Thursday, May 26, 2011

WOAH!!! Lecco # 15

Woah!!!! Tamy Scheurn!!!!!! (saying it like eric says it)

Man I love that kid so much it was so awesome to get a email from him! I love him so much and I will see him one day so i'm not worried about it! I'm so stoked about the package that is coming my way because... I know that you send freaking awesome packages! So... its no wonder that it will be an amazing package!! Man this week we are having a killer week!!!! The work is going awesome right now! Anziano West is seriously awesome!! Me and him are just killing it in Lecco! He is from Sandy Utah and he seriously is amazing and a very hard worker! I know we are going to see some baptisms here very very soon! We just need to keep on going!! So nothing has happened this week except that we had leadership meeting!! It was awesome! I just love going to leadership meeting to just get pumped up and get ready to go out and just eat up the people with the gospel! We had some good lessons about how we should work with the members more, as well as how to set our vision better! We do a vision every transfer and it is a layout on what we want to see happen in the transfer and what are goals should be so... it was a very good leadership meeting! Still working with that girl Sara as well as some other investigators!!! They are all awesome! Honestly that is so sick about dads new calling!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not tell anyone but.... honestly so sick!!!! Man I love this work!!! I don't have any crazy stories but... I just love this mission so much!! Italy is awesome!! I'm still getting used to it but.... i'm just getting used to it and used to it and used to it!! It is awesome!! I'm so thankful to have an amazing mom and family who supports me in all that I do! Well mom I love you much much much and am so thankful to be a Disciple of Christ in Italy!! I love Anziano Mangrum as well! Man that guy is awesome!! He is just awesome! That is the only way to explain it! I love President Wolfgramm as well!! Well mom thanks for everything!!! Next week will be a better letter! With more details!! Just know that your son is working hard to get those lost sheep back in the fold!!!
P.S. I saw Anziano Smith and Anderson at transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaking love Smith and Anderson!!!! Amazing pictures are coming soon... I got good ones coming!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lecco# 14...Big Transfers and..."Gage Beiber"!

Alrighty... so there is some big news going on baby!! O yeah that's right, I said big news!! So here is the scoop with transfers! We were on a train on the way to help a member with service when our phone rang, O yeah you can guess who it was! Sure enough it was President Wolfgramm!!! So he was talking to my companion and my companion is leaving! He is going to Torino 2 to be a zone leader! So that is pretty crazy! I will be receiving a new companion named Anziano West!!!! He is a STUD!!!!!! I love him! I have seen him at conferences and... the man is just a hard worker and loves to have fun!! We are going to destroy Lecco with baptisms just you watch!!!! So some other things that are happening in the transfer! Anziano Webb is going to Busto that is in my zone and he is pretty chill... I like him! BUT here is the FINALE!!!! Anziano Anderson who is in the group above me... he was in the MTC with me.... he will be in my district!! The man is freaking awesome!!!!!!! and ANOTHER THING!!!!!!!!!!!! GET READY!!!!! ANZIANO WILKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O YEAH BOY! He will be in my Zone! He is going to Lugano!! I will see him for P- Days, he is seriously amazing! I freaking love him so much!! Such a beast and a stud!!! So I guess you can say that things definitely worked out this transfer! I love it! Me and West are seriously going to EAT UP Lecco... they wont even know what hit them!!! Speaking of Baptisms! We are currently working with a women named Sara! She is seriously solid! Last night as we were riding home a friend of hers who is a member who was with us when we taught her! He told us that next month she will be baptized and guess who will be here!!!! IO!!!!!! (me) i'm so stoked! I might even baptize her, I don't know yet! Man I want to baptize someone so bad!!! We will see what goes on! Hmmm what else is going on here we have found a couple of new sweet investigators but we will work with them and see how they do!! This work is AWESOME! I know its true because the Lord is literately on my right side always guiding me on what to do.... i'm so amazed at what he does for me!! Ok so that package you sent me wow!! Let me just say OUTSTANDING JOB... it had all the necessities I needed! NICE! Hmm so last Saturday it POURED and I mean POURED! We were doing street contacting under like ramadas it was funny because the people will usually try to avoid us... ha-ha but now they didn't have anywhere to go because of the rain! MWUHAHAHA! And that American Flag you sent! you betcha its hanging up in my room as i'm emailing you now! I need to represent America!!!!
Man I have to have patience like no other!! I know that every transfer the Lord will test us with something new that we need to work on! These things that we learn new from every transfer, at the end of our mission it will turn us into this just mega MAN, that we can just do anything and no trial will be anything!!! Man that is so exciting about JD Layton... man that is sweet!! Scotland /Ireland Mission!!! Amazing! Tell him I give him my best wishes as well as his family! They are seriously awesome! His dad is seriously righteous!!!! Man I love Conner and Vaughn so much!! They are great kids!! They hand write me all the time. I can't wait to find out where they go on there missions! They are studs!!!!!! Well I don't have any crazy stories this week but I did have news that I wanted to tell! Tell dad he better have that garden when I get home because now I eat anything! Seriously like i'm not even a picky eater anymore!! Its awesome! MISSIONS ARE AMAZING... IT HELPS WITH EVERYTHING!!!!! That is exciting about Gannon tell him I love him to death and I wish him Buona Fortuna! Gage looks just like Justin Beiber its so true!!!! Man he is already looking like he is growing up to me! I think that will be one of the craziest things when I get home to see how grown up my nephews and nieces are!! But anyway mom I love you a lot and am so thankful for all that you do for me!!!! Truly an outstanding mom! I hope you and dad are doing well! I know I can spend home money but i'm just trying less and less to spend because I just want to help you guys out as much as I can because I know its costly for a mission. But don't worry about me mom!! Just know that i'm a mega STUD!!!! BECAUSE... I have the Lord with me and that is all I need!! Well and of course this gospel!! I am taking more pictures to send so those will come soon. I'm trying to do the best I can to send pictures but its just kind of rough! I got a package from Jamie and the Fam!! Jamie is so amazing! Her and David our basically my second parents they are awesome!!! But anyway I need to go! I love love love you so much and tell everyone in the ward I give my best wishes!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lecco #13

