Friday, March 25, 2011

"One HAPPY Thankful Italian Papa"

Lecco 4th Letter
WOW i'm so thankful for you! Words can't even describe its just so funny. I look back before my mission at all of the silly and immature things I did! By disobeying it truly makes me sick to know I acted like that. But I know when I get home i'm going to be a changed man. it will be awesome and I will be prepared to start a family of my own! I love you dad! I am sorry I sent the gift early its just that it was Fathers Day here so I thought it was there, but hey its alright you deserve it anyway because you are the best dad in the world. The work is going alright. A little slow but hey when you have bad days at work do you give up? No you don't. You got to just keep going and treat everyday different and as a new opportunity. I love you so much dad words cant describe and your fishing video was amazing! haha you are a beast! I love you a lot!!!!
Love your son Anziano Scheurn

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  1. I love this letter to Tom, it brought tears to my eyes. Love Elder Scheurn