Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Scambi or Scambio" in Merate!!

OK so that was a very long letter but, hey that is ok because I absolutley love the letters! I'm so thankful for an amazing and wonderful mother and father who support me in everything I do! Ok so the weather here is pretty cold! It is actually starting to warm up which is pretty awesome. The people say it starts to warm up about in April! During that time we get to just where a white short sleeve shirt because it gets so dang hot here! But it cant be anything I cant handle because i'm AZ Reppin! OK so there is snow in the mountains which is pretty nice! No snow here but it has rained a couple times since I have been here but nothing bad at all! So the church is only about a 15 min walk from our apartment which is pretty awesome, its not bad at all! We ride bikes quite a bit as well so its neat! I have not met the Stake President yet but maybe i will get the privilege to meet with him this weekend because this weekend we have Stake Conference which is actually in Milano and I think we are getting a ride from the 1st councilor in our ward! Our first councilors name is Fratello Mazzina! He served his mission in England and is a complete stud!!!!! He helps us out so much and his wife rocks as well! She served her mission in New York so they are just amazing! We are pretty close to the Alps. Lugano is probably only about an hour away by train so that is where Switzerland is but, I don't think we are allowed to go there but we might be able to for P- day but i'm no entirely sure! I'm so happy for Elder Fife and Abby, I have been praying for them constantly and i'm so glad for there recoveries! That is awesome for Vossa as well!! Wow that kid is a stud and I miss him to he is a great kid and will continue to be a stud! Thats crazy about Elder Cluff I will continue to pray for him! So how is the family doing!? You will have to give me an update on who catches the most fishs in Mexico! ! I feel bad for not writing dad long letters because Pops is an absolute stud and I LOVE him but, this letter goes for both of you!!! I'm so happy for dad to buy a new horse! That is so neat I wish Sorella the best and also Pops! So what has happened here!? Hmmm well every Thursday night we teach courses in di inglese and its frustrating hahaha but it is also very fun and a good experience to teach! Right now we have a couple awesome investigators! Ones name is Grazella she is about hmmm.... 50 or so and she smokes but her daughter is a new convert. Grazella has attended church about four weeks in a row so this week we will extend a baptismal invite to her and she will accept it! I will let you know how that goes! OH MY GOODNESS there is another kind of hefty girl who comes over as well and her name is Tina! WOW she is so freaking hilarious I don't even no what to do! We cant even get the spirit going because its so funny! She has only like 5 teeth and she is hysterical! She walked into Gazella's house the other night wearing a name tag that she made! SHE MADE! And it said Anziana TINA!!!! hahaha she is so funny but she is also very spiritual because we explained the Strippling Warriors to her and how we needed to have faith just like they did! We are thinking about extending an invite to her as well! OK who else? We have found a couple of Lamenites or south americans who are here and we trying to teach them as well because they are very awesome and they are so strong in the spirit! We will let you know how it goes! OK So this past Tuesday we did a "scambio" (exchange) which is where we have 4 missionaries in are district so when we do this the other companionship is in Merate which is only about 10 min away on train so what we do is we switch missionaries so I went to Merate and Anziano Balzo came here! I was with Anziano Baliff who is actually from Utah he is a cool kid as well and Anderson went with Anziano Balzo who is from Italy! It went good we did a lot of Casa but we got in once and it was a fun experience to get to stay with a different missionary! But it turns out Anziano Balzo went home the other day because he said it was his back but its very hard because his parents were pressuring him to come home so he gave in and went home! Its a bummer! A mission is tough I will admit but, if it was easy everyone would do it! So I finished the BOOK OF MORMON for the first time which is freaking awesome!! I started it in the MTC and just finished! I love the Book of Mormon so much! Ether Chapter 12 in fact is my favorite Chapter in all the Book of Mormon! Moroni is a Beast! Well we don't eat out often at all actually! Occasionally we will get a pizza but other then that we cook at home which is good and the food we make is actually out of this world and great! Well that is all that has happen here so far! Well mom I love you so so so so much and also I love dad! I told dad in my last letter that I look up to him so much and am so thankful for the sacrifices he has made for me and also the things you have done! Well mom I love you a lot! Make sure you tell everyone I love them, even the nephews and nieces! And I have pictures coming as well on a CD so that should be awesome! Well I love you all so much and am so thankful for the support!!! I will keep you guys updated on everything!

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