Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pisa #47 So Thankful For My Family!!!

Chen and Lin! Looks a little crowed!

Cara Famiglia e Mama!
Wow so many things could be said in this email! There is so much! But I will definitely start with the fact that I love my family so much! There is nothing in this world that I would trade for them! They really keep me going! I know that when the family is united, there is nothing that can stop them! Nothing! Satin will try to do all that he can but, I know that through this gospel and the teachings of Christ, that families will be blessed and I know that because well of course it is in my family!! I love you all so much and am so thankful for the opportunity I had to speak to you all! Thanks for all that you do for me! I pray for you all constantly! I am thankful for everything, for all the support that you guys give to me!! It was good to see everyone's faces! To hear everyone's voices! But anyway I don't know if it a bad thing or a good thing but you know, after I hung up the phone with you all, it was crazy I wasn't sad at all! I was happy! Happy in the fact that you all are doing so great and the fact that you all support me! I think it is because I realize a lot more on why I am here and my purpose of serving a mission! It truly is to bring the world or italy, the truth of Jesus Christ our Savior! Its crazy because in only 5 months, 5 MONTHS! We will be talking again! Its crazy to think that! Anyway thank you all for everything that you all do and especially you mom and and dad! You all are always there for me!! Thanks a million times!!! 
Ok well mom i don't know honestly it is completely up to you guys, if you all want to pick me up. I support your guys decision! If you want me to come home first, then we come back or you all come, well I support either way! What ever you guys feel and come to agree on that is what you all should do! As the song would say! "Listen to your heart" haha! Anyway yeah i'm fine by whatever you guys say! About school mom I want to start that first semester when I get home so yeah that is just a little heads up as well! So whatever we need to do to start that! That would be great!! Thanks for the help with that. Blake is a baller and i'm thankful for him! All the things that he does for me. Tell him i'm really really sorry for not being specific on when I would call! Tell him that he better know that he is a boss!! I love him lots!! Mom you did great at having everyone over on who I wanted to see! 
Okay so the work now! Well the E............ family is doing good we have talked to them and we should be seeing them in a couple of days please please keep them in your prayers! Also this man that we received a referral from, named Davide! He is from Italy and he is such a boss and has come to church twice and we have taught him the restoration and tonight we will be watching the film with him. It should go well please pray for him as well! I can truly feel my work improving its so awesome! I know that i'm getting more and more attached to the work here! My invites on the street are becoming more and more personal to the people here! I'm really listening to what the people need to say and I know, that what I need to say back to them will be given to me! I had the opportunity to do a scambio with Anziano Devincent! Man that missionary is a stud! Such a hard worker and one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life! I love him! Anyway there are lots and lots of good pictures coming your guys way next week!  Anziano Neff continues to be a boss! Love that kid so much! We are truly working hard to find those elect children that Christ has put in our path! Anyway I need to go. I love you guys so so so much!! I'm thankful for you and dad! I cant even begin to explain how much you guys do for me!! Thanks for everything!!! Remember I have said it before and I will say it 21456342513571285361785367565 more times..... that this church is true! We have a living prophet today! Thats the beauty of it! Thanks for everything!!!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn
P.S. everyone in italy loves the fact that you and dad met at a rodeo and they are jealous and they know you guys are bosses and doing a fantastic job in the YSA ward!! Keep it up and you can always ask the Lord for help remember that!! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pisa #46 "The Christmas Call"!!!

Famiglia! Mom                                                                                                                   56.gif
This is going to be a short email because I will see you guys in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But anyway so about skype this is what is going down!!
So for skype on Christmas we will be going to the Trexlar family! They are American and they have two computers! With skype! So it will be very easy to skype. The connections should be awesome and if not they will have a phone I can use as well! But anyway I will be calling at 3 to 4! So you need to keep the skype on and loud so you can hear me call! So I will just add you mom and you will get a call from me, my name will be something you will recognize! It will be awesome! So just be ready between 3 and 4! So I would like to have at least Forrest, Conner, Scott and Shayla if they all can! But yeah and then just he whole family!!!!!!!! I love you guys and I will talk to you all in about 2 days!! Sorry this letter kind of BKS but you guys will be talking to me and I will tell you all about the work and so on!! Another in Pisa!!! I love you all so so much!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pisa #45 Staying In Pisa and A Adorable Tree!!

