Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Italian Brothers!!! September 26, 2012!

Ciao Rhett!
Sono Gabriele (o come mi chiamano tutti qui, Gabe), il tuo fratello italiano!
come già saprai sono arrivato qui dieci giorni fa, e mi trovo già benissimo con Tom, Tamy e tutta la tua famiglia!
Ho anche iniziato a scuola alla Higley High School, che tu hai frequentato solo nel 9th grade, e ho come insegnate di inglese Mrs Flack, la cheerleader! Anche tu avevi lei? E' veramente cool! Comunque, dato che tu hai frequentato la William Field High School per gli altri tre anni di scuola, so che non apprezzerai quello che sto per dire ma.... GO KNIGHTS!!!!!! 
Ahahah quando ritornerai qui in Arizona ti accorgerai di quanto è diverso il mio accento da quello milanese.. Tranquillo: ogni persona che incontro che non sia sarda mi prende in giro per il mio accento!! Anche Tamy mi prende in giro!! 
Comunque non vedo l'ora che si dicembre e di poterti conoscere di persona
Goditi questi ultimi mesi in Italia e soprattutto mangia tante pizze (è passata solo una settimana e mezzo ed è la cosa che mi manca di più! ahahahah)!
Ci vediamo presto
il tuo fratello italiano
Gabe :)

I'm sorry but this one was an old e-mail..! I got wrong with your e-mail adress!!
Anyway, è passato un mese esatto da quando sono arrivato qui e mi trovo sempre meglio con tutti!! 
Come già saprai ho anche conosciuto una ragazza italiana, Ginevra, che abita a Mesa! Tamy mi ha detto che volevi andare a trovare sua madre a milano! Allora la madre lavora ogni giorno fino alle sette di sera, quindi ti conviene prima chiamarla e poi magari andare a trovarla! Si chiama Sara Dordi e il suo numero di telefono è 0039 338-8234722! dato che lavora molto, forse è meglio se le mandi un messaggio prima di chiamarla :) 
I miei genitori vorrebbero chiamarti quindi puoi inviarmi il tuo numero di telefono italiano? 
Non vedo l'ora di vederti (e di parlare italiano di nascosto da tamy! ahah )
a presto 
Your italian bro Gabe :)

PS: I AM FLY! ahahah


Ciao Bromie!!! Io sono il tuo fratello americano eh man come va!? si la mia famiglia sono veramente bravissimi! li voglio cosi tanto bene! ma devo dirti che i knights non mi piacciono mi dispiaci! haha but io sono contento che avrò la l'oppertunita per conoscerti devo andare ora ma la prossima settimana scriverò un altra lettura! Fai bravo eh!! A dopo e ci vediamo fra un po e poi quando torno facciamo le cose americane insieme!! 

Il tuo fratello Anz Scheurn (si so che anziano vuole dir vecchio ma sono vecchio abbastanza! haha)

#85 Milano I LOVE My Mission!!!


Well, I hate to say it but the talent looks good this year!! I still got my money on the BIG WF!!! What what! You will see, they will take it all! Anyway the weather is good here! It has been raining and a little bit of storms but I got to tell you it feels a lot better then the heat! thats for sure but... I don't know whats worse as far as missionary work goes haha! The heat or rain but they don't stop me ehh! Just like Hel: 5:12 we need build our foundation on the rock our Lord! Anyway thats just some scripture for you eh! How is the singles ward going I probably don't need to ask because your a baller and just doing what you do and that is being a boss!!!! So just keep that up eh.. I pray for you all the time and I mean all the time!!  I love you dad so much and I cant wait to see you! We will go to some movies again eh!!! Lots of love!!

Love Your Son Anz Scheurn

YO YO YO Family!

