Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pisa # 41 Zone Conference

Anziano Scheurn, Free and Bushman! (not sure why Anziano Scheurn has a striped jacket on!)

Cara Famigila and Mom!
So how has it been going? Everything seems like it is going good at the Scheurn residence as always because of this wonderful and amazing gospel that I thank the Lord for everyday, that I have the chance to share it with those I love, the people of Italy and China hahahaha!
Ok so speaking of China.... we had a very good lesson with W...., and so we went to his house ready to speak to him about the word of wisdom. He was very depressed so we were wondering what was wrong and it turns out one of his best friends who he was rooming with had moved back to China.. and he has failed his classes in school.... which is not good so he can not renew his permesso.. because of that.. so he does not know what he will do.. but we went on to tell him that through Christ we can do anything and how we know that he came to Italy for a reason and that was to learn of this wonderful gospel. so that is good we will keep up with him. Please keep him in your prayers! I shared Mosiah 24 14-15 with him and he just cried like crazy the spirit was so strong! I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!! Such a boss please pray for him. 
Lin!!!! Continues to be the most elect person I have ever met in my life! He is going to institute and is just balling it up. We have played b -ball with him a couple times. Lin, Wang and Chen and they are little b -ball playas! I love that kid so much! I received the Christmas package. Everyone was like, what the heck Scheurn you have a huge package! I'm like o yeah you know I do!!! But anyway no its going amazing! Lin is amazing mom. I want him to come stay with us, he wants to go to BYU, he is sick!!!! So Chen is continuing to progress to amazing!!!! Lin helps us with those lessons because of the language and he is a boss. He will be baptized Nov 26!!! I love them ALL so much, the most humble kids in the world, I'm not even kidding! The ward absolutely loves them! Wang brought another friend to church as well named Catherine! THE MOST ELECT EVER!!! I love her she is a awesome and loved church! She is coming to family night tonight so I will let you know how that goes!!! The work is going amazing! Anziano Neff is a machine I love that kid so much! A great missionary!!
Hmm so what else ok, so about the whole Livorno situation, yeah we will be with the Livorno Anziani for a while. I know that because they are coming to look at the infestation today that's right... I said it... the infestation!!! Its insane! Its very very very hard to do missionary work right now but, me and Anziano Neff are really doing the best we can to use our time wisely and be able to find those people who are waiting for this wonderful message! So we will be staying in Livorno for a bit! Tomorrow iis football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so stoked!! It will be the La Spezia district vs the Prato district!! They are going down!!!! Its me, Neff, Free, DeVincent, Bona and Angel on a team!!! We are going to tear it up!!! I'm stoked! Its one hand touch so that will be fun! I will send some good pictures of that next week,... you can run and tell that! Man about Aranda that's crazy! Yeah he started kind of chillin up at the mission, I liked him alot. I learned alot but just a HUGE shooter, but that's okay though a good missionary that's crazy, small world!
Man the wedding I cant believe Walker is getting married!!! Its absolutely insane! I love him so much and am so thankful he found the right one! He is such a boss and a stud! Great brother and such a great example for me! ALL my brothers are and especially my dad is the biggest example! Just a stud and just continues to do what he does to be the man!!!   Its so great to see peoples testimonies grow! That's the beauty of testimonies!!.
So we had zone conference the other day and it was amazing as always!!!! President Wolfgramm and Sorella Wolfgramm just do such a great job at putting it on! The spirit is just so strong in those meetings! I wish I could just bring that spirit everywhere with me when I leave those meetings! We watched a movie called 17 miracles! I recommend watching it! It was amazing. It is about the pioneers and everything that they went through and it is truly remarkable!!
Mom I'm so thankful for this gospel.. Wow small world!! I'm sitting, doing email and one of our new converts walked in named Marlinn! she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her husband is the convert and she was born in the church, they are from Congo. They are so amazing and come to church every Sunday and share their testimonies, I love them!!!
Mom well I know that this gospel is real and I know that we are here in life to grow! Thats the beauty of having a wonderful loving Heavenly Father who loves us!! Mom I know that Thomas Monson is a prophet of God and I know through Joseph Smith the church of Jesus Christ was restored! I'm truly and especially thankful for my Savior who died for us and is the perfect example that we NEED to follow! Mom I Love you so much and I love dad so much!!!! Am thankful for a wonderful and outstanding family who supports me! Keep  those prayers coming, like I always say, because I know that they work!! Just know that your son is doing all he can to find those who are ready to be received into the fold and MIRACLES ARE REAL, they happen everyday! Its sweet!!!
LOTS and LOTS of Love
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

We wonder why we can't find shirts with long enough sleeves. (But I wonder why Rhett is the ONLY one with his arms up!)
(not sure of this Anziano name. If anyone know let me know.)

( not sure of the name)
*below* Rhett's great friend and room mate from the MTC. Anziano Portalano from France!

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