Arighty! So mom, I feel very bad that I did not get to talk to you on the phone for very long! You just have to know even though that I might cry sometimes, i'm just very very thankful to have a righteous and amazing mom and family who support me so much! I cant believe all the support I get. it just shows how blessed I am and how much my Father in Heaven cares about me! I love this work! I know it may be hard sometimes, but I have learned that in a mission you just need and I mean need to look at the brightside of things because if you don't.... man it will be tough to keep going so that has helped me a lot!! I loved being able to talk to everyone on skype for a short time and the phone even for a short time! It was awesome! I know I miss my family a lot but.. that time we will have in the eternities will be so glorious and... when I get home and we all are together! Everyone will be reunited again! So yeah if you could send that flag that would be amazing! I don't know what else I really need. I know that they don't have Resess here, you know the chocolate with peanut butter so those would defiantly be gold! Is there anything specific you would like from here? Just holler and let me know! I will send it A.S.A.P.! I'm really glad that you liked the pictures!! I have some more coming your way so don't you worry about that I will take a lot of pictures! When we hung up the phone we headed to Merate to go do a blitz, it was awesome! We ended up finding those Anziani 7 new investigators in one day!!!!! Man its so scary to just start talking to people in Italian. But like I know that the Lord will help me and give me the words at that very moment. After i'm done talking to someone and I get a number on how we can contact them again after were done speaking, man I just feel so good!!!! I'm like bring it on... lets go talk to another one baby!!! I love this work!! After that we headed to Lecco to do some work and gave our 6 Books of Mormon in one day!! 4 Italian 1 in English and 1 in Romanian! Man I got to work with Anziano Giove for a scambi!! Man that kid is AWESOME!!!!! He has so much faith and he is just a machine and just talks... I love him a lot! It was great and we ended up picking up two new really awesome investigators for our city!! That is basically all that has been going on right now! But mom I will send more pictures and I will try to send more key detail that has happened in the next week letter. But since I talked to you on Sunday and told you what happened this past week.... that is all I got this week! But just know I love you so much and I love my family a bunch as well! I love you and am so thankful for the support. I hope you are all doing well! Tell Dennis Ray and President Andersen they are studs and I love them and am so thankful for them in my life!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Sorry Rhett!

We finally received some pictures of Anziano Scheurn. When I received the envelope with the CD I first check it out on my computer to see if there were, in fact pictures on the CD!! Why you might ask??? About a six weeks ago Rhett emailed me telling me he had sent a CD with a lot of pictures on it and he said I was going to love them!! What mom would not... Right! So after waiting 3 weeks for it... I did not check it and went straight to Costco to have them printed! I was SO excited to see them! I put the CD in to print them AND... It was BLANK!!!! WHAT!!! After waiting forever!! Rhett had written and said he was having a interview with his President that week on Thursday! With the mail situation from Italy, the worst and knowing Rhett had sent the pictures over three weeks ago... Tom and I were sad and worried that Rhett had already deleted them from his camera! Tom wanted me to call Rhett's President, knowing they had interviews the next day, and ask the President to tell Rhett that the CD was blank and ask him if he deleted the pictures! Okay us Missionary Moms are always being accused of being somewhat nuts when our missionaries are out BUT... I now know Tom is way worst than me! I told Tom that I felt pretty sure that that would not be a good reason to call President Wolfgramm!! You might ask how we got through two other missionaries without ever calling their Presidents.... I do not know! BUT for the record let me make this CRYSTAL CLEAR.... I did not call President Wolfgramm nor would I let Tom! Rhett was smart enough not to delete them before we let him know we received them! In the envelope with the CD this time, there was a hand written Mothers Day letter that so sweet and tender.... I feel sure that these pictures came when they were suppose to come just at the perfect time! This will be a Mothers Day I will treasure!! Rhett asked me to post a few on his blog but with fifty pictures how do I pick!! Sorry Rhett... I put more than a few!! We love you Anziano Scheurn and we are so proud of you!

