Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pisa #47 So Thankful For My Family!!!

Chen and Lin! Looks a little crowed!

Cara Famiglia e Mama!
Wow so many things could be said in this email! There is so much! But I will definitely start with the fact that I love my family so much! There is nothing in this world that I would trade for them! They really keep me going! I know that when the family is united, there is nothing that can stop them! Nothing! Satin will try to do all that he can but, I know that through this gospel and the teachings of Christ, that families will be blessed and I know that because well of course it is in my family!! I love you all so much and am so thankful for the opportunity I had to speak to you all! Thanks for all that you do for me! I pray for you all constantly! I am thankful for everything, for all the support that you guys give to me!! It was good to see everyone's faces! To hear everyone's voices! But anyway I don't know if it a bad thing or a good thing but you know, after I hung up the phone with you all, it was crazy I wasn't sad at all! I was happy! Happy in the fact that you all are doing so great and the fact that you all support me! I think it is because I realize a lot more on why I am here and my purpose of serving a mission! It truly is to bring the world or italy, the truth of Jesus Christ our Savior! Its crazy because in only 5 months, 5 MONTHS! We will be talking again! Its crazy to think that! Anyway thank you all for everything that you all do and especially you mom and and dad! You all are always there for me!! Thanks a million times!!! 
Ok well mom i don't know honestly it is completely up to you guys, if you all want to pick me up. I support your guys decision! If you want me to come home first, then we come back or you all come, well I support either way! What ever you guys feel and come to agree on that is what you all should do! As the song would say! "Listen to your heart" haha! Anyway yeah i'm fine by whatever you guys say! About school mom I want to start that first semester when I get home so yeah that is just a little heads up as well! So whatever we need to do to start that! That would be great!! Thanks for the help with that. Blake is a baller and i'm thankful for him! All the things that he does for me. Tell him i'm really really sorry for not being specific on when I would call! Tell him that he better know that he is a boss!! I love him lots!! Mom you did great at having everyone over on who I wanted to see! 
Okay so the work now! Well the E............ family is doing good we have talked to them and we should be seeing them in a couple of days please please keep them in your prayers! Also this man that we received a referral from, named Davide! He is from Italy and he is such a boss and has come to church twice and we have taught him the restoration and tonight we will be watching the film with him. It should go well please pray for him as well! I can truly feel my work improving its so awesome! I know that i'm getting more and more attached to the work here! My invites on the street are becoming more and more personal to the people here! I'm really listening to what the people need to say and I know, that what I need to say back to them will be given to me! I had the opportunity to do a scambio with Anziano Devincent! Man that missionary is a stud! Such a hard worker and one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life! I love him! Anyway there are lots and lots of good pictures coming your guys way next week!  Anziano Neff continues to be a boss! Love that kid so much! We are truly working hard to find those elect children that Christ has put in our path! Anyway I need to go. I love you guys so so so much!! I'm thankful for you and dad! I cant even begin to explain how much you guys do for me!! Thanks for everything!!! Remember I have said it before and I will say it 21456342513571285361785367565 more times..... that this church is true! We have a living prophet today! Thats the beauty of it! Thanks for everything!!!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn
P.S. everyone in italy loves the fact that you and dad met at a rodeo and they are jealous and they know you guys are bosses and doing a fantastic job in the YSA ward!! Keep it up and you can always ask the Lord for help remember that!! :)

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