Cara Mom!!! and Family!!!!
Well there has been alot that has gone down!!!!! Its crazy I don't know how the heck i'm going to explain everything but, I will need to make it snappy. Ok so first things first! Yup you guessed it TRANSFERS!! Well wouldn't you know I'M STAYING FOR 5 transfers!!!!! Its insane!!!! We received a call from president two days ago and he was like hey is this Anzinao Scheurn! AND I was like yes and... Might I remind you anytime that phone rings and its president, it means business and my heart just goes 1000000000 miles an hour!! Just beating haha! He continued to say so Anz Scheurn i'm going to keep you in Pisa for one more! He said I don't usually keep missionaries in one city for 5 but I feel prompted to! So I will be staying! Anz Neff will now be district leader! So I will be going on lots of scambis with other missionaries in our district! Free will be leaving and he will be going to be a DL in Padova! So thats cool i'm stoked for him but I will miss him a lot, but thats ok because we will be getting Anz Wilkins and Anz Rodrigus they are both in the group under me! They are boss!!! So that will be a ok! Anz Bona will be leaving as well so its just crazy everyone was expecting me to leave and the person who was most expected to leave ended up staying haha! So I will be doing calls for Christmas here!  So it will be cool we will probably go to the Trexlars for Christmas which will be sweet! Hmm mom I will buy a calling card for us two to talk that is cool! And I want to talk to dad individual as well!  You what to do, you are my mom and you know me thats why you rock 110% haha! (in eric's voice) but speaking of Eric if some way I could speak to him too, that would be sick!!!!! Posey should know how to do that or something! Its crazy I will be talking to you all again! it seems like I just talked to you guys! man transfers just go faster each transfer that comes!!! Its crazy! Like I know i'm a missionary and I should be advising you all to go to church but... if you all could just stay home that would be good because I honestly have no idea what time I will call! It will probably be the same as last time around 4 am or so!!! That will be sweet i'm stoked for that!!!!
Alrighty now the good stuff, the work of the Lord!!!! Ok well first I will start with Catherine! Its kind of difficult with her she still has a baptismal date but.. she will be going to China for vacation but she returns Jan 13 so its not bad at all she is still super elect!!!! We see her this Friday so that will be cool and she will go to the Christmas party with a bunch of other investigators in fact! But yeah she is great!!!! Just the nicest and most sincere girl ever! So just continue to pray for her just because prayer is amazing! Next I don't know if I told you guys but.... A couple of weeks ago we found a family doing casa. The family Mendosa! They are from Equator! Well let me just tell you that we saw them for the first time last night!!!!! BOSSSSSSEEESSSS!! So the wife we thought that would not be interested turned out to be so open! And just loved us!!! The dad is so awesome! He actually almost was baptized in Equator!!! So this will be so awesome we just need to pray for them they have a son who is 6 and they are just so great, I cant even take it how awesome they are!!! They said they will come to church Sunday!!! So lets do this, start the font, fill it up! haha no kidding but, they are so great!! The wife read Moroni 10 3-5 and just was astonished! and She continued to say that the husband was just interested and she was just hanging in for the good and how she has never heard another religion because she is catholic but now she is just so interested!! I love them! Other then those two they are our most sincere and strong investigators but we continue to just try our hardest and do what we can! I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!!
Okay well about other things we have some Christmas decorations up which is cool! I will send you a picture of that! We have a Christmas tree! That is 2 feet tall hahaha .Its kind of adorable!! hmm we did some other decorations!! But yeah! What else let me thing here! Sounds like you all are doing great that is so great to hear!!! I love just hearing that the family is doing good!! Thats because you all are amazing in fact, with the lesson with the Mendosa family it just made me feel so proud to bare my testimony about how amazing my family is and the blessings I have seen of the gospel because they live the gospel so well! It was funny Anz Portellano just loves me so much and I love him!! haha he requested me to be his comp for Christmas to president hahahaha he is so great!!! He wants to go to BYU! So thats cool! Neff is great! He is so funny, I love serving with him! He will be a great DL! Mom i'm glad you liked the pictures! 
Ok so thats cool yeah your friend Becky in your ward, knows alot about Italy! There is something called orazu and it is like coffee but its not. I don't know, I don't drink it because I actually don't like it but alot of missionaries do! Italy is great! Its pretty chilly here! I was kind of hoping for a white Christmas but hey thats all good!! Hmm well I will end on a good spiritual thought. I was reading the ensign the other day from 1973!!! or 83 and President Thomas Monson as a apostle! I read a talk he gave and let me just tell you it was one of the best talks I have read in my life!! I'll just quote something he said in it! He said! He was driving to his house one day and there were three hitchhikers! Each of them had a sign and the first said I want to go to Los Angelas! The next Boise! The other said ANYWHERE! He continued to say how we need to have a destination in life if you have a sign that says anywhere, anywhere is also another word for nowhere! We need to have a destination and goal in mind on where we are going with.... the eye on the prize!!!! But anyway it was very very good!
Well I love you all so so so much and words cant describe how much I love you all and you to mom for all that you do! I hope that everything is going well! I cant wait to talk to you all for Christmas!!! I know it will be awesome!!! I will get a calling card for sure!!! I love you all a lot and I cant wait to hear what has gone down!! But just keep up the good work and just remember... that this is the true church and always will be forever! I love you all!! Thanks for everything you do mom!
Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn
I am proud Rhett listened and did not open his Christmas's presents early! (Joe and Walker said he would not wait, just because they did not listen....) 
What a ADORABLE (in Rhett's words) tree! I am impressed!! Good Job Rhett and Anziano Neff!!!!
All dialed in!!! Handsome boy!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fun Pictures!!!!! 12/7/11

