know about this its just hard! And it just keeps getting harder... but I know I just need to push through and thats when the blessings come the most! So please just continue to pray for me!!! Mom I know you aren't feeling good but don't worry because you are awesome and just a fantastic mom!!!! I did get the package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom you just know me to well! Thank you so so so so much!  I'm thankful for your support.When I get home the Temple is the first plave I want to go!!! I love the Temple!
 I need to go but I love you guys so much mom and I'm super super super stoked to meet Gabriele, I cant wait! He will be stud!!! I know this church is true! I can't believe Forrest and Newton!!! Thats insane!!!!! How did they meet up!!! This church is true and I love you so so so so so so much mom and I will see you soon!!! keep trucking!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

Thursday, August 16, 2012

#79 Milano 'A Divine Calling"!

Hiking in Lecco, Lake Como! Anziani Scheurn and Sexton.

Anziano Schuen AKA,,"the Karate Kid"!


Alright well things are going fantastic here in Milano Italy. Thats right you heard me Milano Italy! I'm super stoked to meet Gabrielle! I'm going to learn some Sardinia dialect!!!! AHHHHHH YUH!!!! I'm sorry mom but I hate to say this but we will be speaking in Italian ALL THE TIME!!! haha its going to be fantastic! I'm sure you guys picked the right student! I know that it was inspired by God and that it happened for a reason! I'm super stoked! You and dad don't need to worry because he will be awesome! When I get home I will whoop him into shape, if things go down ehh!!! But i'm stoked!!!
WALKER!!!!!! A baby GIRL thats what i'm talking about!!!! Walker is a stud and he will be a awesome father I have no doubt about that! I can't wait to see how it goes!! I have looked up to Walker in so many ways its insane! Just the bomb example! I can't wait to hangout with him when I get home!! Its crazy you guys always seem so busy! The funny thing is you guys are just doing work as part of the Bishopric! But not going to lie just a little nervous to be in your guys ward haha! But i'm super excited and pumped You tell Pops that I better not have a calling for a little bit hahaha! Just kidding, I know it would help me super well and keep me focused! I just want to continue growing my testimony when I get home! I want to help the missionaries every now and then as well. I think it would be super fun!! Thats just some food for thought! You and dad look amazing in your pictures in Hawaii! Probably the best parents that anyone could have. Yeah thats right I sure did say it and go there! Thanks for your guys support. I know you guys are great because you guys act on the spirit so well! Just seeing how you guys acted on Gabrielle! You guys weren't acted upon but, you guys acted upon it... and that is what we need to do in this life!
You know we had interviews the other day and I got to tell you... every time I see President, I just love him that much more! SO INSPIRED!!! The things he says! My goodness it just blows your mind and makes you think like crazy! He is a boss!!!!!!! AND Sorrella Wolfgramm!! LOVE HER!!!! The best mission mom ever! She did a little activity about some awesome things! She made a yellow circle on the whiteboard and it represented us and our core. We wrote some things on the outside about the things that we like and think about! Like family and our comp and just other things.. but then she put another circle up and it represented another core but... focused on Christ! She wrote the same things on the outer side! Basically long story short, when we act upon, instead of being acted upon, we are doing everything for Christ!!! Its kind of hard to explain over email but I got to tell you its was amazing!! Every missionary conference I just get blown away! There is just to many great things to write down! I wish I could write everything but I love it so much!! Alright well the work here in Milano is still going great we are hanging in there! We have our superstars! Roger from Philippines! Still working with him and its going super strong but.... we have to explain things slow to him because he doesn't have a very religious background which is crazy because.... usually everyone in the Philippines have religious backgrounds but, he is so great!!!!! He is on track for baptism Sep 7th! Then we have Rolando.. still just having a confidence issue! We are really focusing on getting him to know that he is ready and he won't be perfect before baptism but he doesn't need to be, just clean enough to be baptized! He is great and should be baptized August 25! He calls me Arizona and me and Anz Sexton call him Peru! haha because he is from there! He is great! We did set another baptismal date with a man named Fabbian from Equator! I might have told you this already, but he is cool! His son who is 16 years old who is a member and brought him to church one day! YEAH!!! Now we are teaching him and he is super awesome!!! Then we actually have another Fabbian from Venezuela!! He is a stud!!!!!!! Really gold!! A member brought him to church and he has come 3 weeks in a row and.... loves it! We will see him tonight so that is cool!!! Pray for that! It was funny Anz Sexton and I went on splits because we had more then one lesson at the same time. So we got a member from the priesthood to help us. I went with Fabbian from Venezuela and he has only been in Italy for only like 2 weeks I think! He does not speak Italian so... I did the lesson in Spanish!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!! It went well surprisingly! So that was cool to see how the Lord works and I get to see miracles happen. Thats really the big news right now as far as the work. We have other gators (investigators) but we are just working with them right now, but those are are superstars!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!! There is actually a man named Salvatore from Italy, I think I told you about him. He is so sincere and just awesome but he did drugs in the past and is now pretty slow. He wants to tell us so many things but it is hard for him but he reads the Book of Mormon and he even laminated it!!!! He is a boss!!! So we are just seeing what to do with him! But he really wants to change his life for the good! I see it!!! Thats the work now!! Its crazy us as missionaries... we have the divine calling to really make and notice miracles in these two years. Every night Anz Sexton and I, sit down and before we plan.... We think of a miracle that happened! Its just wonderful to do that!!!! I love it! So speaking of the "SUPERMEGAFANTASTICGREATBOSS" Anziano Sexton! I love him so much!!! He is just so humble. We both invested in a blender!!! So we make fruit shakes all the time!! ALL THE TIME!! Its great!!! haha but anyway he is so great mom! I feel blessed because I will do another transfer with him!! But I can't explain how great he is!! So FUNNY!!!! I think i'm going to sign off here thats about it. I know that this church is true mom!! I have said it and... I will continue to say it! I love you all so much!! Just keep doing what you all are doing because you all are fantastic!!! I love you all!!!!!! 

Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#78 Milano No Time To Waste!!!!!


Alright well first things first! You must know where I'm actually doing email from right now, yup its Lecco!! My old stomping grounds!!! Because, Milano is so close to Lecco we ask President if we could go to Lecco for a p-day and he said it was a-okay! So us and the zone leaders and Muggio came!! It was super fun! We did that one big hike and I got a couple of pictures that are great! I don't have time to send them, because we need to take a train back to Milano! So just bare with me ehh! Grazie! I got to tell you being here just brings back memories some good and some bad because.... I started in Lecco so its kind of crazy!! Just makes me feel like I'm restarting my mission haha!!! But it is just gorgeous here, truly my stomping grounds. I remember everything!!! Its pretty awesome!! So I just thought I would let you know about that haha!

Alright so about the work! Well Rolando... I'm just a little worried about him! He is progressing and doing the right things but the only thing is, he doesn't know for sure if he has that testimony. He doesn't want to make mistakes. I know he is ready so we are just trying to let... and help him know that he is ready for baptism! Rodger is just weefy!!! I don't understand! He kind of fell off the planet but, we will see if he shows up again. We are just kind of letting him sit right now! We will see! So Jane and Roen are still doing good! They feel good when they read the Book of Mormon but the only thing is last Sunday they went to a born again church.... What the heck!!!!! We will see them tonight so we will see what they are doing and what the deal is with that! Some cool miracles that happened was that we had just two random South Americans come to church last Sunday and we got a appointment with them. Now there are two new investgators and they love the Book of Mormon!! They are great! We are getting lots of member referrals! There is also an African named Nelly from Nigeria and he read the Book of Mormon and LOVES it he says! He is now sharing it with his friends and they want to learn MORE!!! Thats so awesome I swear! I say it always and I will say it again.... if the people will just take the time to know about the Book of Mormon and the gospel, they would know that it is contagious! Just like a sickness and a good sickness that is!!! haha The work is growing! We are truly working hard!!! I know we will see some baptisms really quick here if we just keep going and find the elect! We just need to keep going because the Lord never ever goes back on his promises!! Thats what we need to remember always!!! Just please keep praying for me!! I feel your prayers and I'm thankful for them! Thank you so much!! I love you all so much! So THE GREAT Anziano Sexton is probably the biggest boss ever! He just is a hard worker and knows what he is doing! I swear its like he has been in the mission for like 2 years already! Just a rock solid missionary and has a huge testimony! I love that kid so much! I'm not even kidding! I have so much to learn from him its ridiculous! Just the most humble kid ever! Just never gets mad and always has the best attitude about everything! I'm glad the Lord knew I needed a "ballin" trainee haha.... so he gave me one! Thats whats going on with Anziano Sexton! I feel like he still gets a little frustrated with the language but, I tell him to not worry about it because, I was the exact same way! He will get it! I just continue to try and help him and encourage him! He will be ok!!!! He is a awesome! I'm thankful for all that he does for me! Mom that is so cool Brady is home, he is a stud!!! O and I know that Nick gets home very very soon but I just don't know when! He is a stud! Man Vaughn!!!! Man!!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!! My best friend! He just is a stud, just look at him, I love the pictures!!! He is a great and amazing missionary, I know that! What else has been going on here in Milano! No crazy stories yet!! But we will get some!  So mom yes I would love to get into international business. I honesty have thought about that a lot. I know it will push me a lot to work hard and study hard. Its good that I'm starting right when I get home. I will be in the study habit. Mom I want to take an Italian class as well. That will help me keep my Italian! That would be good to do that! It will be interesting to see where I go next. We will see. I will for sure be with Anz Sexton for one more and then we will see where I go for my last two transfers....!!!! Yikes two transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness, I better go do some work then! No time to waste ehh....!!! Mom I know that this church is true! I hate to say it but, I think about my friends and relatives who don't have the gospel in there life's. I pray every single day that they will learn of it! Because it WILL help them! Not maybe it WILL! We just need to trust God first!! Its just glorious to have this gospel in our life's and I know its true!! I know the Book of Mormon is true! It will bless the life's of everyone who will read it. Like Joseph Smith said.... no man can get closer to God then a man who reads the Book of Mormon and abides by its precepts! I LOVE YOU ALLLL SSSSOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! You all keep going don't quit!!!! Cause I never ever will!!!

Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#77 Milano... Who Could Ask For More.... It Converts Me More Than....!!!

Anziano Scheurn
Crazy when you think you have only 150 days left to go! You need to cherish these last days knowing that you will never have the opportunity in this life to be where you are, and in the position that you are in as a Young Missionary for the Lord serving in a foreign country. You need to finish your mission knowing that you have given everything you have to offer. Every habit that you have developed whether it be good or bad will be with you through the eternities. Kind of scary? Shouldn’t be as long as your habits are conducive to the Lords teachings. I know you have grown and learned so much in the past couple of years and will be so valuable for you to use in every aspect of your life. It is my prayer that the Spirit of the Lord stays with you as strong as it has been since you were set apart to do his work! You know I love you and am so proud of your progress! Love always


I know right! 150 days its just going so fast and trust me Pops I will continue to the end! I know that this time goes fast because I have been here and I know I need to give it all I got because it is the end! I won't slow down or give up! Because when things gets tough as President says we are that much more closer to seeing the miracles! We just need to push a little more and really dig deep, as they would say in football! I'm so thankful for you, and for how awesome you are! You are the best example to me! I know that everything I learn here on my mission will help me forever! I will always value this gospel with everything I got! I love you and thanks for never giving up on me!!!

Love Your Son,
Anziano Scheurn

Yo Family!
Alright well another great week here in the huge "ginormous" city of Milano, man when I say that, I literately mean it! This place is so big! They use to have 4 missionaries here in Milano 2 because it is so crazy and there so many members and... less actives to work with, so I think I'm going to bring it up with President in the next interview to put another set of missionaries here again because it is badly needed! There is just so much work I'm going crazy haha! Its great because it really keeps me focused and busy! Some great and I mean great things have happened since last week. We are seeing the hand of the Lord in this work! First Rolando is doing great!! He wants to continue!! We met with him last night and he is sober!!!! He has not drank in a week!! He went to a concert and only drank water when everyone was drinking beer!! He is truly making changes in his life and really wants to find out if this church is true and I know he will.... he is just to close! Its funny every time he sees me he goes Rhhhhhhet with the tongue roll! Its hilarious! I love that man! Just doing great, his date is for the 25 of August so just pray for him! We have another baptismal date for the 25 of August and he is from Philippines, his name is Rodger! Just super elect! We met with him and he just loved every little thing we shared! He is alone in Italy and just wants to be closer to God! We showed him the baptismal font and he got goosebumps... come on.. don't be crazy!!! He is elect! He is progressing super duper well! We will see him again tomorrow! We also have Jane and Roen!! They are two Philippine ladies! They are great!! We will see them with a member tonight and we will get a baptismal date with them for the 25 of August! They too are really elect sisters. We will have a Philippine sister with us to help us, and she is a member! Just a awesome lady! It will be good. Its crazy how good the work is! We also met a man named Salvatore! He is from Italy. He is a little slow and we think he did drugs in the past but, he wants to change is life! He underlined everything in his Book of Mormon and he even laminated it!!!!!!!! Yeah I know just so awesome! Those are our superstars right now, and I know that they are just blessings from the Lord! Its crazy everyone of these investigators are praying and reading to know the truth and it truly is just a testimony builder to me! If people would just read with real intent and having faith to receive the answer like it says in Moroni 10:4-5... everyone, and I mean EVERYONE would get there answer!! We just need to trust our Heavenly Father first!! The work is going well! We also met an African man named Nelli who is