Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Thinking.....

I was just thinking today in five weeks Anziano N. Rhett Scheurn will be home! It is a happy sad! I will miss the Wednesday excitement I get from Rhett's  emails and the beautiful pictures! I will miss the missionary spirit in our home! There is much I will miss from this last 24 months! We all have grown in ways we never thought we could! I just have to say....
I am so grateful for the hard, selfless work Rhett has given! I could not be more proud of Anziano Scheurn and ALL the missionaries serving in Italy ast this time as the Temple is being built!
I could not let my gratitude end here! I am so thankful for ALL of the missionaries that have gone before and after Anziano Scheurn!!!! Thank you for all you have given in building up HIS kingdom though out this world!!
I love you all!  

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