Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#29 Pisa... "A BBQ"!!!!!


First things first, its going to be so crazy how I will be in your ward when I get home! It will be insane! But it will be so awesome to have my dad as a councilor! You rock dad! Its so good to hear that work is going great!!! And that the d-backs are tearing it up as well. and the cards!! Our baptism dates continue to grow!!! I LOVE you so so so much dad! Thank you for all that you do for me I'm so thankful for you!! Words cant even describe!!! Thank you for everything that you do for me!!!Love Your son Anz Scheurn

Alrighty... so it is about week 3 in this transfer and man i'm telling you everything is just flying by like I have no idea what to do! I just feel like there is no time to do anything because every time I look at the calendar it just seems like there is a week that has past by, that I missed! But anyway the work continue to moves forward with Lin and Wang! Mom they are seriously so BOSS!!!!!!!! I gave them both a SIG ring and they love it! Its so sweet how much they love this gospel! Lin seems to be progressing a little more quicker then Wang but they both will be ready for the 17th of September no DOUBT!!! Please just continue to pray for them! I love them so much! They understand everything about the gospel its so sick!!!! They rock!
Hmm so what else has gone down! Well last Sunday we had a return missionary come home in our ward named Elder Trexlar! HE ROCKS!!! His dad is American and works in the army and his mom is Italian so they all speak perfect English and Italian!! He served in SLC Utah! I think this Thursday we are bringing Lin and Wang over to there house for a BBQ so that will be sweet, I know they will love that!! Hmm so its a really funny story like our ward isn't the most organized ward. Like I love them so much but we are working with them alot! But basically Andrew or Elder Trexlar came home and bore his testimony in sacrament meeting and its funny because coming from SLC Utah you can probably guess how well the ward and church is ran there! So what Andrew did was during his talk he called me and Anz Giove up to the pulpit, and he was like! These to men of God are called of good and I know that to be true! They are here to invite others to come unto Christ! Not to knock on doors! So basically he was saying how the ward should have such a huge part in fellowshipping and finding investigators and referrals! He is so awesome!!!!!!!!! And he said he will do everything in his will to find us people each week! And that if we ever need ANYTHING we can call him! He is so awesome! A TRUE disciple of Christ! Its so great to have him back! And I know when I come home it will be the same way for me! He actually translated for Lin and Wang in church last Sunday too, and has invited them to play soccer with him so that is sweet also!
Hmm so Fluorentino is continuing to do awesome! But hard to talk to because he still does not understand Italian or English very well! But Andrew gave us a idea! The Sorelle in Temple Square! They actually do the lessons over the phone in all languages so, we could find a Tagalog speaking sorella for him!! So that will be awesome! And Howenii we will continue to see what goes down with her! We see her tomorrow! And she is awesome! But cant really grasp the whole prophet thing! How there is a living prophet and she kind of gets the feeling that we praise Joseph Smith but..... false! We will see with her, just continue to pray, your the bomb mom thanks for praying for them!!
Its so great to hear you are going to the temple, I love to hear that! Its just so funny how people take the temple for granted because they have a temple 5 min away from there house! But I can not WAIT to go to the temple again! It will be sweet!!!
So I did get your BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom let me just say it is the most ballin package I have ever received ever!!!! I bragged to everyone about it and they were like what the heck your mom rocks!! And I was like I know brohas!!! So that was awesome mom thank you so so so so much!
Today I will be hanging out with Bushman and Warren! So, Anz Blagga who was in Siena with Anz Leinhardt was having problems so, they spaced transferred Bushman into Siena so now he is in my zone!! And I will be chillin with him today in Firenze!!!! It will be so great!
Its funny to mom because now me Free and Bushman are all in the same zone! We talk about what we will do when we get home together how we will all go to the temple together and stuff so its going to be pretty awesome! But anyway I have been going on for a while! Tell Paul he better watch himself or I will have to come down there and show him a thing or two! Mom if you and Pops served a mission O MY Goodness it would be the best experience ever! Its so great to be here!
Mom I love this church! I'm So STOKED!!!!! For general conference coming up! Its almost like Friday Night Football for us missionaries! I'm so stoked to hear the words of our living prophet and the apostles and the 70!!!! Mom thank you so much for always being here for me, you and dad are so great!!! JUST BOSS!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!! I love you guys so so so much!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Friday, August 26, 2011

