Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love Sorella Smith!!!

Rhett's Companion Anziano Smith from the MTC....His mom Irene is so sweet and sends pictures when she get them from her son! Irene has been so thoughtful to our family for the past ten weeks since we met via email!
I have to say Rhett need to remember all of us in Gilbert Arizona LOVE letters and pictures as much as he does!
Who does he think he is.... A busy busy Missionary???
We were hoping to get an email today because it is P-day and we have not heard from him sense he has been in Italy BUT... His Wednesday has come and gone and now that it is 8:00 pm It looks like we won't get an email until next week!
I don't think any mom should have to wait two weeks to hear from her missionary!
All I have to say to Anziano Scheurn is... He better of found George Clooney and baptized him today! That would be the only excuse for Rhett not emailing his Momma and Pops!
Again thanks Irene for the pictures!! Your the best!
Anziano Smith, Irene's son took these pictures the day they all left the MTC, for Milano Italia!!
Addio Utah e ciao e benvenuto Italia Milano!!!
Goodbye Utah and Welcome Milan Italy!!

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