Thursday, June 30, 2011

#20...Ciao to Lecco amd Ciao to Pisa!!

Rocco Patrizia Villem Squao!!! Congradulations Fratello Squao!!!

Anziano West and Luisa Squao!!! Congratulations to you too!!!

Ward mission leaders!!! Fratello and Sorella Mazinni and Anziano West!!

Sara and her husband! I feel sure they will forever hold a special place in Rhett's heart!!

Anziano Mangrum, the A.P. Rhett has spoke so loving about him since they first met!!!

So how is everything going!! So I told mom the big news with transfers man its just insane!!! But we will see I know that the Lord has some amazing work waiting for me when I get down to Pisa!!! Dang Mexico!! Hey lets play them in baseball and see who wins!! huh!! haha but anyway it has been very very hot here!! So HUMID! As you can imagine I sweat like crazy!! I carry a mini fan with me everywhere haha! Its hilarious! Dad its funny because I know that you ball Joe up! That is not even a question! I mean come on I ball Joe up!!!! I mean if you both want some tips on some basketball just Holla!! But anyway I love you!! Keep up that amazing work that your doing in your calling. I was telling mom we need to just have faith in the Lord! Whatever he says goes!!! Because he is never wrong!! But anyway! Tell Conner I love him he rocks!!! And he better do a good job! Which I know he will!! LOVE YOU!
Love Anziano Scheurn
Alrighty!!! Well there is a lot happening this transfer let me just tell you that much!! So I will start off with transfers! Ok so there is a missionary and his name is Anziano Anderson he is actually in the group above me and he is awesome!!! I love the kid he is ginormous! He Rocks!! But I was doing a scambio and we were in Lecco with Anziano Anderson! So we knew that is was transfer weeks so every missionary gets very nervous because they don't know what is going to happen! But anyway we were sitting on our beds during lunch when all of the sudden.. it was Monday at lunch.. and you got to understand when mission president calls on Monday that means something big is happening , either someone will be training or going zone leader.. but anyway we looked at the phone and it said President Wolfgramm.. my heart started to beat and Anziano Anderson was just going nuts.. I just didn't even want to pick up the phone because I was so nervous on what was going to happen! But anyway I picked it up to hear a warm welcome voice saying "Hello Anziano Scheurn!!" I LOVE president he rocks! But anyway I picked up the phone to find out that Anziano West will be training in Lecco! Which therefore means I'm bouncing!!! He told me that I will be heading to Pisa! Which is one of the most south cities in the mission! A very funny thing is my new companion will be Anziano Giove!!!!!! I love that kid! He was in my district here up in Lecco!! He rocks!! Just a stud! But President went on to tell me some stuff that really scared me a lot! So apparently Anziano Giove is having a rough time down in Pisa! So yet again I'm being sent to a city that has not seen success. President Wolfgramm told me straight up on the phone that the work in Pisa is not going so hot and it hasn't been going hot in a while.. but anyway I know I'm going for a reason.. President Wolfgramm also said another thing that hit me.. He had told Anziano West