Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pisa # 33 Be Firm!!

Hey Family! (mom)
So everything is just going fantastic here! I Love the letters that you all send me man I just feel everyone's love in it and it makes me so happy to know that I have a family and friends who just support me so much! I'm so lucky! Its like I have a double win because I know that my Heavenly Father always has my back but its even better to know about the friends and family who give me all the support in the world! Thank you all so much!
Everyone is just getting so old and looking so grown up! Those pictures of Gavin, Lucy and Ellie, man its just insane, I love it so much that everyone is growing up! I'm so looking forward to
talking and seeing everyone for Christmas its just so crazy that its almost Christmas again! Its just going so fast that I don't even know what to do but I just need to have my eye on the prize and continue to serve the Lord with all my heart might mind and strength and tell people about Christ and share this wonderful message that the gospel was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith!!!! Thank you all so much for your guys prayers!!!!! I love you all!
Ok so about the work let me see here! Donald continues to be a boss, I love him so much!!! I made him a baptismal calendar as well so that will be sweet! I will send a picture of that. Like not to be prideful but its just a knack I have of making super righteous calendars! But its only because i'm called to do this work! Ha when I get home and am released it will all leave me that is how powerful this calling is! But he continues to progress for the 15 of Oct! It will be sweet! The night before his baptism he wants to cook some nigerian food for us! Which will be sweet! I'm stoked he is so awesome mom and has such a huge testimony and he is NIGERIAN! I love nigerians they are so humble and just sick!!! He is a G!
We had a lesson with a man names Alex the other day and to tell you the truth I was just a little bummed because I thought he was going to be super bravo but... he kind of started to bash with us a little bit and couldn't really grasp the concept that we need to believe in a prophet to get
the fullness of Christ. He thought that we could just talk with him ourselves and as long as we believe in him we would be saved! That is true but not true! We need to follow the gospel! And do the things that will lead us to have eternal life! We continued to teach him how Jesus Christ is number 1, there is no one else in front of him but he just couldn't grasp it! But its ok we did all that we can and everyone has there freedom to choose but thats ok!
We have a lot of awesome appointments with some sweet investigators this week and I will have to tell you how they go! But for now that is really the only news we have about our investigators! I'm just so excited that we get the chance everyday to find new investigators! Its just never ending and that is the beauty of it! Hmm so my new companion! ok well he is a little strange! But he is ok! I will be fine its only 5 weeks! So its not bad at all! I can do anything with the Lord! And I know that is true because i'm to that point in my mission now! So we will just continue to work our butts off so that time will pass but don't you worry! He is a really big guy! its funny doing casa because people are just terrified of him! hahahaha but its good though!
O and another thing actually in about 2 weeks we will be moving in with Livorno anziani!! with Anz Free and his trainee so that will be cool because they will redoing our apartment in Pisa so things will be a little hectic but thats ok! Man I read a letter from Vaughn and it just brought
tears to my eyes! I love that kid so so so much! Just a huge stud! He has such a huge testimony, I love him! He will be a great missionary! Lin and Wang are preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood so that will be SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be so awesome! They continue to be sweet and amazing! But anyways I need to go but sounds like everything is going great there!
Its sad don't tell anyone this but, one of our new converts who was suppose to go to the temple was not able to! He was baptized by the last missionaries his name is Fratello @#%$, but he was not able to go because of smoking... its just a bummer how satan attacks! We need to be ready at all times! And poor Sorella Sarti the women who did my birthday dinner! She was not able to go either because of her leg... so pray for her she was suppose to get her endowments but just didn't work.. its sad I feel so bad we will give her a blessing tonight!
But anyway mom I need to go, I love love love you so much! And I love my whole family
and every morning and night I kneel on my knees to give thanks to my Heavenly Father for how big of a blessing it is to have such a wonderful family and loving parents who follows
this gospel and are just amazing! I love you all so much! Just keep going rely on the Lord and be firm in your testimonies!
Lots of Love
Love Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pisa #32 What A GREAT Birthday and a New Companion!!!!

sorella Sarti in Rhett's branch made Rhett a birthday dinner and invited Lin and Wang! These were the birthday plates from Rhett's birthday box we sent!

