Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#90 Ravenna Still "Kickin Baby"!

Anziani Scheurn and Sexton!!

Anziano Scheurn!
Anziano Sexton!!

Anziano Sexton upper row second from left and Rhett's New Comp Anziano Rango upper right corner.
I hope you  liked the tie!! I thought it was awesome and fit you like crazy!! Happy Birthday Pops your the bomb!!! Well I'm really sickened by the game with WF, well whatever!!! They will still win it! I ain't nervous!! Anyway yeah its just crazy how fast time is going! I just want to say I love you Pops and I can't wait to see you!!! Love you so so so so much Pops! I will work hard always and grow my testimony when I get home, don't worry about that!!! I love you dad! Keep on going!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

Hey Family!!!!

Well man just another week has just flown by... my goodness its just insane! It seems to me like the only two days I remember is p-day and Sunday... its crazy how fast time is going!! I can't believe in two weeks I will be in my last and 16th transfer!!!!! Just nuts... but anyway I don't have tons of time to email right now because we are going to go to Ferrara to spend p-day with Anz DeVincent and Anz Gessel! Probably go look around and play some b-ball!! So that should be fun!!! 
Anyway the work continues to go on!! Some great news! Dougy is doing fantastic!! He is super super funny! He is coming to church and loving it! Now he is progressing really well! We just taught him the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and he accepted it no problem!!! He is a baller and is progressing very very well! So about the whole basketball thing.. hmmmm.. well I got to tell you it was funny it was me and Dougy on a team, and Anziano Rango and Kunnu on a team and let me just tell you... me and Dougy got schooled!!!!! But with in the first 5 seconds Dougy was just beat and out of breath hahaha! We told him he needed to exercises more haha! But he is a baller!!! AND doing great!! Then we got Fidelity!! It is a crazy name but man he is such a baller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still has not came to church which is  problem because like you said they just can't get baptized and then "basta".. they need to continue in the gospel!! So thats what we need to do with him but he did accept the word of wisdom and is doing so great! He wants us to come see his mom and brother as well! He just tells us all the time that the things that they are believing in are wrong and he wants them to believe in his church!! So we are working with him! As far as Christina..... no clue.... its super hard with her.. she is just always busy!! It seems like the last time we taught her she understood it but... she is busy and is no longer coming to church for some odd reason... So we are just trying to work with her... But anyway.. just keep all of them in your prayers!! So in two weeks we will have a district conference in Rimini which will be awesome!! I'm looking forward to that! We will have an Area Authority come speak to us I think, so that will be great!!!I love Italians and I'm starting to understand how they think. haha Just keep them in your prayers! We want to find an Italian so so so so so bad and we are trying! Just pray for us like you guys do already!! So I'm pretty sure for this last transfer Anz Rango will leave Ravenna and I will get a new comp.. I'm going to request an Italian!! I hope I get one!! Just pray for that so my Italian can just sky rocket!! So yeah about the skype I will not skype. I for sure  call on the home phone don't worry about that ehh... I'm stoked to talk to you all! For the first time... in the mission... wow thats crazy!!! Anyway so I talked to Heath on email! I can't wait to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaking love him and Ivan as well!! I'm just so stoked!!!! But anyway!!! So I will tell you a little funny story! I haven't told one in a while hahaha! But anyway we were doing "strada" and all of the sudden we stopped and sat in the park for a contact to come. We made some calls when all of the sudden a man came up to us on a bike and started talking to us in  French.. hmm I don't know about you guys but I'm in ITALY!!! I don't speak French but anyway he was Italian and he started talking about science and crazy stuff and inventions.. when all of a sudden he started going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! He was like everything is wrong religion is just made up by men and I was like nawww..... and he was like O yes it is and... I was like.. well why are you yelling at me! Anyway Anziano Rango were just dying laughing!!!!! It was super funny!!! Yeah the people here are super great and crazy! But yeah so that was the crazy story!! Its crazy man it just got super super super cold!!! O my goodness now its freezing! But don't you guys worry I'm staying warm!! Alright well yeah for sure mom I'm going to send Gabe a shout out!!! He better not leave! I have been bragging to everyone how I have an awesome foreign exchange student at my house from Sardinia and... how I was going to learn his dialect!!! He better not leave!! I will chill with him and take him out!! I will send a email to him!  I'm going to send a package home!!! So yeah it will have some ties and things I will wear when I get home so so so so please tell Joe and Walker to keep there paws out of it ehh!!!!!!! OR I will give them a big whoopin!! Yeah I'm stoked to come home and see you all... AND my nephews and nieces!!!!! Man I can't wait! I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH!!!! Anyway I love you all so so so much and can't wait to see you all and don't worry I'm still kickin baby!!! Because thats how I role! Anziano Scheurn... represent.. read it!!! I'm going to go now but I love you all so so so so much and can't wait to see you Mom I'm with the only Monday and Wednesday because, I will want to work other days and just save those school days for homework to get that stuff done first!! School well actually the church is going to come first and then school!! I'm going to work so hard its going to be insane!!!! I love you all so so so much and I'm sorry this is short but I need to go.  I love you all so much and just let all the singles ward kids know that Anz Scheurn is coming home!!! AND going to own in softball!! But I love you all!! Thanks for you prayers and everything you all do!! This is the true church! I know that I have loving parents who my Heavenly Father gave me specifically!! To help me int his life!! This is the true church and it was restored by Joseph Smith!! 

Love Anziano Scheurn

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