Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#24 Pisa~ Uncle Rhett, Will you send us a sucker...PLEASE!!

Anziani Giove and Scheurn!
"I love you this much"!!
Anziano Scheurn loves Anziano Newton!!

Uncle Rhett, could you bring us all home a sucker that BIG??!!!

Anziano Newton!


So whats up pops? Everything is going awesome here, let me just say that your boy is going nuts trying to get this gospel to people haha because, everyone needs this gospel one way or another! But anyway I love you and your harley is sick!!! I'm a cowboy on a steel horse I ride! Also a real horse because thats how you do and you are a stud! I'm sure your just tearin it up in your calling! Keep going. love you lots

Love Anziano Scheurn

Alright so first off let me just say that i'm trying to do all that I can to take pictures haha its just so hard to send them off because i'm so rushed but im sending some pictures now so that will be awesome! So thats cool you guys are getting a foreign exchange student from France! But I don't know about the french haha but we will have to see what goes down! But you guys will do amazing anyway! Really really stoked about the box coming! As you know I absolutely love the boxes they are cosi forte! But yeah they are amazing! There has been a lot going on here! I mean we are defiantly still in the building process but I just know that we are going to see the Lords help here very soon I mean truth be told we have already seen the Lords help! I love this work so much I know that everyday is just a new day and we need to do all that we can to just wake up and begin a new day with that will power to just go and talk! It makes me feel just so selfish to think that I have this amazing gospel as well as my family, but by me not talking to people I really feel selfish when i'm not sharing it with people! But I know its what I need to do because the Lord needs me to do this!!!
Hmm so we have got into contact with some more members, we had a lesson with a family named La Famiglia Renose! Let me just tell you they ROCK!!! They are from Equator! They are so humble and I try to speak spanish with them haha they rock! We had a very spiritual lesson with them and how the family is just so important in the eyes of our Heavenly Father and how HIS plan is centered and focused on the family! He is so funny too! I love them to death! Hmm we had a couple of different encounters! We talked to this one girl and we asked what she believed in and she said well i'm a Jehovah Witness so we kind of were like, o great here we go again! They just want to argue! But it turned out to be quite tranquillo! She just was so confused poor girl, like I just felt so bad! She had told us that there was no need for the Book of Mormon and how the Bible doesn't say anything about the prophesying of the Book of Mormon which in reality it does! It talks about the stick of Judah and stick of Joseph but I was very proud of myself because, I sinced that Giove kind of wanted to continue to go on and kind of argue but I said before it could get out of hand, that prayer is so important. So I left her a little restoration book and asked her to pray to find out if the religion she was in was true or no! So I was really proud that we did not bash! But that was crazy!
Hmm about Anziano West! Man I seriously love that kid mom! He goes home this transfer but he is a stud missionary! I love him so much and he wants me to go to Lake Powell with him when I come home haha! He rocks! I learned so much from him as well! But yeah transfers are in about 2 weeks! So we will see what goes down! Hmm what else there really isn't else much going on! We are seriously doing everything we can to find investigators right now! But I know that this is just a faith builder and the Lord will always give us faith testers! And when HE does we need to be ready for them! And just put our trust in him and everything will be ok!
Anyway thats all I got right now! Mom I love you so much and tell everyone how much I love them! Almost one year out already time is just flying! But anyway I love you so much remember to always express your testimony, the world needs this gospel!!! ITS A FACT! Well I love you so much and am so thankful for your support and all that you do for me!
Love Anz Scheurn

