Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#98 Ravenna Last Email Home!!

Dear Anziano Scheurn,
Well I figured that I wasn't about to miss a week of writing you a letter.104 straight weeks in a row.  Nothing real new since we talked today. It was great to hear your voice. There will be a lot to get caught up on once you arrive home. Most of which will take some time but not to worry you will have The Lord on your side he blesses the ones that serve and you have certainly served. When you get home well talk about your goals and than set priorities. We took a sister from the Ward to dinner tonight and than went and visited another that has a staff infection in the hospital. Well since I won't see you till this weekend travel smart and carefully.
Love Pops

Well honestly I don't know what to say!!! This mission is the best experience ever!! I know its going to help me in my life!  I'm ready to serve in the ward when I get home!!! I love this gospel and I know its true! I will always do what I need to do and get my priorities straight! I have a question though pops! I work for you for a bit to get money for school. Just let me  know when we see each other!! Pops I love you so so so so much and we will work miracles in Gilbert just like in Italy!! Love you Pops! You always got my back and I will always have yours!!  LOVE YOU!

Love Anz Scheurn


Well I will shoot one last email but its not going to be long.. I love this work. I know this church is true and I'm so thankful for my Heavenly Father and the man he made me!! I love this work and... no mi fermero mai!! I love my family as well and all of there support they have given me! I will get a calling card and call you from London  England and let you know everything!! but anyway Really not much  to say! Mom I know its up to me! I will always and I mean always respect you and dad don't worry about that and if you guys need anything I'm always here! Mom your still my mom don't worry about that :) I love you so much mom and I know first priority is school and work!! Of course and I would like to try out for soccer for fun!! Mom I will always go to you guys for advice!! Thats what your here for! I will always make goals!! I know that next week is my last week to really catch up on things because I want to focus hardcore and I mean hardcore on school!! I love you so much and share your testimony with everyone! I will do it one last time on the plane on the way home!! I Love you so so so so so much mom!! See you soon and the fam!!
Anziano Scheurn

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