Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lecco #5 "No Top Ramen or Flamming Hot Cheetos"!

MOM so how is everything going! I hope all is going well so its so good to hear from you and your letters! I love receiving them so much they sometimes bring tears to my eyes! So about the mission! Ok so this week had been very tough! We have been having lots of trials and I mean lots of trials! But hey you know what its ok. We have had a lot of finding work! Man I swear Italians are so stubborn its insane but hey I need to learn to love them ha-ha because, i'm here and I need to make the best of it! So long story short we had entered into a Palazo or apartment. And we were knocking on doors and a old man came out and just started yelling at us point blank. Saying Chi Opra La Porta!? Who opened the door?! We were just like wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha-ha it was funny i'm defiantly learning lots and lots of patience on my mission that is for sure! Hmm what are some other stories! It was a miracle this week in church we had 2 investigators come which was a surprise but we will see how they do. They both just said they enjoyed the experience whatever that means!? I mean this is the restored gospel on the earth and all they can say is "it was a good experience" dont give me that.. Blah! What else another thing that is freaking off the charts is we actually have a baptismal date May 1st which is awesome! He is a man and his name is Roberto and he is from Peru. He is a stud we are teaching him lots and lots of lesson! He is a good man truly! He has a strong testimony and I just love seeing it grow! Our ward is seriously so great! The 1st counselor's name is Fratello Mazzina. Him and his wife both served missions. He served in England and his wife who is also amazing served in Palmyra New York. They help us out so much its truly a blessing! Ok so I guess Anziano Perish went home last week I forgot to tell you. He is from Utah and I don't know what happened, He just couldn't do it I guess I don't know but yupp.. And another thing Anziano Wilkey Is doing awesome!!! Everyone just says he is a stud, The missionary form England who was in the MTC with me. He rocks so much! Hmmm what else, nothing else. Just doing finding work and I know that the Lord is testing me and we will just see tons of miracles happening it will be insane! I need to write Heath a long letter and just tell him how important this gospel is. I love him so much and I would do absolutely anything for him no matter what the circumstances would be. He is my best friend and I love him. And I love Ivan so much as well he is a good kid! Man and Bushman wow that kid is so awesome in fact I meant to say this Saturday for conference we get to go to Muggio and that is where Bushman is serving! So we get to watch it with them which will be sweet! I really look forward to conference so much! I know there will be something in it that will help me so much and I just cant wait! Ok so about pictures! I have taken a lot! We have been bowling and hiking for p-day so I will have lots and lots coming so I hope your stoked for that. Man I miss Walker and Joe and Blake and Posey so much! I love them all so much and am so thankful for all there support! But man I have been thinking to myself lately like Joe is a stud! Man he chose to serve a mission and I just know he was rock solid at doing what he does as a missionary! I look up to all my brothers so much and I know I have gotten closer to Posey even though i'm so far away! I miss my nephews and nieces but I look forward to seeing them when I get home! Well mom I love you so much and no words can describe it! And dad you guys are so amazing and I to am thankful for your guys rock solid testimonies! This gospel is all we need in our life! There is nothing else we need besides it! Well lots and lots of love! Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn P.S. They don't have top ramen or flaming hot cheetos here!!! NO!!!!!!!!! haha Va Be (Va Bene)

Lecco # 5 "Papa, Come Va...Tutto Bene"?

