Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pisa #40 "Bed Bugs"!!!

Buona Novita!!
O so and get this as I'm emailing YOU! We receive a call! and they have changed Leadership Training for the this Tuesday so that way that Thursday!!! We will be playing FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole zone will be coming! President gave the ok!! and Frattello Trexlar will be putting it on!!It will be boss I got my game shoes on baby!!!!!
La Famiglia!
Ok Well first things first let me just say so much weight has been lifted up from my shoulders because you finally have received those pictures! I'm pretty stoked for that! There are some good ones in there!!!! haha but yeah thats very great you all received them!
Ok so about the work!!!!!!! ANOTHER BAP DATE!!!! yup thats right I said it... another! The Lord is just doing so much amazing things for us! I can't even tell you how thankful I am for that! So last Sunday me and Anziano Neff who is a boss!!!!!! BTW he is form Salt Lake City and I know what you are thinking Salt Lake I mean come on... haha but he is so sick mom we just quote Sandlot all the time haha he is a boss and we work so so so hard! Its so great going from the last companion to NEFF! He is a boss!! Truly! But anyway we were praying our hearts out because we have gave it all we got to invite people unto Christ last week! Last Saturday! we were just praying to have some investigators in church!!! So sure enough a old past investigator Gi Gi came to church for the first time in 5 YEARS!!! Its crazy he is moving up but right now he is kind of busy because of tests for school but we will call him next week and invite him to church again he is from the south he is a boss! BUT Lin and WANG brought a friend to church!!!! His name is Chun and he is SWEET!!!!! He showed up in a tie of Wang  and Lin translated for him in  Gospels Principles!!! So we gave him a Book of Mormon in Chinese and he accepted and we asked him if we could come over that night to talk about it and about our message and he said yeah!!! So Lin and Wang were there to help translate of course but Chun speaks perfect English but there are some of those big words that we needed Lin to translate so that was a help! So we introduced to him about prayer and he was picking up on it so fast!!! We taught the Restoration! and he LOVED IT!!!! We invited him to pray night and morning! So the next appointment we had was with Sorella SARTI who is SO AWESOME!!!!!  Lin and Wang  came again! We focused the second lesson on Jesus Christ and the example he was for us and how we needed to follow him and be baptized! We asked what he remembered from the last time we spoke to him and he said the WHOLE Joseph Smith story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He prayed in English in the first lesson as well I forgot to mention that!!! He was so stoked to do that as well! But anyway we invited him for the 26 of November to be baptized and he said he needed to pray, but he LOVES everything and I know for sure he is going to be baptized! I will start making the baptismal calendar and a little in  Chinese again!! He is a boss!!! He said I knew from the first time I met you guys that I needed to change my life!! HE IS SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!!! So thats the biggest thing right now! Donald is still a boss! We are still trying to work with Azula and we just continue to talk to everyone about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ... its amazing!!!
So it sounds like everyone is doing great at the Scheurn house which is awesome!! I'm so stoked for SKYPE its coming up pretty quick here!!! So I will let you know what I would like to do! I have a feeling that I will be getting transferred right before Christmas which I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but we will see! So get this we are now staying with Livorno Anziani! Because..... YOU READY.... yup you guessed it we have BED BUGS!!!! YES! So we are peacing out of that apartment for a while and they are going to go in there and exterminate basically they just need to exterminate the whole place haha! But awh its all good we are doing great! Its just sort of stressful because we have to take a train to our city everyday and just baahhhhhh its pretty stressful but I know with the Lord I can do anything! I just need to keep trying and do what I do!!! So Mom I'm so stoked that you sent the box! I will be looking forward to that! Transfers were good I saw a lot of people from my group! Smith, Portellano, Wilkey, Warren and more so that was pretty fun!! Hmm so what else is going down here int he mission I think thats about it! That news is so great!!! Man I love this work so so so so much and I'm so stoked I can serve the Lord for a full two years! Its so great! My testimony has just sky rocketed man its going to be so great when I get home and just how easy life will be because of a wonderful and amazing mission that is preparing me for life!!!Mom I'm so thankful for the Lord in my life! And how great HE is and everything he does for me and that he sent his Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to atone for us!!! Well I need to go sorry I didn't really have much more news but I love you so so so much and I love the family so much and we will be talking soon!!
Anziano Scheurn

I think the Anziani need to keep up a little better!!! 
Thank Goodness This place is being fixed up!!!

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