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Anziano Nolan Rhett Scheurn, Has Returned With Honor!

Anziano Nolan Rhett Scheurn has returned with honor!!
As his mother....I am thankful and proud!

What a great day this is!! Our missionary Anziano (Elder) Nolan Rhett Scheurn has returned with honor!!! Two years of serving the Lord full time in the Italy Milan Mission!
I can not express our gratitude for the honorable mission he has served! It seems like it was just yesterday as we wiped our tears of joy and sadness as we hugged and kiss Rhett goodbye, when we  put him on a plane to fly to the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah for nine weeks to learn the Italian language! After nine weeks there...Rhett flew from Utah to Frankfurt Germany and then to Italy where he would spend the next 22 1/2 months!!! Anziano Scheurn served in the towns of Lecco, Pisa, Bolzano, Milano and Ravenna! Rhett met many people that has for ever changed his life and who will always be part of his life and ours! I am so thankful for a wonderful and inspired Mission President...President David Wolfgramm and his wife, extra sweet wife, Sorella Sue Wolfgramm for the love and knowledge they both have given our son!
Above all...I want to thank my Heavenly Father for the many blessings HE gave our son! The knowledge, love, patience, the language, the safety,and so many other blessings HE gave....there are no words to describe my gratefulness! He taught our son that he can do hard things! With hard work comes GREAT blessings!  Rhett's mission has forever changed his life for the good!! We sent Rhett off a young boy and the Lord returned him safely home, a man!! I could not be more happy!!!
What a blessing it has been to our family as Rhett has served the Lord for these last 24 and1/2 months! Thank you Rhett for blessing our family!You and our family have seen many miracles as you have served your Heavenly Father and the people of the Italy Milan Mission! Again thank you for the stellar service you have rendered on many peoples behalf!
You have served with dignity and grace as you have asked for guidance from your Heavenly Father and Mission parents over the last two years! You have shown humility as you have served and this is what the Lord asks of you! I am so thankful for the obedience you have shown as well!! Again I am  just so very thankful. I am so thankful that you have learned to rely on your Heavenly Father in many ways! It is my prayer you will continue your mission forever! I feel like you understand now what it means to surrender to your Heavenly Father's will!! Rhett you gave HIM all you had!! How very thankful we are  for the example you have been to many!! Thank you Anziano N.Rhett Scheurn ........I could not be more proud of you and happy for you!!!
We had planned on surprising Rhett in Los Angeles so Tom and I could spend a few quiet days there with him, and go to the Temple Saturday night before we brought him home. It was a fantastic idea except for.....some how....Anziano Scheurn got past us upon his arrival! The information counter  said that once he landed it would take up to two hours for him to go through customs and to get his luggage!! The girl at the desk also said that he would only walk out where we were waiting!! Not true! Rhett went to the higher ticket level, which we did not even know there was another way ..But Rhett did what he was told to do...  walk to the US Airway counter to get the last leg of his ticket home! This was part of the surprise! Since Tom and I were not able to intercept Rhett when he arrive....Plan 'A" was dropped! 
So two hours later after Rhett had landed. we were still waiting at the International terminal.... Tom received a call from Rhett saying his tickets were really messed up and that he would have to buy another ticket home because his flight was not book  until Monday!! So this is where plan "B" went in to effect! Tom explained what was going on! Tom told Rhett we were in LA and we would hurry and walk back to the other terminal to just stay put! By the time we saw Rhett he was pale and very tired from traveling 14 hours on the plane and carrying and puling his luggage from one terminal to the other!!! Rhett had flown from Milano to London, London to LA! 
When we finally found Rhett it was a great reunion!! He look the same in every way except possible a little thinner, but his face was just as cute to me as always!! 
Pops could not be more proud and happy to see Rhett!! Anytime Tom could get a hug or a arm around Rhett he did!!!! 
My cute boys!!!
Off to get the rental car!
From the airport we went straight to this BEAUTIFUL place!!
Los Angeles Temple!!!

The grounds of the Temple were so very beautiful!! You just can't imagine how this beautiful Temple could be in the middle of a busy loud city yet...It was so quiet and sacred as we walked around and then entered into the Lord's house!!
As we were in the Temple, the spirit we felt was so very peaceful and precious. A man that was working in the Temple said to Tom and I...."I would like to commend you as parents". I was a little puzzled....He went on to say...."Most parents brings their missionaries home to report to their Stake President but you...brought your son to report to the Lord first"! This brother continued to say...."I feel sure as I have watched him tonight here in this Temple he has reported to the Lord and the Lord is well pleased with your son"! He thanked us and, said this is the first time he had ever witnessed this before! 
A true tender mercy for Tom and I!

