Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#94 Ravenna Down to Weeks!

 Wait it was just yesterday I was set apart.. wasn't it! I can't even believe that I will be home soon!! Its just gone to fast and I have to admit, I'm really just torn up about it! Like a lot of me is excited to go home.. but the other half is just like.. its over.. and it is sad.... I know that the real life starts and I'm a rock and will never be brought down!!! I just need to remain close to the gospel, and really think about the atonement in my life!!! Man just crazy! But yeah I hope that Lincoln and Conner are doing good! They wrote me a letter the other day and I just love them so much!!! Yes I heard about the game from the Jefferies... mama mia... mi dispiace.. terribile.. but thats okay...  but anyway I need to go but I love you Pops and  I can't wait to see you!!! love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anz Scheurn

Alright well the work is going great but man its a little "trialful". because we had Fidelis interview to be baptized yesterday and president Gresta came with us as well but....  we postpone it until the next week. If we put our selfs into situations...  thats when satan is the most powerful.. so we need to do all that we can to avoid those situations in the first place. He will be baptized he is just so so so sincere, I love him. He is amazing and a great example and has honestly changed his life around for the better!  Douglas still needs to come to church but still doing great.. he understands everything, literately one of the smartest men I have met in the mission but just needs to understand the importance of the sacrament. He is a baller! Debra is doing okay still working with her but hey its okay, we are giving it our all we are seeing her tomorrow. She is great! So we set two more baptismal dates with John and Ifa for the 22 of December so I will see it before I go home!!! They are great and super smart! Its funny he asked the question the other day, he said if I'm not baptized should I take the sacrament? I was like thats a good question.... but they are ballers. We are excited for them but just pray for these people please. Like I know that you guys are already. I love this work its to great!!!!!! I'm gonna miss it so much...... I had an interview with President... and I got to tell you it was a little sad.. he just told me how much and how grateful he was for my service and my attitude towards everything... man I love President ........ honestly I will miss him so much! He just gave me a huge hug. He is so so so smart and just so amazing.. I will never lose contact with him. He is great.. President Wolfgramm said that will not be the last interview we have. We will have another one before I go home. Yes President talked about some really really really awesome things!! O my goodness!!!!!! He talked about how the WORK IS BEING HASTENED!! We turned to D& C 88 vs 73 and that is what was prophesied by Joseph Smith!!! AND look what is happening we are getting more missionaries and the age has been lowered and its happening..... the work is hastening!! Its just truly amazing! President Wolfgramm talked a lot about how the pre-earth life,  was another transfer just like in the mission!! We were transferred to earth for this wonderful time and this opportunity to share this great message of the restored gospel with others!! Man its so crazy! Its a little sad I won't see 18 year old missionaries but eh... its okay because I will never stop being a missionary!! There is some cool things that we have learned! AND Sorella Wolfgramm!! My goodness.... I can't even imagine having a different missionary mom!! She is SO amazing!!!! LOVE HER!!! 
Mom as far as the branch here. its pretty big. But I think it is the smallest branch I have been in on my mission, but on good days we fill up the little chapel!! So thats cool, I can't really say how many, maybe about 55. I don't know exactly but its great!! I love getting really close to the members! In fact our branch mission leader told us to start getting closer to the members, so we thought of the idea! We will buy Santa hats and go around to the members with home made sugar cookies!!!! "Yeah MON"!! It will be great! I love the members here and especially the branch President, President Gresta!! We have to come back and see him for sure!!! My goodness just fantastic!!! So thats a little bit about the branch! 
It has been a little cold! but thats okay I'm getting through it! The spirit of the Lord warms me up!! :D Hey there is one for you! But it is true!! 
So what else has been going on! Well we are really really working on getting new investigators but its a little hard right now. I know the Lord is in it.  We are doing all that we can!! I love this wonderful work!! I will never stop harvesting for the Lord! 
I got a letter form Cita! Man I can't wait to see her!!!!!! I can't wait to play the piano with her again!! YEAH!!!! I love her!! 
So mom I know I have spent some money but I'm getting gifts for you, dad, Walker, Blake, Posey and Joe! I'm going to send them in the next package so that one you can not open up okay! :) I'm done getting myself things, I don't need anything :) I just need the fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha but anyway its just crazy!! I feel like I just went to Lecco yesterday.. nuts!!! So you need to tell Gabe he need to shape up a little eh.. haha... but I can't wait to meet him that will be fun!!!! 
Mom, you have done so much for me already!!! Man Christmas is coming again and I'm excited to understand the true meaning and I mean the real meaning of Christmas !! Man its crazy three Christmases and, I got to tell you its a little sad, but I would rather not of been anywhere else than in the mission field for Christmas ! I can truly feel the spirit!!! Mom, I'm just really excited to see you all! We will be doing calls and skype at Presidents Gresta home so don't worry about that. I will just call not skype! Anyway... I love Anziano Treadway my comp!!! so so so so so so x567561235126 funny! We just laugh at the most random things haha!! He is just so cool! 
I can't wait to go to the cabin as well! Save some room int he razor for me haha! Anyway I'm going to go, there is not much else going on. 
Mom every time I look at myself in the mirror I ask myself how I did these last two years as well.... like I'm not going to lie! Man when I think about the Lord and how much he has helped me.... I just get on my knees and thank him even more!! This mission has just been life changing!!! I know that all missionaries say this but its true!!!!! I'm thankful for the best family in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke!!! I know this church is true! I know that this is the true and only church on the earth with the true authority!!! I'm thankful for everything in the world that is fantastic!!!!!!!! I love you all so so so so so much! Mom don't take down the tree or Christmas lights until I have seen them and... I expect big Santa to be up!!! HO HO HO Merry Christmas!! haha good times!!! I love the nephews and neices as well... I can't wait to see them!!