DAD Come Va? Tutto Bene? (How are you? All right) Everything is going good here but wow let me just tell you this week has been absolutely the hardest week in my life o my goodness. Just lots and lots of finding work but no luck.. I know that the Lord is testing us... Its just tough but its just so great because I know that its just making me a bigger and stronger man because what do I do about 18 months from now when i'm home and life gets tough. Do I just quit or keep on going. KEEP GOING! I can feel its getting easier though home sick wise I can feel myself getting lost in the work everyday which is amazing. That is so good to hear about the business i'm so happy seriously it makes me feel so good! We actually have our first baptismal date with a man from Peru. His name is Roberto and he rocks. The date is on May 1 i'm so stoked! Well dad I love you so much and once again am so thankful for your words, I cant even describe. I hope you are doing well LOTS OF LOVE Ti voglio bene (I Love You!) Your Son Anziano Scheurn

Friday, March 25, 2011

"One HAPPY Thankful Italian Papa"

Lecco 4th Letter
WOW i'm so thankful for you! Words can't even describe its just so funny. I look back before my mission at all of the silly and immature things I did! By disobeying it truly makes me sick to know I acted like that. But I know when I get home i'm going to be a changed man. it will be awesome and I will be prepared to start a family of my own! I love you dad! I am sorry I sent the gift early its just that it was Fathers Day here so I thought it was there, but hey its alright you deserve it anyway because you are the best dad in the world. The work is going alright. A little slow but hey when you have bad days at work do you give up? No you don't. You got to just keep going and treat everyday different and as a new opportunity. I love you so much dad words cant describe and your fishing video was amazing! haha you are a beast! I love you a lot!!!!
Love your son Anziano Scheurn

"One Happy Italian Mama"!!

Lecco..Letter 4!

OK so how is it going? Man I just love receiving your letters they make me so happy to read them and to know I have a loving mom who supports me in all that I do! I love you and dad so much! Ok so the thing is yeah just wait to send the package. I mean odds are I will probably be staying in Lecco but I have been told with President Wolfgramm you just never know. So this week nothing has really happened that was intresting. Tonight we are meeting with a family and we are going to extend an baptismal invite to them! I am so excited I have been praying like crazy for the Lord to just prompt them to be baptized! I love this family they are so nice! So I am glad you loved the pictures! I love them to. It is so beautiful here! Italians are pretty nuts! But hey its ok because I need to learn to love them with everything I have! Its not always the easiest but we just have to lean on the Lord so much! Ok so about the news when we were on TV! We were at an investigators house and she said hey you know you guys were on the news and we were like what!!!!!!
(note from mom, why were you watching TV was my question to Rhett!) We were like no way so she just played the short clip for us! We were just there representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it was sweet! So nothing like I said has happened to interesting this week. Yesterday we had zone conference! Wow I hate to say it but I cried like a 3 year old girl! Our Assistant Presidents are so amazing! Mangrum and Grey. Grey turned to me and the spirit was so strong because we were talking about John chapter 21 vs 15-17 and it is about feed my sheep! He turned to me and said Anziano Scheurn. what do you think of our Savior. And with tears in my eyes I said I Love him so much! Anzaino Grey said "I know I love HIM as well he is everything"! It was a very spiritual moment in my life, Wow! So I get to see Bushman at zone conferences which rocks! Man I love that kid so much! He is so freaking strong its insane his faith is just overwhelming! He is a stud!! So Vaughn and Conner wrote me. Man two amazing kids. Vaughn was really having a hard time with losing at state and right after that his girlfriend broke up with him and he was just having a hard time! So I sent him Mosiah 24: 14-15 and he said he loved it and is so glad to have me as a friend. He turns in his papers in April 28! He wants to play football with me when we get back and Conner is doing good also! Man when you are a servant of the Lord you just know how to care for people. Its crazy its just a feeling that we as missionaries have inside us and its all the spirit and our Lord prompting us. We truly do need the gospel in our lives because with out it we don't have anything! And I mean nothing. No foundation at all. We need to build our foundation on our Savior Jesus Christ! Ok so about the money I am actually getting reimbursed for 156 dollars which is good! We get 180 on our card but don't worry now because I will know what I need to buy this next transfer. MOM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! AND AM SO THANKFUL AGAIN FOR YOU AND DAD! GIVE EVERYONE MY LOVE AND BEST WISHES AND TELL CITA I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND I CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR HER! Sorry there are no really interesting stories this week, but just know that because of obedience like my Italian is coming along so well! I know its because I am being obedient therefore receiving the gift of tongues! LOTZ of LOVE
Love your son Anziano Scheurn

Sunday, March 20, 2011


"Now that is a Pizza Pie"! Anziani Scheurn and Anderson"

" Ciao Benvenuti Anziano Scheurn"!
Presidente Wolfgram, Anziano Scheurn, Anziano Anderson, Sorella Wolfgramm!
The "New Italians"!