that he had realized that there would be two cities whose work just would go crazy and Pisa is one of them.. So that is pretty cool! But we will see I'm excited to go down there and just go crazy!! But anyway that is the story with transfers. I'm going to miss Lecco a lot! The members here are awesome! But its ok I know that the Lord needs me in another city so I will head there to do work!! So the baptism went so good!!!! I will send some pictures right now!! But I'm actually going to send off pictures today!! So I'm not really sure when you will receive them but it will be soon! So that is so crazy about VAUGHN man that kid is a stud he is going to do freaking awesome things in Tennessee I know he will! Seriously its so perfect honestly Tennessee just fits Vaughn he is so awesome, a mega stud!!
But anyway Massi that one kid he just tries to bash now.. he is talking with his eve angelic friend and now he just tries to bash but that is ok he can do what he wants we have tried everything we can to bring him unto Christ! Man we have a kid he is from CHINA!!!!! and he is interested in the gospel. Mom he is the most sincere kid I have ever met!! His name is Ben he rocks!!! He is trying so hard to understand this gospel! He is a mega stud as well! He will be the next Stake President in China!!! I love that kid!! Hmm what else, Sara continues to do well! We saw her last night they are devastated I'm leaving.. but its all good! Anyway I took lots and lots of pictures! Mom the baptism was amazing!!!!! I baptized Rocco and I did not mess up on the baptismal prayer in Italian not to mention that his full name was Rocco Patrizio Villem Squao!! But it was so spiritual I loved it so much! Its funny before we received are calls for transfers! Our ward mission leader was like man I need to write President Wolfgramm and tell him to let you guys stay in Lecco!! haha it was funny but he is a good man!! So its good to hear that everyone is doing well! Mom I knew that you and dad were going to do amazing in your guys calling!!! I've learned on my mission that the Lord knows EVERYTHING!!!! So whatever he says just needs to go down!! But yeah this mission is so awesome!!!!!! Man I just love the people!! But anyway I cant really think of what else has been going on but I just know that this church is true... I love you guys so much for the support!!! I'm so grateful to have friends and family who just support me so much!! This work is amazing! It is the Lords work! Its awesome we were listening to a talk by Elder Eyring and he says in this talk...
" You missionaries will be tested like you have never been tested before. You will get the feeling that you all are inadequate and he goes on to say well you are inadequate to answer a call like this. But with the Lords help you can do anything. You all have the power that you have never had in your life before!"
But anyway!! That is what is going down!! But I just want to tell you all how much I love you guys and how thankful I am for your guys prayers!!! You all are amazing!!!!! Keep up the good work! Because I know that the prayers are helping!! Its just crazy how something so simple and small can help! I love how the Lord works!! He is amazing!!!!!! Anyway I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Pictures!