O and another reason why President is awesome!!!!!!!! Seeing that I have not been to Venice and have not even served in that zone, I asked Presdient if we could go to Venice.. and he said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is like well of course you can. You can't come to Italy and not see Venice haha! So yeah but we need to use our own money to get there, so I hope thats cool!! I'm stoked!!!! Also the picture of Vaughn you sent?!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see him!!! He wrote me and every time we  write each other we are just like bro, I love you haha he is awesome!!!! LOVE YOU

Monday, November 26, 2012



Okay well let me just tell you all, that it has been crazy the last week! We have just had an increase of miracles! I don't know why, I'm not doing anything to special I think. I mean I'm working hard and doing what I do but man.. let me just tell you it has been an awesome week!
The first thing... my comp Anziano Treadway and he is a BALLER! Honestly its so funny he just makes me laugh so so so hard!! I honestly cant stop laughing!!! When we proselyte I can't even help but laugh!! We are stopping everyone!! Its crazy... I'm just not scared to talk to people anymore! Towards the middle of my mission, I still had some "paura"! Or fear! But now I don't have any paura... like I just want to go go go!!! So its been going good! Anyway I love him and we are the "Scheurnweay"!! eh eh eh get it thats Treadweay and Scheurn combined!! Thats how we roll!!! I love him!! 
Alright so as far as the miracles man I got to tell you it was a killer week in church! We had... are you ready for this 7!!!!!!!! In Church!! What in the heck!!!! Let me just say keep those prayers coming because they are working, I think one of the hardest things though, is just them having the time to see us! All of those that came to church are super great and want to learn but just so busy!! Curse work!!!!! But we are working on it! So we had Fidelis!!!!!!! He is a BALLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love him and he is so sincere!! Just great! So Dougy did not come to church.. but his father is in the hospital and had surgery so he was with him all day and night! Kind of a legit reason but we taught him about the Sacrament and how he needs to take it and when he is baptized that will be the most important part ever!! We invited him to come to church every week and take the sacrament and he agreed!! So thats awesome! He will be baptized next week!! Like normally.... I would be worried about these things but he is super bravo and a great kid so I'm not worried about it he will be baptized just keep praying for him!! Back to church it was Fidelis who will be baptized next week as well!! Then there was Ifa and John who are from Nigeria! Its crazy they just come without us saying anything!  Hopefully we can get them on track, it is their third week in church in a row!!! So we will get them going!! Then there is Cesare and Sandra they are a family and have 3 kids!! One of the kids is 12 and the others are younger! Sandra is from Brazil and Cesare is Italian!!! They came and she was not feeling well but still came and told us anytime they don't have work they will always be at church!!!! They are great but they are just super busy!!!! We will see them because they really want to watch the restoration film so we will get that going!!! Then we have, okay so I don't know if I told you about her but there is a lady who older....Her name is Diva who is a less active! Anyway but she has not been to church in months!!!!!! Her daughter Debra is not a member who is 42 and anyway they came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been seeing them a lot and they came!!!!!!!! AND loved it!!!! We are trying to get Debra on track for baptism! I really would like you guys to pray extra extra extra hard for her!!! I feel she can enter the waters of baptism. she just needs to recognize her answer to her prayers!! It is just great! It was funny I didn't even know what to do because there were so many people to talk to at church!! It was funny our President of the branch, President Gresta!, called us after and was like Anziani......what