When we came out of the Temple....The Christmas lights we breath taking!! Never have I see lights like these before!! As we were leaving we drove in front of the Temple.  The glow of the Temple... just radiated the spirit of God and a beauty and sacredness that is hard to describe! 

On Sunday morning we got up early and went to church by the Temple!! We really enjoyed our selves! All three meetings were wonderful!! Anziano Scheurn was asked to pray in Sunday school! It was fun as the Bishop asked him to pray as the newest returning missionary from the Italy Milan Mission!!We enjoyed the rest of the day together with Rhett before flying home Monday morning!!
Sky Harbor Airport!! WAITING WAITING and WAITING for Anziano Nolan Rhett Scheurn!!!!
All twelve of Rhett's nieces and nephews were so very exited for Uncle Rhett to get home!!!! Emma Max, Grey, Noah, Vance and Brogan!
Our cute Gwennie!!!! Gwen was so funny when she talk to Uncle Rhett on the phone while we were in California. Rhett asked her who her favorite uncle is???? She said "Uncle Rhett"! Gwen went on to explain........when Uncle Walker asks her who her favorite Uncle is....she would say Uncle Walker but please don't tell Uncle Walker this because she did not want him to feel sad!  The funny thing is... she told Uncle Walker the same thing... she did not want Uncle Rhett to feel sad!!!! We love you Gwennie!!
These rowdy boys could not wait to wrestle with Uncle Rhett and that they did!!!!
Brogan, Noah and Vance!!!!

"Anziano N. Rhett Scheurn has arrived!! Or should I say.....UNCLE RHETT!!!!!! These are some happy nieces and nephews!!!

Gwennie, Emma and Noah!

Our Emma had made some beautiful signs! Thank you Emma!! And to all of the others that helped!!!
I think Vance was ready to wrestle Uncle Rhett down at the airport!!!
Gavin, Lucy and Ellie we so very happy too!! Rhett said that he felt like Gavin and Lucy grew the most!!!! Love this picture of Ellie!
Gwen and her favorite Uncle Rhett....Until she is in Uncle Walker's arms!! 
Vance giving Uncle Rhett a big hug!!!
Grandma Joan and Jack came to welcome Rhett!! (tom's mom)
Rhett's oldest brother Blake!! Welcome home little bro!
December 31, 2012. 
Our family.
Welcome home Anziano Scheurn!!! We have missed you and....
Blake (oldest brother), Tanya, Gavin, Lucy, Ellie and Gage!!!
Joe (brother), Erin, Emma, Noah, Gwen and Max
Max was born while Rhett was on his Mission so.....Max was quite shy!!!
BUT SO CUTE!!! Love you Max!!!

Our Noah boy and Joe have a quick chat!! 
Posey (sister) Vance, Brogan and Grey! Sorry Ben could not be at the airport! Someone has to work!
Love my big sis!!
Walker (brother) and Melanie. Walker and Melanie were married last year so this was the first time Melanie met Rhett in person!! Maebry was born two days after this picture!!
Uncle Rhett LOVES ALL these kiddos!!!!
Pops and Grammie/Mima LOVE ALL these cuites too!!!!!
Rhett's cousins. Forrest, Jack and Grayson.
"Besties" cousins since they were born!!!
My Dearest Rhett, 
I want you to know how proud I am of you! I am so happy you are home safe!  I am so very grateful for the choices you made in your life... and the faith you always had and have.... that led you to serve a mission! It is you who received the most blessings as you served your Heavenly Father! The blessings will come in this life but...the most important blessings will come in the eternities! This life will still have its ups and downs...But I feel like you are much more prepared now! As you have shared your testimony many times in this last two years with me and many others.... I am thankful you know this as well!! The knowledge, love, strength and faith you have now, is something your dad and I, or any school in the world could never ever give you! Your mission has prepared you to go forward in this life!
Rhett in closing this post you are so very right when you say.... God does live....and that HE sent HIS SON.... our Savior, Jesus Christ  to all of us!! This is what I am most thankful for at this time as you return home! I could not be more thankful as a mother to know that you know this for your self!!!! I am so thankful you gained this testimony on your own through your Heavenly Father, your Savior Jesus Christ and through serving others!!! I am so thankful you now know for your self, it is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we all can have eternal life and someday be able to return and live with our Father in Heaven as a family forever!
I too testify of these blessings!

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