Well, another great week here in Milano but I got to tell you it has frightened me just a wee little bit. Well, Giovanni is still freaking awesome!!! Just great! So we have a story about this one ehh. and just to show you how much the Lord comfort, cares and really does know and love his children who are in difficult times. Well anyway we met with Giovanni last Monday and we were excited because he will be baptized this Saturday, or so we thought! Anyway we get the news at the end of our lesson that he  can come for the baptism on Saturday no problem but.… It just so happens that the next day Sunday he will not be able to attend church so he cannot finish and get he gift of the Holy Ghost... and that doesn't fly because we cannot give the Holy Ghost and baptism on the same day! This was a huge problem! The only reason why he had to work on this day was because in August he signed up for it because it is actually a festival and he said he would work for it and he needs the money!... Curse you Satan!! But not to worry because the Lord is aware of everything! Anyway I was a little worried and disappointed and so was Anziano Sexton… and I really wanted Anziano Sexton to witness a baptism so bad... We prayed about it a lot! We called President and asked if there was anything... and I mean anything we could do about this… and he was like well no there isn't... He said but however... the next week is General Conference. and he will not be able to be baptized that weekend so… he said that would mean he would need to wait two weeks to get baptized and that is to long.. so anyway he said I give you permission, if it is okay and.... and with permission of the Bishop, because he has the authority over it Giovanni  you can do the baptism and confirmation on the same day. We were stoked for this! But also nervous. During ward council we were nervous because we knew that we had to bring this up and it freaked us out like crazy!! Anyway me and Anzinao Sextons were so nervous and this is how I know and, I mean I know!!!.. man… I know that God does answer our prayers and comforts us in times of affliction because normally hearing this news... I would be very angry and upset but being so old in the mission....I knew that Giovanni would be baptized! I did not know when but I knew he would because our Heavenly father loves us a lot. BUT.... Bishop approved!  Anziano Sexton and I just look at each other and give a fist bump!! We were stoked! So it will be this Saturday! Fratello Cobelli and Ben will give talks.... I will be baptizing him. We wanted a member to perform the baptism but he did not want this.... he really wanted us... So Anziano Sexton will give the gift of the Holy Ghost!!!! It will be great and we will get lots of pictures but... please still pray for him!! Because prayers work!!! Other then that the work is good but you remember Andrea! The 19 year old? Well we got a hold of him and he wants to meet with us very bad so we will see him this Saturday!! He is great but other then that we are still working with Salvatore who is fantastic!!!!!!!! As well as Roger! Please keep them all in your prayers! Man you would think being this far into he mission I would be used to talking to people but it still gets me. I got to tell you there is no better feeling then just testifying about the Book of Mormon to others!!! Its just awesome!!! I love the people here!!!! They make me laugh so hard!!!  I just have the best and most spiritual experiences ever!! Anziano Sexton continues to be a baller, what else is new!! I swear I learn more from him then he does from me. Yeah and I'm not even kidding either! Transfers are next week! Crazy stuff.... I have a felling I will be transferred to my last city! I would love to do another with Anziano Sexton but you got to understand as a missionary when you get the feeling that you're leaving to a different city..... Thats is the feeling and it will happen... I have noticed that!  Anyway its all good! I just need to keep giving it my all! I think I have had one of the most spiritual experiences on my mission every her! We were in the park talking to people and we see a lady on the park bench by herself and you could just tell she was alone and was just sitting there so we went up to her and asked how its was going and sat next to her, and just talked to her! She was from South America about 50 and was just eating by her self. It was so spiritual... I sat down next to her and we talked about the Book of Mormon and how it just really brings us happiness and joy in our life!!! I'm so thankful to serve my Heavenly Father! I will admit there have been so many trials and they are not over yet... and I'm thankful for them because they just make me so very much stronger!! I love my Heavenly Father for this because.... when I come home those trials that I have had.... will not even be remembered but....I will remember the great times!!!! I got to tell you though...the thing I will remember the most is when I baptized Lin... Man I still get teary eyed just thinking about it! When Lin come up out of the water and him was just balling and was so filled with the spirit and just hugging me! I know that my relationship with these people I find though the Lord will never end and they will be with me forever!!! Anyway thanks for all of your guys support! Okay mom.... so I did get Gabe's letter and I don't know how much time I will have to write him but just tell him, Lo Voglio tanto bene! e che sono emozionato e contentissimo di parlare con lui in italiano!  Man I'm speaking Italian look at that!! haha!!
I love y'all to much!!! hmm but what else yeah mo it sounds like you have your hands full but no one can handle it better then you can! We are going to try to visit that lady that lives in
 that will be pretty cool! but yeah it will be fun! Mom I will focus until the end of my mission like I'm not going to lie it is getting harder and harder but....I know that I can do it because I have worked hard up until this point but this is where I really need to give it to the Lord and just lean on him!!!! This is where it counts!!!  I know the whole mission counts but, I just want to say..... its go time!!! Not much else mom  to write. Just make sure you know mom how much I love you and how truly grateful I am for you!!! I thank my heavenly father for a loving family as well! Especially for loving parents who ere perfect for me! I love you guys so so so much and just know that I know that this church is true and.... it is guided by a loving Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ who love us! All they want is for us to return into their presence and live with them again!!! Thanks for everything!!