Anziano Anderson and Anziano Scheurn at a member's home.
First night in Milan, Anziano Scheurn tracked at the Duomo!

Balcony of Juliet!

A view from Anziano Scheurn's apartment.

Lecco Piazza


Beautiful Lecco!!! Lake Como!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lecco #19 Keep Praying!!!

K... DAD!!!!!
SO...that is freaking awesome!!!!!! About the D Backs!!! They better keep it up!! Yeah my italian is getting better! Not perfect but better I just need to keep speaking it and it will come! Its awesome!!! I love it, just to think that i'm speaking italian it is just crazy!! But anyway that is good to hear about Millie that she is doing well!! I'm so happy that she is doing well! Tell Rob K that I give him props as well I mean, he can't be like you with them horses but he will do well! That will be fun hat trip to see Stacey I bet she will love that!!! I just love you so much dad! Thanks for always being here for me i'm so thankful for a dad who is a convert. I brag about you all the time! I get these really catholic people and there like I can't change i'm just like this! I say to them wow!!!!! Don't give me that crap! My dad changed because he did what the Lord wants him to. Anyways its just funny to see there reaction! Well I love you dad so much I continue to pray for your work and your calling!!! I know your just beasting it up in the calling as the first councilor but anyway I love you alot!!
Thanks for everything!!!
Love Anziano scheurn

