Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#90 Ravenna Still "Kickin Baby"!

Anziani Scheurn and Sexton!!

Anziano Scheurn!
Anziano Sexton!!

Anziano Sexton upper row second from left and Rhett's New Comp Anziano Rango upper right corner.
I hope you  liked the tie!! I thought it was awesome and fit you like crazy!! Happy Birthday Pops your the bomb!!! Well I'm really sickened by the game with WF, well whatever!!! They will still win it! I ain't nervous!! Anyway yeah its just crazy how fast time is going! I just want to say I love you Pops and I can't wait to see you!!! Love you so so so so much Pops! I will work hard always and grow my testimony when I get home, don't worry about that!!! I love you dad! Keep on going!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

Hey Family!!!!

Well man just another week has just flown by... my goodness its just insane! It seems to me like the only two days I remember is p-day and Sunday... its crazy how fast time is going!! I can't believe in two weeks I will be in my last and 16th transfer!!!!! Just nuts... but anyway I don't have tons of time to email right now because we are going to go to Ferrara to spend p-day with Anz DeVincent and Anz Gessel! Probably go look around and play some b-ball!! So that should be fun!!! 
Anyway the work continues to go on!! Some great news! Dougy is doing fantastic!! He is super super funny! He is coming to church and loving it! Now he is progressing really well! We just taught him the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and he accepted it no problem!!! He is a baller and is progressing very very well! So about the whole basketball thing.. hmmmm.. well I got to tell you it was funny it was me and Dougy on a team, and Anziano Rango and Kunnu on a team and let me just tell you... me and Dougy got schooled!!!!! But with in the first 5 seconds Dougy was just beat and out of breath hahaha! We told him he needed to exercises more haha! But he is a baller!!! AND doing great!! Then we got Fidelity!! It is a crazy name but man he is such a baller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still has not came to church which is  problem because like you said they just can't get baptized and then "basta".. they need to continue in the gospel!! So thats what we need to do with him but he did accept the word of wisdom and is doing so great! He wants us to come see his mom and brother as well! He just tells us all the time that the things that they are believing in are wrong and he wants them to believe in his church!! So we are working with him! As far as Christina..... no clue.... its super hard with her.. she is just always busy!! It seems like the last time we taught her she understood it but... she is busy and is no longer coming to church for some odd reason... So we are just trying to work with her... But anyway.. just keep all of them in your prayers!! So in two weeks we will have a district conference in Rimini which will be awesome!! I'm looking forward to that! We will have an Area Authority come speak to us I think, so that will be great!!!I love Italians and I'm starting to understand how they think. haha Just keep them in your prayers! We want to find an Italian so so so so so bad and we are trying! Just pray for us like you guys do already!! So I'm pretty sure for this last transfer Anz Rango will leave Ravenna and I will get a new comp.. I'm going to request an Italian!! I hope I get one!! Just pray for that so my Italian can just sky rocket!! So yeah about the skype I will not skype. I for sure  call on the home phone don't worry about that ehh... I'm stoked to talk to you all! For the first time... in the mission... wow thats crazy!!! Anyway so I talked to Heath on email! I can't wait to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaking love him and Ivan as well!! I'm just so stoked!!!! But anyway!!! So I will tell you a little funny story! I haven't told one in a while hahaha! But anyway we were doing "strada" and all of the sudden we stopped and sat in the park for a contact to come. We made some calls when all of the sudden a man came up to us on a bike and started talking to us in  French.. hmm I don't know about you guys but I'm in ITALY!!! I don't speak French but anyway he was Italian and he started talking about science and crazy stuff and inventions.. when all of a sudden he started going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! He was like everything is wrong religion is just made up by men and I was like nawww..... and he was like O yes it is and... I was like.. well why are you yelling at me! Anyway Anziano Rango were just dying laughing!!!!! It was super funny!!! Yeah the people here are super great and crazy! But yeah so that was the crazy story!! Its crazy man it just got super super super cold!!! O my goodness now its freezing! But don't you guys worry I'm staying warm!! Alright well yeah for sure mom I'm going to send Gabe a shout out!!! He better not leave! I have been bragging to everyone how I have an awesome foreign exchange student at my house from Sardinia and... how I was going to learn his dialect!!! He better not leave!! I will chill with him and take him out!! I will send a email to him!  I'm going to send a package home!!! So yeah it will have some ties and things I will wear when I get home so so so so please tell Joe and Walker to keep there paws out of it ehh!!!!!!! OR I will give them a big whoopin!! Yeah I'm stoked to come home and see you all... AND my nephews and nieces!!!!! Man I can't wait! I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH!!!! Anyway I love you all so so so much and can't wait to see you all and don't worry I'm still kickin baby!!! Because thats how I role! Anziano Scheurn... represent.. read it!!! I'm going to go now but I love you all so so so so much and can't wait to see you Mom I'm with the only Monday and Wednesday because, I will want to work other days and just save those school days for homework to get that stuff done first!! School well actually the church is going to come first and then school!! I'm going to work so hard its going to be insane!!!! I love you all so so so much and I'm sorry this is short but I need to go.  I love you all so much and just let all the singles ward kids know that Anz Scheurn is coming home!!! AND going to own in softball!! But I love you all!! Thanks for you prayers and everything you all do!! This is the true church! I know that I have loving parents who my Heavenly Father gave me specifically!! To help me int his life!! This is the true church and it was restored by Joseph Smith!! 

