Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lecco #6 The Big Transfer

MOM! OK so wow this transfer has been absolutely nuts! So the last couple weeks we have been just looking and looking and talking and talking to people but just no luck. Man we just try our hardest but nothing. But I know we just need to keep trucking and keep going! Man I really needed conference! It was so amazing. I too went into conference with a question about how I could improve on being a better missionary and sure enough the first talk of priesthood that Neil Anderson gave was perfect for me! He told about how when we are on a mission we don't need to worry about what we can get but what we can give and it just hit me really hard! Its so true and we just need to concentrate on missionary work! I also loved President Uchtdorfs talk about how we want to avoid the 3 DARK Ws. Worry, Worrying and Whining. It is so true we should not worry about the things we cant control but the things we can control! It was seriously an amazing conference! I'm so thankful I could listen to it and to have a Prophet again on the earth to lead and guide us! Man i'm so happy for Rob K! Seriously that is so amazing! Tell him and his family I give them my best wishes and I miss them and they rock! Hmmm look so here is how it went... Last Tuesday it was lunch and we were sitting on our bed studying when all of the sudden our phone started to go off.. And we knew that it was during transfer week but we thought it was to early for President Wolfgramm to call. Sure enough we look and it says President Wolfgramm.. I started to freak out because I was so nervous for what was about to happen.. I picked up and he gave me a nice "Hey Anziano Scheurn, how are you doing with the language", and so on and so forth. By the end he finally said "well I have some news I will be taking away your companion".. I thought to myself what!! My trainer is getting taken away already this is insane! So sure enough Anziano Anderson is leaving to Verona to be a zone leader and I will be staying in Lecco. I will be receiving a new companion who is from Equator but he has lived in Rome for 10 years! Man I was not expecting it at all because Aziano Anderson was sure we would be together for at least one more transfer but nope! Man the Lord is just throwing trials at me but hey I will not give up! Its tough.. really tough but I know that I just need to grow grow grow. Our mission slogan of the the Italy Milan Mission is G.E.M. which means "Grow Every Missionary" and I know that is what I exactly need to do. I just need to keep going and just put one foot in front of the other! Hmm so the work has been tough once again but hey its ok because I know it will get better and also we have another baptism date for the 6th of May which is really really awesome! Her name is Angelica and we have taught her a couple times and she is reading the Book of Mormon and agreed on the baptism date which is sweet!! She is from Peru and sweet! Hmmm so another pretty funny story was we were trying to find some people in a trailer park and sure enough a little wiener dog came up and bit me in the HEE!!. It hurt bad ha-ha but nothing major and ripped my pants but I got them fixed. Man I wanted to just punt this dog into next week but I didn't because it ran away! So How is everything going for you mom? I pray for you every night and I hope all is going well. So the weather here is actually starting to heat up! Its getting probably about 85 or so and it is pretty warm but hey its ok we get to lose the suits on April 14 which is sweet!!! O and I actually have more pictures coming your way that I mailed off today which is sweet! My address in case you don't have it is Via Bovara #1 Lecco, LC 23900 Italia So we will see how this all works out. I know that President Wolfgramm puts a lot of time and effort into where he wants to send his missionaries to what cities so I really just need to put my faith in him and be strong and know that he was inspired of God on where to send us. I LOVE the grandkids so much seriously they are amazing! I'm so blessed and thankful to have a family who is so close in the gospel and have a firm foundation of this gospel because I know we need it in our life and there is no other way!! I have really been pondering and also studying the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ! I love him so much like words can't even describe and i'm so thankful we have him so we can return and live with our family again after this short time on earth!! Well mom I hope all is well and I love you so much!! And I KNOW!!!!! this church is true because I have seen miracles already! I love love love you and dad so so so so much and everyone and tell Judith I pray for her every night! LOTS of LOVE! Love Anziano Scheurn P.S. You can send the package!! :)

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