Our handsome Boy!! 
I d for sure still SILLY!!!

Rhett's wonderful buddy Anziaon Free, He is from Mesa!!
Anzianio DeVencent visiting the Duomo!
Rhett really loves his companion Anziano Neff!!! November 11
Anziani DeVincent, Free, Scheun, Neff and Chen and Lin!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pisa #44 Baptism of Chen!

Almost one year, I know its pretty crazy next week! But I just need to keep going and not worry about it because I know that the time will go fast!! I can't believe my bro will be getting married! You tell that old girl Walker, that I say happy B DAY!!!! I love him! Yes I would say i'm growing pretty well! I just need to continue to grow!! So I will be ready for the real world when I come home! Dad you are so great and a huge example, I know I say it every week but I just feel like I owe it to you! I hope everything will go well with that cold and the teeth, I will pray for you :) you are a boss!!! and just keep trucking!!!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn
Chen Baptism November 26,11
Donald, Anziano Neff, Chen! 

Cara Mama! E Famiglia!!!
Come State!!! io sto bene qua!! I can't believe i'm speaking italian, man I swear its just crazy! I know that i'm able to have the gift of tongues because of the Lord and thats just so awesome to know, that if we do what we are suppose to do.... the Lord will always keep his end of the bargin and, bless us with the blessings we need as long as we are being obedient!! I love it! Its so simple! We all just need to do it :)
Alright mom, I know that sometimes it is difficult, But when i'm in need of comforting, I know that I ALWAYS, can offer up a prayer to my Heavenly Father because he is always listening to us! That is the beauty of having a wonderful Heavenly Father in heaven who loves us!!!  Even though i'm so far away, I have never felt so close to you !!! Its the same with Heavenly Father! Even though it may seem like we are far from him we really are so so so close to him!! HE sends us the feeling through the comforter or the Holy Ghost!! Its great!!! Don't worry the laughter and fun times will continue when I get home so don't worry about that :) it will be great but for now I just need to serve with all of my heart and mind!! I know you and I will be blessed, both of us :)
Mom your just doing so much for everyone and it just baffles me on how you just continue to be so excellent at what you do! The singles ward!, and just being a boss! Its sweet and i'm glad that you my mother! :) it makes me feel great to know that the shower went good! Thats so great to hear! Save me some of that mexican food for when I come home haha! Some Filli Bs (fillibertos!) haha! So everything is going fantastic here in the city of Pisa as always! I have some sweet stories for you! The baptism went absolutely amazing with Chen! He is so great mom, I wish you could just meet all of these amazing people! They are just so humble and awesome! :) but anyway it was very spiritual. I gave a talk on faith and repentance in italian and I think I did rather good thanks to the spirit!! :) but anyway it was another experience to remember in my life :) but some funny story first for you! ok well here it goes..
So the other day we had to go to district meeting and we were in huge rush because we needed to catch a train! So we had to park our bikes! in front of the train station at a pole! where there were other bikes that were parked! So we hurried and we made the train in time which was fantastic! We had a great district meeting and we came home and we went outside and, might I remind you it was pooring rain!!!! haha and sure enough our bikes were.. you you guessed it gone!! Along with all the other bikes! So we thought something fishy was up! We had to call the office to say that they were stolen! I was a little upset! So we called Fratello Trexlar that American to ask him where we could find a cheap bike store for used bikes! He said well if I were you I would go check the police station first because they might of taken your  bike!! So we did and sure enough they were there! It took us an hour to get them back and we had to pay a fine of 15 dollars and might I tell you when we received our bikes, my back rim was bent and Anz Neff's was as well! Luckily the office is going to reimburse the damage so thats good :) but we were blessed by the Lord so much!!