Love Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#89 Ravenna

Saying Goodby is very hard! These pictures are from Milano!

Es[ecially saying goodbye to these last two Anziani in these picture was hard! Anziano Neff Finished his mission and headed back to Utah! Rhett loved serving with this Aziano!!
So hard to say goodbye to Anziano Sexton! Anziano Scheurn Trained him but Anz Scheurn said he learned much more from Anziano Sexton and said he was well prepared to serve way before he got into the filed!! 

TOM SCHEURNNNNNNNNN!! WHAT YOU DOING! (in the words of Eric!!)

So anyway yeah things are going great great great here!! Just working and doing what I do as a servant of the Lord!! You know we were reading the other day in the Book of Mormon and the Bible just doing some scripture studies!! It was crazy because I came across a sctiprture int he Bible that is one of my favorite scriptures ever!! Its Acts 5 40-42 its awesome because it talks about how the Apostles rejoiced because they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name!! Thats awesome because that is how it is now!! I'm worthy to suffer shame for his name!!! I love it and I wear his name on my nametag!! Its just awesome stuff!!! But anyways I know your working hard as always! I love that you email me every week its makes me know that I have a loveing father who is a baller!! But anyways I will root for WF, hoping so!!! Walker is a trader!!!! What the heck!!! Thats all right WF will win!! The work is good! I love you so so so much and thank you for everything you do for me!! Keep going because I will!! 

