Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pisa #37 A New Nephew & Happy Halloween!!

I'm so glad that you received my letter it it just something small that I could do for you! I received your card and money in the mail, thank you so so much for all that! I love you so much and thank you for everything that you have done for me in my life! You are such an amazing example to me! Just continue to do what you do! This life maybe hard at times but we need to look at the bright side of things and what the Lord has done in our life and everything will be better! I love you more then words can describe!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

Mama! E La Famiglia!
So how is everyone doing! Man its so close to Halloween! Its crazy that its already here! I can't believe it! Its so crazy not seeing Halloween decorations! But I see very little so thats okay haha!
We had District Conference and it was sweet! Lin did not give his testimony but, we had the opportunity to hear Elder Lopez of the Area Seventy speak here and he was so awesome he spoke in Spanish and an Italian, translated it! He is from Spain and I could actually understand alot of the Spanish it was sweet!!!!! It was so uplifting and I learned so much! I loved it! Ok so yes mom I did receive Grandma Joan's package and I freaking loved it! Talk about just a huge blessing!!! It was so great to receive it! I wrote her a hand written note so I will mail that today and I hope she enjoys that! Hmm ok well what else so Max is born!!!!!!!! He is so freaking studly! He will be a boss, I can just tell it! I love it so much I have been telling everyone I have a new nephew so that is really cool! So Lin and Wang continue to be sweet! Lin came with us to teach Donald! We are really trying to get new coverts to come with us to lessons so thats sweet! But they are awesome! Our members are pretty sweet our ward mission leader thinks i'm some sort of great someone but i'm not, I just try to do what I can and the Lord does everything else, so thats sweet he is cool! Our Pisa chapel opens up this weekend so i'm very very stoked for that!! It will be so sweet to finally be able to go to our own chapel! It will be nice!s okay haha! So first lets start with the work!! Donald is continuing to be just the biggest boss in the world! Every time we commit him to do something he always says "Why Not" like he needs to do it! I love him so much! Its so BOMB to see him just following Christ! We are still trying to work with some other people! We will see Azula tomorrow and we will see how it goes with her! If she won't read the Book of Mormon then its not looking good for her because she needs to do her part to know that baptism is the thing that she needs to do to progress and she can't know that without reading the scriptures and praying! So I will let you know how that lesson goes! We will see how it goes down! So right now we have a couple of Italians that we are working with as well! There is a man named Massimo! He was a past investigator but we are going to see if we can;t get him back involved. He had been to church tons of times so we will get to the bottom of that! We have a man named Fillipo who is Italian with a family!!!!!!! So we will try to work with him as well. I'm stoked for that! But other then that the work is going alright! We continue to do some casa and just find the elect so thats pretty boss! I love this work even though sometimes it may be tough. I have said it already and I will say it again! With the Lord and some faith on our part miracles... they HAPPEN because I have seen it so many times in my mission!
So it really sounds like you guys are tearing it up in the singles ward! I told President Wolfgramm you guys were called and he said man they must be very great people to receive that calling and I said, I know they are amazing! So thats cool! So how is the whole family! So next week I will receive a new companion for sure! Man this transfer has been a little rough! But thats ok the next will get better, I know it! I will be staying in Pisa for sure but receiving a new companion so that will be sweet! Mom I will do everything I can to record that talk I give! Man Vance looks like the biggest stud in his football gear!! He is such a boss!
Well it sounds like everything is going great in the Scheurn house! Man I have learned so much this last year on my mission and i'm going to have a very good new years resolution to do all I can to bring people unto Christ!! I love this work so so so much mom and I know that it is real! I'm preaching the unique message to the entire world about Joseph Smith!! He did more for the world then any other man besides our Savior Jesus Christ and i'm so thankful for that! This is the best work
in the world and i'm doing all that I can do to learn and grown and developed those Christ like attributes!!! And bring as many people unto Christ as I can!! I love you so so so much and am so thankful for all you and dad and the whole family does for me! Thank you for everything again!!!!!!!
Love your son Anziano Rhett Scheurn

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pisa #36 "O...And Hold On To The Rod"!!!