#28 Pisa "We Rejoice"

AWWW Yeah Anziano Scheurn Reporting!
Alright so there has been such great things happening this transfer it is just crazy!!!! Mom I know that your temple attendance and your prayers for me are just keeping this work moving it is just fantastic! So we are doing great with Wang Xang! But we moved his date to the 17 of September because we have another baptismal DATE!!!!! AW YEAH with Ling! Mom I'm not even kidding you! These to Chinese brothers are so ready for this gospel it just crazy!! We are seriously just like sitting there asking them these questions like why do we need repentance and they are giving these Preach My Gospel answers its crazy! So they both will be baptized on September 17!!!! SWEET!!!! Hmm what else ok so I'm sorry that I did not write you on p-day we had to do a scambi with the zone leaders so we had to change p-days my bad!!! But it went very very good the scambi! I had the opportunity to work with Anziano Henginger! He is a cool guy! I learned so much from him it was great and we found 2 new investigators who are just super solid! Ones name is Florentino and he is awesome but he is from Philippines! When we had the lesson with him it was a little difficult because he does not speak good Italian or English because usually people from Philippines they speak good English, but he doesn't! But he had read the testimony of Joseph Smith and he believes!!!!! So I think we will try to talk to president to see if we can maybe have someone speak to him in native tongue or something! It will be awesome!!!! And we also found a women named Joy!! She is from Nigeria she is awesome!!!! We even gave her a soft invite to be baptized on the street so basically we said "when you know that these things are true by praying to God will you be baptized by someone who holds the right authority of God and she said yes!!! But its kind of a bummer because I think that she is in the Firenze zone! But she will be baptized for sure! The work is just going so great right now! We are working so hard and I just see blessings coming from it! Its so great to see pictures of the nephews and nieces, man I just love all of them so much! I can't wait to see them again it will be glorious! Yeah I pray for Forrest everyday to really have that desire to serve because its not to late! Man I just see the blessings and how great it is of just being here for my Heavenly Father AND for me!! I just feel myself being converted day by day to this gospel! Its so amazing and everyone needs it in the world! Mom I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God! Its so great to know that we have the guidance of a living prophet on the earth today! I just love this church so much!!!
So mom we had to go back to the base to get Anziano Gioves foot operated on because his toe was hurting him! So we went back to get the in grown toe nail cut! So he did it and it didn't hurt him! But this morning we received a phone call from Sorrela Wolfgramm and she talked to Giove and after she wanted to talk to me! Mom let me just tell you how much I love her and how amazing she is! She is the best mission mom in all the missions! I have so much respect for her! She loves all of her missionaries! She went on to tell me Anziano Scheurn how are you and I said I'm doing great Sorella Wolfgramm and she said, but really how are you doing and I said good again! She went on to tell how much she loves you and how close she feels to you! Then I said well yeah she is the best mom in the world!!! And she said Anziano Scheurn you are so amazing, me and President Wolfgramm are so fortunate to have you in this mission. She is just so AWESOME!!!!!! Man she rocks!! But yeah its so great having her and Presdient Wolfgramm!
So Mom this work is going great thanks to our Heavenly Father! I just love this work! It is hard mom I'm not going to lie! But it is just so amazing to know that the Lord is helping me every step of the way!! I just need to give it my all!! We have to amazing baptismal dates and we just need to keep going!! Like trains just keep going and harvesting those souls to bring them unto Christ! I have been taking lots and lots of pictures as well so those will be coming in a week or so, so be ready for that! Mom I will continue to work hard! Stay close to the gospel with holding firm to the Iron Rod!
"And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we prophecy in Christ and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of there sins!"
2 Nephi 25;26
That scripture is on my planner, I just love it so much! Man its just makes me realize how great I have it to have an amazing Savior who suffered for our sins! I'm so thankful for the atonement mom! Please remember it and through Christ we can do ALL things!!! No matter what!! Well I need to go but tell everyone I love them to death!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