Love Anziano Scheurn


Alright well mom let me just tell you that you have done a fantastic job with the classes. I guarantee better then I could even thought about doing. Thank you so much for that!  It will be awesome and the schedule is perfect because, I will be in the habit of working and studying so it will be perfect. Thank you for all of your hard work you have done for me!  Anyway thank you so so so much for all of that!! 
So about the good old work of the Lord!! Its going baby, o yeah its going!!! So anyway our super star DOUGLAS or Dougy as Anziano Rango and I like to call him is super super super bravo!! O my goodness like he just understands everything! Its pretty crazy to because his family is from Nigeria and they are really really well off! Like the mom is a business lady! She is a baller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so so nice! So they own a African shop here in Ravenna and the dad was a big police officer in Nigeria or part of the Army and he is a little scary... but super super nice!!! So anyway it was funny! His mom just got back from Nigeria and we stopped by their shop to see Dougy and see how he is doing and its funny because all of the Nigerians go there to buy there African ingredients! We walk in and everyone is like EYYYYY Ow You Dai! It means like how are you in Nigerian pigeon English!!! and its super funny because they loves us and they are so so so so funny! Anyway we met the mom for the first time last night and she is so so so awesome!!!!!!!! They have a good family!!! We will work with all of them but right now only with Dougy and he said he will get his family to church! It was funny because we walked in and just asked Dougy's mom if she needed help with anything and she was like no you guys are to nice!! She told us in her Nigerian English! DOUGLAS NEEDS TO GO TO CHURCH, GET HIM TO GO TO CHURCH WITH YOU GUYS! hahaha It was funny but the truth is Dougy has came the last two Sundays and is progressing fantastically towards his baptism! The mom went on to say that she wants him to become a missionary like us hahaha! Super funny! He is a baller and is doing great!! So then we have Fidelity!!!! O my goodness every time I meet with him my testimony grows more than his!! Mom the man just takes everything in... and knows it all!!!!!!!! O my goodness! Truly prepared by the Lord! It was funny we met with him and he was just like yeah I want to give my life to God! I want to obey commandments, he is amazing and he said the first time he heard the story of Joseph Smith he knew it was true because the spirit testified to him that it was true!! But anyway he is a baller! And is progressing so well! For his date for the 17 of Nov!!! He is a baller and every time he meets us he is like I just need to be baptized!!! He is awesome!! AND Dougy's date is for the 10 of Nov!! So yeah yeah yeah!! so as far as Christina... well its super hard to see her because she is just SO busy but next time we meet with her we will tell her the importance of meeting with her and how she needs to meet with us to know and be ready for her baptism! She is super great but we just need to talk to her about it!!! Just pray for all of them please! They are all so so so great, man I have just developed a love for these people that I can't even explain! I love them so so much! So our branch president is truly in" gamba"! that means like on the ball in Italian and helps us out a lot!! He is so awesome!! So yeah he is a baller! Our ward is awesome! I'm getting to know them more and more which is awesome! Its super funny to because just a little side note that is so so so funny so anyway there is a man from Switzerland and he calls us like once every two weeks to pray for us and its so funny he calls us because of a referral that was given to the missionaries a while ago and he calls us and prays for our investigators and its funny how he prays but... he is a baller and actually served a mission in Germany, a little random but he seems awesome!!! We don't even know what he looks like but its just funny!! We are trying to get some young people in this ward!!! So we are trying to find some, and actually for p-day today we are going to play some b- ball! Douglas already has referrals for us and he isn't even a member... crazy!!! One kid is 18 and guess WHAT he is Chinese!!!! He will play b- ball with us and we will try to get a appointment with him today!! Then he is bringing a couple of more boys to play and hoop it up!!! So we will see, just pray for them please!!!! Anyway things are going great here! Still running everyday and working out, its crazy in the morning there is some major fog, and its getting a little chilly but I'm staying warm!! So mom here is the deal I want to send a package home with some ties!! AND some things so its less to bring home with me and another thing I'm sorry I have used so much money.. i sent you and dad a little something somethin in the mail with some letters so don't worry about that it should be there soon. So mom I got my customs packet.. which basically tells me what I need to put on customs and kind of tells me what I need to do to prepare myself to depart. So yeah I'm just keeping that in mined and I want to send some stuff home now so that way it will be less to put on customs, so if you want I can still get dad a suit here at Zara if you want me to, tell me next week and I will get one if you would like me to. man its crazy.. its actually starting to become real to me..... I just cant believe it, in 4 weeks I will give my dieing testimony.... my last one int he mission at zone conference... crazy... but anyway so we went to zone conference and it was so so so funny!!! I walk in and see this senior couple and I look at there name and it says Jefferies!!!! I was like yeah yeah yeah! It was funny we got a picture and he came up to me and goes O yeah Anzziano Scheurn, your mom wanted me to give you this, and just gave me a huge hug!!! It was so so so funny! Super awesome people!! LOVE them, they will do awesome!!! So another thing mom there is a young couple that just moved into the Cooley Station ward, and the wifer.....her little brother is in the mission with me the last name is Procter!! You should try to see them, but yeah hes awesome and I love him,  Anyway just some food for thought!! haha so the new house looks beautiful!!! I'm stoked to see it when I come back! I bet it will be awesome, so about spending some Christmas up there ehhhh? haha with the whole family!!! Just some thoughts to put in the noggin!! Anyway crazy things are going down! We are trying to find some Italians but   "they aint showin us no love" as my comp Anziano  Rango would say!!! He is so so so so so funny!!!! Just a baller! He wants me to go visit his family in San  Francisco when I get home and I told him I would and his mom would cook some Tongan food!!!! sweet!!!!! Yeah things are great, there really isn't anything else going on!! I cant wait to see Gabe!! I might just shoot Gabe's parents a call and just be like hey I cant come down hahaha! but anyway I cant wait to meet the Gabinator!!!! He seems awesome and I can't wait to here him ont he piano! Mom the pictures are Fantastic!!!! You guys look so great!! Best parents int he whole world!! REPRESENT!!!!!!! What else!? Nothing really... so mom as far as skype this next Christmas.. you guessed it I'm not going to skype. I will just call! I will talk for a little bit because I will let my comp talk more then me! It will be crazy crazy crazy! Just crazy stuff! Well mom I know your worried about me going into the real world, and I would be lying  to you if I said I wasn't worried! But I got to tell you I know this church is true and if I just continue to do what I have learned and taught here int he mission I don't need to worry! I will read the Book of Mormon every day and pray every day and go to church every single Sunday!!! AND another thing just remember if the "book is blue, its true"!!! So yeah this church is true! President Monson does lead the church through God!! And Joseph restored the church!!! AND Christ is the redeemer of the world!!! YOU HUUURRRD me! I Love you all so so so so much and I'm thankful for all that you guys do for me, keep up the prayers, they are beautiful!!! 

