Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#55 Bolzano "Come What May and Love It"!

Anziani Gammel and Drogie!
Some FUN cars!!!
YO YO YO G TOWN!! and Mom!
This week has been pretty intense because as you all know we received some transfer calls this week and let me just say i'm stoked as junk because I will be staying with my boy here in the good old town of Bozen! The Lord has something I need to do here and i'm going to find out just what that is! So around the zone there are some cool things that are going to happen. Let me just say that Anziano Smith is super bravo and a ballin missionary!! He will be our capo zona here in Verona! He will serve with Anziano NEFF! But hey you know what that means! Since AnzianomNeff is the zone leader and the district leader is Anziano Warren, Smith and Neff will be coming to Bolzano to do a scambio!! So I will see Smith a lot! I'm super stoked! Its about time.... I have barely see him in the mission! I love that kid!!!! I cant wait to hangout with him after the mission! Man mom that is crazy that Azn DeVincents mom and Anz Smith's mom caught up! They are both such stud missionaries and I love them both!!! Here in Bolzano it has still been difficult. we are still trying I don't have any investigators to mention at the moment. We did find a Nigerian man named Washington! He is cool but we will see how dedicated he is. We can't tell yet how he will be. Just pray for him and all of the investigators we are currently meeting with because I know you guys do pray and it helps so much! I love you all for that! I received a letter from Blake an email actually and he is awesome, I love him so much and he is just a stud! He is awesome, I wrote him back! hmm well mom I have not received those pictures yet but I know I will get them soon  Thats crazy about Conner and Scott!!!!!!!!! Just nuts!!!! I hope Conner is doing okay and his mouth feels better! I can see Scott going to Brazil as well!!! Man i'm so old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is leaving on there missions. I can't believe it! haha its insane! Like me and Warren stopped and thought about it and we were like dang... we have 9 months.. Its just crazy!! but anyway yup thats whats going on here in Bozen!! OH wait actually funny story!!! We were on a scambio and we were doing casa and we knocked on this door and a older man answered and we told him how we were from the church of Jesus Christ and he was like no no no vai vai which means like go go go and were like but we want to share this with you and he was like no no no, hail hitler hail hitler.! He was like leave or I will kick you down the stairs hahahaha! He didn't do anything he just went back into his room haha! But it was pretty funny!
Man thats so sweet about Eric! I hope everything works our for him! He sent me some pictures that were SO hilarious and just made me laugh so so hard! He is so great i'm not even kidding!!!! I cant wait to chill with him when I get home! He is so funny and just a super boss!  He is my brother and I love him to death! Okay so about Davide yes he did get baptized! So I heard he is doing good! I also heard that the work when me and Neff left is really paying off so thats super good! The Elders who are there now are bosses its Anziano Hardy and his trainee. Hardy is a super stud missionary and is sweet and working miracles down there in the good old city of Pisa!  How could I forget LIN!!! I mean come on! He will go through the temple when I get married, He will be there for that :) YOU BETCHA!  Man its so crazy how fast time is going! Anziano Bona is going home!!! It seems like just yesterday I got to know him! Man times flies when your serving the Lord! I love it! Its so funny because Smith, Portellano and Warren all want me to go to BYU!  Anz Smith would like us to room together. Its so intense on what is going to happen! I just need to stay focused and find those who are ready to hear the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! I read an awesome talk yesterday in the ensign and it was by Joseph B Wirthlin! He said come what may and Love it! I read it and it really touched me and told me that whatever happens happens and I need to have a good attitude about it and just go on ahead with life!! Its so true everything just goes so much better with a great attitude!! Another thing! I think I might be tossing my black suit coat after this suit season! Suit season ends in a couple of months and its crazy because that will be my last suit season! I have my blue suit that is still in great condition, so I thought I would let you know that! hmm I have actually never heard of a gelato college/factory but, I could be wrong..... but that is super awesome the gelato is out of this world but.... I do miss American ice cream haha! ASHLEY ENGAGED!!!!! CRAZY! well good for her! That's super awesome!! I hope that they will do well! I truly do miss all of those neighborhood kids! They are all so great!!!! I need to go! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO SO MUCH AND YES... I WILL ALWAYS SPRINT TO THE END OF MY MISSION!! THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR GUYS SUPPORT! AGAIN I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! THIS CHURCH IS TRUE AND I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#54 Bolzano! Whoot Whoot ,Put Your Hands In The Air!!

