Sunday, January 13, 2013

What a Beautiful Report!! We Are So Proud of our Missionary!

Anziano N. Rhett Scheurn reported on his mission today!! 
We could not of been more proud of him!!!
Great job Anziano Scheurn!!
Your Mama and Pops LOVE you!!!!
Pops is pretty proud of his new suit Rhett brought home from Italy! 
Love Zara suits!!!
Our family! First time our whole family has been together for a long time!!! All five kids with four spouses and....... TWELVE grand children!!!!
I love each one of these cuties!!!

Extended family as well!!

This is my father Dr. John B. Fattaleh....The grandkids call him Papa! Papa was very proud of Rhett and his great grandchildren love papa especially Emma!!!
This is my mother Gerry Sherrill and her husband Ralph. They too are very proud of Rhett!!
Big sis and Rhetts sister-in-laws! Erin, Melanie and Tanya!
Rhett's oldest brother Blake!!!!
Rhett's one and only favorite sister Posey!!!
Mis Maebry made her big debut!!! So fun to see this SWEETIE-PIE!!!!!

This girlie steals many hearts!! This is Gwennie!! Gwennie LOVES her Uncle Rhett!!!

YAY! Max will finally go to Uncle Rhett!! They met for the first time at the airport!! Max was born while Rhett was in Italy!
Love this picture!! Max giving Uncle Rhett some love!!!!
The girlie Nieces!! Gwen, Ellie, Emma and Lucy!!
These boys look up to their Uncle Rhett!!
So does your family!!!
We are so proud of you!! Welcome home you have served well and returned with honor!!!
We are so happy to have you home!!
I love you Rhett!!

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  1. Any tips on what to take for a missionary leaving for the Milan mission next month?!