happened!!!!!!!! Was that a branch or a ward!!!! It was so awesome there were lots of people at church!! It was great!!! Yeah keep those prayers up! The work is going good our teaching pool is big but we can always improve it and thats why we are talking to everyone!!!!! So its going great!! Just crazy crazy week!!! So anyway what else has gone down!! Mom....I have really realized that its all about attitude!! It is funny there was a saying int he mission and its "fake it til you make it"! In a way its true, you know if we go out there and show that we are engaged int HIS work it really does show and the people see that!!! So we just all need to "fake it til we make it" when its hard and it will get better always.... as long as we rely on our Heavenly Father it will always be good!!!
The weather right now is a little chilly but it ain't to bad!! I'm good don't worry about that!! I'm good!! Yes Rocco and Luisa are still doing good from what I have heard, so yes thats good!! I love them and miss them a lot! I heard they actually moved to Bergamo!! So I think the Anziani are with them there! They are still going strong! That is truly a bummer about Gabe.... but hey thats all good,  I will still talk to him on skype and hopefully we can go visit him in Sardinia! It would be so cool to have an exchange student form Italy but, I understand what you say mom, it is stressful. I have been with them, but I know if I can do it you can do it!!! I love these people here so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!! They will always..... and I mean always have a part in my heart I will never ever forget them!! I love them so much!!! 
Mom I agree with you thats a good idea I will just take a test to see where I'm at in Spanish, but I really would love to learn Spanish fluently. But we will see. You guys are amazing!! Mom I love this work so so so much!! I can't even begin to tell you!! I'm going to be a baller to the missionaries when I get home!!!! I'm gonna help them out so so so so much,  I want to get them some referrals!! I feel what they are going through because two years isn't easy but we need to do all that we can as members to help them out!!! AND pray for them constantly!! AND fast for the missionaries!!!
The cabin seems awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I'm stoked for that... I cant wait for it!!! It was funny just a story!!!! So it was Sunday night and we had a couple of "bidones"! Like where people cancel on us for there appointment so, we went and did "casa" and it was super funny because the adversary really does work against us but... I hate to tell you he ain't got nothing on me and that is serious!! We did "casa" and tried to get into 6 palazzi but we weren't able hahaha! Its just funny but thats when we hit those miracles as President Wolfgramm says...... when we are close to the miracle fence!!!! But it was just funny we are working hard. I will work until the end and I mean the end!!!!! We need to lift those up who are down as well!! So I was reading the Book of Mormon and I found a scripture that is one of my favorite scriptures now!! It is Alma 58:10 just fantastic!! Its so true!! At every point there is no one to turn to except our Heavenly Father!!!!! AND that is what we need to do!!!!! Just keep that in mind!! Mom you give service all the time!! Just always thinking of others!!! AND thats why your a freaking amazing example!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!! 
Alright well as far as that first week home it doesn't matter but, I just  really really really want to be with just my whole family for Sunday night!!! So that would be so awesome!! Just some food for thought!!! Well anyway not much else going on, tomorrow we will actually have a Thanksgiving party at the church because our Branch President is a freaking baller!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM and is organizing it and, he wants  Anziano Treadway and I  to speak a little bit about the holiday. It was funny I just told him well... we watch football and eat turkey!!! He just laughed hahaha!!!! 
I love you all so so so so much!!!! Just keep on going because..... I will keep going!!!! Keep up the prayers!!! Pray extra hard!!! 