So how is everyone doing!? Ok so before I forget to put what you want in this email let me start out with that first!! Ok so first things first we can print emails so it would be very great if you could send them! It would be neat to look at them before I go to bed at night! So mom there is nothing else I would really need in the box! But yeah just some "cool" pictures haha but anyway. So the work just continues to be amazing here and I have learned by now that its just all your guys prayers that are going to keep the work just going forward!! I love the power of prayer! I'm trying to use it more and more in my mission but not just do it but really reflect on the spirit! when I pray! Its awesome!!! So we have some awesome investigators!! There is a man about 25 that about 5 months ago he was getting taught by the missionaries but it turned out a eve angelica talked to him out of baptism but... the miracle of the story is we actually saw him when we riding our bikes. His name is Massimiliano! HE'S AWESOME we taught him a quick lesson outside! But then we asked if we could see him again. We told him to meet us at the church on Tuesday at 12 and he said hmmm I might be there, I don't know for sure! We said well we hope we can see you there!! So it came Tuesday we already had an investigator named Carlos waiting for us because we taught him at 11:00 so he said that a man had come BY!!! Sure enough it was Massi so we missed our chance to see him... but anyway we started to teach Carlos when all of the sudden we heard the door open! Massi walked in the room!!! Just a miracle something prompted him to come back!!!!!!! So we taught him and he felt the spirit so much!!!!! It was punching him in the face basically!! So he said he would pray to know!! So please pray for him!! He is awesome!! So Rocco and Luisa are still doing amazing!!!!! They rock!! I will defiantly send more pictures with them during the baptism!! They are awesome and just so strong in the spirit!! We will continue to teach them and help them with everything that we can!
O my goodness!! A huge miracle story as well! So about Sara! When we had taught her about chastity they said they could not do it unfortunately... so during church last Sunday the sister of Eddie who is dating Sara said that she doesn't think that Sara will be baptized anymore... I was devastated... I have never felt so terrible in my life.. but I knew that we had done all that we could do and that the law of chastity lesson needed to be done!! But so anyway in fact... on the way of checking internet today we were walking and sure enough we hear "hey Elders"! It was a man from Peru who is actually a member so we were prompted to go back and talk to him! So we did and we told him where he could find a church in Milano!! BUT all of the sudden!! I here a voice behind me! IT IS SARA! She had been praying to come in contact with us! Sure enough it had happened! She told us how she can't be baptized yet but she went to church a catholic church and she said that she did not feel the spirit at all and it just did not feel right!! SHE LOVES THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS!!!! I'm so glad that we listened to the spirit and stop to talk to that man form Peru because if we didn't we would not have seen Sara! Man the Lord knows! EVERYTHING!!!!! I'm so thankful for the Lord in my life! For a great family who supports me and also just a wonderful mission! I Love the miracles that have been happening! The ward loves us so much to!!! Anziano West actually told me the other day! He said man its just crazy Anziano Scheurn! There has been a faith curse here in Italy!! For a whole year there has not been a baptism but the crazy thing is you changed that!! I said o no I didn't change that it was the Lord that changed that! I love the work in Lecco but now I know that wherever the Lord puts me its for a reason and I have seen that in this transfer so much! I'm thankful for a KILLER mission president who just rocks!!!! I know that he is inspired of God because he told Anziano West that one of the first changes he made for transfers was Lecco! Its just amazing how the work works here! But anyway I need to go I love you guys so much next week you will receive the news if i'm getting transferred or not!! And keep up that work in the singles ward!!! I know you guys are doing just perfect at it!! I continue to pray for you guys as well! Tell the whole family that I love them so much!!! I cant believe how fast this transfer has gone!! I mean wow!!! It is insane!! Well I love you a lot mom and i'm so thankful for a perfect mom like you!! LOTS OF LOVE LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lecco #18... COOKIES!!!

POPS!!! MR. Councelor
So how is it going. Man i'm so stoked for you!! You don't even realize how stoked I am for you!! Your going to be a freaking PHENOMENAL Councelor. I know that the Lord chose you to do this calling because there was NO ONE else as good as you would do! Your a stud pops! Just the hardest worker I have ever met in my life!! You look like just the biggest stud in the pictures! In your FLY suit! Its awesome!! I continue to pray for you and mom in yours guys calling but I know you guys are going to rock it!! Millie is looking good!! Hey that is GREAT news that the Heat lost, truly that is awesome!! But anyway tell Kansas that he better do a good job or he is done by Anziano Scheurn! But anyway keep up the hard work! Your amazing dad I will keep up the hard work if you do because I always look up to you! Your awesome! I love you so so much! Love your Son Anziano Scheurn