Famiglia Mia!
Alrighty so what has been going on here in the good old town of BOZEN or Bolzano! Its halarious me and Anz Warren get a long so well its hilarious. You know how Anz Warren is District leader well its funny because every single Sunday he has to report to the zone leaders on how our district is doing! Its funny because we just made up a joke because Bolzano is called Bozen in German so every time we answer we say really loud ...."BOZEN REPORTING FOR DUTY"!! Its hilarious! Anz Warren is so great and truly amazing how great we get a long with each other. Its scary because next week we have transfers so we will be receiving calls. I hate to say it but i'm a little nervous about this one, I mean transfers are always a little scary because you just have no idea on what is going to happen. I just need to trust in President Wolfgramm which is also the Lord because he has not led me astray so far. I know he is inspired and I can trust him!! We will see what happens.
So today for P day we will go to Trento to play some football with our district so that will be fun. Anz Warren has some taco stuff his mom sent him, so we will be making that, it will be a blast!  I miss mexican food so so so so much!!! I cant wait to eat it again! Pasta is getting old but, I will say I can cook a mean pasta!! I'm trying to learn the lasagna its still a work in progress but we will see how it turns out haha. hmm okay so about that work!
Well there was a very cool miracle that actually happened this week. because to tell the truth no, we have not heard from Marco so we think something happened. Its such a bummer, man sometimes I just want to hit some people over the head with the Book of Mormon and then maybe it will in print into them and they will understand what they need to do haha. but.. thats not the most Christ like thing to do haha so instead I will do all that I can sharing my testimony on how it will help there lives. Anyway me and Anz Warren were actually doing some casa, this was about a week ago. We were doing casa and we received a call from this lady named Margot. she is from Peru. She is super cool. She was going to be baptized with Anz Warren but a week before her baptism she lost her job and went up to Belgium to visit her sister.. so she was not baptized then with those missionaries. We have been looking forward when she would come back so we could start to teach her again. We received a call saying she is in fact was back but.. she lives about a hour and a half away from Bolzano... which is a bummer. She is searching for work here in Bolzano. She is super super great. Anyway we met with her yesterday and she still has a huge desire to be baptized!! She needs to find work here so she can go to church and progress. I would love it if you all kept her in your prayers, she is so great!! Other things that are happening well.... just a quick and another funny story. It was funny me and Anz Warren were doing casa and normally Italians aren't tall at all! They are all pretty short. It was so funny we knocked on a door and a man answered and he was HUGE!!!!!!! Me and Warren both just looked up at him!!!! He had a football shirt on! I was just like hey man I like your shirt and he was like hey thanks, you want to come in!! Well yeah as long as you don't eat us.. haha kidding.... but he was super nice and actually plays football here for Bolzano! He is awesome we have only met with him once but we will see him again this week he is cool! I will get a picture with him! hmm but other then that the work is going! slowly.. but sure as heck surely its going!!! Its good! We also found a super cool girl from Australia named Camilla she is awesome!!! We are just trying to do what we can and putting the rest in the Lord's hands!
O and I almost forgot its pretty crazy!! I haven't told you all but the branch here is a little crazy because it is made up of people who speak German and Italian. I hate to say this but they don't really get a long with each other because.... They get mad because in the branch we speak in Italian and the members who speak German aren't a huge fan of that so.. what they did was they split it up into two branches! Pretty crazy! We still have the Bolzano Branch which will be in Italian and that is where we will stay. There will be another branch in Bressanone! Which is crazy! That branch will be part of the Alpine mission! It was awesome, the mission president of the Alpine mission came to our branch! He is awesome! We got to meet him, just a super nice guy! I translated a little bit for him which was sweet! He is cool! we got to see a lot of German members. Yeah I just wanted to fill you in on a little bit what was going on here in the branch. Let me just tell you that the Italian members are STOKED that this split is finally happening haha!

