Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#95 Ravenna "Short Time"!

Anziano Scheurn!

Pure Beauty!!

Anziani Rango and Scheurn!

Anziani DeVincent and Rango
What up fam!!!!
Alright well man as much as I hate to say this not much has happened.. man I have had some trials hit me like crazy! I'm trying and trying to get through them..Well last weekend was a little rough because it has just been raining non stop! I got to tell you it has been a little crazy.. It has been raining which makes biking very rough because it is freezing! Anyway so we were doing casa and just no luck.... but its all good! I actually got attacked by another dog!!! haha man what is the deal with me and dogs.. it was pretty funny! But I didn't fear it at all it was funny because it was just a little dog and it kind of went for my legs but its head actually got stuck between my legs!!! hahaha So I kind of just squeezed its head!!! haha! But anyway its all good! Then I got sick.... I got a bad stomach flu.. which wasn't very fun either!! I'm still trying to get over it but I'm doing a lot better now, so don't worry about it but it has been a little rough and "trialful".. but its okay! We did a scambio this past week so Anz Gessel could interview *****. We were 100 percent positive that he was doing good because he hadn't drank in about 10 days! So he had his interview... long story short , he had smoked. Its just rough right now. So whats going to need to happen is that the Jeffries are going to have to come down here and interview him.. So just pray everything goes okay.. I felt so bad for him because he is really doing EVERYTHING he can to change.. his friends call him up to drink and he rejects it.. he is a baller... Its just Satan is the biggest tool in the world!! I honestly want to just Book of Mormon punch him right in his face.. I know thats not very Christlike of me but... yeah  just said that! haha! He is doing okay though.. then Douglas.... man... I don't know anymore we are kind of struggling. He came to church but missed the sacrament by one minute... He is just sleeping in... and we would go get him but its far away... man I think thats what we will end up doing though. Another cool miracle is that actually Douglas's dad is interested. Its funny, like we have never tried to teach him the gospel but its funny because we have visited him in the hospital because he has been there.. and I think he sees that we just care for him and want to help him out as much as we can.. so anyway he is interested!!! So thats cool!! He is doing good though in the hospital!!! We just need to figure out what to do with Dougy.. He bore his testimony again in sacrament and knows its true!!!!  Everything! But just needs to come to church.. he needs to understand us as missionaries we mean business!!! AND that means church!!! So about Debra! She is doing great!!! Came to church again!!!!!!! We figured out her need and its that she doesn't believe that Joseph Smith restored the church. So thats great and thats what we need to work on with her!! She is doing very very good!!  We are trying! Man I got to tell you its been a little rough with missionary work this week and this transfer! I know the Lord tries us before we can be worthy of the blessings he has in store for us! Man I got to tell you I just feel like the closer and closer I get to going home the more Satan tempts me to just say hey.. its okay you go home soon so just relax!! BUT I got to tell you.... I'm not relaxing!!!!! I know I just need to go go go go because I got what I like to call in wrestling terms... "short time"!! Anyway I need to just keep on trucking because trials will always come. It just depends on how we handle them!!! So thats about all with the missionary work right now! We have a couple of really cool potentials that we have contacted on the street and we are going to call them and just pray things go well! They are all Italian! Yeah I love this work so so so much!! 
So mom I would love to help coach wrestling! Let me know what I can do! I would love that a lot!!! Keep me posted on the details!! I can't wait to come home and watch my boy "girlson" wrestle!!! It will be sweet!! 
So mom I was thinking about this, I was wondering do you think I can give my homecoming talk the first Sunday I'm home? If I don't do that I will have to wait two weeks.. and  that wouldn't be cool because of Fast Sunday. Well just let me know.. But anyway mom your telling me.... I got to tell you I'm getting a sadder every day and little bit more sad... I'm realizing that my time is almost over as a missionary... it really is killing me... like yeah the natural man part of me wants to come home and enjoy the great things but man... I will never have this calling for as long as I live.. and it just kills me... I will miss it a lot..  3 weeks just isn't enough... I need more time! I'm not ready for the real world yet.. I just know I need to obey the council of the Prophet and have a great relationship with my Heavenly Father and... read the scriptures and everything will be a okay!!! 
So another thing the wombats!!!!! Are you serious!!! What is that!!!! we need something better! I mean I hate to tell you but I'm for the lawn mowers!!! YA MON!!! haha. 
So Gabe man...... thats a bummer man I really am a little sad because I wanted to hang with him a lot!! But anyway we will see, I'm stoked that I get to meet him at least!!! What else!! Well I honestly don't know what else to talk about!! I think one thing I'm really going to miss is these people.... I love them so much and its funny because I remember at the beginning of my mission... I was like o my goodness are you serious... I'm already done with these Italians.... mama mia!! Its funny because now I just can't even get enough of them.... man.... I will miss them so much!!! I know that the Lord has prepared me so much on my missions and I'm ready to go home and lift those who need help. Mom I can promise you I will never ever slow down and I will always be a missionary! In my book its always "short time"! We need to fulfill our callings always!! 
So mom about that box.. you can open it okay. I trust you, don't worry about that haha! There is stuff in there for you!!! ORZO and chocolate! I'm going to send another package with Christmas gifts so make sure you don't open that one okay okay good! :) So yeah I'm excited to see everyone soon! I swear its just insane, it has just flown by. 
Mom you say you have had answers to your prayers.. I have had more answered to mine then yours I hate to say it!! Heavenly Father DOES LISTEN!!! I know that! Anyway I need to go. We are going to a members house today to cook some lasagna and I will take some pictures! Don't worry I'm getting my pizza perfected so when I get home I will be able to make some bomb pizza haha!! Anyway I love you all so so so so much! Please don't stop being ballers! I love you all and hope the best as well for you all. This work is real!! Trust me!!!!!!!!! Don't be afraid to share your testimony! Because miracles to happen like you have seen already!! I love you all so so so so much!!
Love Anz scheurn

P.S. mom another thing don't worry about me being sick because I need to tell you that Sorella Wolfgramm is a baller!!!! The best mission mom in the world... she is my second mom!! I can't even begin to tell you how much she has helped me! I just love her and she is the pure love of Christ goodness! Another thing we will be going to our branch Presidents house for Christmas so that will be cool! I will update you on more things,  what will be going down! LOVE YOU!!

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