Love Anziano Scheurn
P. S. I sent a package with the stuff in it. I will probably sending one more so be ready. You can open it because there is stuff for you in it! I sent pictures in it as well!! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Thinking.....

I was just thinking today in five weeks Anziano N. Rhett Scheurn will be home! It is a happy sad! I will miss the Wednesday excitement I get from Rhett's  emails and the beautiful pictures! I will miss the missionary spirit in our home! There is much I will miss from this last 24 months! We all have grown in ways we never thought we could! I just have to say....
I am so grateful for the hard, selfless work Rhett has given! I could not be more proud of Anziano Scheurn and ALL the missionaries serving in Italy ast this time as the Temple is being built!
I could not let my gratitude end here! I am so thankful for ALL of the missionaries that have gone before and after Anziano Scheurn!!!! Thank you for all you have given in building up HIS kingdom though out this world!!
I love you all!  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#92 Ravenna Translating For Elder Boon!!!


I know I think about it a lot as well! Like it is a bitter sweet you know.. like I know I will miss the calling of being a  "full time missionary" but I will never stop being a missionary.. I know that work just continues when I get home.. and I will never stop helping everyone come unto Christ and just serve serve serve!!! Anyway I love you so much and I can't believe I will see you so soon I need to just work work work work because I have so much I need to do!!!!!! MAN those Blackhawks thats how they roll!!! There going to win it all just wait and see! Maybe a few of my prayers will be tossed in for them.. haha just kidding but they will do it!!! Well anyway I need to go but I love you so much and I'm thankful for your example and I will see you soon!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn
Alright well I need to tell you I just cant believe what is going down!! There are so so so so many emotions going through my mind right now.... I can't even explain to you guys!! So anyway about transfers, okay you all ready for this!!!!!!.. I don't think you are.. alright  maybe I should wait till the end of the letter to tell  you all whats going on but then... a thought came into my mind that you would only just scroll down to the bottom of the page so I will just say it now haha! Alright well as you  know Anziano Rango is leaving. He will be going to BOLZANO!!!! What in the world!!!! Crazy so I'm going to write some letters to my new converts there and ask him to give them to them. But thats insane! I told him, he will be in need of some  thermals for sure!! haha! He will be great there.... His comp will be Anziano Betzsold who actually was trained in Ravenna and  so was Anziano Rango so thats cool! As for me.... my" killer"( final comp)  should I say as everyone is saying.. MAMA MIA..... it will be Anziano Treadway! He is a baller and.... he was trained in LECCO!!!  AND so was I so that will be sweet! I have heard a lot about him! Everyone says that he is freaking hilarious!! Just tells stories!! So that will be fun!! So thats what is going down here and there is no other big news!! It will be sweet! We are going to  work hard and there will be miracles!! Man its just   crazy. I feel like there is so much I need to do!!!!! I feel like I have so much to learn its insane!!!!!!!! But anyway things are great!!!! Just keep on keepin on!!!
hmm OK the work is going good but some road bumps should I say! Well Douglas/Dougy is just outstanding!!  I'm not even kidding!! Its so so so funny because every time we go to see him in his shop he is always inviting everyone that comes in to come to our church!! Its so so so funny!!!!!!! He always asks for cards to give to all of his customers! He is a better missionary then me hahaha! He is great! He did not come to church last Sunday!!!.. thats a big no no so we have to move his date to next Saturday but I think it was a good thing because he wants to be baptized so bad and I think it hit him hard that he really needs to come to church!! So thats good! The other thing is he knows I go home in 6 weeks! So he is like Anzinao Scheurn you  better come back with your family and visit me in Ravenna and I'm like don't worry man I will!!! haha he is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So today we will spend p-day with him so Anziano Rango can be with him so that will be fun! I think we are going to go bowling!! So Fidelis! is his name actually!! He is so great!!! Just so so so humble!! He will be baptized in a couple weeks!!!!! He just knows everything! When he prays, he thanks Heavenly Father for Joseph Smith!!!!!!! He is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND is progressing super well!! So I'm stoked for that!!! He is doing well!! Just pray for them!!