awesome and he is from Nigeria!! We will see him tomorrow!! I LOVE this work.... I swear it converts me more then it converts our investigators! AND that is the truth!! I can't even tell you how big of a boss my companion is! Anziano Sexton is a inviting fool! He has invited everyone to baptism!!!! He does not hold back ,thats what he does, its his verb! Just a stud! We are running everyday and that is why I maybe look so thin? I don't know but its good! We just have a ball and work hard while doing it!! So as far as pictures, I will send them next week and I promise you that! So mom and family, I just want to thank you all so so so much for the prayers! I KNOW that the Lord answers prayers. Mom, he has done it for you, he has done it for me, and he does it for everyone! This gospel is true!!!!! Thanks again! Ok mom so here is the deal don't worry okay, I will still preach in Italian and be a boss while doing it okay. Don't you worry about that!! I know its a bummer you guys won't get me but don't worry about it okay because... I will still be with you mom.  When we come back for the Rome Temple that will be better because... I will be able to do things and be able to go to Switzerland to go to the Temple there!!!! I can't wait for the Temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Gilbert Temple looks so so so so gorgeous!!!!! I can't wait for that and... to go with the family into it! Mom so about the cities. I will most likely go to another city for my last two transfers! I won't die here in Milano! I could and... I wish I would but... I don't think it will happen! We will see what goes down but I think I will for sure stay here for another transfer with my trainee which is ssooooo great!!!!!!!!! Because he is a boss! Man I love my mission and I love President Wolfgramm! He is just so inspired!!! AND a great great man! I'm so excited for Emma to be baptized! You guys will need to send lots and lots of pictures! By the way speaking of pictures!!!! What about Joe in the pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a tool!!!!!!!! He is so funny!!!!! Gosh I miss him so so so so much! He is so funny! I love him so much! The best example ever!!! I love all my brothers and sister! I'm thankful I can live with them in the eternities, all the Lord asks us to do is... be obedient and really live the gospel!! yuuuuuuh!!!!! I'm praying for Walker to get the boy he wants, exciting!!!!! Make sure you tell Gavin I said happy birthday! I love that kid so much!! We just have to many good memories! So you went to lunch with everyone, that must of been a treat! How are they all doing!!? I hope good! Scott is a great kid and i'm so stoked for him and the things he is doing in his life!! Just a stud!! Man I miss my friends so much!!!!!! Conner, Vaughn, Lincoln and Colby and Scott just all studs. I can't wait until we are united once again! haha but anyway, things seem like they are going well! Mom I got to tell you its true what everyone says... I will be fly when I get home but mark my words... I will get off that plane in my destroyed suit and shoes! haha it will be funny! I love this work so so so much and I know that it is the work of the Lord and I will never... and I mean never go astray!!! I have felt the spirit so much in my life in this church! I just don't get why people don't even try!!! And all we need to do is read and pray.... Simple but we NEED to want to know, and our Heavenly Father will tell us the truth! I got to go on another scambio with Anz Webb our zone leader!! O my goodness so funnnnnny! Just a bomb and great missionary! He is in my group! I love scambioing with him! I just don't laugh that hard when i'm not with him! I love him! So the district is going well! I can't believe Anz Neff goes home next transfer..... I love him so much and I just can't believe how fast time is going! It just makes me know that I need to get out there and work harder and harder!!!!!! AND really find the elect that the Lord has prepared for me!! Well i'm going to go now. I played some b-ball today and I tore it up.  I love you guys so so so much and I hope that everyone feels how much I love them AND they can feel by the spirit that the things I say are true!! This church IS!!!! TRUE!!! I know that!!!! We have a living Prophet.... I mean who could ask for more!!! I love this gospel!!! I love you all! I continue to pray for each and everyone of you! Just keep going!!!!

Love Anz Scheurn