HEY!!!! Cara Famiglia!
Alright so this week has been pretty much one of the coolest weeks in my life! I'm not even joking there has been just crazy things happening and when I say crazy things I don't mean just in Pisa but I mean everywhere else!!! Ok so get this as you know the other day we had leadership training and we actually went to Modena for leadership meeting. It was my first time not going to Milano for leadership meeting so it was a little different but it was a good experience! Modena is just about, I don't know maybe 30 min from Bologna, I'm don't know i'm not to familiar around here but its close to there. So we ended up arriving and we saw all of the missionaries! It was so great to see everyone! I got to see Anz Bushman, Anz Terry, Anz Ellsworth and a lot more people it was so great! But anyway so it was one of the best leadership meetings I have ever had in the mission so far! The Spirit was just so strong and, when I walked out of there I was just pumped to just talk to everyone! It was sweet!!
But anyway so we actually received zone mail! And this is where it just gets so AWESOME!!!! ok so when I had left Lecco, me and Anz West were teaching that one chinese kid that I told you about named Ben!! Just a stud he actually has emailed me a couple times! He loves me he is such a good kid!! But anyway so long story short Anz West actually sent me some zone mail before he left! He sent two ties to me! One of which was the tie I wore for Rocco's baptism so that was just awesome! But the even better news I received were the words that came from his letter! So it turns out the kid Ben that we were teaching from China he got BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! It was the best news to hear ever! BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE! It turns out that Ben will be serving a FULL TIME MISSION!!!!!!!! It just brought tears to my eyes as I read this! I'm so grateful that I could be a part of this great conversion! Its so amazing how the Lord works in just awesome and mysterious ways! But also some more news that he told me about was! When I went to Como for a scambio! There was a man that was walking by so I manned up and got the courage to talk to him! I did so and turns out that in the letter that Anziano West wrote me that man will be getting baptized as well!!!! All from an invite that I did and his girlfriend will be as well!!!!!!! It is just so killer!!!!! I know because Giove and I have just been working hard and obedient we are just seeing these mad and amazing miracles!! This work is SWEET!!!!
Ok so about our investigators! So Wang Xang is actually still doing awesome!! He is our baptismal date and he has came to church twice! He is awesome so things are still going good with him! Just please keep him in your prayers! So his friend Ling is also super solid, he has been to church 2 times as well and we will be inviting him to be baptized this week as well! He is a stud! He said and I quote! "I believe that the Book of Mormon is true! So that is so AWESOME!!! He will be getting baptized! We have a girl named Howenii from Ethiopia she is cool to but a little worried about her because she actually told us that she has seen Jesus Christ! Soooo I don't know what we will be doing about that but she is very spiritual and said she will pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not so that is awesome! We are still continuing to find these people to bring unto Christ so its pretty sweet!!! We just need to keep being diligent and things will keep going well! We need to continue to be obedient! Mom you becha I still can walk on my hands so don't worry about that ok :) Its pretty sweet! But anyway for my birthday, I just don't want things to get stolen! But I say you just wait because like towards the last six months of my mission I would want to start finding things that I could bring home with me! So like if we could save the money that would be ok to do as well.
Mom you and dad look amazing together and i'm just diggin the Hawaii Temple that is freaking swizzle!! Keep up those Temple trips! When I get home from my mission I will make it a goal to go to the Temple at least once a week because, not being able to go to a Temple really makes you appreciate how much you really need and love the Temple so that will be sick! But anyway yeah Anz Free is so sweet! He is awesome we will be hanging for p-days and what not! But anyway I love you all so much and you becha I will be teaching all of the grandkids Italiano because that is how I do! But anyway I love you all so so so much and the work is going good me and Giove are just continuing to really find the illect people and I know we can do so with the help of God! WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING ON OUR OWN! But I love you all so much!!!
o and mom I almost forgot to tell you I did see Sorella Lloyd. She was like is your moms name Tamy and i'm like yeah... it was funny but she is awesome! she is very very nice! A very cool girl! O and I received a letter, a random letter actually from a girl name dang it.... I forget but she lives in Queen Creek and she saw my blog and just decided to write me! Her last name is like .......... or something! But she just moved here from Oregon! I have no idea!!!! And do you know a family of Elsworths who lived in Queen Creek and now live in Nevada because we have an older couple here named Herndon and they have nephews and nieces named Ellsworth! I DON'T KNOW JUST CRAZY STUFF haha but love you!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#26 Pisa," Bisquick and A NEW Bike Sea"t!!!