So some cool miracle stories!! So Bologna zone has always been pretty tough to work there!! The investigators are tough to find! But we have had some sweet miracles!!!!!! So the first was we had a day planned with 3 appointments but all of them canceled!!!! So it was kind of discouraging but thats all good because we hit up casa for 2 hours just  knocking doors!! But nothing... just getting doors slammed!!! We decided it was time to make calls and we did... and I quote....  "one more door" and we knocked it and it was a girl about 26 and she was from Albania. She told us she wanted a Book of Mormon and to come back the next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the next day we went but nothing......... no one was there.... but thats okay because just as we were about to leave.. she showed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We taught her a lesson and she said that she had never been baptized and would like to be!!!!!!!!!!!! So we  are working with her!!!! She is cool!!! Also we have Kunnu who is our 19 year old Chinese investigator that we found and we are meeting with him tomorrow! He said he wants to know about the Book of Mormon!!!! So pray for him!! AND the next day we had 3 appointments scheduled again but.... all canceled.... so anyway we did more casa and nothing... but we felt prompted to talk to this man on the bench and it was so awesome how the spirit of the Lord just works!! We got him to open up and he told us he had been in a divorce and it was tough and he gave us his number and wants to meet with us.. he is Italian!!! Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND then we were knocking doors for that 2 hours and AGAIN!!!! Last door it was a lady who knew us in the past and wanted to meet with us again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christina she is Italian!!!! So please just pray for these guys!!!!!! The work is going  great but we just need to push it a little  stronger!!!! AND even more miracles will come!!! The key is never to get discouraged!!! So its going great!!
So as far as the conference it was sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Boom is his name and he is part of the Seventy!!! He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I translated for him and it was very very hard but I did it hahaha!! He is so nice he just was sweet and he gave awesome talks!!!!! An experience I will never ever forget!!!!!! So yeah that was great! Don't worry mom I will have someone record my dying testimony!!! so yeah yeah yeah!! hm what else is going on.... O another cool miracle!!! So anyway we went out to a man's house named Cesare to see him and he lived far away  by the sea! We took a bus out there and we knew that there would be buses running late at night to take us home so we weren't worried about ti! We taught this family!! Cesare and his family who are awesome by the way!!! We hope we can get a baptismal date with them soon, but anyway we were waiting for the bus to come and get us when we realized that our tickets were expired!! We didn't have another one and we had no money to buy another one! There was no ATM for a ways, so we did the best thing we could do...pray. and we asked the Lord to soften the  bus driver's  heart who was driving the bus. The bus came and we were both nervous and we explained to him the situation and sure enough he was like get on...It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know God answers prayers... Man its crazy for people to say he doesn't and he doesn't exist..... if they would just stop and look around for a minute they would recognize everything he does for us!! Man its crazy I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and, the man  I have became form my mission!! So there are some cool miracles for you all!!! Its crazy I can't believe how fast time is going!! It was great you called Anziano Rango's mom.  Thats my mom right there.. just listening to the spirit.  Thats sweet!!!! Your amazing!!! It would be great to meet her!!! I told Heath and Ivan that I would love for them to be at the airport when I come home  and also Scott with our family!!!  I'm so excited! Far as that week that I'm home, I don't even know I just need to get in school, find a job and start what I'm going to be doing!! AND other then that just be with the family!! yeah Eric wrote me!! He is hilarious!!!!!!! So what is the deal with him. He did tell me he loves his girl Luticia so thats cool!!! We will see what happens!!! All the nephews and nieces just look so old its incredible.. honestly its crazy!!!!!! It will be even more crazy seeing them in person!!!!!! haha but anyway as far as Christmas it doesn't matter what we do but, I would like to maybe just our family and like nephews and nieces just spend it together.... maybe at the cabin or something.  I have no idea how it will work but I know your the bomb so you will make it great!! I'm stoked to come home and serve in the ward and help with everything and just serve. Mom I know that you are the perfect example of service!!!! I hear so much about you and just how much everyone loves you!!! The Jefferies tell me all the time how great you are! Sister Jefferie told me that I only have 6 weeks to  live because... I'm going to be hugged so hard.. by you! So please don't hug me to hard hahaha!  One other thing real quick... so mom I would like to take Italian very bad and Spanish  but ii it to late now? 
I know that this church is true and it has been restored!!! I have learned so so so so much! I will continue to learn!! Mom I love you so so so so so so much! I love dad so so so so so much!!  I'm thankful for all of my family and the support they have given me all of my life!!! Well I need to go but I love you so so so much!!!!!!!

