Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pisa #42 No More Bed Bugs & Football!!!!

Hey Hey Hey!
Alright well some things have defiantly happened since we have last talked regarding the work and we will see what continues to happen with the work. Chen continues to be the biggest boss ever! Lin helps us with all of his lessons and I swear Chen is so dang smart! I just don't understand how someone who has not even had a Christian background can understand so much!!! The spirit really does work and testify to others, when something is true and that is the beauty of missionary work! Us missionaries if we don't have that spirit to teach with, then we are nothing and we cant get to the hearts of those people who we are trying to help! Even not as missionaries, we need to always prepare ourselves to have that spirit so we can use it and listen to it when ever we need to or whenever we want to! Chen will be baptized Dec 3. Wang is doing good.  We have not been able to see him lately because we think that he is trying to see most of Italy before he goes back to China. Its a bummer and we really want to grow his faith so when he goes back he will be ready to share this gospel with the others! Like you said. he is amazing but I just pray and hope he will continue to stay on this path!! Catherine is doing good! I think she is coming to family night tonight so that will be cool we will try to teach her a quick lesson about the restoration she just really is very busy! She is studying to be a doctor and she works all the time! We will continue to get her involved! We aren't really seeing to much, regarding the work right now! We are still really continuing to try and find the elect as well as really working on getting referrals from new converts and members! I have realized that we really need to start asking for referrals from everyone we come in contact with. But the work will pick up here pretty quick I just know it!
The reason why the work will be picking up as well is because we are actually now back in our wonderful apartment in Pisa! It was kind of a bummer because we were not informed about moving back into our apartment until the day of.... we were informed. So we had to pack up everything and go to Pisa! As we were riding our bikes my back pack ripped twice with lots of cloths in it, so that was no fun but thats ok.. i'm just glad now we will be in our apartment 24/7 so that will be easy and nice. Much easier to find those people who are waiting to here our message! Anziano Neff continues to be a boss, me and him are truly working our hardest to find these people! He is truly funny and me and him get a long so good! So we did play in the Turkey Bowl last Thursday!!! And guess who got 4 interceptions and.. 1 touchdown! Yours truly Anz Scheurn! It was our district verse the other district of Prato and we destroyed! Free tore it up at quarter back!! It was so great to go and throw the football around... it felt great! Tomorrow for Thanksgiving we will be going to Fratello Trexlars to eat a big diner just me and Neff will be going to this so that will be good! So mom I did receive both packages and let me just say that your amazing and did a fantastic job! Lin opened his and he LOVED!!!!! His new CTR ring and always wears it, as well as the necklace!! I will give Donald, Wang and Sorella Sarti the other presents tonight, so I know that they will love them!! Thank you so much for that! I will give those presents to my comp as well. I might be getting transferred right before Christmas so we will see how that goes! Mom that is so great about that girl down the street! Its so great that you were able to use my testimony, i'm so glad that I could have helped with that!! Its truly remarkable when someone enters into the waters of baptism! It makes me so happy so witness it!!! Giving someone eternal life is a huge!!!!!! Deal!!!
So how is the family doing I cant believe in about 30 days I will be talking to you all again!!!! On skype its so crazy how time has just flown by.. I do  not feel like I have been out for almost a year and its that time! I know that when i'm working hard, time is going by faster and I know that its not just like that on a mission but like that in general and you just feel so much better when you lay down your head at night to sleep knowing that you gave it your all that day! That is really what i'm trying to work on! Like i'm doing good as a missionary.. probably, but I know that I can do better! I'm really trying something out, because we both know that I have a million things to work on, to improve, but i'm starting small. It was cool Anziano West my old district leader and comp said you have to start with, little things in your wheel barrel. You cant overload it with things because then its impossible to move! So that is really what i'm trying to do better! I know that I can do better at trying to be like my Savior! Like I have just about a year left and I feel like its not enough time for how many more things I want to work on! Its crazy!
Sono Grato Per il mio salvatore Gesu Cristo! So Che questa e La Vera Chiesa di Gesu Cristo e che Stiamo Preperando Il mondo per la seconda Venuta di lui!!! Io amo Il libro di mormon e che io sono grato che posso leggerLa Ogni Giorno e come io posso Melorare la mia vita! So Joseph smith e stato chiamato come un profeta di restorare la chiesa di Gesu Cristo! S oche Thomas S Monson e un profeta vivente oggi di GuidarCi!
Mama Ti Voglio TANTO TANTO Bene!!
Thanks for everything that you do and the blessings that you have given me every day, and the example that you and Pops were to me, and are to me! I LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn
"Our Italian Footballer"!!!
Anziano Bona!
Anziani Free!
 Anziani Neff, Free, Bona, DeVincent and Angel!!! I love this district honestly one of my favorite districts overall so far!!! Bosses!!! Your Looking at Champions I will just tell you that much!!

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