Pops, it is nice you won the Hawaii trip! You are such a hard worker you deserve a awesome vacation! I love you so so much and I hear your just tearin it up in B ball!! I mean I knew you would so its all good! Mom told me that! How is work? I hope good! Everything here is good! I hope your doing good Pops your amazing and i'm so thankful for you and your example! O BTW I got Bisquick from the base so I need you to send me how to make Toms pancakes so I can make them awww yeah!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

So how it be doin!? Ok so let me start out with transfers you are really going to get a kick out of what is going on with transfers! :) Ok so this is what is going down! Me and Giove are actually staying in Pisa, nothing is happening to us! And you know that Anz Newton is going home so that means someone is taking his place! ANZ FREE!!! He is going to Livorno! He will be in my district which is freaking awesome so that is cool, I will get to see him a lot! There is a missionary named Anz Bona i'm not really sure who he is but he is going to La Spezia with Anz Winward and Bona. They are going to be the new district leaders! Man its going to be hard to be used to not having Anz Newton! But hey its all good we will see what happens with Bona! Hmm so one of our zone leaders is actually leaving his name is Anz Armenise he is awesome and so funny!!! He is italian it kind of sucks he is leaving too but... guess who will be replacing and taking his spot in Firenze as my new zone leader! Yup you guessed it Anz Aranda! YEAH!!! Its so funny but its all good! So that is all that is going down with transfers! Everything else is the same so you can send packages!
So about what I want in my birthday package, mom it doesn't really matter! haha like i'm a easy guy, like your packages are already amazing so like I don't really know what you could do different! It doesn't matter to me it could be a birthday surprise! But i'm sending the pictures TODAY! I promise so you will get them in about a week or so! Hmm so what else is going on! My boy Anziano West is going home this transfer! So I found out when we were in Lecco me and Anz West, we had a chinese investigator named Ben, I might have told you about him but he is a stud! But President told me that he got baptized!!!!!! o yeah!!! I was so siked to hear that it defiantly made my day! I love Anziano West he is awesome! So I received a email from Anz Mangrum! Man I love that kid so much!! He is seriously a stud!!! I look up to him so much! I will defiantly hang out with him when I get home! He rocks!
So now we have a baptism date! With a chinese investigator named Wang Xang! He is awesome! He came to church last Sunday with 2 other chinese friends and they are all interested in the gospel, so pray for them because we might be looking at 3 baptism dates here!
A very funny story with Wang Xang, he was like O my gosh Brother! He calls us brother its awesome!!! But he was like brother I had an awesome experience with prayer!!!! He went on to say that a few nights ago when he was coming home late, he was waiting for a taxi and he was like so I prayed just like you guys told me to, to my Heavenly Father and boom a taxi was there for me right after I prayed! So that increased his testimony very quickly! So I went on to invite him to be baptized for the 3rd of September and wouldn't you know that that is his birthday!!!!! Its just crazy how the Lord works miracles! He is awesome and amazing! we also found a portuguese investigator named Veronica who is freaking awesome as well! We are trying to work with her! She has kind of had a rough time but she continues to tell us that she thinks that religion is the one thing she needs in her life, she is sweet!
Nothing else has really happened to much but the work is going good we just need to keep it up!
So Paul looks a little fruity... but he looks alright! I'm sure he is a very nice kid but i'm just saying that it will be very very tough to be Kentish!! Because I love that Kentish kid so much! I kind of expect Kentish to be waiting for me when I get off that plane!! Because that would be pretty killer! This work is awesome mom! By the way your clock is awesome!!!!!!! I sent letters to Gavin and Cita about 3 days ago so I don't know when they will get there but they will soon!
There are times of trials mom but we will always have them, trials in our life that is just how it is! We can either take them and get stronger or we can just collapse and be weak! But like its just so crazy If the world just knew that if we were to turn to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, the world would just be such a greater place! I love this work its tough... but I just love it! Mom you don't need to worry about me at all, I know its tough sometimes! But when you find yourself in trouble just kneel down in prayer and everything will be alright! I cant believe it has been almost a year now!! its just going o so quick, I don't even know what to do with it. I just need to "keep going and live every minute of it".... as Anz Mangrum would say!! Well I need to go I love you so so so much!!
Love Your Boy Anziano Scheurn