Another cool story is we were walking one night and it had been raining all day but it has stopped so we went and did some street contacting. As we were coming around a corner, I saw a man! I didn't even think about stopping and talking to him! but i'm not even kidding you when I say this, the spirit made me talk to him! I don't even remember how I started the conversation! He was so awesome! He told us how he knows that God will answer our prayers and how he wanted to know the truth! We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to church. and he would call us because unfortunately he did not have a phone:/ so thats not cool but we are praying for him like crazy!!! It was such a sweet and amazing miracle!!!!!!!!
Hmm so we have another baptismal date with a girl named Catherine. She is so great, it will be for Jan 13 so that will be awesome! I have a feeling that I will be getting transferred next week so that is a little scary but hey, we will see what happens. It is always an adventure on what will happen with transfers! Alls I know is i'm ready to go to my next city and just baptize! And work hard!! And...Grow! But I will say I will miss Anz Neff! He is such a boss. He is great and we have the same exact humor, he is great! We are still harvesting and trying to find those who are elect and ready to hear the gospel of Christ! Its so awesome everyday is just a new day and I try to do the best I can to just continue with a happy heart and, faith no matter what comes my way! I think that is the key to life! So thats awesome!!! We all need to do the same and just try our best!!
So secondo me (according to me in italian) you and dad are just tearing it up in singles ward!! Thats so sick, it will be cool having my dad as the first councilor in the singles ward, yeah maybe a little scary, but it will be so awesome!!! Tell Joe I congratulate him on the blessing that is so awesome! Joe is a great dad, and well, as all my brothers, I know they are all great! It is so important that we all remember just how we can always grow and improve on everything because, none of us our perfect. But, I love hearing that Joe was able to do that! BOSS!
Well mom I know that this church is true and there is no other church on this earth with the authority and keys that we have in this church! I love just being able to wear a name tag on my jacket saying that i'm a representative of Christ! But even when I come home we should always think that we have the name tag on because, we should always represent HIM in a good way because, HE is our Savior and this is his church!!! Mom i'm thankful for all that you do! And don't worry for sure the next week, I will be telling you what will be going down with transfers! I will tell you also what will happen with skype next week! I will buy a calling card just in case so don't worry it will be glorious! I love you and dad so so so so much, more then words can describe and thank you for everything that you guys do for me!!!! It makes me even more proud that I had two amazing parents to go into the temple with me to receive my endowment a little over, one year ago!! Thank you for everything!!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Nothing that a little duct tape and plastic will not fix!! 
I think they all have been leaning on the Tower to much!!
Anziani Scheurn and Aranda!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pisa #43 I Love This Church!!!!

Its so good to hear that you are getting over your cold! I'm happy for that! You just need to keep being the boss you are and the Lord will bless you because you are awesome!! And The best Father I could ever have! I'm so thankful for the things that you have made me do in my life! No matter what, even if I didn't want to do it! You never gave up on me, and at the time I was frustrated but now, its just so great and I'm so thankful for that!! I hope your doing well! Your Christmas light decorations are AWESOME! I mean lets get real its not as good as I could do but its good! haha its going to be so cool to celebrate Christmas in Italy, it will be crazy! I'm so thankful for our Savior and I thank my Heavenly Father every night and morning and in between for giving us Him! I love you so much dad! We will have another baptism this weekend. I will give more details in moms letter! I hope your doing well! Thanks for everything!
Love Anziano Scheurn Your Son

Lin, Donald, Anziano Patulo!
Anziano Scheurn looks like he is going to fly off any minute with those long arms!
Good FriiendS!!
Donald and Anziano Patulo