Love Anziano Scheurn 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#84 MIlano Elder Scheurn is...21!!!

TOM a.k.a Pops! 
Your just the best father in the world!!! But anyway Cardinals just doing what they do! Thats what I'm talking about you might need to get some Super Bowl tickets so when they go to the Super Bowl, eh eh! haha but anyway Pops I love my mission so much! I'm learning so much it is crazy! I feel like I need time to slow down because I have learned a lot but I need to learn more! I got time, so I just need to take advantage of it! My testimony is so solid Pops! I will never ever lose it! I will always work hard when I get home... with work and school! I love you and you're my example of that.... your are just a huge work horse! I love you so so so much! Well I hope you're doing well Pops and I can't wait to chill with you when I get home!!! Keep doing what you do!!!
Love Your Son Anz Scheurn

Family!!! and of course Mom!

Well, anyway let me just say first mom it really does seem like you have your hands full and umm I guess really the only thing I can say is endure and you will be blessed haha! Just like it says in the Book of Mormon!  2 Nephi 31:20! I guess you can apply this scripture to your situation haha but mom, I know that you're doing fantastic at doing what YOU DO!!!

So anyway yes that girl Ginevra, I can probably try to go visit her family! Because the Duomo is actually in our area which is crazy! So I think it would be fun. In fact today is p-day and we will be in that area checking out some churches, so maybe we will pass by and get some pictures! That would be pretty sweet! Mom you need to understand thats just how Italians are! They speak loud! But are JUST BALLERS!! They are so funny! I swear at first... I will admit it was super hard getting used to their humor and their culture... but man I got to tell you I'm one of them now! They will always hold a place in my heart! Just like Joe and Walker said about their missions! So thats awesome!!!! I cant wait to just hangout with all of the Italians students, we will all speak Italian all the time haha! I'm sorry mom, but that is just whats going to happen! But yes he does need to speak some English ehhhh get that English down! But I'm looking forward to meeting Gabe and all of the Italian students, a lot!
Ok mom so now lets get on with the GREAT STUFF! IL RAGIONE PERCHE' SONO QUI! Il lavoro missionario! Well things are going so good with Giovanni!!!!!!! He is getting a long with members very well. We have had some fears of teaching him the lessons that are hard to obey but he has accepted everything!!!! And now he is on track for next Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so stoked!!! All of this hard work has payed off! And the Lord ALWAYS keeps his promises!!! ALWAYS I'm a huge testimony to that!!! But anyway I think he wants me to baptize him! Like I want a member to do it but he insists on me doing it! So that will be sweet! Giovanni is so great, he texts us like every night saying how he is so blessed to learn more about his Heavenly Father and just wants to learn learn learn!! JUST A BALLER!!!! Please continue to pray for him HARD!!!! Because the prayers have been helping like crazy!!
So I will tell a cool miracle story! Well, anyway we were doing a scambio with the Muggio Anziani and I was with Anziano Hackamack!! He IS A BALLER!!!! LOVE HIM! Anyway we had some lessons set up! Our new investigator that was supposed to come... but, was a no show.... and I swear that is the toughest thing when investigators don't show to appointments but... that didn't phase us you  know why!!! We got out there and did some knocking on some doors! AND... guess what we did not see success.... hmmm thats not cool!!! Anyway we were determined!!! So we continued to talk with everyone, and I mean everyone! We were so close to the miracle fence!!!! BUT nothing..... so as we were on our way in to the apartment... I received a call from a member named Willy! He told us he had a referral!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUH YUH! Long story short we met with the referral and Willy the next day and the man's name is Marco!! AND.... he is awesome!! We have another appointment with him! I'm super excited just knowing... that when we give it, our all... the Lord will bless us and its fantastic! Just incredible!! As far as other people! SALAVTORE from Napoli is making SWEET progress!!! He will be baptized I know that! I don't know when but he WILL! Just an awesome man with a huge heart and huge desire to change!!! LOVE THAT MAN! We are just working with some other people right now but those are the three biggest things right now going on in the amazing work of the Lord AND... I LOVE IT!!!!
