Friday, March 25, 2011

"One Happy Italian Mama"!!

Lecco..Letter 4!

OK so how is it going? Man I just love receiving your letters they make me so happy to read them and to know I have a loving mom who supports me in all that I do! I love you and dad so much! Ok so the thing is yeah just wait to send the package. I mean odds are I will probably be staying in Lecco but I have been told with President Wolfgramm you just never know. So this week nothing has really happened that was intresting. Tonight we are meeting with a family and we are going to extend an baptismal invite to them! I am so excited I have been praying like crazy for the Lord to just prompt them to be baptized! I love this family they are so nice! So I am glad you loved the pictures! I love them to. It is so beautiful here! Italians are pretty nuts! But hey its ok because I need to learn to love them with everything I have! Its not always the easiest but we just have to lean on the Lord so much! Ok so about the news when we were on TV! We were at an investigators house and she said hey you know you guys were on the news and we were like what!!!!!!
(note from mom, why were you watching TV was my question to Rhett!) We were like no way so she just played the short clip for us! We were just there representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it was sweet! So nothing like I said has happened to interesting this week. Yesterday we had zone conference! Wow I hate to say it but I cried like a 3 year old girl! Our Assistant Presidents are so amazing! Mangrum and Grey. Grey turned to me and the spirit was so strong because we were talking about John chapter 21 vs 15-17 and it is about feed my sheep! He turned to me and said Anziano Scheurn. what do you think of our Savior. And with tears in my eyes I said I Love him so much! Anzaino Grey said "I know I love HIM as well he is everything"! It was a very spiritual moment in my life, Wow! So I get to see Bushman at zone conferences which rocks! Man I love that kid so much! He is so freaking strong its insane his faith is just overwhelming! He is a stud!! So Vaughn and Conner wrote me. Man two amazing kids. Vaughn was really having a hard time with losing at state and right after that his girlfriend broke up with him and he was just having a hard time! So I sent him Mosiah 24: 14-15 and he said he loved it and is so glad to have me as a friend. He turns in his papers in April 28! He wants to play football with me when we get back and Conner is doing good also! Man when you are a servant of the Lord you just know how to care for people. Its crazy its just a feeling that we as missionaries have inside us and its all the spirit and our Lord prompting us. We truly do need the gospel in our lives because with out it we don't have anything! And I mean nothing. No foundation at all. We need to build our foundation on our Savior Jesus Christ! Ok so about the money I am actually getting reimbursed for 156 dollars which is good! We get 180 on our card but don't worry now because I will know what I need to buy this next transfer. MOM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! AND AM SO THANKFUL AGAIN FOR YOU AND DAD! GIVE EVERYONE MY LOVE AND BEST WISHES AND TELL CITA I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND I CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR HER! Sorry there are no really interesting stories this week, but just know that because of obedience like my Italian is coming along so well! I know its because I am being obedient therefore receiving the gift of tongues! LOTZ of LOVE
Love your son Anziano Scheurn

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