Anziano Scheurn meets his companion Anziano Anderson! (next to Rhett)
I Have Arrived!
In Frankfurt Germany! Some Tired Anziani, They had a lay over on their way to Milano!

The Big "M" For Milano!

We have waited for pictures for the last two months and we finally received some!
All I can say is.... I feel sure their is not a happier mom and dad in the world right now!
Some of these pictures are out of place but but we will take them how ever we can get them!
They are pictures from the day Anzaino Scheurn left the MTC through the first few weeks in the field! Rhett sent us a lot of pictures but I had a hard time trying to figure out which ones to put on his blog! So for all the Italian moms in our group I hope I put the right ones on Rhetts blog and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
What a great looking group of Anziani and Sorelle!
(Elders and Sisters)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank Goodness for Companions!

On the top floor of an Apartment building! Anziano Anderson!

So Rhett keeps saying pictures are coming BUT... My faith is fading... Just Kidding! But these pictures are of Rhett's Companion and I am thinking Rhett took them so at least you can see the town that they live in! Lecco, which is on Lake Como!
Rhett said he was worried about sending his SD card so he will transfer his pictures to a cd and send it as soon as he can!
Good job. Anziano Anderson for sending these to your mom and sharing!! Maybe next time they will ask someone to take a picture of the Anziani together!
It is funny how Rhett and his companion look alike! AND they both play and LOVE football!
Anziano Anderson is from Lubbock Texas!
Again thanks for sharing the pictures!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letter 3! Lecco! "Ti Amo Un Sacco"!