Hmm well mom its so good to hear that everything is going well! The answer is yes Slla Wolfgramm does go to the meeting and she is amazing, truly an amazing Missionary mom!! Honestly I would not even think about asking for a better missionary mom then her! She is so great! The package was great!!! I loved it! Now there are some Italians.... and it turns out mom you are inspired! Because get this! When you sent the package! Afterwards we visited a family named the Vetteratos who are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them so much he looks like Jack Black and he is into rock! His family is so solid in the gospel! Anyway the daughter wanted to try spray cheese!! Sure enough I have some!! Thanks to an awesome and amazing inspired mom! So she will be trying that! I'm stoked to see how that goes haha! Anyway yeah Giove is great!! He goes home soon!!!!!!! Weird i'm getting so old in the mission!!!! All the young people are like dang Anz Scheurn your OLD!! Its funny! I bet you guys are just tearing it up in the singles ward. who wouldn't love dad, I mean come on! Just the name TOM you could spell it like BOSS as well TS NO BS!! Mom fasting is so spiritual and so powerful and hard but its so rewarding, I love to fast for a purpose!! I need to go but.... I love you all so much and mom you say how you are thankful for a great and humble missionary, I think its the other way around you guys are such a great support! I could not ask for more from you guys!!! Thank you so much! I will never lose my testimony! Just Like Helamen 5-12 says, we need to build our foundation on the Savior and everything will work our just fine!! Thanks for your guys prayers!! I pray for you all everyday and night!! LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH! I'm sending a CD today I got some great pictures!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

AWWWWWWW YEAH!!!!! GILBERT TEMPLE.... WOOT WOOT!!! Throw them hands up in the air if your stoked!!! Your hands better be up Pops I don't care where you are because mine are! Thats so great how well its progressing!!! It will hopefully be done by the times I get home!! I'm so stoked to go through that temple but.. also as stoked at the same time, to go with you!!! It will be sweet!!! Yeah Pops I will keep that football for the rest of my mission! After all it has saved my life and kept me sane :) haha but we are going to go play today for p-day in fact! Your awesome for knowing how much I would want that football :) Its such great news to hear you and Kirby are doing well!! I will continue to pray for all of you! I love you so so so much!!! Dad thank you for everything!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY we will see what goes down with Bater Vediamo! ( we see in iatliano!) Dad I love you so much and thanks for everything!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU! Stay strong as well

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bolzano #53 PUMPED!!!