O YEAH!!! I almost forgot! The reason why I took a picture of my bicycle seat is because... when we were at a appointment we came out to see that my bike seat had been stolen!!!! But its ok though because it was replaced my a hideous seat ha-ha!!!! I will send that picture now so you can see see!!! Just hilarious!!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#25 Pisa "A Sore Toe and American Food"!!!

AAW YEAH time to email MOM!
So how is everything going! Ok so I don't have that much time on the computer because we have to do shopping but let me just say that I did get the box and I freaking love it! Everything in it is freaking awesome! I love the cards they rock! I'm just going to hook people up with them! It will be sweet! But anyway so there isn't anything to big happening yet I'm just getting nervous for transfers! Its insane how fast this transfer went! Honestly I can't even believe how fast it is going its crazy! 5TH transfer!!!!! Just insane!
So this week has been pretty good! The travelling assistants came to help us out in our city in Pisa! The travel assistants are Anz Bolnick and Deursch , they are so funny o my goodness especially Deursch! I love them all so much! We tore it up! We saw so many miracles it was awesome we picked up so new investigators and it is freaking righteous! hmm I will say just one of our very small but awesome miracles that I want to tell but there are many!
So it had been a tough day and we weren't seeing very much success, doors were getting slammed and people just didn't seem like they were to interested I mean we did get a couple phone numbers so it was nice but anyway we were walking home that night and we saw a man right in front of our house and we were like, ahh what the heck it cant hurt anything! So we talked to him and he was so stoked that we talked to him and he said how he just wants to come to church with us this Sunday so that is sweet! I love this work and miracles they are so great!! He is pilipino he rocks his name is Fliorintino! STUD!
Hmm but about the cake yeah, I made it but I made it for district meeting and I took pictures of it! Mom let me just tell you it was my first cake and it was so freaking good! Everyone was like what the heck Anz Scheurn how did you do this and I was like my momma showed me aww yuhh. But I made it for Anz Newton because he is going home this week and I thought it was perfect for the occasion because he is going back. He is awesome I will miss him so much he rocks! There hasn't really been much going on but i'm just loving the work! Ok so Anziano Giove has a in grown toe nail and so we had to get it checked! There is a member in our ward named Fratello Trexlar! He rocks! He is actually from Washington state and he is in the military! So as you know here there is actually a military base and he works on it! So we had to actually come on the base to get Giove's toe checked! so as you know they import American things here! OH YEAH so we did our shopping here and you know it... I got American food now! Its just a wonderful blessing! ha-ha he rocks though he is the nicest man ever and his family is amazing! But yeah its sweet!
So how is the family doing! Mom I know that your going to do awesome with the foreign exchange student because if Eric Kentish loved you then Paul will! I mean who doesn't love you! You rocks and i'm thankful to have you as a killer and wonderful mom who has my back always! This work is amazing mom! I see miracles everyday! The Lord is just testing me now and I love it! It really makes me prove that i'm ready and ready to do what it takes to find these people who are waiting and need this gospel so much! But anyway I need to go because time is running out i'm going to send more pictures actually next week! I know you have to wait another week i'm sorry but hey they will be good pictures don't you worry! Tell Vaughn by the way that he is a stud and that he is going to tear it up in Nashville! But I love you mom so much! Keep the faith and just love this gospel because I know that it is true! Me and Giove are doing all that we can to invite the people to come unto Christ!