Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#94 Ravenna Down to Weeks!

 Wait it was just yesterday I was set apart.. wasn't it! I can't even believe that I will be home soon!! Its just gone to fast and I have to admit, I'm really just torn up about it! Like a lot of me is excited to go home.. but the other half is just like.. its over.. and it is sad.... I know that the real life starts and I'm a rock and will never be brought down!!! I just need to remain close to the gospel, and really think about the atonement in my life!!! Man just crazy! But yeah I hope that Lincoln and Conner are doing good! They wrote me a letter the other day and I just love them so much!!! Yes I heard about the game from the Jefferies... mama mia... mi dispiace.. terribile.. but thats okay...  but anyway I need to go but I love you Pops and  I can't wait to see you!!! love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anz Scheurn

Alright well the work is going great but man its a little "trialful". because we had Fidelis interview to be baptized yesterday and president Gresta came with us as well but....  we postpone it until the next week. If we put our selfs into situations...  thats when satan is the most powerful.. so we need to do all that we can to avoid those situations in the first place. He will be baptized he is just so so so sincere, I love him. He is amazing and a great example and has honestly changed his life around for the better!  Douglas still needs to come to church but still doing great.. he understands everything, literately one of the smartest men I have met in the mission but just needs to understand the importance of the sacrament. He is a baller! Debra is doing okay still working with her but hey its okay, we are giving it our all we are seeing her tomorrow. She is great! So we set two more baptismal dates with John and Ifa for the 22 of December so I will see it before I go home!!! They are great and super smart! Its funny he asked the question the other day, he said if I'm not baptized should I take the sacrament? I was like thats a good question.... but they are ballers. We are excited for them but just pray for these people please. Like I know that you guys are already. I love this work its to great!!!!!! I'm gonna miss it so much...... I had an interview with President... and I got to tell you it was a little sad.. he just told me how much and how grateful he was for my service and my attitude towards everything... man I love President ........ honestly I will miss him so much! He just gave me a huge hug. He is so so so smart and just so amazing.. I will never lose contact with him. He is great.. President Wolfgramm said that will not be the last interview we have. We will have another one before I go home. Yes President talked about some really really really awesome things!! O my goodness!!!!!! He talked about how the WORK IS BEING HASTENED!! We turned to D& C 88 vs 73 and that is what was prophesied by Joseph Smith!!! AND look what is happening we are getting more missionaries and the age has been lowered and its happening..... the work is hastening!! Its just truly amazing! President Wolfgramm talked a lot about how the pre-earth life,  was another transfer just like in the mission!! We were transferred to earth for this wonderful time and this opportunity to share this great message of the restored gospel with others!! Man its so crazy! Its a little sad I won't see 18 year old missionaries but eh... its okay because I will never stop being a missionary!! There is some cool things that we have learned! AND Sorella Wolfgramm!! My goodness.... I can't even imagine having a different missionary mom!! She is SO amazing!!!! LOVE HER!!! 
Mom as far as the branch here. its pretty big. But I think it is the smallest branch I have been in on my mission, but on good days we fill up the little chapel!! So thats cool, I can't really say how many, maybe about 55. I don't know exactly but its great!! I love getting really close to the members! In fact our branch mission leader told us to start getting closer to the members, so we thought of the idea! We will buy Santa hats and go around to the members with home made sugar cookies!!!! "Yeah MON"!! It will be great! I love the members here and especially the branch President, President Gresta!! We have to come back and see him for sure!!! My goodness just fantastic!!! So thats a little bit about the branch! 
It has been a little cold! but thats okay I'm getting through it! The spirit of the Lord warms me up!! :D Hey there is one for you! But it is true!! 
So what else has been going on! Well we are really really working on getting new investigators but its a little hard right now. I know the Lord is in it.  We are doing all that we can!! I love this wonderful work!! I will never stop harvesting for the Lord! 
I got a letter form Cita! Man I can't wait to see her!!!!!! I can't wait to play the piano with her again!! YEAH!!!! I love her!! 
So mom I know I have spent some money but I'm getting gifts for you, dad, Walker, Blake, Posey and Joe! I'm going to send them in the next package so that one you can not open up okay! :) I'm done getting myself things, I don't need anything :) I just need the fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha but anyway its just crazy!! I feel like I just went to Lecco yesterday.. nuts!!! So you need to tell Gabe he need to shape up a little eh.. haha... but I can't wait to meet him that will be fun!!!! 
Mom, you have done so much for me already!!! Man Christmas is coming again and I'm excited to understand the true meaning and I mean the real meaning of Christmas !! Man its crazy three Christmases and, I got to tell you its a little sad, but I would rather not of been anywhere else than in the mission field for Christmas ! I can truly feel the spirit!!! Mom, I'm just really excited to see you all! We will be doing calls and skype at Presidents Gresta home so don't worry about that. I will just call not skype! Anyway... I love Anziano Treadway my comp!!! so so so so so so x567561235126 funny! We just laugh at the most random things haha!! He is just so cool! 
I can't wait to go to the cabin as well! Save some room int he razor for me haha! Anyway I'm going to go, there is not much else going on. 
Mom every time I look at myself in the mirror I ask myself how I did these last two years as well.... like I'm not going to lie! Man when I think about the Lord and how much he has helped me.... I just get on my knees and thank him even more!! This mission has just been life changing!!! I know that all missionaries say this but its true!!!!! I'm thankful for the best family in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke!!! I know this church is true! I know that this is the true and only church on the earth with the true authority!!! I'm thankful for everything in the world that is fantastic!!!!!!!! I love you all so so so so so much! Mom don't take down the tree or Christmas lights until I have seen them and... I expect big Santa to be up!!! HO HO HO Merry Christmas!! haha good times!!! I love the nephews and neices as well... I can't wait to see them!!

O and another reason why President is awesome!!!!!!!! Seeing that I have not been to Venice and have not even served in that zone, I asked Presdient if we could go to Venice.. and he said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is like well of course you can. You can't come to Italy and not see Venice haha! So yeah but we need to use our own money to get there, so I hope thats cool!! I'm stoked!!!! Also the picture of Vaughn you sent?!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see him!!! He wrote me and every time we  write each other we are just like bro, I love you haha he is awesome!!!! LOVE YOU

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  1. I Love Rhett, he has been such a great missionary. Not long now and you will be hugging that boy--so happy for you guys