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Okay well let me just tell you all, that it has been crazy the last week! We have just had an increase of miracles! I don't know why, I'm not doing anything to special I think. I mean I'm working hard and doing what I do but man.. let me just tell you it has been an awesome week!
The first thing... my comp Anziano Treadway and he is a BALLER! Honestly its so funny he just makes me laugh so so so hard!! I honestly cant stop laughing!!! When we proselyte I can't even help but laugh!! We are stopping everyone!! Its crazy... I'm just not scared to talk to people anymore! Towards the middle of my mission, I still had some "paura"! Or fear! But now I don't have any paura... like I just want to go go go!!! So its been going good! Anyway I love him and we are the "Scheurnweay"!! eh eh eh get it thats Treadweay and Scheurn combined!! Thats how we roll!!! I love him!! 
Alright so as far as the miracles man I got to tell you it was a killer week in church! We had... are you ready for this 7!!!!!!!! In Church!! What in the heck!!!! Let me just say keep those prayers coming because they are working, I think one of the hardest things though, is just them having the time to see us! All of those that came to church are super great and want to learn but just so busy!! Curse work!!!!! But we are working on it! So we had Fidelis!!!!!!! He is a BALLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love him and he is so sincere!! Just great! So Dougy did not come to church.. but his father is in the hospital and had surgery so he was with him all day and night! Kind of a legit reason but we taught him about the Sacrament and how he needs to take it and when he is baptized that will be the most important part ever!! We invited him to come to church every week and take the sacrament and he agreed!! So thats awesome! He will be baptized next week!! Like normally.... I would be worried about these things but he is super bravo and a great kid so I'm not worried about it he will be baptized just keep praying for him!! Back to church it was Fidelis who will be baptized next week as well!! Then there was Ifa and John who are from Nigeria! Its crazy they just come without us saying anything!  Hopefully we can get them on track, it is their third week in church in a row!!! So we will get them going!! Then there is Cesare and Sandra they are a family and have 3 kids!! One of the kids is 12 and the others are younger! Sandra is from Brazil and Cesare is Italian!!! They came and she was not feeling well but still came and told us anytime they don't have work they will always be at church!!!! They are great but they are just super busy!!!! We will see them because they really want to watch the restoration film so we will get that going!!! Then we have, okay so I don't know if I told you about her but there is a lady who older....Her name is Diva who is a less active! Anyway but she has not been to church in months!!!!!! Her daughter Debra is not a member who is 42 and anyway they came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been seeing them a lot and they came!!!!!!!! AND loved it!!!! We are trying to get Debra on track for baptism! I really would like you guys to pray extra extra extra hard for her!!! I feel she can enter the waters of baptism. she just needs to recognize her answer to her prayers!! It is just great! It was funny I didn't even know what to do because there were so many people to talk to at church!! It was funny our President of the branch, President Gresta!, called us after and was like Anziani......what happened!!!!!!!! Was that a branch or a ward!!!! It was so awesome there were lots of people at church!! It was great!!! Yeah keep those prayers up! The work is going good our teaching pool is big but we can always improve it and thats why we are talking to everyone!!!!! So its going great!! Just crazy crazy week!!! So anyway what else has gone down!! Mom....I have really realized that its all about attitude!! It is funny there was a saying int he mission and its "fake it til you make it"! In a way its true, you know if we go out there and show that we are engaged int HIS work it really does show and the people see that!!! So we just all need to "fake it til we make it" when its hard and it will get better always.... as long as we rely on our Heavenly Father it will always be good!!!
The weather right now is a little chilly but it ain't to bad!! I'm good don't worry about that!! I'm good!! Yes Rocco and Luisa are still doing good from what I have heard, so yes thats good!! I love them and miss them a lot! I heard they actually moved to Bergamo!! So I think the Anziani are with them there! They are still going strong! That is truly a bummer about Gabe.... but hey thats all good,  I will still talk to him on skype and hopefully we can go visit him in Sardinia! It would be so cool to have an exchange student form Italy but, I understand what you say mom, it is stressful. I have been with them, but I know if I can do it you can do it!!! I love these people here so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!! They will always..... and I mean always have a part in my heart I will never ever forget them!! I love them so much!!! 
Mom I agree with you thats a good idea I will just take a test to see where I'm at in Spanish, but I really would love to learn Spanish fluently. But we will see. You guys are amazing!! Mom I love this work so so so much!! I can't even begin to tell you!! I'm going to be a baller to the missionaries when I get home!!!! I'm gonna help them out so so so so much,  I want to get them some referrals!! I feel what they are going through because two years isn't easy but we need to do all that we can as members to help them out!!! AND pray for them constantly!! AND fast for the missionaries!!!
The cabin seems awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I'm stoked for that... I cant wait for it!!! It was funny just a story!!!! So it was Sunday night and we had a couple of "bidones"! Like where people cancel on us for there appointment so, we went and did "casa" and it was super funny because the adversary really does work against us but... I hate to tell you he ain't got nothing on me and that is serious!! We did "casa" and tried to get into 6 palazzi but we weren't able hahaha! Its just funny but thats when we hit those miracles as President Wolfgramm says...... when we are close to the miracle fence!!!! But it was just funny we are working hard. I will work until the end and I mean the end!!!!! We need to lift those up who are down as well!! So I was reading the Book of Mormon and I found a scripture that is one of my favorite scriptures now!! It is Alma 58:10 just fantastic!! Its so true!! At every point there is no one to turn to except our Heavenly Father!!!!! AND that is what we need to do!!!!! Just keep that in mind!! Mom you give service all the time!! Just always thinking of others!!! AND thats why your a freaking amazing example!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!! 
Alright well as far as that first week home it doesn't matter but, I just  really really really want to be with just my whole family for Sunday night!!! So that would be so awesome!! Just some food for thought!!! Well anyway not much else going on, tomorrow we will actually have a Thanksgiving party at the church because our Branch President is a freaking baller!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM and is organizing it and, he wants  Anziano Treadway and I  to speak a little bit about the holiday. It was funny I just told him well... we watch football and eat turkey!!! He just laughed hahaha!!!! 
I love you all so so so so much!!!! Just keep on going because..... I will keep going!!!! Keep up the prayers!!! Pray extra hard!!! 

Love Anziano Scheurn
P. S. I sent a package with the stuff in it. I will probably sending one more so be ready. You can open it because there is stuff for you in it! I sent pictures in it as well!! 

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