The Iron Rod is the Word of God. That is what we must cling to. Even ... | http://zomarah.wordpress....
Hey Mom!
Mom, believe me this work is so great, home stuff just isn't important as it used to be. I meanI love the family and don't get me wrong but this last year or close to last year has been so fast I don't even know where it has gone. I guess i'm just a little scared that this next year is going to go by even quicker and I don't know. But I know that this is where I need to be right now. I love being a missionary to much.
Yes, I do know Kim Delgado she is a very good friend of mine and so it Rachelle Scott, they are great, love them!
Ok well about the work! So Donald will be being baptized by our ward mission leader which is sick!!! Anziano Patullo will confirm him,and give him the Holy Ghost, and me and Anziano Free will be giving the talks in Italian so that will be sweet! A little nervous but its all good I will be fine through diligent study and prayer! Hmmm so Azula is doing ok! We will see her Thursday. I'm pretty sure she has a lot of great questions about the Book of Mormon so that will be great and good! We received a referral from the office his name is Filipo. He is italian so that will be sweet we will be setting up an appointment with him! I have only talked on the phone with him but he sounds sweet!
So for the miracle story this week, I thought I would share one!
So we went to our ward mission leaders house because he wanted to go with to our appointment to see Donald! But I was a little scared because we had not gotten a hold of Donald!!! We were going to his house to teach him right then! He lives about 25 Km away! So that would not of been cool for our ward mission leader to drive all the way there to find out that he was not home! So I prayed with all my faith that Donald would call because we were not able to get a hold of him! And right when I was done praying, literately right when I was done, I received a call from him, saying to still come so that was a huge blessing and miracle!!!! The Lord does hear our prayers and I know that is true! Donald is so awesome!!!!!!!!! I cant wait until he gets baptized!
So other then that we are still doing lots of door knocking just looking for that family who will be ready to receive the gospel!!! I love it so much its just so interesting to see who will be behind each door when we knock, its so great! Hmm so i'm pretty much stoked about Walker and Melanie. I pray about them everyday hoping and having faith that everything will go great!! I love Walker he is such a G!!!!! And I love all of my brothers and sister, they are boss! I have such an amazing family!!! I'm so stoked for Max as well to be born! I can't wait to see the pictures,a new nephew!!!! Hmm well I just don't know what I want in the box! haha I will take anything for real just surprise me! The important thing is that i'm here serving the Lord! Man its gone so fast! I can't believe i'm just about at my year mark!!! Just insane! Ok so you all are going to be needing to tell me whats going on for skype as well because that is coming up and we need to know the situation! So for Thanksgiving we will be doing a turkey bowl!!!!! The Trexlar family invited us and the Livorno Anziani over for a Thanksgiving feast! AND to play football so that will be fun!!! I'm stoked, they are the American family they rock!!!!!!!!!! But anyway I love this work so much mom and I love you so so so much and i'm so thankful for loving parents who are always here to support me!! Things are going great we will be going to church back in Pisa on the 30th of October!|!! So thats exciting no more going to Livorno thank goodness! We have not had a church in Pisa for 4 months! So it will be nice to go to church in Pisa again! O and so we have district conference this weekend so that is like stake conference but a district!! AND Lin was asked to give his testimony in front of the whole district!!!! So that will be so great to hear!! I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But anyway mom thank you for everything you do! And keep holding on to the rod!! O and Lin wears a 7 ring and Wang wears a 12. LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!
Love Your Son,
Anziano Scheurn ... !: For the Strength of Youth Family Home Evening: Hold to the Rod |

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pisa #35 "It is HIS Work!!!

Yeah what is the deal with them cardinals, I mean come on i'm starting to doubt them not cool!!!

O Hey Pops whats up! :)

Just shooting you an email as always to tell you how much I love you and how grateful I am for you! Work is good here a little tough right now but we are continuing to bussare (knock) on those doors so that we can find the elect! I'm excited for Christmas in Italy it will be cool a new thing. I cant believe its already here I just can't believe it! Time is just going so fast!! I don't even know what to do with it! Well I love you so so so so much!

Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

Cara Famiglia! E Mama,
So what it do!? It sounds like everything is just going super dandy in the life of the Scheurn family and i'm very happy for that! Let me just say first that I pray for each and everyone one of you individually by name! Its just so great to have a family that is so supportive! I love this work so much and I know it just goes that much better when I have a family praying for me nightly and morning! Not to mention the nephews and nieces prayers! I just love you all so much and i'm very very grateful for the support!
Hmm ok so as always first I will talk about missionary work! So Donald is still doing awesome! He loves me so much! He is awesome! He came to church last Sunday and it was sweet! He is so ready its awesome! Thank you for putting his name on the prayer roll for him, I know that it is working so well! The prayer are just so SICK!!!!! I love it!!!!! BUT other then him the work is going ok a little slow right now. I mean we did have a really cool miracle story the other day that I would like to share with you guys!
Well as you know we have a investigator named Azula! She is cool but has always been a little iffy! We have spoke to her here and there! But the other day I called her! And to much of my surprise, she was working very hard but for some reason she was not able to sleep and this was very strange she said! She said it was not like her to not sleep! So she went on to tell me that she was reading the Book of Mormon and she said to herself before she was about to try to sleep one night that she said if Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and this Book of Mormon is true then I will be able to fall asleep! And sure enough because of the power of our Lord, she was able to fall a sleep no problem!!!!!!!!!! She is sweet! So she finishes work this week so it will be very easy to see her so we will be talking to her and hopefully getting a baptismal date with her so that will be awesome! This work is crazy! Sure there are times of trials, I mean come on thats a no brainer of course there will be times of trials in everyone's life but I have just seen a constant stream of miracles during my mission! In fact the other day we went over to the Trexlar family to eat! And the daughter went on to say wow Anziano Scheurn you will be seeing at least three baptisms in Pisa thats a lot, we have never had this much in so little time. Its great the Lord is Good!!! Hmm but that is all for the work right now! We are really trying to work with the ward members as well so thats good! We will continue to do that! Hmmm ok so what else.. thats basically about it with the work here! But my companion is ok.. haha he is a bit funny but I love him! He is from Australia and he goes home in 3 weeks so you know how that is he is a little trunkie but its ok.. we will be fine, I will be fine! I have 3 weeks left I just need to continue to work hard and they will go fast! So that means since he will be going home I will be staying in Pisa for at least one more transfer because I will remain! Unless they white wash Pisa but I don't think they will do that so we will see who my next companion is! Hmm so ok I received the package!!! Mom outstanding job on the package let me just tell you it was boss!!! I love the package and I loved the tape of VAUGHN!!!!!!!!!!! and Conner and Colby and Scott all those boys are so great!!! And I love Eric so much as well thank you so much for that and not to mention but the treats were fantastic! I always brag to everyone that my mom sends better treats then all of your guys moms! haha Yeah let me just tell you that Anziano Free is a boss and I can definitely go on more then one paragraph about him! That kid is such a good missionary i'm a little embarrassed because he just is outstanding as an missionary! I love him and he is so funny! We always quote Sandlot together and its so funny!!! We both just get a kick out of it haha! He rocks! So I will bring up school not that i'm talking about it but since you asked. So i'm going to start school right when I come home! That next semester right after Christmas so that will be cool. I might just start at CGCC I don't know, I kind of want to play ball but I just don't know yet. I still have some time to think about it but don't worry I will know what I need to do, trust me I just need to continue to pray about it. But for now I need to concentrate on HIS work because its sweet! The Lord is great and thats the beauty of it! Its so exciting about Walker! Man I love that kid so much just a fantastic brother! I loved hearing him speak on the cassette tape as well it was nice! I'm looking forward to the pictures of the wedding! Hmm well I need to go but, I know that this church is true and i'm so glad that papa said he enjoyed my letters. I love him so much and he is so great!!!!!!! I love you all so so so so much and i'm grateful for everyone's support!!
Lots of Love Anziano Scheurn!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pisa #34 Williams Field and Engaged!!!