(I Love you a lot)
La Mia Mama!
Wow I don't even know where to start! Hmm well lets just say this last week has been a huge growing experience. Not just for me but also for Anziano Anderson as well. The weather hasn't been the best but hey its all good it should be clearing up fairly quick here. We started out the week, when we were on our way to and investigator appointment her name is Attila. I'm actually in a picture with here I sent she is awesome but... we were walking to here house when we got a text message saying "hey boys i'm sorry but please don not come over I cant deal with this anymore, i'm confused, tired and I don't want to deal with any of this anymore. Sorry but i'm done. So we got dropped by her it was very tough but we just had to keep going. An Italian, his name is Anziano Balso actually went home the last week as well. Man it has been a crazy first month in the field but hey its all good because I know that the Lord is testing us. Along with this we have only gotten into one house doing casa for this month. Pretty hard but like i said the lord is testing us. There has also been a lot of good things that have happened also. So this past Monday we actually did something called a "blitz" this is where the Zone Leaders leave there city and come to ours and go on "Scambios" (exchanges) with us and we try to find some work. So I went with one kid named Anziano Peterson. They are the Zone Leaders of Como and they are pretty tight. We didn't have luck getting into casa but we did have some huge success with Strada. (road) It was about 8 o'lock at night and we were in Centro doing some strada when we talked to this kid named Carlos who is 25. He wouldn't stop to talk so we just walked with him and we explained everything. The thing that he was most impressed with was the apostasy because he just did not believe about what the Catholics believed regarding the apostasy. We ended up walking with him for about 15 min to his house we got his number and everything. So on the way back there was another kid walking into his house and it turned out the kid lived in Texas but was born in Japan and he spoke english. He is 25 also a real intellectual kid! He had gone to Catholic church a couple times but just knew there was something missing so we are going to meet with him again. So notice we were walking with that kid. If we would have stopped and not just followed the spirit we would not have found that other kid from Texas. We have to follow the spirit and we will be blessed. Pretty fechin awesome experience! There has been some very funny situations also! Wow so that same night we are talking to this man. And while we are talking to him another old man comes up and starts saying oh wow you guys are the Mormons I know who you are. He continued to say. You guys are the ones who lived in the east but got kicked out to the west because you Mormons were stealing all of the ladies. We started laughing pretty hard and we explained that is not why we got kicked out but he as so determined he was right! And went on to say. Why are we all fighting (which we were not fighting) here we are all christian. Its those dang muslims fault and some random guy on the other side of the street heard the man say that and said. Yeah that's right its there fault. We were so embarrassed but it was a pretty funny story. So also me and Anziano Anderson were actually on the news on accident. Hahaha they were doing an immigration thing and you can see us in the background and we were actually on the news. Funny stuff! I know its insane about the Tsunami wow its the sign of the times. So mom I know I might have spent a lot of money on my card but its ok because this first transfer has been a little chaotic because i don't know what to buy at the grocery store at all!!!! Its so new but next transfer I won't use nearly as much money as I have this transfer I promise! Everything also comes in such small quantity here. OK so what i'm going to do about pictures is after every city i'm going to send a cd with pictures but also i'm going to have a USB card that I will put all my pictures on so if we lose them in the mail or what not I will still have them. It will be a good idea!
I sent dad a Fathers Day present and card. Wow I love dad so much like I honestly can't even explain how much I look up to him! I use his convert story at least a hundred times a day in lessons. Such an amazing man! How is the whole family!? I hope Cita is doing well also. I love her so much and am so thankful for a wonderful grandma who had such a wonderful daughter who is my mom! I'm so thankful for you also mom! And ALL that you do for me! I read Alma the story about the Strippling Warriors everyday! And how the Strippling Warriors just listened to there mothers and everything was all good! Well that has been all that has happened. Oh wait one more thing! Actually the apartment next to us actually got broken into. Pretty crazy stuff and a TV was stolen from the man. NUTZ! Well mom I love you so so so so so much and am so thankful for you!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Saturday, March 12, 2011

MTC Pictures!

Bello Anziani Italiano! (Handsome Italian Elders)
Pensano di essere cosi' DIVERTENTE!!! (they think they are so funny)
Sulla stada per il Tempio! (on the way to the Temple)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Scambi or Scambio" in Merate!!