Hey Hey Hey Di Nuovo Famiglia!!
So everything is going as according to plan here in the big Pisa town! We are pretty hardcore up in here so don't worry about that! Its getting cold i'm bustin out the scarf as well as the under sweatshirt! No rain which is fantastic but its a little nippy but I like it! Cruising on that bike it gets cold but I know that I can't compare to Walker in Connecticut so, I'll try not to complain haha! Speaking of Walker! Tell my BROMIE HAPPY B-DAY Tante Aguire!! I love him so much as well as all my brothers!! And Gages B-Day!!! thats crazy tell him I say happy B-day as well! Mom I know that it not really simple in life sometimes but I just KNOW!!! That we can lean on our Savior! As missionaries we really are here to help people join the right church of Jesus Christ but I just love boosting the converter scale in, believing Christ! President Wolfgramm said that, you can ALWAYS convert someone even if it is a 1 to a 3. It always works and I know testimonies play a huge part in that!! WE NEED OUR SAVIOR! I love him with everything I have! And I love My Heavenly Father for giving me a awesome FAMILY! SWEET brothers and SWEET sister who support me like no other!!! Thank you for everything that you do!
So about the work ok well Chen will be baptized this Saturday he past the interview he is so great!!! Anziano Neff will be baptizing him which is sweet. I wish that Lin could baptize him., Anziano Neff is who he chose so thats cool! But anyway, our new converts are still awesome! We found a man named Fabio who has kind of been investigating the church for a while and he is Italian we will see how he goes! He is a little strange but we will try to see what we can do with him! He said that he stopped smoking and drinking and stopped doing the wrong things and wants to feel the spirit more often! We are trying to explain he can have it forever through baptism, and he can have the gift of the Holy Ghost, we are working with him! But other then that nothing to much... oh!!!!! Wait I found out that there is a non active who is from China!! Isn't that a coincidence that we have 3 new converts who are from China!! So there for, I brought up to our Branch President lo monico, if we could go see him with Lin and he said that would be awesome!!!! So we will have a family night at a members house with him and Lin and we will reactivate him!!! I'm stoked for that! We are really trying to find new investigators! A little tough but I know everything will be okay!! I love this work and its so great to serve my Heavenly Father!
So mom Sorella Sarti and Donald and Wang and Lin got there presents and let me just say they love them!!!!!!!! Its funny they had on the green CTR rings and then they received there new ones and they were like yes we are upgraded! haha! they are awesome!! I told Lin to come stay with us for real and I will bring it up to him again because it would be so funny and fun! hmm I love your packages mom thank you so much for them!! I love this work and love trying to help everyone as much as I can O and Sorella Sarti has her frame hanging up with the picture of Christ in it from you!!! She loves it!! She says she wants to send you something hahaha! She is great and loves me haha! We have really gained the respect from the ward here in Pisa. Mom your talk is phenomenal!!!!!!!! I seriously love it!! I want to print it out and use it haha! I will be speaking at Chen's baptism so that will be cool O and another thing i'm working on a tape and I will send it as well. I wanted to send some ties for my brothers and dad and maybe you a shirt and Posey but i'm just scared its going to be so expensive. I will wait to here what you think. Well mom next week I will be sending more pictures! Per tropo ho dementiacto my camera, I forgot it! So I will do that next week! O for Thanksgiving we ate a huge dinner at the Trexlars!!!! I will send those pictures next week I promise.
Mom I love you so much and I want you to know that we really need to think about what Christmas is really about. Its just funny because it has taken me till now to know what it is really about!!!! I love you mom so much! I will continue to do all that I can to serve my Heavenly Father! I know that all of us missionaries in this world, we are here to prepare the world for the second coming!!! I LOVE IT! This church is real and the keys for the priesthood were restored on the earth though the true prophet Joseph Smith!! President Monson is inspired of God and I know that because I have prayed about it! The Book of Mormon is real and draws us closer to God then any other book!! I LOVE YOU LOTS! Keep trucking!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pisa #42 No More Bed Bugs & Football!!!!