Love Anziano Scheurn
ps I NEED eric to be at the home when I get home please please please !!!haha

ps I was kind of wondering... I want to buy a nice pair of ray bans glasses for like 82, just let me know, I know its expensive ma mi fai sapere! (let me know) LOVE

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#88 Ravenna The Lord is Blessing Us Like Crazy!

Baptism of Giovanni in Milano 2! (3 weeks ago)

Yeah I will write you a letter with the vote of what I want.. iiight! Romney!!!. I don't know anything but I trust you enough to make the other decision! I will send it with your letter that I'm writing to you for your b day! The Cardinals are doing great, thats good! AND Williams Field still going strong thats what I'm talking about!!! But I need to go because I'm going to sign up for some classes! I love you so so so much!!! Thanks for all you do! 
Love Anziano Scheurn


YO YO YO... another week here in good old Ravenna!! Today has been a little crazy haha we came in to do some email earlier, but for some odd reason the website wasn't functioning so we came back. It is great!! Another week and like always we are going to talk about the work!  
Christina is doing FANTASTIC!!! She is reading everyday and loves it and actually prayed for us for the first time which was really rewarding to hear!! She is a baller and every time we ask her how her reading is going she is like It is BEAUTIFUL!! She calls us everyday and asks how we are and asks us if we are taking our lunch and just is really awesome!! So thats sweet! Just keep praying for her because she is doing great, and progressing super well! At this point she will be on track!!! 
Alright next, we have another kid named Douglas who is 21 and he is a baller!!!!!!! We actually found him in the area book and he was waiting for our call! We called him and he said he would meet with us and so we went to his house to teach him. He is from Nigeria and has lived here for 6 years and works and speaks the language really well,  long story short we went over there and set a date with him for 10th of November, honestly he is super solid!! It was sweet he came to church last Sunday for the first time in his life and it was testimony meeting and he looked at me and was like... hey can I share my testimony and I was like yeah yeah man, so I translated for him, and he just went on to say how he has been waiting for an answer to his prayer about the right church! He said that he knows this is the right church and he knows that Joseph Smith is a Prophet, and he said he wanted to be baptized into this church!! Every time we see him he is like. ELDERS or BROTHERS!! He is a baller!!!! AND doing really really great!! Just pray for him, and.... just when you think that God is giving you so many blessings he just continues to give you more! 
We found another man from Nigeria I know its funny but all these Nigerians are so elect, and ready to go!! But anyway his name is Fidelity!! He is just a baller! We have a date with him for the 17th of November and he remembers everything!!! Its funny we don't even need to call and confirm appointments with him, he already knows exactly spot on when we will see each other! He is a baller!!!! The Lord is blessing us right now like crazy!!  We called President and told him, and he was just super super stoked!!!! So thats awesome, and we have a lot of other potentials who will be ballers as well. Its funny because in the branch here there are a lot of Africans who are just BALLERS!!!!! Its just perfect, this branch is already growing on me like crazy!! I love it a lot!!! So the work is going great! It was funny just a real quick funny story, I need to keep this letter a little short because I'm going to sign up for my classes and Anziano DeVincent being the graduate he is, is actually going to help me on generals I should pick and what not, but anyway it was funny we went on a scambio and I went to a place in out district called Ferrara! I don't know if you remember him but Anziano Gessel who was in Milano with me is actually my district leader and is a baller! But anyway I did a scambio with him and it was super super funny! We did some casa at night on this one street and we were just getting yelled at like crazy! We did this one palazzo and like 45264534 people and there moms came out and was like" you guys can't come around at this time, its to late" haha it was pretty funny!!  