About that one guy Captain Italy! (the runner) we don't see him anymore! I think he learned his lesson! Anziano Sexton and I  continue to just, I'm sorry to say this but lower his self esteem the way we run!! hahaha but anyway its fun! Anz Sexton and I really do pray that I can do one more transfer with him at least here in Milano 2! I would love it! He is just such an amazing missionary, the biggest example to me! I learn so much from him! He always knows when to cheer me up! I'm got to say, I just feel like I'm terrible around him because he is just so great!!!! We do have lots of fun and work hard and I'm really really praying for Giovanni because, I want Anziano Sexton to have this baptism more then anything so he can see it! Also he is perfect in 20 lessons so far! Remember that promise from Boyd K Packer, that if we get 20 lessons a week our baptisms will double! Once again I have a huge testimony of that because since I have been in Milano we have taught shared 20 lessons each week and I just see HUGE blessings from it! The Lord is with us and thats for sure! Speaking of Boyd K Packer, I cant believe its almost general conference again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness! Time is really just going by like you said!!  I'm looking forward to conference LOTS!!! Get some of that wonderful stuff called umm what is it... O yeah PERSONAL REVELATION! hahaha thats the beauty of the Restoration!! 
So man I'm almost 21! Just insane! Time....I don't know where it's going!!! But its going and thats for sure!
Mom the conference Sunday was just out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw my boy Elder Rasband speak!!! Just out of control really!!! Like I can't explain just how out of control it was! He is a boss!! Probably my favorite member of the Seventy!! Just knows everything!!! It was great, saw a lot of people form LECCO!!!!!! They all remembered me!!! haha especially Fratello Mazzina! I don't know if you remember them but anyway they spoke English, he served a mission in England and the wife in Palmayra New York! Well they had a baby girl! She is adorable! Every single one of the members asked me how much longer I had.. because I started there hahaha! But anyway I just told them… hmm I don't know haha! They are great and want me to come back with y'all and see them!! They are fantastic!! It was great to see everyone!!! Mom I'm loving life here! I love my mission so much!!! I do know Anziano  Dadabbo. He is form Queen Creek. I don't talk to him to much but, yes I know him and he is a great missionary! Just fantastic!
This church is true mom!! I love the pictures you send! Don't worry I'm taking lots of pictures so don't worry about that! I think I have been doing good on pictures but I know I can always to better! Mom I love you so much and I'm so thankful for your support! If we don't punk Walker thats okay. I don't think he really knows how much I love him! I love all my brothers and sister! Mom I'm not just saying this okay but I think I should of stuck with soccer in high school! Like I'm just owning it here in the mission. I love soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just some food for thought! But mom I need to go. Anziano Sexton and Muggio Anziani and Ben are going to go see some sweet pictures and eat some food! Its raining pretty hard here but that doesn't stop us!! I will take lots more pictures!! Tell Gabe he is a stud! AND looking fly in that tie!!!! I agree with Forrest I love him so much! Well I love you all so so so so so so so so much and.... this church is TRUE the only true church on the earth that was restored with the right and proper authority of God!!