Hey There Mom!!
So everything is going great here in the good old city of Lecco!!! Everything is going awesome! Me and Anziano West are really just getting it done, there is no really other way to describe it but the fact is that we are tearing it up in Lecco!!! Mom WOW keep up the prayers no joke they help so much on my mission! I have really learned the importance of prayer and how much we need to communicate to our Heavenly Father and how much he wants to communicate with us! Mom you have no idea how AMAZING Rocco and Luisa are!! They are so awesome!!! They are the most humble people in the world!! I love them so much! Just the other day as well, here is some really exciting news! We had got word from them that Luisa wants Anziano West to baptize her and Rocco wants me to baptize him!!!!!! That is right my first baptism its so amazing what the Lord does when you just put your faith into him and just give your all to the Lord and he will do the rest!! They are awesome so please continue to pray for them! So about Sara... MOM she is awesome!!!!! As you know we had the biggest lesson that I have every even thought about doing in my life!! We had to talk to her about the law of chastity and unfortunately she is living with a less active who has actually gone to church the past 2 WEEKS!!!! Miracles!! He is so sick!!! His name is Eddie he loves me so much we just mess around all of the time!! The lesson went good mom we had fasted and prepared all that we could for this lesson! Sara was almost in tears because her mom is very catholic and kind of was saying you know, what are you doing why are you doing this, so Sara was definitely taking a lot of heat from her mom! But man the spirit was so strong! It really makes me sad to see an amazing girl get to involved in the gospel and grow her testimony and... they need to get married. Its sad but I know that it is simply the Lord testing there faith. He really wants to know the type of people they want to be and there desires! They seemed pretty good about it but slowly we will see what happens. But she is amazing!!!!! Please continue to pray for her as well.. The other baptismal dates i, we have not seen yet but we are still working with them!! So here is the deal with transfers and all of that stuff! About transfers, I have no idea what is going to happen to tell the truth i'm really nervous but I know that its something I cant control so I don't need to worry about it because wherever I go or stay that is where the Lord needs me the most and that is what I need to keep in my head! Mom MAN, I wish you could see how much we have gained the respect of the members here and how much they love me and Anziano West, in the past the missionaries here have really lost the respect of the members but now they love us so much that they are calling us to come and teach with them in lessons!! The members here are awesome!! I love them. In fact a funny story, last night we were coming home from our appointment with Sara and we got a call from one of the sisters in the ward asking where we were. We said o we are on our way home from an appointment right now, and she was like how long and I was like 30 minutes. She was like ok bye... and hung up! I was like what the... long story short we came home to find cookies in our door that was made from the sisters in the ward, just telling us how they love our hard work we are doing for the ward. Me and Anziano West are actually going to buy a cardboard paper and just write how much we love the members in the ward and give it to them! They are amazing!! We are really doing amazing with them and inviting them to lessons and they just love it!! So we had zone conference yesterday!! It was amazing as always! We learned about how the "game changer" is the Book of Mormon and we need to use it ALWAYS! The Book of Mormon is amazing!! Seriously I love it so much and i'm really going to do a better job at using it during lessons because I know the Book of Mormon with prayer really is the game changer or finisher if you will! We need to use it and read it constantly!!!! It is awesome!! It was a little sad! Anziano Mangrum went up to share his testimony because he was departing! He gave an amazing testimony!! I love him so much he even wrote in my dedica! It was sweet! He is seriously a stud!!!! He told me we will chill when I get home! We took some pictures as well! I will be sending those!! And another thing, do you think that you can send some pictures with some football as well and with friends to, because the Italians love to see that I play football and they want to see pictures!!! Your amazing for constantly thinking about me with boxes and emails I love it!! Hmm so what else, man the family is looking good!!!!! Everyone is already looking so grown up!! Man I look at Gwen! What happened to her she is getting so old now its insane to see the changes that are already happening!! They are adorable!! WE NEED this gospel in our lives it is absolutely ESSENTIAL!! So we were doing some casa and we knocked on this door and a girl answered and she was like hey are you guys mormons and we were like yeah that is us!! And she was like o.. well i'm a jehovah witness.. and we were like o know here we go!!!!!!! So of course she started to bash with us but we know that bashing is not good. It just drives the spirit away and you just don't feel good after .. so we said you know what your beliefs are and we have our beliefs and we shook hands and departed! It was just funny because she was like, you cant go knocking doors when you don't even know what you guys are talking about!! It was just funny because the doctrine she was saying was making absolutely ZERO sense!! Ha it was funny but that was the story of the week! Mom I know that you and dad are going to be great in your new calling. Its a no brainer!!! Everyone loves you guys!!! But anyway I will continue to pray for you guys!! But anyway I need to go but I love you guys so much and am so thankful for the support and prayers again, truly please keep it up because I just see and feel the difference of prayers!! I love you guys so so so much!!! LOTS OF LOVE