LOVE, Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#91 Ravenna, Translating For A Area Seventy!

Anziano Scheurn's is 21~~

Hey I know I heard about it already.. its funny you know.. Italians thats all they live for is America and its just funny because they would always tell me who they would vote for. I was like what the heck.. how.. you guys can't even vote.. its just funny! But don't worry things will be iight!! Just trust in the Lord!! Anyway so how is work! Man I'm stoked to see you soon!!! Its funny you say that I maximize my calling!! Please come on Pops, don't be crazy!! You maximize yours!!! As a father and a leader in the church!! You know what your doing and... I just learn form the best!!! LETS GO WFFFFFF!!!!!!!! But I need to go.  This church is true! I love you lots and can't wait to see you! But for now I need to work!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

Hey Family!!!  Mom!!!

Alrighty well I hate to say this but if I hear one more thing about the elections I'm going to destroy someone! I don't really care because I got the gospel AND I don't need anything else! So its all good! Anyway things are going fantastic!! So the work is continuing to go forth! So Dougy is our superstar!!!! He is doing great! He will get baptized the 17th because in fact, this Sunday and Saturday we have district conference in Rimini so yeah and.... hear is some more news!! I will be translating!!! I know what your thinking "hey its just translating" but.. I'm translating for a Area Seventy!!!!!!!!! I'm scared out of my mind!!!!!! I don't even know what to do!! I will be translating some talks for him! So just pray for me please haha! Anyway yeah so Dougy will be baptized on the 17th of November for sure! He is progressing so well! Its funny when we go to teach him he has his iPad and he downloaded everything!!!!!! From the church on there! He has the Book of Mormon, King James Bible!! Also even the LDS library! He even downloaded other things on there! Its was funny because he just has it read for us the scriptures and he loves it!!!! He is a baller!!! It was so so so so funny too, his dad is so funny!!!!!!! So we were sitting with Dougy outside of his shop and his dad walked by and it was Sunday and Dougy was not at church. It was hilarious because Dougy didn't come.. and the dad was like hey Dougy, did you tell them why you weren't at church.. and he was like yes dad I told them.. and he was like what did you tell him... and Dougy was like, I told them I slept in.. and his was like yeah exactly you slept in....!!!  It was so so so so funny Anziano Rango and I were laughing so hard!!! But he is doing so great!!!!!! So just keep him in your prayers!!!! Then we got Fidelity!!!!! Well his name is Fidelis!! He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! He came to church for the first time!!!!!! He loved it! After our meetings our Branch President talked to him and was like hey how are you and he said great!!! Then it was funny because Fidelis went on to tell him  thank you so much, and also said he was thankful for  Joseph Smith!!! I was like awww yeah!!!! Anziano Devincent and I did a scambio!!! We taught Fidelis!!! It was awesome. He was thankful in his prayed for Joseph Smith!!! Fidelis is great!!! But anyway he is progressing well.  Christina, haven't heard anything from her... but we will see... So we are teaching a lady named Debra who is a non member of a less active named Diva! She is doing good! We go teach them and Debra kind of, and when I say kind of I mean kind of accepted baptism. We will see how it goes please keep them in your prayers. They actually came to the activity the other night.We watched the  Joseph Smith movie!! So that was cool!!! But yeah it is good and also we found a couple of new potential investigators from China!!!!!! So please keep them in your prayers as well! They seem super cool!!! Anziano Rango and I are just going hard!!! Yes his mom seems super nice you should call her!! She seems great!  