Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#59 Bolzano The Inner German!

Anziani Warren and Scheurn!

Family Whuutttt Up!!!
Alright well it has been another week here in BOZEN! I swear I can feel my inner German coming out! I will be speaking zi dutch when I get home! ha-ha I don't know how to say i'm kidding but hey you believed me huh!!! But yeah I hear so much German its insane!!! Hey we are getting there! So about the work! Well Jon I don't know!! We have gotten a hold of him but he actually got mad at us for trying to confirm a appointment with him... so he is kind of acting like a sissy right now.. We will see how it goes we have not seen him in the past week which is a bummer... but we are trying.. It just stinks we have had two GOLDEN investigators so we call them here in the mission or as we say.... simpatizanti D'oro, but hey its all good we will just continue this work forward! Marianglela the "untouchable unicorn" is great! We are still struggling to see her. I mean she has a pretty rock solid testimony already because she has actually studied with the missionaries before down south in Salerno! Her and Marco, her boyfriend just need to get married! Marco is a boss! He is a member and kind of went inactive a little, but now he has been back to church for the last 4 weeks so we are working with him as well! They are both from Salerno! hmm we met with a french girl as well! She is about 20 years old and she was interested to see what we had to offer in the church! We met and talked with her. She seemed interested we invited her to baptism and she said that she would accept when she knew that the Book of Mormon was true, so thats cool. Me and Anz Warren kind of fear that she only wants to learn just because she read about it in her studies. But she wants to come to church and see how it works. So we will see how it goes :) Also there is a women from Ukraine, named ZOYA! Awesome lady!!!!! She actually lived in Trento and then she got a job up here in Merano which is very close to Bolazno! She is in our zone now! So we are teaching her, but her work schedule is crazy!!!! She works Sundays!!! Gosh dang you Satan!!! We are bringing another girl member to our appointment tomorrow who is also from Ukraine she is going to help us and we will have a message about fasting and praying for faith and how she can find a way to come to church! We all want to do a fast for her! All together so that will be sweet! So that is pretty much the work right now!! Its sweet! we are still really trying but hey we need those prayers and I know you guys do that a lot and I thank you all for that tons!!!
So about Genell mom i'm glad that my words could somewhat be of help,... and especially the Book of Mormon! Man that book is so great! Joseph Smith said that we can get closer to God reading that book then any other book in the world!! For some reason the Italians here have a hard time believing that... hmm go figure. NO NO... they have the bible so its okay!! ha-ha you have no idea how much we hear that! Anyway mom I know that Genell is okay now in Heaven and she is doing what she is doing! She has so much faith and a huge testimony, its only fair that she shares it with those who have not received that testimony in spirit world! I know its has been difficult but... I know that you are strong! You just rely on your prayers and scriptures everything will be A OK! Like I have to admit losing my last 2 golden investigators has truly made me a little ticked off at the Lord! I am starting to realize that HE is just making way for something amazing! I know the Lord is testing me to see how I will react and.... I hope i'm passing! ha-ha! I read the scriptures and pray to really feel the sprit who helps me in this work serving the Lord as well as, my daily life. Its so good dad gave you a blessing! I swear I get nervous being here in Italy giving people blessings in Italian but I know the Lord helps me!
Thats so awesome Vance is playing baseball! He looks like a stud!!! He is a stud! I miss my nephews and nieces so much!!! I love them so much and can't wait to see them and go to there sports games and just hang out with them all the time!
That story about the date night with you and dad is hilarious!!! I was laughing so bad!!! Man those times were great sitting around the living room and just hearing everyone talk about the most funniest things ever! Man I cant wait for that again!
Well the box was great! I will be getting my Easter package the 11 of April because that is the next zone conference. 
I love you all so so so so much and there are no really crazy stories here! Accept Mr. UFO man came back again! That crazy guy in our gospel principles class! We luckily our ward mission leader Fratello Adolfo Daponte was teaching! He doesn't take any crap from anyone! He is a boss!! I love him! His wife actually passed away like 5 years ago or something and he is a conver!t He and his wife served a mission here in Italy and he has 2 sons who served!! He is a awesome and great man!! hmm but anyway that crazy man actually started talking about Muslins and exorcisms and just weird stuff! He is strange but it was hilarious not going to lie!!! I  kept looking at Anz Warren during it and we would just try not to bust up laughing! I love Anz Warren as well he is a stud!!!!! We are trying and working hard but truly having a good time while doing it!! But I just want to say GENERAL CONFERENCE ARRIVA! Fra Poco! Get those questions ready! I'm so stoked to hear the Prophet and Apostles speak! I hope you all are excited as I am!
I love you guys so much!! I'm so thankful for all of your support! I need to tell you mom I think next week i'm going to try to find a couple pairs of pants like slacks, I can wear for the summer time here so I hope you don't mind if I buy a couple!!
Thank you all so much and I love you mom and dad tons!!! I love my whole family! ! Again I love you so much! I know this church is true and i'm thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ!! He lives!
Anziano Rhett Scheurn