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

# 23 P-Day In Cinque Terre, Still in Pisa!!!

Hey!! Mom!!!! Cinque Terre!
It is about 16.55 here and we just got done with a awesome p day. We went to Cinque Terre!! It is so gorgeous o my goodness its seriously amazing! The Mediterranean Sea is just gorgeous and clear. I took a lot of pictures and I will be sending those really soon! But anyway yes I did receive the packages and let me just tell you mom!!!! THEY ROCK!!!!!!! Thank you so much man you do just not even realize how great it was to have some macaroni! It was amazing! Hmm what else has gone down! Ok well we still have not had any luck yet but its okay because its coming very soon I can just feel it! Me and Giove just need to continue what were doing and I know that the Lord will bless us!
So we had interviews yesterday! I honestly can't even tell you mom how much President Wolfgramm and Sorella Wolfgramm are AWESOME!!!! They are seriously so great! I just know that President is inspired of God! Our interview went really really well! He said my Italian is very good! And that like I guess he told me that Anziano Giove my companion really looks up to me! Anziano Giove told President that he hopes that his little brother can end up just like me when he is older! I love Giove! STUD! Hmm so we have a couple of sweet investigators! A couple of chinese teenagers! They are awesome! And then this girl named Jenny who is from Equator! I speak spanish with her haha!!! I try! Then there is Erosy she is from Brazil! She is awesome! We just need to teach the needs to these people and I know that the Lord will bless us! Its really cool what President Holland said, he said, " These people that we teach, they are not people disguised as a baptismal date. They are real people! And we need to help them"! Its so very true we need to just do all we can to meet there needs and it will work out because we all know that some way or another in this gospel something in it will trigger the happiness in someone! We just need to find out what will do that!
There is a girl here a new convert named Sorella Sarti she is about 70 SHE ROCKS!!!! She is so funny, she honestly reminds me of you its crazy! She loves me! She calls me her grandson! She rocks! Hmm but anyway! Its so amazing mom! I feel so close to our Heavenly Father right now! Even though we are so far away its just insane I just feel like the Lord is keeping us still close along with all of my other family! This work is amazing! Pisa needs me and technically I need Pisa! Its just so great to be able to serve my Heavenly Father! I'm so glad to be soldier on the front line with Him!
So here is the thing! Are district leader! Anziano Newton!!! He rocks!! It is his last transfer he goes home in 3 weeks! He is such a stud!!! He was a travel A.P. he is so awesome I love the kid so much! He has some feeling about the next transfers that worries me. But any changes is between the Lord and President Wolfgramm! I know what every President Wolfgramm says is inspired of God so that is a good thing! Hmm what else! Everything is going good! O yeah I wrote Blake, Cita and Gavin a letter I will be sending those off today so that will be a good treat I hope! Man you tell Pops he is freaking awesome!!!!!!
It was crazy! Just another kind of funny story! The other day me and Giove were coming home to the house to be in for the night! But we see a new convert kind of walking on the street and she has a puzzled look on her face so we stop and say hey Sorrella! Tutto Bene?
Lei Ci Ha Detto " No il mio catto, non posso trovarLo. which means like I cant find my cat!
So me and Giove were like ok, Possiamo Aiutare! Which means we can help!
We were going through like bushes and like forrests looking for this stupid cat! haha and sure enough we came home and the cat was right next to her house! And when we found it she was like o thanks. Like we were like WHAT... just thanks haha She didn't even sound stoked! It was funny!
But anyway I love you so much mom and I love pops and all of my family so much! Being on my mission this long has made me realize how much we need this gospel in our lives! I love it! Make sure you hold on to that Iron Rod please do not ever let go! This Gospel is amazing!!! I love you a lot mom! Don't worry time is going quick ...iiight!
Love you all LOTS!
Love Anziano Scheurn Cinque Terre!!!! LETS GO!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#22 "Come State Oggi"!

La Mia Familgia!!

Io sto bene qua in Italia! Man my italian I just cant believe how much my Heavenly Father has helped me with the italian language! Man its insane! I'm so thankful to have HIM in my life to bless me but I know only by our obedience and efforts we are blessed! But anyway so how is the fam doing!! Everything is going great here! Ok so just a couple of new stories for the week! haha you all are going to get a kick out of these stories! I have to very big stories and they both happened on the same day! Ha its just funny! But anyway so we had just finished studies and it was time to head out to do some finding work! So we went out! I didn't tell you this yet but Pisa is GHETTO and I love it! There is a place that we literately call it the Ghetto and there is just endless casa that we do there and its just awesome!! But anyway we were in the Ghetto and we were street contacting this one kid and we were really touched with the spirit when all of the sudden!!! We heard car breaks behind us!! They slammed very hard! We were like what the heck!!! So we looked back and there was a man with his car stopped right in the middle of the road and had this biker pinned down so the biker could not go anywhere! It was crazy! But anyway he was threatening the biker because I guess the biker did something to make this driver mad! So I looked at Giove and he was like just let it go it will settle itself out.. so finally the biker kind of started to get away but the man followed him and kicked him off his bike and this biker fell flat on his back and the biker was about 55 NOT COOL!!! So me and Giove dropped are bags and helmets and we ran over there and the man kind of got frightened! So we separated it and the man got back in his car and drove off but.. just when you think its over. it isn't over. In fact as the man was driving off very slow, the biker kicked the mans door and dented it hard!!! So the man in the car stopped again and came out and started to kick the mans bike! So me and Giove separated them again! And the man just took off in his car! It was intense! And this in the same day! We were doing parco which is park and we were talking to these two egyptians and they just started going off on bashing with us about how Muslim religion is right! I knew it was wrong to bash but he just was not making sense.. saying that Heavenly Father is a spirit. When we gave him the examples in the bible how Moses saw the hand of God and as well as Abraham talked face to face with God.. just funny but anyway we don't need to bash but those were the crazy stories of the week!
Ok so about are branch! Here is the deal I was not informed when I was coming to Pisa that our church will be shut down!!!!!!!!!!! For 4 months! Because it is one of the oldest churches in the mission they are going to redo it! So now it will be super tough to get investigators to church! Because we have to go to church in Livorno now, which is about 15 min away in train so it will be difficult but I guess its kind of a good thing because now we will really be able to tell the elect. But anyway our branch president is cool. I don't really know him yet but he seems cool. His dad or Babbo that is what they call dads here, he is actually the Ward Mission Leader and he is really awesome! But I love our branch i'm still trying to get used to it but in no time I will be used to it! But we have hmm probably about 40 people in our branch and yes they have everything that you said so its a good solid church! I met a man from Brazil who actually lives close to Eric! Which is sweet! But anyway! Its cool I like our branch!
The work has actually been going better we have found so many potentials!! Its ridiculous so we are going to get some baptism invites coming up in here very soon! But anyway its a guideline to have 20 lessons in a week if you can do that President Boyd K. Packer said that are baptisms will double!!! So we are definitely working extremely hard to reach these goals! But anyway it has been just a scorcher! Its FA CALDO... but its ok because the blessings will come as long as we are working hard! I'm stoked to get your package soon! Hmm what else ok so everyone is looking good in cali! Sounds like you all are having a blast! But hey its ok i'm having a blast! I just need to find those people who are elect to have a blast with me!! haha but anyway its so good to hear from everyone and see pictures! But I love you so much mom and am so thankful for all your support that you give to me! Its awesome! Thank you for all that you do! For the prayers and for the packages! My parents are awesome! Am so thankful for them and there support and even for my whole family! But anyway I need to go! We are actually going to Firenze today!!!! O yeah for p-day it will be sick, but I love you guys!!
Love Anziano Scheurn
P.S. tell those girl cousins to take it easy. Eh. haha love you!!!