Cara Famigila!
Alright well yeah everything is going great here in the good city of Bolzano! I'm loving every second of it still! hmm what a suprise :)! But yeah it has been a little chilly last week but actually the last two days have been a lot warmer and the sun has been shining more so it has been very nice! Me and My Man Anz Warren continue to run in the morning he is such a boss but this morning in fact we actually ran to a open field and yup you guessed it.... we played some football and surprisingly I still got it! You betcha! Thank you pops for the ball we played hard with it! It was fun! But yeah Warren is such a stud! I love him alot he G.E.M.s me all the time and mom I never explained to you what GEM is and i'm a little, actually very ashamed for that so my bad. G.E.M. stands for "Grow Every Missionary" and basically Sorella Wolfgramm came up with this. It basically means that every missionary needs to grow and help there companions out! So that is why I say he gems a lot he is a stud!! We are still working our tails off! Really trying to invite the people here in good old Bozen! Going from the Tuscany zone (pisa) to up here in Bolzano I can definitely tell that the people are just a little more closed up here and takes a while for them to start to open up when they talk! But hey its all good we are trying!! It was awesome yesterday I did not write you guys because we had interviews in Verona. Thats where we go because we are in that zone, we don't go to Milano! Verona is gorgeous! We went to interviews! As always I was just so edified by the spirit! I love them so much! They really help me just to continue to keep going, I love it! I had an interview with President Wolfgramm! I cant even begin to explain how much I love him!| He is so so so so great and just so inspired! His words are just 100% gold! I just wish I could keep up with my pen writing when he talks so I could get every word down, because every single little thing he says, just helps so much in the missionary work! I love it so much! President Wolfgramm interviewed me and I swear it was awesome! I told him about Marco and how tough it is a little to invite people, and he agreed that people were a little more closed up here in Bolzano.... but he said you know Anziano Scheurn, that is the beauty of it! The Lord will test and try us in every single way possible, and it really stuck out to me.... He promised and bore testimony to me, if we continue to work hard.... he said, we will start seeing success!! I just thought to myself wow, I just received a promise from a man who is called of God and inspired!!! I know that I need to continue to do all that I can and the Lord will provide! It was great!!! President is so great, I just love interviews and conferences! I can always do better! I love interviews and conference they get me PUMPED!!!
So I saw good old Anziano Giove at interviews! He is so great and just so funny!! He goes home very soon which is just insane!!!!! I cant believe it! He received a root beer in Bergamo where he is serving and it was hilarious! He came up to me and he was like shhhhh... and took something out from his coat and it was a A&W root beer and he just snuck it into my coat, it was so funny!! He is so great! I love my mission! I have made so many great friends! It is so wonderful! I have grown so so much!! but yeah its great! So about the work! Right now we have a lady named Roberta who we are trying to see. She accepted a soft invite to baptism which means, she will be baptized when she knows it is true.... which is fantastic! We taught her and she got teary eyed with us when we taught her. The spirit was just so strong! It was great! We are working with a part member family right now! We are seeing so much success with him! His wife is an active member and she is awesome! We have been seeing so much progress with this man his name is Georgio! He is amazing! We are still trying to find the elect. Its difficult, but just so rewarding! I know that your guys prayers are helping. Its wonderful thank you so much mom and family for the wonderful prayers! I swear when I pray to my Heavenly Father at night and in the morning the spirit is so strong! I can just hear my Heavenly Father telling me and whispering to me how much you all care for me... and that you all are praying for me! For this I love you guys so much!!! Thank you tons! Okay well speaking of love! I LOVED THE PACKAGE! It was awesome mom! Absolutely perfect! I could not of asked for a better Valentines package! The DVD video was amazing!! Thank you so much Posey for that!!! Wow that was so awesome and the pictures! Man everyone is just so old now!!!!!!!!!! They all just look so grown up! I can't believe it! But its super awesome thank you so much mom!   
Thanks to the Lord we are protected.... Mom which I need to say, you don't ever need to worry about me. I know that the Lord has my back! I know your my mom and its your job to worry about me but, i'm okay because.... I got the Lord with me! I'm bummed about *****! I will do all that I can for her. I think i'm going to fast for her! She is so amazing and I will do all I can to help! I will pray continuously for her as well!  Well i'm not worried about dad at all because A. he is strong and he has that old man strength and B. he is a stud with a huge spirit! C. The Lord has his back! I know everything will come back good on his biopsy. I need to go but I love you all so so so so much!!! Thank you so much for your guys prayers! I know that this is the true church of  our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I know our Heavenly Father loves all of us! We can draw more closer to him by reading the Book of Mormon!
 LOTZ OF LOVE! Tell the family I love them and tell the nephews and nieces too!!
Anziano Nolan Scheurn 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#52 Bolzano Tough Week & Bitter Cold!!!

A Frozen Wave!!

