Friday, March 4, 2011

(my momma)
How are you!? wow there is so much stuff to talk about i don't even know where to start but its ok because i will say all of it. So the plane ride went ok but from Denver to Germany we had some bad turbulence and we ended up giving Anziano Smith a blessing and it was a awesome experience! Germany was so different i arrived and wondered were the heck i was. It was such a big culture shock but it just didn't feel like my home because i knew Italy was my home! We flew over the Alps and it was so gorgeous wow! it was amazing! we arrived in Milano about 5 o clock in the evening and President and Sorrella Wolfgram were waiting for us along with the Assistant Presidents! The Assistant Presidents are pretty awesome! there names are Azniani Mangrum and Gray! They are so powerful and have ginormoius testimonies! We then went to the mission home and we had orientation and also I did my first time of "CASA EN CASA"! wow was it a experience i will never forget! It was pretty scary but I just showed no fear! Anziano Portellano the kid from France speaks the language real well! and He asked me "Anziano Scheurn how are you not afraid to talk like you know the language and you just are not scared! He said i was his hero and it made me feel good! I said to him just no fear! Just do it NIKE!!!!!! After this we went to a restaurant and i had my first Italian pizza it was awesome and amazing! President Wolfgramm took usto pizzas it was an awesome experience! After this we went to a hotel to sleep for the night! I shared a room with Anziani Terry and Bushman! The next day we got our trainers and found out what cities we were all going to! We were all so nervous and excited! When they told me I'm going to Lecco everyone was so jealous and i said I'm sorry!!!!! My trainer is Anziano Anderson! he has been out for about a year now and he is awesome and solid! Every Thursday night we have course di inglese class and its fun we get to teach English its awesome but kind of difficult! My first day of church was awesome! A little tough because i couldn't communicate like i wanted to but hey its all good! They love me for trying! Our ward mission leader is Fratello Luigi and he is a stud! Our Bishop i forget his name but he rocks! He wasked me to give my testimony my first sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! in sacrament wow was it scary but very spiritual as well!! Our members are solid! I have had two lunches at members houses and wow are they freaking amazing omg!! Its always a three course meal its so insane!! It was funny we were doing casa looking for work and we knocked on a door! there aren't houses here its all palazzi or apartments! An every palazzi has an office well long story shorts i knocked on the door and sure enough it was a office! i didn't know so i just kept on going and my companion was laughing the whole time!!! It was funny! The pictures I'm sending you they are our investigators! The girl is Atillia she is awesome! she makes us pasta sauce all the time! And she is very spiritual! The other is Oxman the African American! He is awesome! we just need to get them in the water! I love it here so much! It was very tough the first week! wow like I'm getting pushed like i have never been pushed before but i just need to lean on the Lord! I have a bike here! Its not the best bike but hey its a bike and it works! Those pictures are so solid I'm glad you got the opportunity to go to Vermont and see where Joseph Smith was born, i heard its very spiritual! Well how is everyone?! how is dad! tell him i say he needs to buy a new horse as well! Well mom i love you lots lots and lots! That's all i got for this week! we will continue to work hard! The language is coming along very well ! My trainer tells me i"m way more a head of him then he was when he first started out so that made me feell good well. I love you allot! Our home address is Via Bovara 1 Lecco, LC 23900 Italia! well mom i love you allot and i will continue to email! LOTS of LOVE!!!!!

Vi Amo Tutti!
Anziano Scheurn

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