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lecco #17 "Miracles"

Dad, I don't have time to write you because I need to write my mission president about our week but, I wrote mom a long letter of miracles and such! I love you a lot and it makes me really upset about Ruby but, I know that she loved you! Who doesn't love you!!! Thanks for everything! I love love love you and I need the Mavericks to win!!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

OK MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS WEEK HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!!!!! THE WORK IS OFF THE CHARTS RIGHT NOW! LITERALLY!!!! I will start out with 4 very touching miracle stories!
1. The First we have this lady her name is Whilmar, she is from Equator! She is awesome! I have always had a very very good feeling about inviting her to be baptized she is awesome! Because she doesn't have a male who lives with her, we need to teach her at a park but she is awesome! She loves the Book of Mormon!!! So one day we took the train to go see her! When we arrived we saw her talking with this lady and we were like oh that is cool! So we started talking to both of them! And finally I worked up the courage and I was like... hey do you want to come listen to the lesson as well, to the other girl who was there!! So sure enough she said hmm I would like to hear what you guys would like to say! I had no idea who this girl was! When we finally arrived at the park! She had told us that she had a brother in Peru who actually is a member! So we started to talk and talk and finally the spirit was just so so so strong that we invited BOTH OF THEM to be baptized!! And guess what THEY BOTH EXCEPTED! The first time meeting this girl named Maria and she accepted! But not only that... I really wanted to give Maria a Book of Mormon and another miracle was I had a BOOK OF MORMON IN SPANISH!!! Man the Lord is awesome!! I had no idea it was in my backpack!! So that is 2 baptism dates right there thanks to the spirit and the Lord!!
2. The 2nd miracle that we had was when we did a scambi! (exchange) Anizano West and Anziano Anderson.... a different Andersen! They were proselyting and when all of a sudden they saw a man and they felt very very prompted to talk to him. So they did and the man was with his wife as well! So they invited him to church and gave him a Book of Mormon and they bore their testimony on how true this church is and what it has done for them!!! So sure enough the very next day he showed up to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is amazing!!!! It was Fast Sunday and he listened to all of the great testimonies and he even bore his testimony!!!! Absolutely amazing! His name is Rocco and his wife is Luisa! Their situation is very very sad! He worked for the Carbinerri but his wife got cancer and she has epilepsy.. So he started to care for her a lot and so he lost his job and he can't get it back because he is old... he is amazing mom.... and his wife is too. He cried during the Restoration film.. They are living in a bathroom in the hospital.. they have a job and house in September though.. I need you to pray for them! Now we have a baptismal date with each of them! They are amazing!
3. Another miracle story its short but.... me and Squarcia he is from Italia!!! He is such a stud!!! We were doing a scambi... I did 18 invited by myself!! On the street but... we invited this one man and he was not interested at all but, we kept just pushing to talk to him and by the end of the conversation he was crying because of his trials, he was having. Truly we were there to help him! He had said that he thinks that God sent 2 angels to talk to him... meaning us! We will work with him! He is awesome his name is Salvatore!
4. Finally the last is with Sara! So we had a family home evening night and we watched the restoration film but there were babies who were just crying and crying and crying!!! The spirit was not strong at all! But she just is so strong!!!!! Her testimony is so huge!! We looked at her and asked Sara do you believe that the church has been restored and she said of course!! So Anziano West told me he was scared because of the way the lesson was going but.... I demonstrated my faith to the Lord and told Anziano West I was going for it because.... it was time! So I looked at her and the room got quiet all of the sudden.... and I said Sara we have prayed and pondered and I continued to say.... we know that you are ready for baptism on July 9 and she said.... I know.... I'm ready as well!! So we have a baptismal date with her!! She is amazing!!!!!!! But there is a situation that we need to work out, she is living with a man who is freaking awesome and less active but he has came to church the last 2 weeks but they are not married so I need you to pray that we know what to do with that situation!!
Its amazing how the Lord works!! If we just give it are all the Lord will do the rest.... that is all he asks for! We have 6 baptism dates! but we just need to keep going and keep finding the elect!!
Ok so I received your package!! Let me just say.... absolutely perfect.... it had everything I need! It felt so good to hear every one's voice on the tape recorder wow... it was awesome!!! Its so great! The AZ flag is now hanging in my room along with the U.S. flag!! Ok so mom next week I will defiantly send a package with a shirt, and pictures.... and probably a tape!!! So just be ready for that because you are amazing and I know that I owe you and dad tremendously!! I do know Anziano Free but, I have not seen him in the mission yet! I see Anziano Bushman a lot! Man I love that kid!! He is a stud!!! So I know.... man I really need to see where Vaughn is going on his mission! Mom you look great in those pictures your a freaking trooper and you are stellar!!! Because that is defiantly not easy to take a 2 day trip to the Grand Canyon with kids like that!!! But I know that they all love you because you rock!!! I'm so thankful for an amazing family!!!!! My dad is a stud!!! I continue to pray for you guys every day! And tell Vance, Brogan, Grey, Emma, Noah, Gwen, Gavin, Lucy, Ellie, Gage... that i'm going to give every one of them a super smoocher when I come back! They are so adorable! Anyway.... I love you guys so much and be expecting a box pretty soon! To tell the truth I have no idea what is going to happen this transfer! Man anything can happen!! I just don't know yet! But I will for sure keep you posted!
Mom I love love love you and I love love love dad!!! You guys are amazing and have always been here for me for all that I do!!! Tell the whole family I love them!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lecco #16 "La Dolce Vita"!!!

