Thursday, December 13, 2012

#96 Ravenna I Found It........I Need To Grow More!

Anziani Scheurn and Rango!
Love this book!
Pure Beauty!!! I LOVE ITALY!!


Man che peccato (what a shame or pity) the Cards aren't doing so hot! Its good to here the Suns might be decent! But hey it is what it is haha! But man dad I got to tell you .... there are just so many things going though my mind! Right now I'm focused on the work and there is nothing going wrong with that.. but I'm so nervous about home... I don't even know what I'm going to do. Pops I have felt like if I would not of  had these two years of my mission I would not have any growth at all.. I'm so thankful for my Heavenly Father and the man HE has made out of me! For you! You have been there for me for these two years actually 21 years!!!  I'm so thankful for all of your support! Thank you so much Pops!! Your amazing honestly!!! I'm stoked to see you! I know this church is true! I know I will never ever lose my testimony... from of all of the feelings I have felt on my mission and confirmations of the spirit. I can't deny it. IMPOSSIBLE! Well as far as calls, I don't know yet but I think it will be about 4 or 3 o clock here when I call you guys but I will let you know, next week with all details! Well I love you dad so much and thanks again for everything!!  love you tons!!!!
Love Your Son,
Anziano Scheurn

Man this is honestly scary!! I keep thinking okay.. I got time, I got time but I don't! I feel like I need to learn so so so much! But man my testimony has grown so so so much! Honestly I found my testimony that I thought I never had. I knew I had to go to church and do the right things but.. man the mission is so great! I just feel so bad for kids who don't go.. it is THEE best experience I have ever done in my entire life! I have just grown and grown and I feel like I need to grow even more! 
Well its  good to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fidelis and Douglas passed the interview! It was funny because the Jefferies came down to Ravenna to do the interview and they were just like... o my goodness you go home soon and your mom said she is just going to squeeze you! I was like well... I hope not haha! But anyway they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The Jefferies are honestly my favorite people ever! I love them to death and am so thankful for what they are doing here! Anyway Douglas and Fidelis will be baptized this Friday!!!!! YEAH YEAH!!! I will baptize Douglas and Anziano Treadway will baptized Fidelis! Pres Gesta will do the confirmation!! Man I got to tell you I have been so thankful for my Heavenly Father for what he has been doing for me here!! I can't even begin to tell you how many blessings I have received here! Its just incredible! So mom I didn't tell you this but we will have another baptism next Saturday as well with John! And.. Ifa should be baptized as well!!! Thats awesome! eh!! They are doing good and progressing super super well!  I'm excited the Lord is great and I have no one else to thank but HIM!!! Mom, you guys have no idea how much your prayers have helped me in my mission! I really do feel them at night! When I kneel down to pray at night, I really feel your guys love through my Heavenly Father!!!  I'm so thankful for this!!! The work is great here!!! We are working hard! 
So last Friday we got snow!!!! It was a weird storm that came in from the north! But it was pretty sweet and I took pictures!!! Anziano Treadway and I made a HUGE snowman haha! It was pretty cool to see some snow for the first time in Italy!! So you remember that lady D**** that we were working with.. she is Italian and her moms name is D**** the less active? Well anyway it was crazy! We saw a huge miracle!!!!! So what happened was we had called them both to remind them about church the next day! We talked to D****... mama mia! But anyway she said she would not be attending and we were like well can you ask D**** if she wants to go and she was like.. yeah I will ask! So she did, D**** said no..... so that was disappointing... but its all good because the Lord is great and answers prayers.. and during sacrament she came by herself!!!!!!!!!! Without D***!!!!!!! She walked in the cold weather!! She is doing so so so great! We are just trying to get her to recognize the answer to her prayers about Joseph Smith being a Prophet of God! So just pray for her that she will recognize it!! We have met some cool potentials! We are inviting people!!! That is pretty awesome.. in Ravenna its a little tough.. they aren't to open.. but I love them the same!  I love Italians!!! They are so funny and just great!!!! haha but thats about it with the work right now! We are just trying to find some people to teach!! We are working on it! I do hope I can meet Gabe someday, I would love to meet him!!! But I know what happens happens! hmmm what else... Anz FREE!!!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to hang out with him when we get home!! He is so funny he makes me laugh so so so hard!!! Give his family my love, I know Anzinao Free is super super strong!!!! So I know he will be good! I will definitely pray for him and the family as well!! Mom don't worry I'm better now.. I just kind of had a rough week! But luckily...Sorella Wolfgramm is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her and she really does look out after her missionaries! I love her so much and President Wolfgramm!!! Thats good you guys got his letter.. man he is just to nice and so so so so funny!!!! O my goodness he says the funniest things ever and he is just a perfect mission president! I have been so stinking blessed its crazy!!!! I feel super spoiled!!!! Anyway.. mom I hope you guys save some room for me at the cabin okay because, I want to go! haha I'm so stoked!  I have bought Posey, Walker and Joe something for Christmas and now I need to find Blake and Dad something! I'm probably going to try and get dad a suit and Blake something nice! I don't know what but I will get something good! Anyway mom things are going so good in the mission! I could not ask for anything better! I know as Sorella Wolfgramm says this mission was tailored made for me!!! I got to tell you my companion is so stinking funny!!!! Anziano Treadway! I LOVE HIM! He makes me laugh and he is super super spiritual! Anyway  what else has gone down here in Ravenna town! Nothing huge! Just serving the Lord and being as what Walker would say HIS gangster! Man I miss Walker and Joe and Blake and Posey! MAMA MIA!!! Can't wait to see you all but for now... I got to work! So next week we will be going to Venezia! I'm super super super stoked!!!!! It has been a dream of mine!!! So I guess I'm flying right from England to Phoenix! What a flight... That will be crazy! Mom you are so amazing! I'm so thankful for all of  your support you sacrifice so much and give so much and I feel bad because I feel like I haven't given enough to you and dad for everything you guys have done for me!! Thank you so so so much!!!  I love you all so so so so much! I am so thankful for everything you all do!!! This church is true! How can it not be!! Man the Book of Mormon is so true! Jesus lives! I love this gospel... it is what keeps me going!! I will always serve my Heavenly Father! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn 

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