Love you all!!!

Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#83 Milano... I love My MIssion Mom!!!

(Note from Tamy, This is probably 30 minutes of free time Pres gets in a week or possible a month and he still spends his times with his missionaries!)
Anziani Scheurn and Webb!


Well how is everything going? I can't seem to figure it out because mom you tell me that everything is boring but man..... I got to tell you those ASU videos and pictures are killing me and... it seems to me that it is not boring haha! But I need to tell you that close to every teenage kid, here in Italy just has the dream of going to America and... let alone go to all of these games and stuff! I can't help to think how blessed Gabe is man... you guys are ballers you and Pops!! Who doesn't love you guys honestly!!!! You guys are fantastic and I know that you guys are doing a fantastic job with Gabe because, I know that he loves you guys! I can just feel it. 
We are seeing some super sweet miracles!!!  If missionaries could just be positive things would just go so much smoother.  I have a huge testimony of that!!! But we all have our free agency so its up to us if we really want to be happy or not. 
Anyway are super super star is defiantly Giovanni still!!! He is a baller!!!!! From Salerno! He is progressing so well, he has a spirit that I cant even begin to tell you how big and great it is!! He is reading the Book of Mormon and praying with real intent! He is fantastic! He is a example to me! His date is for the 29 of September! He is working good towards it but please please pray extra hard for him.... I will admit its been a little tough in Milano 2... We have had all these awesome investigators.. and some times I feel like I'm not succeeding.. because I have not seen a baptism and when I'm working as hard as I am the baptisms just stop... and I know I'm not perfect... and I can always be better but man. its been a little tough! I just want Anziano Sexton to see a baptism so bad... Just pray for him and don't worry about me because I know that I can do it and things will get better.. but F****** won't answer his phone right now... don't know whats going on with that...  but we will see what happens with him. We will continue to try and contact him. R***** is doing great. Still having some things happen. but he is fantastic and we are seeing him and he just really is changing his heart! He is great! We have found a couple of new investigators named Giodenis and as well as Letizia! We are trying with them to see where things go.. and we have a Italian couple names Roberto and Carmella who are awesome!!! Just trying to see whats up with them. They want to change as well. butt thats about it... O and S******** he is great and has such a great heart but... the smoking is difficult. But he is great and has an amazing heart we are letting up on seeing him a little but still seeing him! Pray for him as well please... that he can get through this. Other then that we don't really have anyone else that we are working with but we are talking to everyone and trying to do all that we can to find the elect!! Its fantastic!! 
The weather is good here. So for running.... me and Anziano Sexton get up at 6 45 and we run 3 miles every morning and I do push ups and sit ups because thats all we have to do because... I didn't say this but weights got banned in the mission because they were destroying apartments and as well as missionaries were getting hurt so Pres just banned them. But yeah and about that guy, I have not seen him again.. but he will be back.. and I wll be ready for him... IN MY RUNNING SHOES!!! Yeah whats up!?  