anyway I don't care because at the very end of the night we just kept pushing on with some patience and we found a potential Chinese family!!!! AWW YEAH!!!! It was funny because we saw that on the doorbell it said a Chinese name and I can say in Chinese " we are missionaries". So what happened was they answered the doorbell and I said it and they let us in!!!! So we went to there door and two younger kids answered and they spoke Italian but were from China and they were freaking adorable!!!! Anyway the dad did not speak any Italian!! So the kids translated! We told them we would bring a Book of Mormon in Chinese to them!! So pray for that!!! So that was a miracle!!! Man this work is so real and true and its so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Even though the trials come it doesn't matter!!! "I ain't scurred"!!!!! No way homie!!! We are doing great here in Ravenna!! Anziano Rango is such a baller!! I love him so much!! He honestly makes me laugh so much!!!!!! He is awesome! His dad is Italian and his mom is Tongan! He so spiritual!! AND knows what he is doing!!! Anyway so thats whats up with the work here in Ravenna!! Things are great and I can't complain because the Lord is great!!! Tell Gabe he needs to speak English!!!! Thats how we learn, look at me, man has it been hard to learn a new language, you bet it has!!! But I would not trade it for anything in the world!!! So I did not get to meet Ginevra's mom, it was a bummer because the time that she could see us was when I was getting transferred! So it was kind of a bummer! But hey its all good I will maybe go see her, my last day in Milano we will swing over there and meet her and get a picture!! So next p-day will be great we will be going to San Marino as a zone so that will be fun!!!! I will take some great pictures! Man I bet you guys are just enjoying the YSA ward! I can't wait to be a part of it!!! It will be so fun!!! Man I just feel like time is just going so quickly...... honestly its really scary!! I just don't understand, already we are over halfway through Oct.... just crazy stuff! It was funny I called President Wolfgramm and was like hey Pres. is it okay if I go online to sign up for classes and just being a boss that he is, he was like well yeah of course you can, and he was like well what school are you going? I was like well probably a community college for now, and then not sure, he was like well thats neat!! He is just so great!!! But anyway its so weird to think I'm signing up for school, it honestly does not make sense to me, where did the time go.... man just crazy!! O and BTW just let Pops know I have a letter coming, I already wrote it I'm just looking for a cool postcard to send. Tell dad when I get home we will start owning in sports because RHETT SCHUUUUUUUURRRRN will be there, speaking of..... Eric what is the deal with him, will he be here there when I get home? I'm praying for that, it would be so great!!  I'm stoked to see what goes down this transfer just keep up the prayers they are working.  I Love you and am thankful for your concern and advice and I will always take it okay?  I will take Italian at MCC but will go to CGCC it will be crazy but I need to take Italian!!
I love you all so so so so much and thanks for the prayers. I know that this church is true and I was born of loving and great parents!!! I love you all so so so so much!!! 

Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#87 Ravenna Temple In Tucson!


I got to tell you I had some confidence in the Cardinals, what the heck happened there! Come on are you kidding me, but thats all good they will be fine, just need to have that faith! AND WF what the heck! Whats going on!!!! Don't worry they will just be the dark horses which they shouldn't be! But anyway the city is sweet. I wrote mom a good letter about it!, It's starting to be a little cold but we are in suit coats now! But it will be okay! Man I got no time honestly and as crazy as that sounds, I just need to work hard!!! Next month I will give my dying (last) testimony in conference..... just sickening! But anyway I love you so much Pops! Keep trucking!!!! AND by the way just to say, next priesthood session I will be with my Pops!!! WHAT WHAT!!!! But I love you so so so much keep up the prayers!! The chuch is true!!!
 Love Anziano Scheurn