Hey Hey Hey!
Alright well some things have defiantly happened since we have last talked regarding the work and we will see what continues to happen with the work. Chen continues to be the biggest boss ever! Lin helps us with all of his lessons and I swear Chen is so dang smart! I just don't understand how someone who has not even had a Christian background can understand so much!!! The spirit really does work and testify to others, when something is true and that is the beauty of missionary work! Us missionaries if we don't have that spirit to teach with, then we are nothing and we cant get to the hearts of those people who we are trying to help! Even not as missionaries, we need to always prepare ourselves to have that spirit so we can use it and listen to it when ever we need to or whenever we want to! Chen will be baptized Dec 3. Wang is doing good.  We have not been able to see him lately because we think that he is trying to see most of Italy before he goes back to China. Its a bummer and we really want to grow his faith so when he goes back he will be ready to share this gospel with the others! Like you said. he is amazing but I just pray and hope he will continue to stay on this path!! Catherine is doing good! I think she is coming to family night tonight so that will be cool we will try to teach her a quick lesson about the restoration she just really is very busy! She is studying to be a doctor and she works all the time! We will continue to get her involved! We aren't really seeing to much, regarding the work right now! We are still really continuing to try and find the elect as well as really working on getting referrals from new converts and members! I have realized that we really need to start asking for referrals from everyone we come in contact with. But the work will pick up here pretty quick I just know it!
The reason why the work will be picking up as well is because we are actually now back in our wonderful apartment in Pisa! It was kind of a bummer because we were not informed about moving back into our apartment until the day of.... we were informed. So we had to pack up everything and go to Pisa! As we were riding our bikes my back pack ripped twice with lots of cloths in it, so that was no fun but thats ok.. i'm just glad now we will be in our apartment 24/7 so that will be easy and nice. Much easier to find those people who are waiting to here our message! Anziano Neff continues to be a boss, me and him are truly working our hardest to find these people! He is truly funny and me and him get a long so good! So we did play in the Turkey Bowl last Thursday!!! And guess who got 4 interceptions and.. 1 touchdown! Yours truly Anz Scheurn! It was our district verse the other district of Prato and we destroyed! Free tore it up at quarter back!! It was so great to go and throw the football around... it felt great! Tomorrow for Thanksgiving we will be going to Fratello Trexlars to eat a big diner just me and Neff will be going to this so that will be good! So mom I did receive both packages and let me just say that your amazing and did a fantastic job! Lin opened his and he LOVED!!!!! His new CTR ring and always wears it, as well as the necklace!! I will give Donald, Wang and Sorella Sarti the other presents tonight, so I know that they will love them!! Thank you so much for that! I will give those presents to my comp as well. I might be getting transferred right before Christmas so we will see how that goes! Mom that is so great about that girl down the street! Its so great that you were able to use my testimony, i'm so glad that I could have helped with that!! Its truly remarkable when someone enters into the waters of baptism! It makes me so happy so witness it!!! Giving someone eternal life is a huge!!!!!! Deal!!!
So how is the family doing I cant believe in about 30 days I will be talking to you all again!!!! On skype its so crazy how time has just flown by.. I do  not feel like I have been out for almost a year and its that time! I know that when i'm working hard, time is going by faster and I know that its not just like that on a mission but like that in general and you just feel so much better when you lay down your head at night to sleep knowing that you gave it your all that day! That is really what i'm trying to work on! Like i'm doing good as a missionary.. probably, but I know that I can do better! I'm really trying something out, because we both know that I have a million things to work on, to improve, but i'm starting small. It was cool Anziano West my old district leader and comp said you have to start with, little things in your wheel barrel. You cant overload it with things because then its impossible to move! So that is really what i'm trying to do better! I know that I can do better at trying to be like my Savior! Like I have just about a year left and I feel like its not enough time for how many more things I want to work on! Its crazy!
Sono Grato Per il mio salvatore Gesu Cristo! So Che questa e La Vera Chiesa di Gesu Cristo e che Stiamo Preperando Il mondo per la seconda Venuta di lui!!! Io amo Il libro di mormon e che io sono grato che posso leggerLa Ogni Giorno e come io posso Melorare la mia vita! So Joseph smith e stato chiamato come un profeta di restorare la chiesa di Gesu Cristo! S oche Thomas S Monson e un profeta vivente oggi di GuidarCi!
Mama Ti Voglio TANTO TANTO Bene!!
Thanks for everything that you do and the blessings that you have given me every day, and the example that you and Pops were to me, and are to me! I LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn
"Our Italian Footballer"!!!
Anziano Bona!
Anziani Free!
 Anziani Neff, Free, Bona, DeVincent and Angel!!! I love this district honestly one of my favorite districts overall so far!!! Bosses!!! Your Looking at Champions I will just tell you that much!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pisa # 41 Zone Conference

Anziano Scheurn, Free and Bushman! (not sure why Anziano Scheurn has a striped jacket on!)