Bozen Reporting For Duty!!
Alright well some sad things have happened this week.. it has been pretty trialful but with the atonement and my Savior i'm hanging in there but anyway. I will start with the work as always so anyway that really really bravo investigator Marco who had the baptismal date and yes had.. the baptismal date has had a rough last week.. so I will tell the story..
So anyway we had talked to him last Thursday again and we told him that we wanted to meet with him three times a week to really get him ready for his baptism and he totally agreed and was so excited to meet with us! So the next day came which was a Friday and we tried calling him to see how his reading was doing but no answer... it was very odd and me and Anz Warren were very concerned.. but anyway we went to bed Friday night not hearing from him but anyway the next day we continued to try to call him but nothing... So it came about 6 o'clock that Saturday night and we received a text from, him and he told us that something bad had happened and that he was sorry that he did not respond or call us back! So me and Anz Warren were very nervous and thought that we did something wrong. We called him and he said elders i'm so sorry for not answering but something bad has happened, We were so nervous.. so he said can I meet with you guys tonight and we said of course! He was just crying so he came to the church and he went on to tell us that he has been at the carbenerii for the last couple days.. Turns out that he has a grandma who lives a little ways out Bolzano and he would go up to help her. She is old and isn't there fully.. so it turns out that the grandma had 2000 euro stolen from her in jewelry.. and every old lady has a badante is what they are called but basically a maid that helps out.. but anyway he got accused of stealing from her because he goes up to help.. and he thinks that its just badante that stole. But the rule in italy is, if they find anyone's fingerprints everyone goes to jail it doesn't matter.. so he said that they would find the finger prints because he helps out... so its just all a mess and now we have not heard from him in a couple of days again.. its just sad!!!.. We went to try and go visit him but he wasn't home.. so just please please pray for him.. its just a bummer how such an amazing story can just go down like that.. but hey its okay we need to go on and I know we can.. because we have our Heavenly Father. I will admit I was mad and a little ticked that this had happened but its not over yet we just need to do what we can do.. and thats to pray and hope and have faith that everything will be okay!!
But yeah Bolzano is going okay the work is super tough here I will admit people are just pretty closed up here and its difficult to have a good long conversation with someone and add the bitter cold It just doesn't go good with one another. but I need to continue like I said to really find these people who are waiting. I know that the Lord is testing my faith and these trials will blow over! You know the Savior obviously was the perfect example of this, but I also think of Joseph Smith and how many trials he went through, but now look everything is amazing! I know the good stuff will happen. I just need to work my butt off and find these people who need help.. Thats the work right now.. we are trying hard, we just need to try harder. Everyone is not feeling that great all the members are sick and its just kind of a big mess, even Anz Warren is feeling a little under the weather. Hey its all good it will all get good. Mom about that girl on the corner that is the best thing you can do is just be there for her, I know that members are just a huge roll and so important in missionary work. I'm actually in the Verona Zone and its sweet! I got to see Anz Neff the other day that was sweet, I love him. The Trexlars are doing well we actually got a hold of the moms sister and we will be seeing them this Thursday!!! Thats awesome because they have lòts of family that lives here! I want to really help her sister come back in the church! I'm super stoked! It was crazy we called them and the husband answered and was like hey are you from Arizona.. and Anz Warren was like no but my companion is and so they were like oh yeah we are related to the Trexlars! So that was cool and the Trexlars actually didn't come up because of the blockage of the roads by the snow. They are expected to come up again so I will see them soon, I miss them so much! They are probably my favorite family in the mission! They are all just so great and amazing! I'm getting use to the members here as well we met with a family named the Vetteratos and the dad reminds me of Jack Black and he loves harleys!!!!!!! I need to get dad hooked up with him! He would love that! I will send dad his email he does speak english but dad can use that thing called a I phone I think.. haha but yeah he is super awesome and super solid family!
But yeah I miss Eric alot but hey thats all good I know I will see him, so its all good. Don't worry about that he is amazing and it will just be that much better when I see him again! Yeah i'm still good on the work don't worry just having a huge growing experience!! I'm glad I have my Father in heaven as well as an awesome comp Anizano Warren! I have not got the valentines package yet because we have not had interviews yet but I will get it don't worry.
Well I have talked a lo!t Tell the family I love them so much and I love you mom a lot! mom thanks for all that you do and tell the Rays I love them!!!! Brother Ray is a huge boss!!!!!!!!! This church is true and I love my Savior and as well as the Book of Mormon! Thanks for all your support and I love you all again so much!!!
Love Anziano Nolan Rhett Scheurn

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#51 Bolzano.... Love The Area Book!!

Bolzano, Italy!!