Cara Famiglia!
 Well I'm doing internet point right now at a brand new city which is pretty crazy! I can't believe a week has already passed in my new city of Ravenna!!!!!! Time is just going so fast! I don't know where it is going it needs to slow down at least a little bit! Anyway Ravenna is awesome !!!!! Its gorgeous!!! The city isn't to big and there are a lot of Africans!!! Which is awesome!!!!  Its pretty! For p day me and Anziano Rango are going to go to the beach area and look,  and throw the football AND get some lunchies!! So that will be sweet! Okay so Anziano Rango is a baller! He is from San Fran California,  He is in the same group as Anziano Sexton so thats means I'm bottle breaking again.. Man its tough but I got to tell you that I lucked out because Anziano Rango is sweet!!!!!!! He is part Tongan! His dad is Italian and his mom is from Tonga! So yeah he is pretty laid back, he has that California personality but he is awesome and works super hard! I got to do all that I to be a ballin example for him because he is being a good one for me!! 
The work is already hitting it off here in good old Ravenna it is close to Bologna and is about 3 hours away from Milano! So thats crazy! Its just so weird to think that in a little bit I will be going back to Milano! So President basically told me that he thinks this will be my last city! So thats just insane! I'm the oldest missionary in the zone.... crazy... but anyway it's going great here in Ravenna! So a funny story the train station is pretty ghetto and I love it! haha Anziano Rangos tire already got stolen. ha, but anyway on one side of the tracks is nice and then when you hit the other side of the train tracks its ghetto and I LOVE working in that area! We meet so many Nigerians who are just awesome!!! They know us as servants of the Lord! We are always just like eyyyyyy!!!! Its funny! We have an investigator names Christina and she is awesome!!!!!!!! She is from Nigeria and she calls us at least 2 times a day and loves us and the church, she has been to church twice and loves it and is reading the Book of Mormon. She is awesome! We set a baptismal date with her yesterday for the 3rd of November, look at that, only 3 days in this sweet city and the Lord has blessed us big time, just please pray for her specifically like you guys do and I know you guys are fantastic at that!!!  She is our superstar!!! Then a crazy and awesome miracle!!!!!!!!!! So anyway we were doing finding work int he ghetto side of the tracks and we are just talking to everyone and we stop a lady from Dominican Republic and at first she recognizes us as evangelical missionaries!! She seemed super interested but when she saw we were LDS or (mormons)... I hate referring to us like that because we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! But she recognized us and she went on to tell us how she knows our church in her country! So anyway we went on and she was busy going to work! We got her number and called her a couple days later! Her name is Rafaela by the way. Anyway I called her to set up an appointment and I was so stoked!!!! But I called her and told her we were " los elderes" is spanish and she was like ahhhh si si si I know! I went on to ask her if we could make and appointment with her to see her! She was like, look guys, my friend is evangelical and she invited me to her church and I want to go, she said. She thought we were part of that church and she basically told me on the phone that, she did not want to meet with us, but anyway... I went on and just bore my testimony and told her that she couldn't know what church was true because she had not heard our message. I was a little bold with her but sometimes we need to be bold! She was like well... I guess your right, you guys can come see me tomorrow and we made an appointment for  the next day! Well turns out she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! She was so nice and she was telling us how its hard right now in her life, and we just said we KNOW that this message will help you!! So anyway we invited her to baptism and she accepted!!!!!! So thats awesome and she loves the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church!!!! Please just pray for her!!!!  SHE IS BOMB!!!!  At the end we offered a kneeling prayer because we kneel with all of our investigators!  It's a great way for them to receive revelation but apparently it wasn't clear that we wanted her to say it haha but we waited for a good 3 min before I was like can you say it and she was like, " O, I SAY IT"? We all just started laughing but anyway it was a great lesson and she said a wonderful prayer!!! Pray for her!!! We will see her again tomorrow! Other then that we are working with other people! We got into a lesson with a Jehovah Witness the other night and let me just tell you there was no spirit...I don't like Bible bashing, just does not bring the spirit!  We left and just bore are testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon! hmm what else, there are a lot of Africans in this branch who are all just super solid as a rock!!! Our Branch Presidents name is President Gresta!!! He is a baller! He is on the ball! The branch is cool, haven't met to many of them yet because of conference but its awesome here! Just pray for us!!! My bike is ghetto hahaha but its rideable so I like it!!! So conference was awesome! I got to say I loved all the talks! All of them were fantastic but,... guess who took the big WIN, it was my man Henry B. Eyring!!! About special talents, I cant remember if it was priesthood, but it was awesome we need to help people recognize there talents and help them use them!! It was awesome!!!!!!! Conference was so great!! I honestly get so pumped when it comes around!!!!  We watched it in Rimini because ou branch is part of the Rimini district not Bologna which kind of surprised me but its sweet!!! Man its crazy going from a huge city to Ravenna but I like it a lot!!! I KNOW A TEMPLE IN TUCSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah yeah yeah! The work of the Lord goes forward like no bodies business!!! Haha so I'm close to finishing the Book of Mormon in Italian... that is my main goal before I get home!! I will send pictures today so don't worry about that!! KEEP BOONE!!!!! I expect to see him when i get home!!!! Yeah I'm pretty stoked to see the "Gabinator!!!! He is a baller!! He seems so sweet! Tell him we be rollin when I get home!!! Well anyway thats about it! Its funny because Nigerians are very religious and go crazy when they preach!! For example we were teaching a man his name is Andy and he was like "yeah your spirit is good, God gives us are spirits, and I went on to say yeah yeah Andy they do, and he was like yeah you know when you sleep sometimes they leave and go to other spirits" and I was like NOOOOOO Andy bad, haha but it was funny. He was like God breaths the spirit into you,... and I was like hmmmmm, I guess???? But it was funny, I love them!! Great city I'm stoked to work miracles here I'm going to continue to work my tail off!! I know this church is true and I know that the church is most defiantly restored!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! I love you all so much and I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father for this wonderful opportunity to serve him for two years! Well I got no time to waste.... I love you all so much!!!!!!! AND I'm stoked for the cabin!!!! Stoked to see you all soon!! Lots and lots of love!!! Keep on going you guys! Don't stop the prayers, because simply, they work! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Love Anziano Scheurn

