Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#97 Ravenna abbia la pazienza! tanto amore dal cuore! have patience! Much love from the heart)

We LOVE Mr and Mrs Clause!! At our YSA FHE Christmas party!!


I'm not slowing down!!! I will admit I'm tired and its tough and I can tell you this because your my Pops but I won't ever slow down. When it gets tough we just need to go harder! Pops I cant wait to see you! Your so awesome and I'm thankful for you! So I told mom all the news all ready on the down low! So thats awesome and yeah I get the bowl games!!! Man bummer about the Cards but its all good! Dad I love this work... I can't even tell you! The mission has gone through me! I'm so thankful for my Heavenly Father and the man he has made me! I know I have more to learn and lots more but, I know my mission was a huge boost!!!!!!!!!! I love you Pops and we will talk next week!!! Seems like just yesterday I was on my way to the airport... mama mia!!! Time goes fast! LOVE YOU!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Hey Family!!!
Man emotions are just going crazy right now.. I can't even explain to you all.. Well first things first this email will be short as well so... mi dispiace (i know) but I will get you going on all the down low, first things first!! Mom I love the pictures! I knew that Santa would come and visit, lets just pray he comes to visit me in AZ even if it is a little late!! haha I love The Anderson's so much!!!
Dougy was baptized and I baptized him. It was crazy because it was one of those fonts that you fold out and fill up and I had never even seen them before so that was pretty cool! It was a very powerful experience! Man I love Dougy so much! Dougy said, Anz  Scheurn when you go back to the states do not forget about me! I'm said don't worry I won't! So anyway he is doing great! I got to tell you, F****** was ready to get baptized but.. the day before... its okay because I love him so much and I have so much charity for him! He is doing so so so good on getting his life on track!!! He is a great man! President Gresta loves him! So I'm stoked to say that President Gresta says that he is ready for this Saturday to be baptized. I was like well... we need to ask President Wolfgramm for permission and he is like yeah of course so... we called President Wolfgramm and he was like well what ever President Gresta says goes!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a baller!!!!!!!!!! President Gresta is my most favorite man I have ever met in Italy!!! I'm not even kidding you! I hope I can be half of what he is!! Such a great man!  But him and John will be getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!! So thats awesome and President Gresta will be baptizing both of them!!!!!!!! So stoked for them!!! They are so so so humble! AND about Debra!!!!!!!!! She is so brava!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She excepted a baptismal invite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She doing so so so great!!!!! She has came to church two weeks in a row by herself and 5 weeks all together!! She is great! She will be baptized next transfer! For sure!! She is great!!! hmm what else well  we found another man named pure Giovanni and he is awesome!!!!!!!!!! He is super super smart! O my goodness he is so great! He asks some crazy questions but we will give him some time to read the Book of Mormon and see him a little later!!! Still trying to get those new simps (investigators) but anyway we are doing great! I love Anziano Treadway... I will miss him a lot!! Just makes me laugh all the time and really does keep me going!! Mom so I went on my last scambio of the mission... ;( and it was with Anziano Squarica!!!!!!! Mom I love him so so so so so so much!! My favorite Italian missionary!!! Honestly he makes me laugh so so so hard!!! He is so bravo and its funny! He is from Rome like you know and he taught me some Rome dialect!! haha like.. ooooooohhhh che devo fa!!! or oooooohhh che stai fa! Its funny because they always say ooooooohhh he is a baller mom!!! He wants us to come stay with him in Rome! I love him!!  So anyway things are going super super super good in Ravenna! So here is the thing I'm almost 100% positive that Anziano Treadway is going to train next transfer! My goal is to leave Ravenna, more ready then I found it in every sense!!!! They will have two baptisms next transfer as well so that will be good for the new missionary coming in! Mom I love my mission..... I can't even tell you.... I just hope all my nephews serve!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned and... have to learn still!!!! I gave my dieing testimony with Anziano Wilkey and Smith!!!! I felt like I was going to faint..... mama mia! Wilkey is so so so so so funny! I want him to come stay with us in the states as well he is like... I'm coming to stay! And Anziano Smith is like Scheurn I want to meet your mom hahaha... I love them them both a lot! I will miss the missionaries so so much.. man so many emotions... But I know I have a grande opera (great work) to do at home!!! AND that is what I will do...  non mi stanchero mai! Man I love this mission so so so much!!!  Not to much else is going on just hanging in there and.... nervous as garbage.... man..!
Today we are spending our p-day in Venezia!!! awwww yeah!! Because... President Wolfgramm is a boss!!!! haha but anyway I just need to buy Blake a gift and dad a **** so I will do that and then I will send one more package home and I will be home for it so that will be good!!! ummm what else!! Nothing really. I'm sad that Gabe is leaving but ehhh... i guess its cool! So whats going on  with Eric!  what else and Jason Parker worte me haha he is funny!
Anyway mom I love you so so so much and this work is true! I can't even tell you how many miracles I see a day!! I'm going to treat the missionaries so so so well when I get home! I love them and they are the Lords servants!!! what else man nothing really just getting ready per troppo!! but yeah.. so I will call this Tuesday. I will get a calling card and I will just try all numbers.. house and or cell of you and dad!! I will get a hold of you guys!!
This work is true. This church is true! Jesus is our Savior! AND it is HIS time of the year NOT OURS!! Well I love you all!!! I will see you soon!!! Keep on trucking!!

Love Anziano Scheurn
BTW mom, don't worry about the pictures. I have taken lots and I will take more! I will send them next week okay okay great! Abbia la pazienza! Tanto amore dal cuore! (have patience! much love from the heart)
Another thing we went caroling with the Ramo here in Ravenna, mom ...o my goodness!!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was Santa Clause haha and I gave our gifts hahaha!!! I took pictures but it was super super funny!

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