You rock thank you so much for your letters of support the best birthday present I could ever have is the support of two wonderful amazing parents who have always been there for me! Thank you for all that you do Pops! I cant wait until we kick it when I get home! We will go to high school games all the time! I love you so so so so much! You rock!!!!
Aziano Scheurn

The calendar Anziano Scheurn made for Lin!!

Wang and Lin!!

Alrighty Mom well everything is tight!!
So all is well let me just say it has been one of the most spiritual weeks I have ever experienced in the mission so far! I love this work so much at times its tough but it is just like work! Its so great!
Lin and Wang's baptism was amazing!! THEE MOST SPIRITUAL TIME IN MY MISSION SO FAR! So the baptism was not really put together that great which I am ashamed to say! Our branch president was not there so that was a bummer and me and Giove had to make the programs for there baptism! But that is ok! So first Wang was baptized by Giove and it went super well! The spirit was just so strong and I thought that it could not get stronger o but wait it did! So next it was my turn to baptize Lin! It was awesome! Everything went so well! We went into the water it was kind of cold but that is ok haha! So we continued I said the prayer in Italian! And I dunked Lin! He is a very small kid so I dunked him kind of hard and he came up and I thought he was a little upset! So we continued to walk up to where we get changed and I said Lin are you alright! And he was just BALLIN!!!! I was like are you ok and he just gave me a huge big hug!!!!! And thanked me for everything that I had done! I was crying with him! It was so great! After which we went to hear there testimonies! Wow Lin wrote a talk and it was amazing he told us his story on how he was materialistic until two missionaries found him and instantly he felt the spirit and knew he found the truth!! It was so amazing mom! O my goodness! Then next they they both received the Holy Ghost and that was a huge spiritual experience! Just awesome! He is so great and he says he thinks he wants to serve a mission!! Just a amazing kid! I want to come back and go through the temple with him!! BOSS!! These are some pictures that are awesome! O and Lin's baptism calendar I did it in Chinese! And he said it was better then he could write! I just looked in the Chinese book of Mormon and copied it, its sweet!
So we have another B date!!!!! His name is Donald! He is from Nigeria, he rocks!!!! He will be baptized Oct 15 he is such a boss! I love this work its tough sometimes but I know that the Lord will bless us if we just continue to do what we are suppose to do! We have another investigators as well so that is sick! I LOVE this work so much! We just need to continue to do what we do!
So about transfers! Ok so Anz Giove is leaving and I will be receiving a missionary named Anziano Patulo! He is from Australia it is his last transfer so we will see how this goes! I'm a little nervous but don't worry at all because I know that I will be ok! So it will be alright! Hmm so I have not received the birthday cards yet but I know that they will come so that is sweet thank you so much! I love you all so much and you guys have always been there to support me that is why you guys are so BOSS!! Hmm that temple experience is so amazing mom thank you for sharing that so much! Man everyone takes the temple for granted! I cant wait to be able to go again! I love the temple so much!
Well that is all that is really going on right now! I love your guys letters so much and your guys support! This world NEEDS the gospel! I love being able to spread it and to know that i'm a part of spreading it! Hmm well its starting to cool off here which is nice we start suit coats Oct 1 so that well be sweet! Alright well I need to go! I love you guys so so so so so much these words cant explain!!!! Well keep on doing what you guys are doing! O and BTW Vaughn is a stud!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that kid so much!! He is going to be a super amazing mega missionary! O yeah I said it! But will say it again, I love you guys so much!!
Love Anziano scheurn

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pisa #31 An Early Birthday Dinner!!