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

# 58 Bolzano Genell & Zone Conference

Forever Companions!!  Anziano Smith! (Rhett's MTC Companion)
"Belli Anziani"
Zone Conference!!!
WOW!!!!! I just had a email typed and it erased! Now I need to start all over!!

But anyway mom i'm truly sorry to hear about Genell it is sad! You know being on a mission and being as close to my Heavenly Father as I am now.... makes me know that I don't need to fear death and no one needs to fear death. I mean obviously if they are not living the gospel of Jesus Christ.... but I know that Genell was an amazing lady!! And I mean truly amazing! But when death comes to my mind the first word that comes to my mind would have to be the Atonement! The Atonement of Jesus Christ! Our Savior came to the world to die for our sins and to suffer for us! He did this so everyone and I mean everyone could receive a perfect body! Without sin without sickness or anything!! I'm truly thankful for my Savior mom.... and I know that Genell is doing amazing right now because your right.... her faith was HUGE! Genell is just awesome! I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for her like
she said! A great chapter of charity and is my favorite.... you need to read is Moroni 7! Mom if I can be of any help to you or the family let me know. I will for sure pray for them so don't you worry about that!!! :)
About Conner!!! Thats so awsome!!!!! He is going to be such a stud missionary! I love him so much! I know that Seattle is where the Lord wants him in this moment of his life and this is the beauty of a living prophet!!
So I did receive the package!!! AMAZING PACKAGE! Mom I got to say you amaze me on how well you know your son! It was perfect.... and everything I could imagine that I wanted was in there!!
Okay so about the work! Well Margot called us back and we will be seeing her so pray that that lesson goes well! I don't know what her deal is but, she needs to make up her mind. I mean obviously she needs this gospel because everyone does, but I hate to say it.... I don't want to pull teeth to get her to receive it, but we will see about that! And Jon okay well he is doing great! He excepted a baptism date which is awesome!!!! So thats great. He has been a little flakey lately.... but we are still working with him. He did come to church and he loved it!!! So thats a plus just please continue to pray for him! We will see how everything goes! The lesson we had with him was just out of this world amazing! By far the greatest lesson I have had in my mission thus far! He told us when he met us he was just wanted to learn English and that was it! But by the end of the lesson he did not care about English at all. He wanted to come to church and learn more of the gospel He loves the >Book of Mormon as well which is great! Hmm what else well Zoya, we will be seeing her tomorrow I think! Which is awesome! I got to go on a scambio with Anziano Neff! Like old times! I love him so much! Honestly Hilarious! AND I got to see Azn Smith as well! Smith wants me to come room with him at BYU after the mission but it just depends! Man I love my mission so much!   Its already almost mothers day! I'm just as amazed as you are mom about how fast the time is going! I really cant even keep up on my calendar! I know this will be a little shorter email... but I love you so much mom! I'm so thankful for all that you do for me! Honestly you have no idea how much I love you! I'm thankful for my Savior and for this wonderful church and General Conference that is coming up! WHOOPP WHOOPP!! thats what im talking about!!!! Get those questions ready!!! I love you all so much and thanks for everything you guys do!!!
Anziano N.Rhett Scheurn

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#57 Bolzano English Class and Brownies!!!

