Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letter 3! Lecco! "Ti Amo Un Sacco"!

(I Love you a lot)
La Mia Mama!
Wow I don't even know where to start! Hmm well lets just say this last week has been a huge growing experience. Not just for me but also for Anziano Anderson as well. The weather hasn't been the best but hey its all good it should be clearing up fairly quick here. We started out the week, when we were on our way to and investigator appointment her name is Attila. I'm actually in a picture with here I sent she is awesome but... we were walking to here house when we got a text message saying "hey boys i'm sorry but please don not come over I cant deal with this anymore, i'm confused, tired and I don't want to deal with any of this anymore. Sorry but i'm done. So we got dropped by her it was very tough but we just had to keep going. An Italian, his name is Anziano Balso actually went home the last week as well. Man it has been a crazy first month in the field but hey its all good because I know that the Lord is testing us. Along with this we have only gotten into one house doing casa for this month. Pretty hard but like i said the lord is testing us. There has also been a lot of good things that have happened also. So this past Monday we actually did something called a "blitz" this is where the Zone Leaders leave there city and come to ours and go on "Scambios" (exchanges) with us and we try to find some work. So I went with one kid named Anziano Peterson. They are the Zone Leaders of Como and they are pretty tight. We didn't have luck getting into casa but we did have some huge success with Strada. (road) It was about 8 o'lock at night and we were in Centro doing some strada when we talked to this kid named Carlos who is 25. He wouldn't stop to talk so we just walked with him and we explained everything. The thing that he was most impressed with was the apostasy because he just did not believe about what the Catholics believed regarding the apostasy. We ended up walking with him for about 15 min to his house we got his number and everything. So on the way back there was another kid walking into his house and it turned out the kid lived in Texas but was born in Japan and he spoke english. He is 25 also a real intellectual kid! He had gone to Catholic church a couple times but just knew there was something missing so we are going to meet with him again. So notice we were walking with that kid. If we would have stopped and not just followed the spirit we would not have found that other kid from Texas. We have to follow the spirit and we will be blessed. Pretty fechin awesome experience! There has been some very funny situations also! Wow so that same night we are talking to this man. And while we are talking to him another old man comes up and starts saying oh wow you guys are the Mormons I know who you are. He continued to say. You guys are the ones who lived in the east but got kicked out to the west because you Mormons were stealing all of the ladies. We started laughing pretty hard and we explained that is not why we got kicked out but he as so determined he was right! And went on to say. Why are we all fighting (which we were not fighting) here we are all christian. Its those dang muslims fault and some random guy on the other side of the street heard the man say that and said. Yeah that's right its there fault. We were so embarrassed but it was a pretty funny story. So also me and Anziano Anderson were actually on the news on accident. Hahaha they were doing an immigration thing and you can see us in the background and we were actually on the news. Funny stuff! I know its insane about the Tsunami wow its the sign of the times. So mom I know I might have spent a lot of money on my card but its ok because this first transfer has been a little chaotic because i don't know what to buy at the grocery store at all!!!! Its so new but next transfer I won't use nearly as much money as I have this transfer I promise! Everything also comes in such small quantity here. OK so what i'm going to do about pictures is after every city i'm going to send a cd with pictures but also i'm going to have a USB card that I will put all my pictures on so if we lose them in the mail or what not I will still have them. It will be a good idea!
I sent dad a Fathers Day present and card. Wow I love dad so much like I honestly can't even explain how much I look up to him! I use his convert story at least a hundred times a day in lessons. Such an amazing man! How is the whole family!? I hope Cita is doing well also. I love her so much and am so thankful for a wonderful grandma who had such a wonderful daughter who is my mom! I'm so thankful for you also mom! And ALL that you do for me! I read Alma the story about the Strippling Warriors everyday! And how the Strippling Warriors just listened to there mothers and everything was all good! Well that has been all that has happened. Oh wait one more thing! Actually the apartment next to us actually got broken into. Pretty crazy stuff and a TV was stolen from the man. NUTZ! Well mom I love you so so so so so much and am so thankful for you!
Love Anziano Scheurn

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