Another letter to La Mama!
So what has been going down since the last time that I wrote you guys! Everything is going sweet here as always thanks to the Lord of course! So Are baptism dates continue to just grow stronger and stronger! Lin passed the interview he will baptized this Saturday by me! He chose me! Our return missionary in our branch will confirm him and give him Holy Ghost! Wang will have his interview tomorrow so please pray for him! I'm sure he will do just fine! They are so humble and just so smart and just want to learn everything it is absolutely just amazing!!!! We watched the John Tanner story with them! I'm sure you know this video or story its true during the time of Joseph smith and he gives so much money to the church to save it and travels more then 1000 miles! Well long story short at the end of the movie Lin was bearing testimony! And sure enough he had cried by the end of the video! He is amazing mom I love him so so so much! and Wang is just studs!! Hmm they are so BOSS!!!!! I will let them know about the CTR rings in Chinese i'm sure they would absolutely love that so so much! They are awesome! The work is just awesome! Its been a little tough but the Lord is just and will do what he wants if we are willing to give all of us to him! I love it!
Azula continues to do awesome!! We will see her soon! Also we found a new investigator named Elenora who is freaking awesome!! She seems pretty elect she read in the Book of Mormon and is doing good and asked the golden questions like why are we here, and what is the purpose of this life and where do we go? So we will talk about that the next times we see her! She is sweet! Floretino actually moved back to Philippines because his wife's mom had died but he says that he will investigate the church in Philippines which is sweet! And he is a man so we ok on that! But work continues to be good! Me and Giove just continue to do what we need to do to find these lost sheep! I love it so much its just an adventure!
Thats so funny about that story you told me about Noah and Gwen! O My goodness I love my nephews and nieces so much! I brag about them all of the time! Ha its awesome! Mom your new car is awesome!!!! I love it!!! So basically when I get home I will be driving that! So its all good haha! Hmm but what else for real! We continue to do what the Lord wants us to do!
If you can record Vaughn's farewell, do it like tape recorder that would be fantastic!!!!He is such a stud, I love that kid so so much! Awesome kid! Well I need to go but mom I will get lots and lots of pictures of the baptism!!!! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH YOU AND DAD ARE AMAZING AND JUST CONTINUE TO BLESS MY LIFE SO MUCH! I know that we are so close to each other but far away!! I love you all so so much give the family my love!!!
o and by the way Sorella Sarti in our branch told me that she is going to have a birthday party for me and invite Lin and Wang and some new converts!! haha I want you to meet her mom she is HYSTERICAL AWESOME lady!! I will take pics of that as well!
Love you so so much,
Love Anziano Scheurn
Rhett's Birthday is not until September 20th, but it was nice he could take his comps to dinner!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

President and Sorella Wolfgramm!

We all have heard Rhett talk of the HUGE LOVE he has for President and Sorella Wolfgramm so...I knew Rhett would love to have their picture on his blog forever!!! Rhett talks often, of the great inspiration they both have and share freely! I too as Rhett's mom, I'm so thankful that Rhett has such a LOVING WONDERFUL Mission President and Mission Mama! Thank you to both of you! You both I know will forever be part of Anziano Scheurn's life!!! Rhett loves you both SO MUCH!!! Thank you again for all you do for the Italy Milan Mission!!!!

Pres e <span class=Sor Wolfgramm">

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pisa #30 AND, A FEW PICTURES!!!!!

WFHS Represent! Thats so boss that they are tearing it up! Man I got to tell you i'm pretty excited and I look forward to hear how they will be doing thats sweet! Man that Millie she is just a great dog I tell you what! Pops you are just a stud! I just continue to be amazed at how awesome you are! Man this Branch is just a little tough! Like Lin our awesome baptismal date who knows more about the gospel then probably half the members in our branch are just awesome but I just feel like they are getting neglected because they are chinese when they are more humble then half the members in our branch, but everyone has freedom of choice.. but anyway they just continue to be awesome! Life will always throw us trials no matter what but its up to us how we fight them off and use them as stepping stones! As missionaries we are taught to teach the needs of our investigators which means to help them in anyway that we can! Its almost the same way with the Lord! He will teach to our needs as well! But throwing trials at us, we developed our faith, and we grows! Thank you for everything you do for me Pops! You are awesome the best dad ever! Well i'm out of here lots of love!!
Love Azniano Scheurn