Williams Field!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell Walker its okay like maybe
Higley will win one day so its all good don't worry about that!! ha ha ha thats so great! I don't know whats better news! Walker getting engaged or WF just whooping up on Higley! hahahaha!!!! But anyways sounds like your doing fantastic so thats good to hear!!! Man just keep it up! I know thats your tearing it up so thats good! I described to mom my favorite talks so she will tell you those! That Temple is going to be so gorgeous in Gilbert so stoked for that!!!!!! Man another temple in Provo! Thats crazy!!!! But anyway I pray for you and mom and the family individually by name! I love you all so so so much!
So che questa e la chiesa Vera! Sono cosi grato per la chiesa di Gesu cristo che e stata res
taurata! Graize Per tutto chio che me dai! Ti Voiglio Tanto Bene!
Il Tuo Figlio Anziano Scheurn

La Mia Mama! E La Famiglia!
Okay Alorah Io Posso Parlae in Italiano Nel Mio Email Pero Il Modo Che Io Scrivo Forse non Va bene Pero Provero! Na, I
don't want to write in italian haha, its way harder to write in italian then it is to speak the language. You let me just start off by saying that the italian is going super well thanks to the Lord and the spirit, it truly is the gift of tongues it awesome! Its just so crazy to think i'm speaking italian I don't know its crazy!! haha But let me just start out with conference! It
was absolutely sick!!!!! I loved it so much the spirit was just punching me in the face the whole time! So great to hear the Lord's servants speak to us! I love it so much and we are so blessed to be able to hear these words! Sometimes i'm just like man i'm not worthy to hear! Its so amazing!
So I had two favorite talks! Ok my ultimate favorite had to of been Elder Hales! He was talking about the trials of life! How we can always relate our trials to the Atonement of Jesus Christ! I really need to be better at this! Sometimes when we feel like the world is just over for us, we just cry like little babies! When we can just think of what the Savior did for us! That really stood out for me and it was so awesome and helped me with my work Tanto!!
The next best had to of been President Monson when he was talking about how each and every one of us need or should have a relationship with our Father in heaven! It was so awesome and made me realize what my investigators need! I received so much revelation this last conference it was so wonderful!! I loved it so so so much! So we got to watch all of the conference in english! Except Priesthood! :X Not cool but it is on the internet so thats cool I will watch it! We went to La Spezia to watch it so it was the bomb!!! I enjoyed conference so much and my prayers were answered! I am happy to hear that you all enjoyed it so much! Its crazy we can have a million questions for conference and I know that every single one of them will be answered, thats the beauty of it!
Hmm ok so about Donald! He is still freaking SWEET!! But we do need to move the baptism date for the 29 because the fact of it he needs to come to church but he is going to come because he just kept telling us, i'm sorry, i'm sorry for not coming so he is super righteous! The prayers our working so don't you worry about a thing just keep those prayers coming! It helps so much! Other then that we found a lady named Irene as well she is from Nigeria! But just so elect and it still just searching for that right church so, that will be sweet! We will get her in the water! Then Lianardo and Elenora who we are trying to work with but we will see they just need to pray and read! I'm still trying to find that family!!!!!! I know that I will find them soon! I just need to keep going and it will happen!!! I have a firm testimony that if we do whats write and work hard It
WILL happen! So thats sweet. We do our part and the Lord will do the rest!
Hmm so I have not received the package yet but, I know it will be hear we just need to have the faith! but anyway Walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENGAGED!!!! Finally haha thats my boy! Hmm well its so great that everything is going so good with the family! I love my family so much and i'm so so so so thankful that I have a family who is so involved with the gospel and support me so so much! And i'm going to get the picture of me in the suit coat to you. On the double!
Man I love Anziano Free so much!!! He is such a boss! Me him and Bushman are going to chill when we get home! We are seriously the 3 amigos!! They rock so much and we all speak italian so thats a plus!
Well this is the true church! Mom thank you so much for all that your doing for me while on my mission! I know how much I owe you and dad now! haha when I get home I will clean the backyard 10000 times a day for dad!!! haha thank you all so much for everything that you do! But anyway thank you mom!!
Lots of LOVE,
Your Son Anziano Scheurn