Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pisa #43 I Love This Church!!!!

Its so good to hear that you are getting over your cold! I'm happy for that! You just need to keep being the boss you are and the Lord will bless you because you are awesome!! And The best Father I could ever have! I'm so thankful for the things that you have made me do in my life! No matter what, even if I didn't want to do it! You never gave up on me, and at the time I was frustrated but now, its just so great and I'm so thankful for that!! I hope your doing well! Your Christmas light decorations are AWESOME! I mean lets get real its not as good as I could do but its good! haha its going to be so cool to celebrate Christmas in Italy, it will be crazy! I'm so thankful for our Savior and I thank my Heavenly Father every night and morning and in between for giving us Him! I love you so much dad! We will have another baptism this weekend. I will give more details in moms letter! I hope your doing well! Thanks for everything!
Love Anziano Scheurn Your Son

Lin, Donald, Anziano Patulo!
Anziano Scheurn looks like he is going to fly off any minute with those long arms!
Good FriiendS!!
Donald and Anziano Patulo

Hey Hey Hey Di Nuovo Famiglia!!
So everything is going as according to plan here in the big Pisa town! We are pretty hardcore up in here so don't worry about that! Its getting cold i'm bustin out the scarf as well as the under sweatshirt! No rain which is fantastic but its a little nippy but I like it! Cruising on that bike it gets cold but I know that I can't compare to Walker in Connecticut so, I'll try not to complain haha! Speaking of Walker! Tell my BROMIE HAPPY B-DAY Tante Aguire!! I love him so much as well as all my brothers!! And Gages B-Day!!! thats crazy tell him I say happy B-day as well! Mom I know that it not really simple in life sometimes but I just KNOW!!! That we can lean on our Savior! As missionaries we really are here to help people join the right church of Jesus Christ but I just love boosting the converter scale in, believing Christ! President Wolfgramm said that, you can ALWAYS convert someone even if it is a 1 to a 3. It always works and I know testimonies play a huge part in that!! WE NEED OUR SAVIOR! I love him with everything I have! And I love My Heavenly Father for giving me a awesome FAMILY! SWEET brothers and SWEET sister who support me like no other!!! Thank you for everything that you do!
So about the work ok well Chen will be baptized this Saturday he past the interview he is so great!!! Anziano Neff will be baptizing him which is sweet. I wish that Lin could baptize him., Anziano Neff is who he chose so thats cool! But anyway, our new converts are still awesome! We found a man named Fabio who has kind of been investigating the church for a while and he is Italian we will see how he goes! He is a little strange but we will try to see what we can do with him! He said that he stopped smoking and drinking and stopped doing the wrong things and wants to feel the spirit more often! We are trying to explain he can have it forever through baptism, and he can have the gift of the Holy Ghost, we are working with him! But other then that nothing to much... oh!!!!! Wait I found out that there is a non active who is from China!! Isn't that a coincidence that we have 3 new converts who are from China!! So there for, I brought up to our Branch President lo monico, if we could go see him with Lin and he said that would be awesome!!!! So we will have a family night at a members house with him and Lin and we will reactivate him!!! I'm stoked for that! We are really trying to find new investigators! A little tough but I know everything will be okay!! I love this work and its so great to serve my Heavenly Father!
So mom Sorella Sarti and Donald and Wang and Lin got there presents and let me just say they love them!!!!!!!! Its funny they had on the green CTR rings and then they received there new ones and they were like yes we are upgraded! haha! they are awesome!! I told Lin to come stay with us for real and I will bring it up to him again because it would be so funny and fun! hmm I love your packages mom thank you so much for them!! I love this work and love trying to help everyone as much as I can O and Sorella Sarti has her frame hanging up with the picture of Christ in it from you!!! She loves it!! She says she wants to send you something hahaha! She is great and loves me haha! We have really gained the respect from the ward here in Pisa. Mom your talk is phenomenal!!!!!!!! I seriously love it!! I want to print it out and use it haha! I will be speaking at Chen's baptism so that will be cool O and another thing i'm working on a tape and I will send it as well. I wanted to send some ties for my brothers and dad and maybe you a shirt and Posey but i'm just scared its going to be so expensive. I will wait to here what you think. Well mom next week I will be sending more pictures! Per tropo ho dementiacto my camera, I forgot it! So I will do that next week! O for Thanksgiving we ate a huge dinner at the Trexlars!!!! I will send those pictures next week I promise.
Mom I love you so much and I want you to know that we really need to think about what Christmas is really about. Its just funny because it has taken me till now to know what it is really about!!!! I love you mom so much! I will continue to do all that I can to serve my Heavenly Father! I know that all of us missionaries in this world, we are here to prepare the world for the second coming!!! I LOVE IT! This church is real and the keys for the priesthood were restored on the earth though the true prophet Joseph Smith!! President Monson is inspired of God and I know that because I have prayed about it! The Book of Mormon is real and draws us closer to God then any other book!! I LOVE YOU LOTS! Keep trucking!
Love Anziano Scheurn

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