Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#95 Ravenna

Man I cant believe the time is getting closer and closer. I don't know if I'm ready! I know that the Lord has made me a man!!! I got to tell you I'm nervous but, excited to help others who need help! Well Pops you haven't told me whats going on with ASU and the Cards... what is the deal!! but anyway I'm thankful for you dad! Thats awesome a new convert baptism!!!!! KEEP THOSE UP! I swear its funny the first family I want to work on when I get home to get them baptized don't tell anyone but ***** family! I'm stoked! Pops this work is real!! I love my mission! It will always hold a spot in my heart! I would never even think about trading it for all the money int he world!! I love you dad! I'm thankful for your support in everything! I will see you soon

Ci Vediamo Fra poco!!! 
Anziano Scheurn 

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