Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pisa #45 Staying In Pisa and A Adorable Tree!!

Cara Mom!!! and Family!!!!
Well there has been alot that has gone down!!!!! Its crazy I don't know how the heck i'm going to explain everything but, I will need to make it snappy. Ok so first things first! Yup you guessed it TRANSFERS!! Well wouldn't you know I'M STAYING FOR 5 transfers!!!!! Its insane!!!! We received a call from president two days ago and he was like hey is this Anzinao Scheurn! AND I was like yes and... Might I remind you anytime that phone rings and its president, it means business and my heart just goes 1000000000 miles an hour!! Just beating haha! He continued to say so Anz Scheurn i'm going to keep you in Pisa for one more! He said I don't usually keep missionaries in one city for 5 but I feel prompted to! So I will be staying! Anz Neff will now be district leader! So I will be going on lots of scambis with other missionaries in our district! Free will be leaving and he will be going to be a DL in Padova! So thats cool i'm stoked for him but I will miss him a lot, but thats ok because we will be getting Anz Wilkins and Anz Rodrigus they are both in the group under me! They are boss!!! So that will be a ok! Anz Bona will be leaving as well so its just crazy everyone was expecting me to leave and the person who was most expected to leave ended up staying haha! So I will be doing calls for Christmas here!  So it will be cool we will probably go to the Trexlars for Christmas which will be sweet! Hmm mom I will buy a calling card for us two to talk that is cool! And I want to talk to dad individual as well!  You what to do, you are my mom and you know me thats why you rock 110% haha! (in eric's voice) but speaking of Eric if some way I could speak to him too, that would be sick!!!!! Posey should know how to do that or something! Its crazy I will be talking to you all again! it seems like I just talked to you guys! man transfers just go faster each transfer that comes!!! Its crazy! Like I know i'm a missionary and I should be advising you all to go to church but... if you all could just stay home that would be good because I honestly have no idea what time I will call! It will probably be the same as last time around 4 am or so!!! That will be sweet i'm stoked for that!!!!
Alrighty now the good stuff, the work of the Lord!!!! Ok well first I will start with Catherine! Its kind of difficult with her she still has a baptismal date but.. she will be going to China for vacation but she returns Jan 13 so its not bad at all she is still super elect!!!! We see her this Friday so that will be cool and she will go to the Christmas party with a bunch of other investigators in fact! But yeah she is great!!!! Just the nicest and most sincere girl ever! So just continue to pray for her just because prayer is amazing! Next I don't know if I told you guys but.... A couple of weeks ago we found a family doing casa. The family Mendosa! They are from Equator! Well let me just tell you that we saw them for the first time last night!!!!! BOSSSSSSEEESSSS!! So the wife we thought that would not be interested turned out to be so open! And just loved us!!! The dad is so awesome! He actually almost was baptized in Equator!!! So this will be so awesome we just need to pray for them they have a son who is 6 and they are just so great, I cant even take it how awesome they are!!! They said they will come to church Sunday!!! So lets do this, start the font, fill it up! haha no kidding but, they are so great!! The wife read Moroni 10 3-5 and just was astonished! and She continued to say that the husband was just interested and she was just hanging in for the good and how she has never heard another religion because she is catholic but now she is just so interested!! I love them! Other then those two they are our most sincere and strong investigators but we continue to just try our hardest and do what we can! I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!!
Okay well about other things we have some Christmas decorations up which is cool! I will send you a picture of that! We have a Christmas tree! That is 2 feet tall hahaha .Its kind of adorable!! hmm we did some other decorations!! But yeah! What else let me thing here! Sounds like you all are doing great that is so great to hear!!! I love just hearing that the family is doing good!! Thats because you all are amazing in fact, with the lesson with the Mendosa family it just made me feel so proud to bare my testimony about how amazing my family is and the blessings I have seen of the gospel because they live the gospel so well! It was funny Anz Portellano just loves me so much and I love him!! haha he requested me to be his comp for Christmas to president hahahaha he is so great!!! He wants to go to BYU! So thats cool! Neff is great! He is so funny, I love serving with him! He will be a great DL! Mom i'm glad you liked the pictures! 
Ok so thats cool yeah your friend Becky in your ward, knows alot about Italy! There is something called orazu and it is like coffee but its not. I don't know, I don't drink it because I actually don't like it but alot of missionaries do! Italy is great! Its pretty chilly here! I was kind of hoping for a white Christmas but hey thats all good!! Hmm well I will end on a good spiritual thought. I was reading the ensign the other day from 1973!!! or 83 and President Thomas Monson as a apostle! I read a talk he gave and let me just tell you it was one of the best talks I have read in my life!! I'll just quote something he said in it! He said! He was driving to his house one day and there were three hitchhikers! Each of them had a sign and the first said I want to go to Los Angelas! The next Boise! The other said ANYWHERE! He continued to say how we need to have a destination in life if you have a sign that says anywhere, anywhere is also another word for nowhere! We need to have a destination and goal in mind on where we are going with.... the eye on the prize!!!! But anyway it was very very good!
Well I love you all so so so much and words cant describe how much I love you all and you to mom for all that you do! I hope that everything is going well! I cant wait to talk to you all for Christmas!!! I know it will be awesome!!! I will get a calling card for sure!!! I love you all a lot and I cant wait to hear what has gone down!! But just keep up the good work and just remember... that this is the true church and always will be forever! I love you all!! Thanks for everything you do mom!
Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn
I am proud Rhett listened and did not open his Christmas's presents early! (Joe and Walker said he would not wait, just because they did not listen....) 
What a ADORABLE (in Rhett's words) tree! I am impressed!! Good Job Rhett and Anziano Neff!!!!
All dialed in!!! Handsome boy!!!

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