Am I  looking really thin??.. I'm sitting at about 173 pounds I think, which is good! I'm eating super healthy too. I honestly think that has something to do with it! Anziano Sexton and I eat so healthy its incredible!! So thats good and that is a habit that I'm getting in right now as well! Anziano Sexton is so great, mom! Just so humble and I have a feeling that I will be getting transferred next transfer and he will get a new companion. It will be really really hard to leave him.. but I know I need to do it to get on with the mission and... the Lord calls us to do greater things! We need to accept his calling! Transfers are in 3 weeks. so we will see what happens... I mean I could stay another transfer but I don't know we will see. So about the classes mom, well like I said I would love to take Chinese and Italian or Italian and Spanish. I need to just get my credits done first. But for now I really just want to get the classes I need to get done.I have no idea what I want to major in, I'm so confused. We will see what goes down, I trust you because your my mom and I swear you know me better then I know myself haha so I trust you! 
Mom about the stake.. its going to be very interesting but... I hate to say it but... Elder Nelson is not coming.. but who will be coming.. drum roll................ Ronald A Rasband!!!! aww yeah you  heard me!!! He is a baller!! He has given my favorite talk I have ever hear in conference which is the one where he talked about missionary calls and how it happens! He is in the Presidency of the 70's he is so great!! So that will be cool!  I'm not sure exactly. I'm sorry I forget say anything before but yeah its going to be Milano West and Milano East now! So they will basically divide it right down the middle and it will be a Stake! So like Milano East will consist of Lecco, Merate, Milano 2, Pavia and like that... then Milano West will be Como, Muggio, Milano1 and like that area! I'm not sure but I know thats how its going down!! It will be very interesting to see what President does with the missionaries but....He is inspired so we need not to worry!!! About the golfing. It was so much fun O my goodness! Well anyway like usually Pres will take some missionaries to go golfing on P-day, if they are lucky. So Anziano Webb had talked to him about it and one day he called Anziano Webb and was like hey lets go golfing and he told Anziano Webb to take someone with him so he asked me because,  Webb and I are in the same group and odds are we will be leaving Milano after this transfer so, he took us both and it was a treat! So Anziano Sexton went with Anziao Webb's comp to Scalase! It was super fun! I didn't do so hot but I did okay! Another thing... we go bowling for p-day sometimes and just know... that I'm going to destroy when I get home! So tell Pops to watch his back. 
SO mom I thought of something I want to do and tell me if your down!! Okay so I want to punk Walker!!!!!! So what  I  want to say is that I'm "extending" but everyone will know I am not except Walker and so what I want is that Sunday.. for dinner or Saturday for dinner... I just want to show up and sit next to him!!!! With him thinking I'm extending!! What do you think? I think it would be hilarious!!! Lets do it!!! Please!!! Let me know!! 
I love my mission mom!! I know that I need to stick it out strong because.... I got to tell you I'm not going to lie! Its HARD right now! So close to going home its difficult but... I know that when I work and concentrate more and do what I'm suppose to do.... that missing of home goes away!! I know that your prayers have helped me so much!!! I llove the gospel AND.... love you and my family!!!! You guys are fantastic!! I need to go because umm well.... you know... we are playing soccer today with everyone and... I'm about to own everyone!"! Thats right you heard me!!! 
Well lots of love!!!!!!! 