"BOOOO YAHHH!!! BRIZIZOWNIES!!!! and yes the answer to yoru question in they were delicious"!

Cara Famiglia!
So how is everyone doing at the Scheurn household! Man time is just going! Well I will start off with the work here in good old Bozen! Ok well we did get dropped by a really solid investigator... her name was Margot. I don't know if I told you about her but anyway she was super solid and she is from Peru. Anyway she said last Saturday that she was going to come to Bolzano for that Sunday because she lives about an hour and a half away. She ended up coming but she did not call us, I think that she just wanted to surprise us and just show up at church. Anyway that next Monday after Sunday we called her to see how she was doing. She sounded really down. So I asked her whats wrong? She was like I came to church yesterday but I came up and sure enough a kid in our branch met her at the door and just kind of was rude to her. He was like hey what are you doing here? She said that she just didn't feel welcomed, so she left. She said that it wasn't the first time that, that this has happened to her. She said that she would call us again when she comes back to Bolzano to give us the Book of Mormon back and all the other books we gave her of the church. Its a little tough but hey thats how it goes. You know sometimes everyone just needs to grow up. Like i'm a little frustrated with both of them. Because you know, the kid definitely should not of been acting like that, but at the same time she kind of needs to grow up because it was a kid. Man I don't know its just crazy. So that was a bummer but we will see her again. Just pray she changes her mind.. Hmmm but the day after we had a sweet miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay well what happened was me and Anziano Warren were heading out to so some street contacting and all of the sudden a man on a bike made a complete U turn to come back and talk to us. The first thing he said to us was I WANT TO STUDY WITH YOU GUYS! We were like wait what did you say? We explained who we are and no we were not J Dubs. He was like I know your not. but he continued to tell us how he was from Romania and he had gone to church a couple times in Romania! He really loved it! So we asked him if we could meet with him that day and he was like yeah!! So we met with him and he was just super interested! He said that he had been checking all of the churches for the right one! He said that he had prayed and he asked the Lord to put someone in his path with the truth that he was looking for! So he met with us. He said it was an answer to his prayers! So thats sweet! We invited him to baptism and he said when he knows and prays and reads the Book of Mormon, he responded like this "WHY NOT" so he is a boss and i'm not kidding you if he is not elect I don't know who is! Please keep him in your prayers his name is Jon but like this Yon! Thats how you pronounce it! HE IS A BOSS! But we are still trying to work with Washington. O and another investigator that was living in Trento her name is Zoya and she is from the Ukraine! Apparently she is just super elect and goes to church every Sunday so she is in our boundaries now so we are super pumped for that! The work is going! Just please keep up the prayers! I'm telling you they help a TON!!! We are still just trying to find the elect!
Okay well other then that! The weather is BEAUTIFUL NOW! O my goodness! The flowers and trees are actually starting to bloom again! Its sweet! Its crazy it just reminds me a year ago when I was in Lecco! I cant believe over a year ago I was in LECCO! Time is just going! The Branch is doing great here! Our new ward mission leader is awesome! I told you about him Adolfo Deponte! He is a boss! Really good at doing what he does! Put it to you that way haha! Every Tuesday night we teach an English class. Mom and I got to tell you it is by far one of the funniest things ever! They are so hysterical! haha they loves us, in fact last night I made everyone Brownies!! I'm a boss at cooking now! I will send the pictures of them! They were like O MY GOODNESS what is this! I was like ummmm brownies? hahaha it was hilarious! Good times! What else has gone on! Tomorrow we go to Verona for zone conference i'm stoked for that! I also get to see Smith and Neff! I LOVE THEM! PROBABLY THE BEST ZONE LEADERS EVER! They are truly great and really awesome missionaries! Still running every morning! hoping its paying off haha! So man everyone is getting serious now! Ashley, Faith, thats awesome!!!!! I'm so stoked for them! I hope everything works out for the best! My Italian is going great! Learning new words everyday well at least i'm trying! Italian is freaking awesome but I swear when I get home I really want to take spanish or CHINESE! yup I said it Chinese! I can say we are missionaries in chinese but I cant type it haha! but Lin taught me! He is doing great!! I love Lin! That is the one person I want to come stay with us for sure! Its funny he is like hey Scheurn me and you will go to China together! He is to great! Man Randy! He is hardcore! That man is such a boss! Like honestley he is sweet! I know even though he crashed my bet and money is still on Randy for pulling out with the BIG W! So I saw the pictures of Eric and dad and his garden! What a tool!!! haha kidding thats so sweet about the garden!  I gave a talk last Sunday in church about missionary work! We are trying to get this ward more active in missionary work which is awesome! I was very very nervous! But I did good! Adolfo came up to me after and grabbed my arm and just shook it and was like BRAVOOOOOOO BRAVOOOOO hahaha he is great!!!! It was fun! There is a less active that we are working with at the moment as well his name is Marco! He is from the south and moved here because of work, and he is awesome. Between you and me he has an untouchable unicorn as us missionaries would call it! His girlfriend is not a member and she is very very very pretty! We are trying to get them together and get married so she can be baptized!!!! It will happen I know it!
But anyway I have talked enough haha but i'm glad that my word sometimes can be of help mom! You know a testimony never hurts at all! I love bearing it and I just feel the power as I do it! Its great! The power of prayer is so important mom! Like before my mission I truly underestimated prayer! I love it and when I think about it! A prayer changed the world when Joseph Smith asked Heavenly Father which church was true and he got the answer he was looking for! I want to share my testimony that prayer WORKS! I love my Savior!" I will never be lead astray from his gospel! I'm thankful for my Savior and thankful for what he did for me, and everyone else! This is HIS church on the earth restored today! President Monson is a prophet of God!!!!
I love you mom so much! I love you all to death and i'm truly thankful for all of your guys support! I hope all is well! I pray for you all everyday! I thank my Heavenly Father everyday! Like Nephi , I too have been blessed with great parents!!! Thank you all for everything!!!
Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn

Thursday, March 8, 2012

#56 Bolzano "Pull, Twist and Shape"!!

Buon D Tutti!
Alrighty well I hate to say it but not much has happened since the last time I emailed you guys! Things have been pretty crazy here in Bozen! The weather just can't make up its mind! Some days its hot and the other days its cold! I just can't wait until summer that will be awesome to just be in the summer again! Not a huge fan of the winter. But i'm hanging in there. It has definitely been heating up so that is a big plus! Okay so there is a FUNNY AND HILARIOUS STORY I NEED TO TELL! Ok well about the branch! Bolzano is actually a pretty big branch! It could be a ward but just doesn't have enough priesthood holders to become one. Anyway the last week we got a new ward mission leader which was actually badly needed because, our other one was also the second counselor and we didn't really meet with him at all as bad as that is. He was just so stinkin busy but hey its good. The new one is named Adolfo Deponte and he is the old ward mission leaders dad! He is great! He is a little intense but he is awesome. He really does know what he is doing! Anyway the last week for gospel principles we needed to teach the lesson!! There was a lady who came from a city named Treviso because she was visiting and she is a ......  of a 85 year old man so he came a long with her and he is not a member! We were teaching in class about how God is our loving Heavenly Father! Let me just tell you he went off!!!! We had a really awesome investigator in church that day too! Luckily they were just laughing at this old man! In a short story he went off about how our church really is the only church that teaches the right things. He went into how scientists are even doing stuff now!! He said they are figuring out ways to send people through faxes and animals!! He was like you know what.... they did it already!!! They just don't want us to know about it!! We were like what the freak are you talking about! Then he went off  talking about his ....... that he has hired and how some have.......and I quote  and how they had.......... He was nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the perfect definition of crazy!!!!!!! At the end he came up to us and was like you know what guys, I have seen UFOS and we were like bro!!! Your nuts hahaha just insane!!! So that is the funny story of the week haha! The funny thing a missionary in our group named Anziano Ellsworth who is serving in Treviso said the guy is just nuts!!!
We had a meeting yesterday in Milano that is why I did not email yesterday! MY BAD! It was an awesome meeting as always! President Wolfgramm is so awesome and when he talks everything is just so great! I can feel the spirit so strongly its insane! But as always I learned a lot of things! It was glorious! I got to see a lot of awesome missionaries! One in particular Anziano SQUARCIA!!! He is from Rome and he was in my first 3 districts! He is so awesome and so funny! Half of our group that was in the mtc was there and that was super awesome! I took a picture of us, our group is pretty much the best group ever! So don't worry about that!! haha! The work is still going! We are really truly trying to emphasize on getting 20 lessons a week because there was a promise by Boyd K Packer, and i'm sure I have told you this but, I will say it again. He promised that if we get 20 lessons in a week that our baptisms will double so we are really truly trying to emphasize on that!! Hmm what else thats about it! We are still teaching Washington. Trying to get him to get going but he works on Sundays so we will talk about that and emphasize church and how he needs to go! Other then that me and Warren are really truly working on getting new investigators! We need it and are talking with everyone!!! haha but it was funny two days ago we were talking to people on the street and I swear we saw 5 companionship's of Jehovah Witness!!!! Anyway it was good though! Warren is still a boss, just great! We are just working our tails off trying to do what we can! I'm glad the pictures got to you! I was hoping they would! Pamela is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly she is so great!!! I love her and her family! You need to get in touch with her you would love her mom! She is amazing she is 30 but she is a boss and has helped me out so much and all the missionaries! So awesome! She has a HUGE testimony!  