OK so that was a very long letter but, hey that is ok because I absolutley love the letters! I'm so thankful for an amazing and wonderful mother and father who support me in everything I do! Ok so the weather here is pretty cold! It is actually starting to warm up which is pretty awesome. The people say it starts to warm up about in April! During that time we get to just where a white short sleeve shirt because it gets so dang hot here! But it cant be anything I cant handle because i'm AZ Reppin! OK so there is snow in the mountains which is pretty nice! No snow here but it has rained a couple times since I have been here but nothing bad at all! So the church is only about a 15 min walk from our apartment which is pretty awesome, its not bad at all! We ride bikes quite a bit as well so its neat! I have not met the Stake President yet but maybe i will get the privilege to meet with him this weekend because this weekend we have Stake Conference which is actually in Milano and I think we are getting a ride from the 1st councilor in our ward! Our first councilors name is Fratello Mazzina! He served his mission in England and is a complete stud!!!!! He helps us out so much and his wife rocks as well! She served her mission in New York so they are just amazing! We are pretty close to the Alps. Lugano is probably only about an hour away by train so that is where Switzerland is but, I don't think we are allowed to go there but we might be able to for P- day but i'm no entirely sure! I'm so happy for Elder Fife and Abby, I have been praying for them constantly and i'm so glad for there recoveries! That is awesome for Vossa as well!! Wow that kid is a stud and I miss him to he is a great kid and will continue to be a stud! Thats crazy about Elder Cluff I will continue to pray for him! So how is the family doing!? You will have to give me an update on who catches the most fishs in Mexico! ! I feel bad for not writing dad long letters because Pops is an absolute stud and I LOVE him but, this letter goes for both of you!!! I'm so happy for dad to buy a new horse! That is so neat I wish Sorella the best and also Pops! So what has happened here!? Hmmm well every Thursday night we teach courses in di inglese and its frustrating hahaha but it is also very fun and a good experience to teach! Right now we have a couple awesome investigators! Ones name is Grazella she is about hmmm.... 50 or so and she smokes but her daughter is a new convert. Grazella has attended church about four weeks in a row so this week we will extend a baptismal invite to her and she will accept it! I will let you know how that goes! OH MY GOODNESS there is another kind of hefty girl who comes over as well and her name is Tina! WOW she is so freaking hilarious I don't even no what to do! We cant even get the spirit going because its so funny! She has only like 5 teeth and she is hysterical! She walked into Gazella's house the other night wearing a name tag that she made! SHE MADE! And it said Anziana TINA!!!! hahaha she is so funny but she is also very spiritual because we explained the Strippling Warriors to her and how we needed to have faith just like they did! We are thinking about extending an invite to her as well! OK who else? We have found a couple of Lamenites or south americans who are here and we trying to teach them as well because they are very awesome and they are so strong in the spirit! We will let you know how it goes! OK So this past Tuesday we did a "scambio" (exchange) which is where we have 4 missionaries in are district so when we do this the other companionship is in Merate which is only about 10 min away on train so what we do is we switch missionaries so I went to Merate and Anziano Balzo came here! I was with Anziano Baliff who is actually from Utah he is a cool kid as well and Anderson went with Anziano Balzo who is from Italy! It went good we did a lot of Casa but we got in once and it was a fun experience to get to stay with a different missionary! But it turns out Anziano Balzo went home the other day because he said it was his back but its very hard because his parents were pressuring him to come home so he gave in and went home! Its a bummer! A mission is tough I will admit but, if it was easy everyone would do it! So I finished the BOOK OF MORMON for the first time which is freaking awesome!! I started it in the MTC and just finished! I love the Book of Mormon so much! Ether Chapter 12 in fact is my favorite Chapter in all the Book of Mormon! Moroni is a Beast! Well we don't eat out often at all actually! Occasionally we will get a pizza but other then that we cook at home which is good and the food we make is actually out of this world and great! Well that is all that has happen here so far! Well mom I love you so so so so much and also I love dad! I told dad in my last letter that I look up to him so much and am so thankful for the sacrifices he has made for me and also the things you have done! Well mom I love you a lot! Make sure you tell everyone I love them, even the nephews and nieces! And I have pictures coming as well on a CD so that should be awesome! Well I love you all so much and am so thankful for the support!!! I will keep you guys updated on everything!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Caro Papa'