Love Your  Son Anziano Scheurn

Friday, September 7, 2012

#82 Milano Yo Yo Yo!!!!!!!!

Anz Sexton and Scheurn!

So Great to see Anz Creed Mangrum!!
yo yo yo Family! 

Alrighty well thinks are going fantastic here in Milano! Just need to say, the work is going great! Those prayers are really paying its toll thank you so much! I can really feel them! Well first things first. I will start out with a freaking awesome miracle that we encountered about 2 weeks go! I never told it because I didn't know how it was going to turn out but here it is! Well, about 2 weeks ago we were on the metro because as you know we take the metro everywhere in Milano or we walk everywhere! So we were on the metro and sure enough there was a man just staring at us and luckily the boss that my companion is…. Decided to just say a warm welcome "salve"! The man was like hey who are you guys? We said we are the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ and he was like hmm….. I have never seen you guys before. We said well here we are for the first time ahaha. So anyway he just so happened to get off at the same stop as us haha hmmm go figure... but anyway I took his number down and we said we could call him in a day! And we called him and we asked if we could see him and it is so scary setting up first appointments because you never know if they will show or how serious they are. Anyway he agreed to meet us in our church and so we did and he was Catholic but not practicing and he is from Salerno by Napoli and he was like I studied with different regions like Jehovah Witnesses and stuff like that, well we explained the Book of Mormon and gave him a copy and he loved it!!!! So anyway but the sweet part of the story is that actually as he was on his way home from our appointment he saw other set of Elders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go figure and they stopped him and were like hey thats our book and he was like yeah I'm going to read it, He called us Sunday morning and was like what time does church start again??? We were like 9 and he said I WILL BE THERE!!!  He came and loved it!!! He really felt the spirit and now he has a date for the 28th of September! And is reading the Book of Mormon and loves it!! MAN the Lord really does prepare his children just like that lady you are talking to mom she is prepared to know.The key is we need to have the faith that they are prepared and that they want to learn about the restored gospel because I know the Lord prepares his children!!  That was the awesome miracle of the week! Fabian is still doing good he will be baptized he already finished the Book of Mormon, he just needs to work out some things before his baptism but he will be baptized he is a baller! Then Salvatore is so elect its insane, he texts us just randomly and is like…. I love the Book of Mormon, I really feel the spirit as I read it but just the smoking, but we are getting members on him that had the same problem and I know that he can do it because he is a baller!!! Those are our three superstars right now and Andrea... we don't know... his phone is off and we have tried to call but we will just hope for the best… but hey its okay the Lord is blessing us! I fasted the other day because we need a baptism so badly. I'm trying so hard for it... but I know the Lord will do his part…. I just need to continue my part and get better everyday!! Rodger is a baller and so is Roen I don't know if you remember her but her name is Roen and she was a Philippine investigator that we found in the park and she is just fantastic! But anyway we met with her and Rodger at the same time but... are you ready for this... we brought Tina with us!!! She is a Philippine member who is just absolutely amazing! But we call her "tita" which means big sister in Philippines. I love her so much and now Rodger and Roen are just hooked on meeting with us and Tina!!! We will see them tonight!! That was a HUGE blessing! So mom it sounds like Gabrielle is a score! I knew he would be! You guys are probably so good with him and I'm not even kidding you…. I will take that trip. I want to go to Sardinia so bad you have no idea!!! So gorgeous!! But hey mom just know that Eric Kentish is the legend and a baller and I love him so so so so so much and he better be there December…. Please please!!! But I can't wait to meet Gabe! I know that Katy Pugmire will be a wonderful missionary! She has always been great and just a huge example to me! She is fantastic and she will work miracles and I know that…. but we do need the Lords hand in it because if we dont have his hand we are pretty much done for!!  Just a random funy story to tell as well! As you know Anziano Sexton and I run every morning! We were running and I didnt have my running shoes becaus I lent them to another missionary and he took them to his house but anyway... I needed to run in my vans hahaha! So we were running and we were on our way home when this man who is all nifty and fancy in his running stuff passed me up.. and I look at Anziano Sextona and I'm like nuh uh!!!! So I ran pass him and sure enough... he jets pass me... I was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! So I just turned on the jets and just jetted pass him haha…. it was so funny!!!!!!!!! We were just laughing and ask if he wanted any more, the answer was... NO he did not come back for more and I have not seen him since, try and pass me!! Haha thats just how we Americans roll haha! It was good times!! Anziano Sexton is doing so wonderful, I love him so much and I will be forever friends afterwards!  O and another miracle... MAN just miracles, but anyway we were going though our book and we came across a family and it said they were close to getting baptized and didn't say anything on the teaching record as far as the missionaries leaving them so I gave them a call and asked them if we could meet with them and they were like well now we are in the Milano 3 area and I was like hmm thats Anziaon Wilkeys area! I called him and gave him their number and the next day I get a call from Wilkey and he was llike hey Anz Scheurn…. Actually he always says in his in accent "hey beautiful" just hilarious!!!!!! Anyway long story short that family was baptized! The wife had prayed and asked God for help in her life and right after they received a call from me!!!! She took it as an answer and now a whole family is reactivated!!! So awesome we just need to listen to the spirit and we will be guided! Well anyway I have written a lot! I love you all so much! We are going to go play some soccer today for p-day… WHAT WHAT!! Gots to show off my skills!! I know this church is true mom! I love this gospel so much! I have been fully converted and one thing I have learned on my mission is that I will always be a faithful member! If someone needs my help I will always help them because I want to be like my Saviour as much as possible! I love you all so so so so so much and….. just keep trucking!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn