Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pisa #44 Baptism of Chen!

Almost one year, I know its pretty crazy next week! But I just need to keep going and not worry about it because I know that the time will go fast!! I can't believe my bro will be getting married! You tell that old girl Walker, that I say happy B DAY!!!! I love him! Yes I would say i'm growing pretty well! I just need to continue to grow!! So I will be ready for the real world when I come home! Dad you are so great and a huge example, I know I say it every week but I just feel like I owe it to you! I hope everything will go well with that cold and the teeth, I will pray for you :) you are a boss!!! and just keep trucking!!!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn
Chen Baptism November 26,11
Donald, Anziano Neff, Chen! 

Cara Mama! E Famiglia!!!
Come State!!! io sto bene qua!! I can't believe i'm speaking italian, man I swear its just crazy! I know that i'm able to have the gift of tongues because of the Lord and thats just so awesome to know, that if we do what we are suppose to do.... the Lord will always keep his end of the bargin and, bless us with the blessings we need as long as we are being obedient!! I love it! Its so simple! We all just need to do it :)
Alright mom, I know that sometimes it is difficult, But when i'm in need of comforting, I know that I ALWAYS, can offer up a prayer to my Heavenly Father because he is always listening to us! That is the beauty of having a wonderful Heavenly Father in heaven who loves us!!!  Even though i'm so far away, I have never felt so close to you !!! Its the same with Heavenly Father! Even though it may seem like we are far from him we really are so so so close to him!! HE sends us the feeling through the comforter or the Holy Ghost!! Its great!!! Don't worry the laughter and fun times will continue when I get home so don't worry about that :) it will be great but for now I just need to serve with all of my heart and mind!! I know you and I will be blessed, both of us :)
Mom your just doing so much for everyone and it just baffles me on how you just continue to be so excellent at what you do! The singles ward!, and just being a boss! Its sweet and i'm glad that you my mother! :) it makes me feel great to know that the shower went good! Thats so great to hear! Save me some of that mexican food for when I come home haha! Some Filli Bs (fillibertos!) haha! So everything is going fantastic here in the city of Pisa as always! I have some sweet stories for you! The baptism went absolutely amazing with Chen! He is so great mom, I wish you could just meet all of these amazing people! They are just so humble and awesome! :) but anyway it was very spiritual. I gave a talk on faith and repentance in italian and I think I did rather good thanks to the spirit!! :) but anyway it was another experience to remember in my life :) but some funny story first for you! ok well here it goes..
So the other day we had to go to district meeting and we were in huge rush because we needed to catch a train! So we had to park our bikes! in front of the train station at a pole! where there were other bikes that were parked! So we hurried and we made the train in time which was fantastic! We had a great district meeting and we came home and we went outside and, might I remind you it was pooring rain!!!! haha and sure enough our bikes were.. you you guessed it gone!! Along with all the other bikes! So we thought something fishy was up! We had to call the office to say that they were stolen! I was a little upset! So we called Fratello Trexlar that American to ask him where we could find a cheap bike store for used bikes! He said well if I were you I would go check the police station first because they might of taken your  bike!! So we did and sure enough they were there! It took us an hour to get them back and we had to pay a fine of 15 dollars and might I tell you when we received our bikes, my back rim was bent and Anz Neff's was as well! Luckily the office is going to reimburse the damage so thats good :) but we were blessed by the Lord so much!!
Another cool story is we were walking one night and it had been raining all day but it has stopped so we went and did some street contacting. As we were coming around a corner, I saw a man! I didn't even think about stopping and talking to him! but i'm not even kidding you when I say this, the spirit made me talk to him! I don't even remember how I started the conversation! He was so awesome! He told us how he knows that God will answer our prayers and how he wanted to know the truth! We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to church. and he would call us because unfortunately he did not have a phone:/ so thats not cool but we are praying for him like crazy!!! It was such a sweet and amazing miracle!!!!!!!!
Hmm so we have another baptismal date with a girl named Catherine. She is so great, it will be for Jan 13 so that will be awesome! I have a feeling that I will be getting transferred next week so that is a little scary but hey, we will see what happens. It is always an adventure on what will happen with transfers! Alls I know is i'm ready to go to my next city and just baptize! And work hard!! And...Grow! But I will say I will miss Anz Neff! He is such a boss. He is great and we have the same exact humor, he is great! We are still harvesting and trying to find those who are elect and ready to hear the gospel of Christ! Its so awesome everyday is just a new day and I try to do the best I can to just continue with a happy heart and, faith no matter what comes my way! I think that is the key to life! So thats awesome!!! We all need to do the same and just try our best!!
So secondo me (according to me in italian) you and dad are just tearing it up in singles ward!! Thats so sick, it will be cool having my dad as the first councilor in the singles ward, yeah maybe a little scary, but it will be so awesome!!! Tell Joe I congratulate him on the blessing that is so awesome! Joe is a great dad, and well, as all my brothers, I know they are all great! It is so important that we all remember just how we can always grow and improve on everything because, none of us our perfect. But, I love hearing that Joe was able to do that! BOSS!
Well mom I know that this church is true and there is no other church on this earth with the authority and keys that we have in this church! I love just being able to wear a name tag on my jacket saying that i'm a representative of Christ! But even when I come home we should always think that we have the name tag on because, we should always represent HIM in a good way because, HE is our Savior and this is his church!!! Mom i'm thankful for all that you do! And don't worry for sure the next week, I will be telling you what will be going down with transfers! I will tell you also what will happen with skype next week! I will buy a calling card just in case so don't worry it will be glorious! I love you and dad so so so so much, more then words can describe and thank you for everything that you guys do for me!!!! It makes me even more proud that I had two amazing parents to go into the temple with me to receive my endowment a little over, one year ago!! Thank you for everything!!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

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