Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lecco # 5 "Papa, Come Va...Tutto Bene"?

DAD Come Va? Tutto Bene? (How are you? All right) Everything is going good here but wow let me just tell you this week has been absolutely the hardest week in my life o my goodness. Just lots and lots of finding work but no luck.. I know that the Lord is testing us... Its just tough but its just so great because I know that its just making me a bigger and stronger man because what do I do about 18 months from now when i'm home and life gets tough. Do I just quit or keep on going. KEEP GOING! I can feel its getting easier though home sick wise I can feel myself getting lost in the work everyday which is amazing. That is so good to hear about the business i'm so happy seriously it makes me feel so good! We actually have our first baptismal date with a man from Peru. His name is Roberto and he rocks. The date is on May 1 i'm so stoked! Well dad I love you so much and once again am so thankful for your words, I cant even describe. I hope you are doing well LOTS OF LOVE Ti voglio bene (I Love You!) Your Son Anziano Scheurn

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