Cara Famigila and Mom!
So how has it been going? Everything seems like it is going good at the Scheurn residence as always because of this wonderful and amazing gospel that I thank the Lord for everyday, that I have the chance to share it with those I love, the people of Italy and China hahahaha!
Ok so speaking of China.... we had a very good lesson with W...., and so we went to his house ready to speak to him about the word of wisdom. He was very depressed so we were wondering what was wrong and it turns out one of his best friends who he was rooming with had moved back to China.. and he has failed his classes in school.... which is not good so he can not renew his permesso.. because of that.. so he does not know what he will do.. but we went on to tell him that through Christ we can do anything and how we know that he came to Italy for a reason and that was to learn of this wonderful gospel. so that is good we will keep up with him. Please keep him in your prayers! I shared Mosiah 24 14-15 with him and he just cried like crazy the spirit was so strong! I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!! Such a boss please pray for him. 
Lin!!!! Continues to be the most elect person I have ever met in my life! He is going to institute and is just balling it up. We have played b -ball with him a couple times. Lin, Wang and Chen and they are little b -ball playas! I love that kid so much! I received the Christmas package. Everyone was like, what the heck Scheurn you have a huge package! I'm like o yeah you know I do!!! But anyway no its going amazing! Lin is amazing mom. I want him to come stay with us, he wants to go to BYU, he is sick!!!! So Chen is continuing to progress to amazing!!!! Lin helps us with those lessons because of the language and he is a boss. He will be baptized Nov 26!!! I love them ALL so much, the most humble kids in the world, I'm not even kidding! The ward absolutely loves them! Wang brought another friend to church as well named Catherine! THE MOST ELECT EVER!!! I love her she is a awesome and loved church! She is coming to family night tonight so I will let you know how that goes!!! The work is going amazing! Anziano Neff is a machine I love that kid so much! A great missionary!!
Hmm so what else ok, so about the whole Livorno situation, yeah we will be with the Livorno Anziani for a while. I know that because they are coming to look at the infestation today that's right... I said it... the infestation!!! Its insane! Its very very very hard to do missionary work right now but, me and Anziano Neff are really doing the best we can to use our time wisely and be able to find those people who are waiting for this wonderful message! So we will be staying in Livorno for a bit! Tomorrow iis football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so stoked!! It will be the La Spezia district vs the Prato district!! They are going down!!!! Its me, Neff, Free, DeVincent, Bona and Angel on a team!!! We are going to tear it up!!! I'm stoked! Its one hand touch so that will be fun! I will send some good pictures of that next week,... you can run and tell that! Man about Aranda that's crazy! Yeah he started kind of chillin up at the mission, I liked him alot. I learned alot but just a HUGE shooter, but that's okay though a good missionary that's crazy, small world!
Man the wedding I cant believe Walker is getting married!!! Its absolutely insane! I love him so much and am so thankful he found the right one! He is such a boss and a stud! Great brother and such a great example for me! ALL my brothers are and especially my dad is the biggest example! Just a stud and just continues to do what he does to be the man!!!   Its so great to see peoples testimonies grow! That's the beauty of testimonies!!.
So we had zone conference the other day and it was amazing as always!!!! President Wolfgramm and Sorella Wolfgramm just do such a great job at putting it on! The spirit is just so strong in those meetings! I wish I could just bring that spirit everywhere with me when I leave those meetings! We watched a movie called 17 miracles! I recommend watching it! It was amazing. It is about the pioneers and everything that they went through and it is truly remarkable!!
Mom I'm so thankful for this gospel.. Wow small world!! I'm sitting, doing email and one of our new converts walked in named Marlinn! she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her husband is the convert and she was born in the church, they are from Congo. They are so amazing and come to church every Sunday and share their testimonies, I love them!!!
Mom well I know that this gospel is real and I know that we are here in life to grow! Thats the beauty of having a wonderful loving Heavenly Father who loves us!! Mom I know that Thomas Monson is a prophet of God and I know through Joseph Smith the church of Jesus Christ was restored! I'm truly and especially thankful for my Savior who died for us and is the perfect example that we NEED to follow! Mom I Love you so much and I love dad so much!!!! Am thankful for a wonderful and outstanding family who supports me! Keep  those prayers coming, like I always say, because I know that they work!! Just know that your son is doing all he can to find those who are ready to be received into the fold and MIRACLES ARE REAL, they happen everyday! Its sweet!!!
LOTS and LOTS of Love
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

We wonder why we can't find shirts with long enough sleeves. (But I wonder why Rhett is the ONLY one with his arms up!)
(not sure of this Anziano name. If anyone know let me know.)

( not sure of the name)
*below* Rhett's great friend and room mate from the MTC. Anziano Portalano from France!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Italian Cook!!!

Can't wait for Rhett to get home and do some cooking for all of us!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pisa #40 "Bed Bugs"!!!