Ok so this week just has been amazing experience as always! My testimony has just grown that much more this week as it always continues to do but, man I tell you what something happened this week that I cant even explain to you how GREAT and FANTASTIC it was!
So our two baptismal dates continue to just be awesome!!!!! They are studs!!! But LIN!!! O my goodness that kid is so ready for baptism we just need to get him in the water right now!! But we need to wait! So yesterday we went to go teach him about obeying the laws of the lands and also reading the scriptures! He just understood everything perfectly! He is a stud!! But so as we were about to depart he was like "hey you guys I looked up something on the internet and it looked really interesting to me and said it helped him understand more and makes him want him to share the gospel more! It turns out he pulled up on the internet Preach My Gospel!!!! In Chinese!!!! It was so sweet and he was like o yeah! I watched highlights of General Conference 2008!! He said he felt so good watching it! AND HE EMAILED it to his family in China!!!!! AND his mom and them said they loved it!! But it doesn't stop there! He invited us also to come over later that night to teach a couple of his buddies who were chinese that roomed with him! So that was a bit of a shock he is already doing missionary work! So that night we came over and there were to chinese kids who were curious on what we did and they wanted to know more but didn't really speak english or italian! So Lin Translated!!!!!!!!! He understands the gospel so well! My testimony grew so much that night!! He is such a boss! I gave Lin and Wang SIG rings and they wear them 24/7... They are so sick mom!!! Man!! I'm so thankful for your guys prayers even the nephews and nieces prayers! Thank you so much for all of it!
Hmm so what else has gone down! I love Anziano Free he is such a Boss man, I love him so much we have just been doing so well! So Elder Boyd K Packer wants us all to get 20 lessons in a week! and he promised us that our baptisms would double! Well we have another miracle story! We were about have way through the week and we only had 9 lessons! So me and Giove decided to pray to God and ask Him what is needed to be done to obtain these 20 lessons and the Lord said, we could just feel it, that he was going to do what he would do but we just needed to do what we could do! So we ended up teaching 9 LESSONS just only on SATURDAY!!!! It was awesome!!! We taught 2 on Sunday! So it was just another testimony builder about how true this work actually is and when we actually plead with the Lord like Enos did, we will receive what is to be done! Just so great!
Hmm ok so the thing about Howenni she actually dropped us but that is ok because, her friend Azula has much much interest!!! She rocks and says she feels good when she comes to church and when she read the restoration pamphlet she said that she felt good! She is awesome! and wants to learn more! She is sweet!
Florentino continues to be a boss as well from Philippines! She is tight! There was a new convert in Livorno who is from the Philippines as well and speaks tagalic so we hooked Florentino with this new convert named Edwin and they just kicked it off perfectly! Its so so so great!! Hmm who else so yeah we received a referral from Prato/Livorno and it is a nigerian named Donald who apparently is just ready to be baptized! He has been to church 5 times and will keep the law of tithing so we are going to get a date with him on the same day as Lin and Wang Xiang! ITS SO INSANE!!! How Pres. Wolfgramm is just so inspired its crazy I love it so so much! But the work is going great we just need to keep it up and with the Lords help we can do anything!
That is so sweet about you ballin it up! I guarantee you balled Frenchie up like that! That is a fact!!! haha thats so awesome!! Keep it up show him who is boss! That is so so so awesome about Mangrum!!! Man I love him so much!! He truly changed my outlook on my mission, he helped me so much! Such a G! A Truly Great missionary!!! Man I will for sure make that cake mom and there will be many many pictures!
I love you so so so much mom! This work is true! I love it so much! Its so great to just see people progress in this gospel! Keep doing what your doing!
Oh and some advice! If there is ever a new investigator in church make sure you always welcome him or her! Its is so big to get investigators involved with the members! I love you so so so much and your the bomb . com! Thank you for all that you do for me your such a great example and just a boss! I love you lots!!
Love Azniano Scheurn