Livorno, Italy where Anziano Scheurn will go to church!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

#21...We Love Heather Brown!!

A big THANK YOU to Heather Brown and her family who were on vacation and took this picture of Anziano Giove and Anziano Scheurn with her beautiful family!! LOVE the Browns!!
Inside the cathedral in Siena!!!

Anziani Warren and Scheurn! (I think these Anziani need some "Gap insurance" the way their tie's looks) Alrighty!!!!!! So where do I begin!!

So let me just say that Pisa is not the prettiest city that everyone thinks it is but I will say that its different! Its different in the sense that I came from this such like high class city down to this gangster ghettofide city! haha but I love it, I feel at home! Anyway let me just start out by saying Anziano Giove is a stud I love that man so much! Such a hard worker and I know that me and him are going to start seeing miracles through hard work! I know that we need to just keep going! Every morning we run in the morning and we run by the Tower of Pisa its pretty sweet but I have seen it like a million times haha but its cool though! So what else has been going down! Ok so the ward here is pretty sick well actually its a branch! Our new mission leader loves me and Giove! He just tells me all the time I just feel like we are going to work together and its going to be a great! I know he is right! But anyway its a little tough to get use to a new branch but I will get the hang of it! Hmm o yeah so about our church building, on the 17th they are actually closing down our building for construction so we will have to go to Livorno for church! That is where are district leader is! He is a stud his name is Anziano Newton and he was a travel assistant! He is actually in Anziano West's group he rocks! I came into this city with no investigators haha but anyway its ok we will find them don't you worry! Just keep those prayers up and I know that we will see a difference! Hmm there is actually a less active in our branch but she went to church last week but her name is Sialla Sarti and she is HILARIOUS! She is about 65 and she just reminds me of you mom she is so funny! Our apartment is a little ghetto I will be sending you pictures but its cozy though! We have mosquito nets and mine falls on me all the time in the night but its all good!! hmm so for this p-day it was me and Giove and a bunch of other missionaries including Anziano Warren who is actually from my MTC group he rocks!!!! It was fun we went to Siena its a city south of Pisa and its gorgeous!! It was cool to see the churches!! hmm that is about it thats going down right now but how is everyone doing! Tell dad that when I get home I got his back and I got the names of the people who did that! Pops is a freaking warrior!!!!!! But anyway yeah it was a very funny story with that Heather Brown we were just riding our bikes and all of the sudden we just heard this MISSIONARIES and we were like first off who is calling us missionaries and why would they be calling us it in english! So it was her and she was really nice she was from Utah!! But anyway! Giove is a really fun guy we high five each other all the time like the Todd on scrubs! Ask Walker and Joe about that they will be able to explain it a little more then I can over internet! Man I cant believe that general conference is coming up again! Its just crazy! Well how is everyone doing let me know! The work here is just about to explode! I can just feel it! I am literally talking to everyone!!! Inviting them unto Christ!! Just to think of what the Savior did for me I mean how can I not go out and just preach this gospel it truly is a blessing to have all of it!!!! But anyway I love you all so so so much!!! Its just funny down in the south the people just have a little more crazy sense of humor and I love it!! But anyway actually Anderson is not my zone leader he is from Verona and i'm in the Firenze zone!!!! o yeha you heard me FIRENZE!! I will need to send Joe Walker Blake and Ben and dad a tie they are 2 EURO!!!!!!! Fantastic! But anyway mom I love you so much and am looking foward to the box!!!!! I love you and am so thankful for your guys support just keep on turckin!!

Love Anziano Scheurn