Man you look like a huge just stud up in that golf swing!! Keep it up!! Well i'm so glad to here your doing good! Its crazy in German Scheurn means beautiful so I get that at least every other day 300 times haha but its cool i'm proud of it haha! Anyway its cold. Trying to keep it real here and do what I do and.... find these elect children! I love you so much. Thanks for all of your support!! I love you so so so much! Keep on truckin! 10 months until we get to hangout again!
Love you, Love Anziano Scheurn! I continue to pray for you!!! And the Family
Bozen Reporting For Duty!!
HaHa.... I say Bozen because Bozen is Bolzano in German! Who would have thought!! Its so crazy hearing German but I love it! It is for sure an experience haha! But anyway I know that I always share an experience at the end of the email to leave you all on a spiritual note but hey let me just tell you I have been here in the great town of Bolzano for a good week and have already seen the biggest miracle ever!! Let me put it to you this way we have a baptismal date GIA!! (Already) I will tell the amazing liahona addition story to this baptismal date! Here we go:
Okay well it all started out and you all know that in every apartment there is an area book! It is a very great useful tool to finding work! I have really never had a HUGE testimony of this tool and have never really used it in my work but I have definitely kept it updated for the next missionaries who come in so they could find that investigator in a good year who wasn't ready to hear the gospel but now they would be ready! Anyway it was a Saturday night just last Saturday and I was sitting having a good glance at the area book in Bolzano! and all of the sudden I came across a man who was about 23 and his name was Marco! He is italian and he had been taught lots of things of the gospel but there were about 2 sets of missionaries who would pick him up to teach him but then they would drop him or he would just stop contacting them! It was very strange! So I asked my boy Anziano Warren who is a BOSS by the way, if he had ever taught this man Marco and he said no I have no idea who this man is! So I decided to go with the spirit and give a call to this man because he had been to church lots of times and seemed like he was being receptive to the gospel from the area book! So I called him and I was pretty nervous because I don't even know this man and had no idea who he was! But anyway he answered and on the area book the missionaries said that he stopped answering his phone for them so that was a big shock that he answered! But anyway he answered with a warm welcome! Hey Anziano!!! I was like what the heck!!!! I went onto talk to him. He was like man this is crazy you guys are calling me at this time because I had just ordered a lot of books online of your guys church and I just received them and now your calling me thats awesome!! So anyway I said well we are new missionaries here in Bolzano so we would like to meet with you. We were like of course!! We set up a appointment with him that Monday! I was a little nervous but stoked! Anyway we met with him at our church! He was talking in english to us and had a huge backpack on and I was just a little weirded out. I thought o man this guy only wants to talk English!! We went in to teach him we said a prayer and talked to him about why he stopped talking to the missionaries and he said he didn't think he was ready back then! He was like yeah I have all these books, he opend his backpack and pulled out a million LDS books!!!!!!!!! Including Eternal Marriage! He loves this!! He even has a girl friend who is interested in the gospel and wants to be married in the temple as does he!!!!!!! She lives in LUCCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my area!! Its crazy!!! We fixed a baptismal date with him for Feb 25 just a huge miracle!!! I love the Lord and its all because of him that , that happened! Now I have a huge testimony on the area book!! So that was awesome!
Anyway yeah Bozen is awesome I do feel a little lonely up here just like its me and Anz Warren up here by our self because it is a good way from everyone! But hey thats okay we will do work up here anyway so thats all good! We are seeing lots of success talking to everyone! Really trying to find those people who are ready to here this wonderful message! But yes the bad news is I am freezing my buns off!!!!!!!!!!!!! But hey thats all good.  I need to by gloves and a new jacket for real mom because we will be receiving snow I think here in a couple days because it actually snowed in Milano which means that cold it coming our way now! So I will buy that stuff and that will be great!  But the members here in Bolzano are super nice and awesome! I mean its different from good old Pisa but I will adapt just need to give it some time but I love them all to death! Already! I have a awesome  district as well we are in a district with Anziano Gammel and Anziano Druggi who are both just awesome! Druggi is a little new in the mission but Gammel actually extended and goes home next transfer they are in Trento! So thats fun. Its beautiful there as well! Okay so about this whole apartment situation its a little crazy and right now. We are getting or actually in the process of getting a new apartment right now which is right across the street from ours now. So when we move into that apartment which should be tomorrow I will give you that address. I will be getting a lot of pictures here in Bolzano! Its crazy we run in the morning and its so cold!!!!!!! But I need to run so we do it and it feels great after! But anyway thats whats going on here in good old Bolzano right now! I will defiantly need to get warm here fast because its cold!
 But yeah I don't know! But I will receive the Valentine package in a good week at interviews so thats okay!! hmm what else! I'm stoked to work with Warren he is a boss! I love him so much and he has a huge testimony!!! He is great and a hard worker and we are gong to continue to do work!!! We will really find these people because I know president is inspired and i'm here for a purpose!! By the way i'm at a internet point right now and its FREEZING!!! And the faster I type the warmer my hands are haha! But anyway thats awesome about the Trexlers! They are so so so so great! By far my favorite family I have ever met!! I love them so much and will definitely stay inconstanct with them for sure! Their son served his mission in Utah! He is a stud and helped us out a ton! Pamela is so AWESOME!!!! I love her so much SO NICE and the mom and dad and Micela, they are all so great!!!! I have been going on for a long time, I hope everyone is well! Make sure you give Eric a huge hug from me! I love him so much and he better be there when I get off that plane and for Mothers Day!!!! LOTS and LOTS of LOVE
Love Anziano Scheurn