Buona Novita!!
O so and get this as I'm emailing YOU! We receive a call! and they have changed Leadership Training for the this Tuesday so that way that Thursday!!! We will be playing FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole zone will be coming! President gave the ok!! and Frattello Trexlar will be putting it on!!It will be boss I got my game shoes on baby!!!!!
La Famiglia!
Ok Well first things first let me just say so much weight has been lifted up from my shoulders because you finally have received those pictures! I'm pretty stoked for that! There are some good ones in there!!!! haha but yeah thats very great you all received them!
Ok so about the work!!!!!!! ANOTHER BAP DATE!!!! yup thats right I said it... another! The Lord is just doing so much amazing things for us! I can't even tell you how thankful I am for that! So last Sunday me and Anziano Neff who is a boss!!!!!! BTW he is form Salt Lake City and I know what you are thinking Salt Lake I mean come on... haha but he is so sick mom we just quote Sandlot all the time haha he is a boss and we work so so so hard! Its so great going from the last companion to NEFF! He is a boss!! Truly! But anyway we were praying our hearts out because we have gave it all we got to invite people unto Christ last week! Last Saturday! we were just praying to have some investigators in church!!! So sure enough a old past investigator Gi Gi came to church for the first time in 5 YEARS!!! Its crazy he is moving up but right now he is kind of busy because of tests for school but we will call him next week and invite him to church again he is from the south he is a boss! BUT Lin and WANG brought a friend to church!!!! His name is Chun and he is SWEET!!!!! He showed up in a tie of Wang  and Lin translated for him in  Gospels Principles!!! So we gave him a Book of Mormon in Chinese and he accepted and we asked him if we could come over that night to talk about it and about our message and he said yeah!!! So Lin and Wang were there to help translate of course but Chun speaks perfect English but there are some of those big words that we needed Lin to translate so that was a help! So we introduced to him about prayer and he was picking up on it so fast!!! We taught the Restoration! and he LOVED IT!!!! We invited him to pray night and morning! So the next appointment we had was with Sorella SARTI who is SO AWESOME!!!!!  Lin and Wang  came again! We focused the second lesson on Jesus Christ and the example he was for us and how we needed to follow him and be baptized! We asked what he remembered from the last time we spoke to him and he said the WHOLE Joseph Smith story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He prayed in English in the first lesson as well I forgot to mention that!!! He was so stoked to do that as well! But anyway we invited him for the 26 of November to be baptized and he said he needed to pray, but he LOVES everything and I know for sure he is going to be baptized! I will start making the baptismal calendar and a little in  Chinese again!! He is a boss!!! He said I knew from the first time I met you guys that I needed to change my life!! HE IS SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!!! So thats the biggest thing right now! Donald is still a boss! We are still trying to work with Azula and we just continue to talk to everyone about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ... its amazing!!!
So it sounds like everyone is doing great at the Scheurn house which is awesome!! I'm so stoked for SKYPE its coming up pretty quick here!!! So I will let you know what I would like to do! I have a feeling that I will be getting transferred right before Christmas which I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but we will see! So get this we are now staying with Livorno Anziani! Because..... YOU READY.... yup you guessed it we have BED BUGS!!!! YES! So we are peacing out of that apartment for a while and they are going to go in there and exterminate basically they just need to exterminate the whole place haha! But awh its all good we are doing great! Its just sort of stressful because we have to take a train to our city everyday and just baahhhhhh its pretty stressful but I know with the Lord I can do anything! I just need to keep trying and do what I do!!! So Mom I'm so stoked that you sent the box! I will be looking forward to that! Transfers were good I saw a lot of people from my group! Smith, Portellano, Wilkey, Warren and more so that was pretty fun!! Hmm so what else is going down here int he mission I think thats about it! That news is so great!!! Man I love this work so so so so much and I'm so stoked I can serve the Lord for a full two years! Its so great! My testimony has just sky rocketed man its going to be so great when I get home and just how easy life will be because of a wonderful and amazing mission that is preparing me for life!!!Mom I'm so thankful for the Lord in my life! And how great HE is and everything he does for me and that he sent his Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to atone for us!!! Well I need to go sorry I didn't really have much more news but I love you so so so much and I love the family so much and we will be talking soon!!
Anziano Scheurn

I think the Anziani need to keep up a little better!!! 
Thank Goodness This place is being fixed up!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Pictures!! 2011!!!!

Pisa Italy July 2011!
I LOVE this book!!!!
Pride to be American!!!
Our Sweet Boy!!!!

Handsome Italian Anziani!!!
Always pushing the limits!!!
Crazy Fun P-Days!!!!
So EXCITED to shop on the American Military Base in Pisa!!!! LOG CABIN!!!!!
Looks like someone is hungry!!!!
I think Lin thinks Anziano Schuern is....Somewhat NUTS!!!!
Donald !!!!