One of Rhett's Favorite Companion forever....Anziano Snith!!! They were companions in the MTC!

OHHHHH!!! Mom!!

So how has everything been going!? it truly sounds like everything is in good shape!! Man Everything is going so good here right now! I'm not even kidding.... me and Anziano West are just BEASTING it up here in Lecco!!!! Last week we had 19 lessons in one week!!!!!! We are just doing amazing because, of the hand of the Lord!! We have seriously been working so hard its insane!! ha-ha its just so funny because I have been in Lecco going on my 4th month here and every time we want to see a member or a investigator the only way to do it is to bike up a Gigantic Hill! ha-ha but hey its good for me, so its all good! Its very funny because either the city of Lecco is very very hot or it is just pouring rain! ha-ha but its all good! For instance today we had to bike in the rain to the nearest grocery store to get groceries and it was POURING!! ha-ha you should of seen me after.... it was pretty hilarious!! I'm sending pictures of all of it! Ok so nothing to special going on with baptisms right now! We are still working with that investigator Sara but there is a huge problem... she is actually living with 2 members who are less active, but still come to church and the only problem is that, a women or man can not get baptized if they are living in the same house with their boyfriend or girlfriend and they are not married. So that is a little tough but its pretty sweet because we have a family lesson prepared for this Saturday with the 1st councilor in the ward. His name is Fratello Mazzina, he is a STUD!!!! Him and his wife are both returned missionaries! His wife went to New York and he served in England so they both speak very good English But we will talk to her about his problem at this Saturday night lesson! But she is so elect its amazing!! But anyway.... me and Anziano West are just stopping everyone on the street! I love street contacting, its seriously so fun to just joke around with Italians! Sometimes by doing huge face expressions and just waving our arms in the air like Italians do! Man I love it! Anziano West tells me every night man Anizano Scheurn i'm so glad that you make me laugh.... he is awesome! So I have not received your package yet but I feel that I will get it very soon! So how is the family doing!? I hope well! I pray for you all individually night and morning! Man Dennis Ray is seriously a stud! he is the man, i'm so glad to have had him for my priesthood leader he is BOSS!! So here is another funny story!
When we were proselyting we heard a voice form behind us! And it said "Hey Elders"!!! We were like what the heck... first off who would even know who we are to say Elders and also why was it in English! So we turn around and its this African American! He is kind of a small man he is 27 and his name is Richard! So we found this man and he didn't tell us all the details about his experience but he lived in Finland and the missionaries found him there and started to teach him! He is from Ghana! So we are like O yeah... this guy is ready, he is ours!! Ha so we made a appointment to meet with him at the church to teach him for the first time! So we get in the church and we start teaching him the restoration! And.... something prompted me to invite him to be baptized, so I went with the spirit and.... asked him to be baptized!!! Sure enough this was his response! "I would love to be baptized but I have already been baptized"!!!!!!! Hahahaha I felt like such a fool!! I was trying not to laugh but it was awesome!!! Now we are teaching his two brothers who are awesome and we should be getting a baptismal date with them very soon but just a good old story! So we have had leadership meeting two weeks in a row and I love it. Every time I come out of leadership meeting it just gets me pumped to invite the first person I see on the street!!! President Wolfgramm is awesome.... I love that man so much! Truly an inspired great man!! Also I cant express how much I love Anziano Mangrum!! No joke every time like i'm just sitting down he is like "Anziano Scheurn, I love you, You are the man! He is such a beast and a stud! We learn lots of goodies there so its very awesome! Also two weeks ago I was un-able to go to transfers because my companion was getting transferred and for transfers we go to Milano! I saw MY BOYS!!!!! Anziano Anderson and Anziano Smith....I freaking love them!!! Right when I saw Anziano Anderson we just gave a huge hug! He rocks! also Anziano Smith , I love that kid so much, he is such a hard worker!!! Its been great here in Italy!!! Man my Italian is getting so good I just need to keep studying and relying on the spirit on what to tell me at that exact moment! Mom I know you miss me! Because I miss you a TON!!!!! We watched a movie in Leadership meeting and it was Anziano Holland! You can find the video on but... he basically says we all have struggles in our lives but there is only one way to do it! "DON'T YOU QUIT"!!!! Just keep going and the Lord.... HE will do the rest!!! I know that you are a amazing mom because you just help everyone you can! Like there is nothing else you do except serve and its amazing! And for dad as well! Man I brag about him everyday about how much he has given to his children! He is such a stud!!! I so look up to him! I love you both so much, words cant even describe!! I'm keeping on going and I hope that you guys will do the same because, honestly now my mission is just kicking it into overdrive!!!! I can't even keep track of days anymore.... literately! Its insane how fast time is flying! Oh and tell Vance, I love him and happy birthday!! As for Tyrell that kid is a stud! Tell him if he is not doing what is right.... i'm going to "whoop" him into shape!!!! Also tell him I will be able to see his senior year of wrestling which will be awesome!!! But anyway I have to go. I hope everything is going well and mom don't you be afraid, you take out that pellet gun and bust a cap on those chickens!!! But anyway, I love you all, and my WHOLE family!!! It is great because they support me so much!!! I give thanks to my Heavenly Father everyday for all of you!! But I love you so so so much and I have pictures coming soon!!

Love Anziano Scheurn