Aziano Scheurn's Church building!

Lake Como in the back ground!

Rhett's Companion is on the right, Anziano Anderson!

Anziano Bushman from Gilbert High! Rhett and him will forever be friends!


P-day, they went hiking in the mountains! Looking at Rhett's wing span....No wonder why we can never find sleeves long enough!

Bowling on another P-day!

Check out the Italian bowling shoes! NICE!!!

Not sure what this is all about!! But it looks fun!!

Someone need to tell Rhett to take his helmet off before pictures! But maybe he does not want anyone to see his helmet hair!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lecco #11 "A Brick"

So this week nothing interesting really happened we are still trying to get our investigators to take the step of baptism and show there faith in being baptized but.... Man I tell you!!!! We ran into a couple of Jehovah Witnesses, but it was fun I enjoy it! I don't bash though because I know that when I bash the spirit is not there! So when I feel like they are starting to bash I simply say..... "Siamo qua come Missionari di invitare le persone di vinere a Cristo"!!! (we are here as misionaries to invite people to Christ) Then I just depart like the missionary I am! Last week we had ward council meeting but guess what, we got to the church to find out that our ward mission leader did not call us to tell us that it was cancelled. Hmm ok... I guess he was at the temple in Switzerland so its all good! Man I think the hardest thing for people to realize here is the fact that they need to get to church, to come unto the waters of baptism but, they just don't understand this. I try to stress that they need to take the sacrament first but.. they just can't get it. But its all good! Because I will make something happen!!! Thats my mom baby!! Helping out those missionaries! Mom I know that you have always been a giver, seriously like it is so amazing how much you just give! I love it so much and you just look out to help everyone its FORTE!! (strong). So Nick is writing me as well! I love that kid so much he is just being a beast in Paraguay right now and he is awesome! Before every football game he would tell me when we were in our pads and all he would say is "Rhett... DO WHAT YOU DO" and I would just get pumped!!! I just received a letter from him saying "Rhett... ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOUR DOING"!!!! ha-ha I love that kid so much he is such a stud! So how is the whole family? I hope they are all doing good! I loved the scriptures that you sent me from Stake Conference that is sweet! It sounds like you all had an uplifting Stake Conference that makes me feel good! Its always so amazing to hear the words of a higher authority, they are just so inspirational! So the pictures I received of you guys riding the horses were awesome!!!! Every time I tell members or investigators that you and dad met at a rodeo they are just like what!!!! Thats awesome and i'm like duh.... I know they are studs!! FORTE! OK so thats awesome about the exchange student. Actually Milano is its own zone! There is Milano 1, 2 and 3 and they make up the Milano Zone! Milano is huge!! I don't really get to talk with anyone other then my District and Zone Leaders because they banned the rule of calling other people from different zones! But yeah it is not far though.... On a train it is only about hmmm.. like 30 min away so its not bad at all, and Muggio and Monza are in Milano its huge!!! Anziano Bushman is in Muggio! He is doing good! I was the only new missionary to get placed with a native so... I don't know ...President is definitely testing me ha-ha! But hey I am a BRICK WALL... I will never come down!! Yeah mom those boxes were amazing!!! Anziano Aranda loved his box he already ate everything!!! ha-ha its awesome how amazing you are that just shows how much you serve! So its awesome man, we give out about 4 Books of Mormon a day and it just feels so good to talk to people about this gospel I love it so much!! Ok so about the calling plans! I will be on at 4 in the afternoon here ok.... so it will be at 8 in the morning your time, this is when I will be on skype! After that I will call on a actual phone so it will be six pm here, and ten am there! So, just be ready around there to answer the phone!! Those are the calling plans IIGHT!!!!!! So tell Walker that I always got his back baby!! I love him a ton! Alright well I need to go and tell dad that his vegetables in his garden looks amazing!!!!! BEN FATTO!!! (good job) I love you so much and you know that I always carry your heart with me and I am looking forward to the box coming!!! I love you so much mom and am so thankful for yours and dads support!!! Just keep on trucking!! I love Eric as well and I cant wait to see him!!! I love you LOTZ!!!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Ok so I just want to tell you I love you and I gave mom all the details about what I will be doing for Mothers Day next week. I have an awesome amazing letter coming your way!
I love you dad so much and I'm so thankful for your support thank you so so so much!! I continue to pray for you everyday! Keep with this gospel its what we need!
P.S. I love those Lakers getting whoooooooped!!! Aw yeah!!! I will give you details about that girl next week because it was in a different city so I will talk to those
missionaries and ask them what has gone on with her!