I explained in the letter to mom pretty much my whole first week! Its so beautiful here the weather is freezing but it should be heating up fairly quick! The language is coming good! we walk and bike everywhere! Its kind of a bummer because we are in Lecco and all of the members live in Eraba! Which is like 30 min bus ride so its hard to see members which is a bummer but we do what we can to see them!! Well you need to get a new horse! I love you a lot, so much dad! you are such a huge inspiration to me! Thank you for everything you have done for me! I love you lots
Love Anziano Scheurn
(my momma)
How are you!? wow there is so much stuff to talk about i don't even know where to start but its ok because i will say all of it. So the plane ride went ok but from Denver to Germany we had some bad turbulence and we ended up giving Anziano Smith a blessing and it was a awesome experience! Germany was so different i arrived and wondered were the heck i was. It was such a big culture shock but it just didn't feel like my home because i knew Italy was my home! We flew over the Alps and it was so gorgeous wow! it was amazing! we arrived in Milano about 5 o clock in the evening and President and Sorrella Wolfgram were waiting for us along with the Assistant Presidents! The Assistant Presidents are pretty awesome! there names are Azniani Mangrum and Gray! They are so powerful and have ginormoius testimonies! We then went to the mission home and we had orientation and also I did my first time of "CASA EN CASA"! wow was it a experience i will never forget! It was pretty scary but I just showed no fear! Anziano Portellano the kid from France speaks the language real well! and He asked me "Anziano Scheurn how are you not afraid to talk like you know the language and you just are not scared! He said i was his hero and it made me feel good! I said to him just no fear! Just do it NIKE!!!!!! After this we went to a restaurant and i had my first Italian pizza it was awesome and amazing! President Wolfgramm took usto pizzas it was an awesome experience! After this we went to a hotel to sleep for the night! I shared a room with Anziani Terry and Bushman! The next day we got our trainers and found out what cities we were all going to! We were all so nervous and excited! When they told me I'm going to Lecco everyone was so jealous and i said I'm sorry!!!!! My trainer is Anziano Anderson! he has been out for about a year now and he is awesome and solid! Every Thursday night we have course di inglese class and its fun we get to teach English its awesome but kind of difficult! My first day of church was awesome! A little tough because i couldn't communicate like i wanted to but hey its all good! They love me for trying! Our ward mission leader is Fratello Luigi and he is a stud! Our Bishop i forget his name but he rocks! He wasked me to give my testimony my first sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! in sacrament wow was it scary but very spiritual as well!! Our members are solid! I have had two lunches at members houses and wow are they freaking amazing omg!! Its always a three course meal its so insane!! It was funny we were doing casa looking for work and we knocked on a door! there aren't houses here its all palazzi or apartments! An every palazzi has an office well long story shorts i knocked on the door and sure enough it was a office! i didn't know so i just kept on going and my companion was laughing the whole time!!! It was funny! The pictures I'm sending you they are our investigators! The girl is Atillia she is awesome! she makes us pasta sauce all the time! And she is very spiritual! The other is Oxman the African American! He is awesome! we just need to get them in the water! I love it here so much! It was very tough the first week! wow like I'm getting pushed like i have never been pushed before but i just need to lean on the Lord! I have a bike here! Its not the best bike but hey its a bike and it works! Those pictures are so solid I'm glad you got the opportunity to go to Vermont and see where Joseph Smith was born, i heard its very spiritual! Well how is everyone?! how is dad! tell him i say he needs to buy a new horse as well! Well mom i love you lots lots and lots! That's all i got for this week! we will continue to work hard! The language is coming along very well ! My trainer tells me i"m way more a head of him then he was when he first started out so that made me feell good well. I love you allot! Our home address is Via Bovara 1 Lecco, LC 23900 Italia! well mom i love you allot and i will continue to email! LOTS of LOVE!!!!!

Vi Amo Tutti!
Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love Sorella Smith!!!

Rhett's Companion Anziano Smith from the MTC....His mom Irene is so sweet and sends pictures when she get them from her son! Irene has been so thoughtful to our family for the past ten weeks since we met via email!
I have to say Rhett need to remember all of us in Gilbert Arizona LOVE letters and pictures as much as he does!
Who does he think he is.... A busy busy Missionary???
We were hoping to get an email today because it is P-day and we have not heard from him sense he has been in Italy BUT... His Wednesday has come and gone and now that it is 8:00 pm It looks like we won't get an email until next week!
I don't think any mom should have to wait two weeks to hear from her missionary!
All I have to say to Anziano Scheurn is... He better of found George Clooney and baptized him today! That would be the only excuse for Rhett not emailing his Momma and Pops!
Again thanks Irene for the pictures!! Your the best!
Anziano Smith, Irene's son took these pictures the day they all left the MTC, for Milano Italia!!
Addio Utah e ciao e benvenuto Italia Milano!!!
Goodbye Utah and Welcome Milan Italy!!