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#86 Transferred to Ravenna!


Alrighty well just an insane and intense week! Things have gone down and I'm about to tell you what has gone down okay! Well first things first yes you guessed it... another man has received eternal life at this point but, he will need to continue to the end! YUP Giovanni was baptized!!!!!!! He is a baller! It was great!! I was a little nervous because the baptism started at 5 o clock and.. it was scary because there wasn't anyone there and I was a little nervous! When the ordinance came people showed up and it was a great turn out! lt was so spiritual as always! I love baptism its just the best!! Giovanni will be a strong member I know that! It was perfect because after the baptism there was a member who was having his son's birthday party upstairs so they invited us all and it was perfect because Giovanni talked to everyone and really did get welcomed into the ward which was fantastic! He is such a baller just listen to this! There was a lady that was there who lived close to him and he knew her and he told us he knew her and we asked if she was a member and he said no. So just jokingly I was like well look at that Giovanni the times is now to start that missionary work and he was like,... he gave literately the 100 dollar response.... well I have my Book of Mormon in my backpack that I will share!!!!!!!! I mean come on!!!! How big of a baller is he!! I was excited for that wonderful experience! The Lord gave us that baptism!!! I am so thankful. so he will do great! Tonight we will have a family night because our Bishop, who is easily my favorite Bishop that I have had in my mission, he is from Argentina!! He is a baller and it is his birthday so we will have a surprise party for him at the church. 
Another thing as well there will be 2 missionaries leaving for transfers and...... one of those missionaries is me. Okay well me and Sorella Soh will be leaving Slla Soh is is soooooo awesome! She is going to Siena to open! So thats cool! I will be leaving my boy Anziano Sexton! I will be going to Ravenna! It is by Bologna so thats super awesome! My new comp will be Anziano Rango!!!! He is a baller., he is actually in Anziano Sextons group and he lives in California but he is part Tongan!!! I'm so stoked Anziano Sexton can't stop telling me how much of a  boss he is!!  I'm super excited because he is awesome! We will tear Ravenna to shreads!!!! It is a beach city so thats cool! It is by San Marino so I will get gorgeous pictures and the people in that area are awesome!!! So thats a bonus! But here is some even cooler things you ready for this!! Well my district leader is Anz Gessel! He is in his 8th transfer and is a baller. He was in my district here in Milano!! He was serving in Muggio and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!! HIS COMP IS ANZ DEVINCENT!!!!!!!! WHAT WHAT!!!! So he will be in my district and I will do scambios with him!! I'm so stoked!!! Its unreal!! And my zone leader is Anz Squarcia!!!!!!! Remember him the Italian!!!!! The funniest Italian ever!!!!! I'm stoked! It will be great!!! So when I got the call from President he just went on to tell me that I need to help out the  branch a lot!!!!  So it will be a challenge but I'm stoked!!! The branch President there is pretty known and he is awesome!!!!! So there are about maybe 40 active members but that might be pushing it, but it will be cool to get to know everyone!!!!!! So thats awesome!!! umm it has been tough leaving the people here but don't worry I have taken a lot of pictures. Another cool thing is I get to travel to Bologna tomorrow with Anz DeVincent!!! So thats great!!! It will be great! I know I will finish strong and I know President called me there for a reason! So thats awesome! When we called him he was like you know Anz Scheurn I have been thinking about you a lot! Because... he went on to say he had his Ipad out and was reading emails and he read Anz Webbs email and apparently Webb emailed President. Pres mentions that Anz Webb wrote in his email how much he loved me and wanted us to stay in Milano together! I thought that was pretty funny! Anz Webb will be staying so thats cool! That is the news on transfers! It will be great like I said Ravenna won't know what hit it! So I'm glad that I left Milano giving it all that I got!  