Anyway no crazy stories this week.So for p-day we went to San Marino!!!! Its in its own country and I took lots of pictures. I will send them next week. I can't now because we are truly in a time crunch, but I will get them to you, so don't worry about that!! Man I'm stoked about Gabe staying, I can't wait to meet him! Tell him not to trip!! I will be home soon and we will chill!!!!! Thats awesome you and dad took a little trip, y'all deserve it, you guys are so great!!! AND do so so so much for many! So mom I might get to go to Venezia for a p-day! I just need to get it approved by President!!! I have a package I'm going to send home next week. I got you some orzo and somethings but just tell Walker, Joe and Blake to keep their paws off my ties!! ehhhh!!! Anyway things are going so great! So mom I have not given my ending testimony yet! I think I will record it for you! Someone will do it! I will give it in a couple of weeks!! So don't worry about that! "Gray boy slim" is wrestling!!! Thats awesome but I need to tell you that I will always go for my Williams Field Blackhawks!!! Yeah yeah!!!  Grayson is awesome! I can't wait to see him! There is so many people I can't wait to see!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them and Vance wow, that stud!!!!!  THAT IS SO FUNNY WHEAT VANCE SAID TO YOU....I can't wait to see him!!! I can't wait to see my nephews and nieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAMA MIA!!!!!!!!!  I still have some time so I will work my tail off!! I know that its going to be the only way time will go fast. Here is the deal mom it was freaking tough to serve a mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I have learned.... like I cant even explain how much stuff I have learned!!! But man I would not trade my mission for anything in the world!!!!!! It has been so great just filled with miracles!!! I honestly feel bad for any young man who is able and worthy to serve and chooses not to!! Just making a mistake to not serve a ful time mission! Maybe thats mean to say but its the truth, I cant lie!! And another thing Curtis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cusco Peru... thats what I'm talking about!! I will get to see him when I get home he is a baller! He will be awesome!!  Mom when I get home..... we are going to jam out in your car to some Country music and some Michael Jackson! Some of that thriller!!! But anyway like I just kind of want to know how that week will go and, are we going to go to the cabin anytime soon? Man its just crazy! I will always  concentrate on the work so don't worry about that! But there are just so so so so so many things in the back of my mind and its tough, but... don't worry about me. I will sprint to the end!!!! Yes I'm staying warm!! AND another thing did.... I tell you that this church is true!! I LOVE this church, I LOVE my mission, I LOVE my mission president, I LOVE my Heavenly Father AND I LOVE my family so so so so much!!!!! Anyway I love you all so much!!! I can't wait to see you soon!!! Keep on trucking because..... I know that I will!!! Keep going and I will talk to you next week. We will see what happens for transfers!! I think Anziano Rango will leave... unfortunately I will miss him..... but hey its okay, I will get someone just as sweet!! Love you all so so so so so so so so so so so  much!!!!!

Love Your Son,
Anziano Scheurn 
P.S. I hate to say it but I'm going  to be fly when I get home and... another thing I will be coming down the terminal with a HUGE Italian flag haha!