She is amazing! But I have met up with Sister Trexlars sister here. She is great!!!!!!! We have another appointment with them this Friday they are awesome and super nice!! About the branch here! Our branch leader speaks a little bit of English but not a ton! He is super awesome, I love him! There are some crazy people as always haha but hey thats how it is everywhere you go! One thing I have learned  on my mission is that you NEED to get the respect of the members, and that is the first thing you need to do as soon as you enter into the city. Then everything just goes a lot more smooth as long as the members see how hard you work and that your doing all you can.... then they will truly help you!
JAMAICA!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats intense and so great! Scott is going to love the people and everyone! The mission is so great and anywhere that he would of gone would have been awesome! The Lord definitely put him there for a reason and thats sweet! I wrote Scott as well and I will be emailing the letter to you for Scott, today! So please give that to him! Conner!!!!!! thats so sweet! I'm so stoked for him! I'm calling Milan Italy for Connor!!!!! Man I cant believe that Vaughn has been out for almost 6 months now! Its just crazy and Nick comes home in like 3 months!!!!!! Just insane how fast time is going!! I love my friends so much! I'm so glad they are serving missions!!!!!!! All of them are just super studs!! You know I wrote Lincoln back and I emailed the letter to him so he should get that soon but you know, all these friends of mine going on a mission really makes me think about my first transfer and something President Wolfgramm said that I will never forget as long as I live! He said, you know on your mission your Heavenly Father wants you to become something great. Something that you would of never even thought you would even dream of becoming.. What he is going to do is pull, twist and shape you into something amazing! And it hurts... all these trials and hard times on my mission that i'm having or have had I would not trade for anything!!! I know that its my Heavenly Father, making me something amazing! Not just for the mission but after as well, and that is the beauty of it! You know if I were to come home from my mission with just one conversion, myself.... then it is a mission accomplished!
I'm so happy for this church mom! The blessings of the temple.... I will go once a week at least! because I know there I will receive the revelation I need, for my life! I'm thankful for the atoning sacrifice of my Savior and I love him so much!! I am always in his debt. One of my favorite scriptures has got to be Alma 7: 11-13! I'm really applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life and I need to tell you its wonderful! If everyone would just do it... then life would be so much better! I hate hearing people complain about there life's and how hard it is!! They can't even comprehend! The Savior and his earthly ministry and what he did for all mankind! This church is true! This church was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith! I love you so so so so much mom!! I am so thankful for your support and prayers, I know that they are helping so please keep it up! I love you and dad so much for everything that you all have done for me and as well as all the family! Thanks for everything!!!
Love Anziano  ScheurnClose