I can really say it because, like I said the Lord provides and I'm a huge testimony to that!!!!! Because man I will tell you what that baptism just was alllllll worth it!! We have some cool contacts and I got to admit it is a little scary leaving my baby boy, Anziano Sexton with another comp, I love him a lot!!  He will be getting Anz Menah, who is from Italy! He is cool Anziano  Sexton will be fine!! He is a baller! hmm but yeah thats about it for transfers. O yeah and actually as you know Anz Neff is going home.... I will miss him lots but hey its okay. I will talk to him soon!!! But  yeah I will see him tomorrow! hmmm but yeah thats it for transfers!
Alrighty well mom I'm stoked you got in contact with Lin because I can't wait to see him!!!!!!!! AND talk to him when I get home! I miss him so so so so so much! Just give him my biggest love ever!!!! Yeah so about that Genevra's mom by the Duomo area. We called her but she is very busy. She told us and I don't know if we will have time but we will see, I will do all that I can to try to get a picture with her so just work with me here ehh!!! Its been a nuts week! Yeah I will admit I'm really stoked to see and meet Gabe! That will be sweet!! So mom I don't know if you got it yet but I did send you a letter and as well as Forrest and Cita. I hope you all got them! But I bet you will soon. 
So a CRAZY STORY!!!!!!! Okay so we went to Sacrament on Sunday and we see Americans that come in all of the time and it is no biggie but... we see them and ask them where they are from, and about 99.9% of them say Utah. Anyway we were there and Anziano Sexton went off to talk to them and I was talking with members but anyway... I here Anziano Sexton yell at me! ANZ SCHEURN and so I turned around and he was like THESE PEOPLE ARE FROM GILBERT!!!  By this point all of the members are like what the heck is going on and of course you know me... I run over there and they ask me what are my cross roads were and I say Recker and Ray and they said NO WAY WE ARE THERE TOO!!! But they knew the ***** and they know exactly where we live but it was a young couple and I wrote a letter to you guys and they said they will give it to you and they took some pictures, but their last names is Christensen!! So that was sweet!!! Small world! So what else is going on that was a funny video of dad yelling at J.T. Pops is a "tool bait"! haha! but anyway I'm glad he and Posey got to go to that! Man Walker and I are exactly alike!!! I love him so so so much and I can't wait to hang with him and I know its more then he wants to hangout with me because he is a big baller! But tell him I say... not to be a sissy about his back okay? Okay good! So school will be good I'm excited for that!!! We will see what goes down all I know is I'm going to work so so so hard in school I'm not even kidding just seeing people here in Italy and the life they have without school just is not good and I will make sure to take it so seriously!!! Yeah that will be good!  Well family thats about it!
I really know that this church is true and I know that GENERAL CONFERENCE IS COMING UP!!!! Yeah we get that reevaluations necessary to do what we need to do in this life so I just want to invite you guys as always to go to conference with a question because I know that I will!!! O my goodness I'm getting goose bumps right now just thinking about conference!!!!!! I'm stoked!! Mom I will never fall! I'm stoked for the Gilbert Temple!! That is the first thing that lady said to me was the Gilbert Temple is looking good!!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!  But anyway I love you all so so so much and can't wait to see you but for now I need to work!! And when I say work... I mean work in missionary work.... but as well as basketball because, the missionaries are about to get schooled today!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn