Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#91 Ravenna, Translating For A Area Seventy!

Anziano Scheurn's is 21~~

Hey I know I heard about it already.. its funny you know.. Italians thats all they live for is America and its just funny because they would always tell me who they would vote for. I was like what the heck.. how.. you guys can't even vote.. its just funny! But don't worry things will be iight!! Just trust in the Lord!! Anyway so how is work! Man I'm stoked to see you soon!!! Its funny you say that I maximize my calling!! Please come on Pops, don't be crazy!! You maximize yours!!! As a father and a leader in the church!! You know what your doing and... I just learn form the best!!! LETS GO WFFFFFF!!!!!!!! But I need to go.  This church is true! I love you lots and can't wait to see you! But for now I need to work!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

Hey Family!!!  Mom!!!

Alrighty well I hate to say this but if I hear one more thing about the elections I'm going to destroy someone! I don't really care because I got the gospel AND I don't need anything else! So its all good! Anyway things are going fantastic!! So the work is continuing to go forth! So Dougy is our superstar!!!! He is doing great! He will get baptized the 17th because in fact, this Sunday and Saturday we have district conference in Rimini so yeah and.... hear is some more news!! I will be translating!!! I know what your thinking "hey its just translating" but.. I'm translating for a Area Seventy!!!!!!!!! I'm scared out of my mind!!!!!! I don't even know what to do!! I will be translating some talks for him! So just pray for me please haha! Anyway yeah so Dougy will be baptized on the 17th of November for sure! He is progressing so well! Its funny when we go to teach him he has his iPad and he downloaded everything!!!!!! From the church on there! He has the Book of Mormon, King James Bible!! Also even the LDS library! He even downloaded other things on there! Its was funny because he just has it read for us the scriptures and he loves it!!!! He is a baller!!! It was so so so so funny too, his dad is so funny!!!!!!! So we were sitting with Dougy outside of his shop and his dad walked by and it was Sunday and Dougy was not at church. It was hilarious because Dougy didn't come.. and the dad was like hey Dougy, did you tell them why you weren't at church.. and he was like yes dad I told them.. and he was like what did you tell him... and Dougy was like, I told them I slept in.. and his was like yeah exactly you slept in....!!!  It was so so so so funny Anziano Rango and I were laughing so hard!!! But he is doing so great!!!!!! So just keep him in your prayers!!!! Then we got Fidelity!!!!! Well his name is Fidelis!! He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! He came to church for the first time!!!!!! He loved it! After our meetings our Branch President talked to him and was like hey how are you and he said great!!! Then it was funny because Fidelis went on to tell him  thank you so much, and also said he was thankful for  Joseph Smith!!! I was like awww yeah!!!! Anziano Devincent and I did a scambio!!! We taught Fidelis!!! It was awesome. He was thankful in his prayed for Joseph Smith!!! Fidelis is great!!! But anyway he is progressing well.  Christina, haven't heard anything from her... but we will see... So we are teaching a lady named Debra who is a non member of a less active named Diva! She is doing good! We go teach them and Debra kind of, and when I say kind of I mean kind of accepted baptism. We will see how it goes please keep them in your prayers. They actually came to the activity the other night.We watched the  Joseph Smith movie!! So that was cool!!! But yeah it is good and also we found a couple of new potential investigators from China!!!!!! So please keep them in your prayers as well! They seem super cool!!! Anziano Rango and I are just going hard!!! Yes his mom seems super nice you should call her!! She seems great!  Anyway no crazy stories this week.So for p-day we went to San Marino!!!! Its in its own country and I took lots of pictures. I will send them next week. I can't now because we are truly in a time crunch, but I will get them to you, so don't worry about that!! Man I'm stoked about Gabe staying, I can't wait to meet him! Tell him not to trip!! I will be home soon and we will chill!!!!! Thats awesome you and dad took a little trip, y'all deserve it, you guys are so great!!! AND do so so so much for many! So mom I might get to go to Venezia for a p-day! I just need to get it approved by President!!! I have a package I'm going to send home next week. I got you some orzo and somethings but just tell Walker, Joe and Blake to keep their paws off my ties!! ehhhh!!! Anyway things are going so great! So mom I have not given my ending testimony yet! I think I will record it for you! Someone will do it! I will give it in a couple of weeks!! So don't worry about that! "Gray boy slim" is wrestling!!! Thats awesome but I need to tell you that I will always go for my Williams Field Blackhawks!!! Yeah yeah!!!  Grayson is awesome! I can't wait to see him! There is so many people I can't wait to see!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them and Vance wow, that stud!!!!!  THAT IS SO FUNNY WHEAT VANCE SAID TO YOU....I can't wait to see him!!! I can't wait to see my nephews and nieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAMA MIA!!!!!!!!!  I still have some time so I will work my tail off!! I know that its going to be the only way time will go fast. Here is the deal mom it was freaking tough to serve a mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I have learned.... like I cant even explain how much stuff I have learned!!! But man I would not trade my mission for anything in the world!!!!!! It has been so great just filled with miracles!!! I honestly feel bad for any young man who is able and worthy to serve and chooses not to!! Just making a mistake to not serve a ful time mission! Maybe thats mean to say but its the truth, I cant lie!! And another thing Curtis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cusco Peru... thats what I'm talking about!! I will get to see him when I get home he is a baller! He will be awesome!!  Mom when I get home..... we are going to jam out in your car to some Country music and some Michael Jackson! Some of that thriller!!! But anyway like I just kind of want to know how that week will go and, are we going to go to the cabin anytime soon? Man its just crazy! I will always  concentrate on the work so don't worry about that! But there are just so so so so so many things in the back of my mind and its tough, but... don't worry about me. I will sprint to the end!!!! Yes I'm staying warm!! AND another thing did.... I tell you that this church is true!! I LOVE this church, I LOVE my mission, I LOVE my mission president, I LOVE my Heavenly Father AND I LOVE my family so so so so much!!!!! Anyway I love you all so much!!! I can't wait to see you soon!!! Keep on trucking because..... I know that I will!!! Keep going and I will talk to you next week. We will see what happens for transfers!! I think Anziano Rango will leave... unfortunately I will miss him..... but hey its okay, I will get someone just as sweet!! Love you all so so so so so so so so so so so  much!!!!!

Love Your Son,
Anziano Scheurn 
P.S. I hate to say it but I'm going  to be fly when I get home and... another thing I will be coming down the terminal with a HUGE Italian flag haha!

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