Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#88 Ravenna The Lord is Blessing Us Like Crazy!

Baptism of Giovanni in Milano 2! (3 weeks ago)

Yeah I will write you a letter with the vote of what I want.. iiight! Romney!!!. I don't know anything but I trust you enough to make the other decision! I will send it with your letter that I'm writing to you for your b day! The Cardinals are doing great, thats good! AND Williams Field still going strong thats what I'm talking about!!! But I need to go because I'm going to sign up for some classes! I love you so so so much!!! Thanks for all you do! 
Love Anziano Scheurn


YO YO YO... another week here in good old Ravenna!! Today has been a little crazy haha we came in to do some email earlier, but for some odd reason the website wasn't functioning so we came back. It is great!! Another week and like always we are going to talk about the work!  
Christina is doing FANTASTIC!!! She is reading everyday and loves it and actually prayed for us for the first time which was really rewarding to hear!! She is a baller and every time we ask her how her reading is going she is like It is BEAUTIFUL!! She calls us everyday and asks how we are and asks us if we are taking our lunch and just is really awesome!! So thats sweet! Just keep praying for her because she is doing great, and progressing super well! At this point she will be on track!!! 
Alright next, we have another kid named Douglas who is 21 and he is a baller!!!!!!! We actually found him in the area book and he was waiting for our call! We called him and he said he would meet with us and so we went to his house to teach him. He is from Nigeria and has lived here for 6 years and works and speaks the language really well,  long story short we went over there and set a date with him for 10th of November, honestly he is super solid!! It was sweet he came to church last Sunday for the first time in his life and it was testimony meeting and he looked at me and was like... hey can I share my testimony and I was like yeah yeah man, so I translated for him, and he just went on to say how he has been waiting for an answer to his prayer about the right church! He said that he knows this is the right church and he knows that Joseph Smith is a Prophet, and he said he wanted to be baptized into this church!! Every time we see him he is like. ELDERS or BROTHERS!! He is a baller!!!! AND doing really really great!! Just pray for him, and.... just when you think that God is giving you so many blessings he just continues to give you more! 
We found another man from Nigeria I know its funny but all these Nigerians are so elect, and ready to go!! But anyway his name is Fidelity!! He is just a baller! We have a date with him for the 17th of November and he remembers everything!!! Its funny we don't even need to call and confirm appointments with him, he already knows exactly spot on when we will see each other! He is a baller!!!! The Lord is blessing us right now like crazy!!  We called President and told him, and he was just super super stoked!!!! So thats awesome, and we have a lot of other potentials who will be ballers as well. Its funny because in the branch here there are a lot of Africans who are just BALLERS!!!!! Its just perfect, this branch is already growing on me like crazy!! I love it a lot!!! So the work is going great! It was funny just a real quick funny story, I need to keep this letter a little short because I'm going to sign up for my classes and Anziano DeVincent being the graduate he is, is actually going to help me on generals I should pick and what not, but anyway it was funny we went on a scambio and I went to a place in out district called Ferrara! I don't know if you remember him but Anziano Gessel who was in Milano with me is actually my district leader and is a baller! But anyway I did a scambio with him and it was super super funny! We did some casa at night on this one street and we were just getting yelled at like crazy! We did this one palazzo and like 45264534 people and there moms came out and was like" you guys can't come around at this time, its to late" haha it was pretty funny!!  anyway I don't care because at the very end of the night we just kept pushing on with some patience and we found a potential Chinese family!!!! AWW YEAH!!!! It was funny because we saw that on the doorbell it said a Chinese name and I can say in Chinese " we are missionaries". So what happened was they answered the doorbell and I said it and they let us in!!!! So we went to there door and two younger kids answered and they spoke Italian but were from China and they were freaking adorable!!!! Anyway the dad did not speak any Italian!! So the kids translated! We told them we would bring a Book of Mormon in Chinese to them!! So pray for that!!! So that was a miracle!!! Man this work is so real and true and its so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Even though the trials come it doesn't matter!!! "I ain't scurred"!!!!! No way homie!!! We are doing great here in Ravenna!! Anziano Rango is such a baller!! I love him so much!! He honestly makes me laugh so much!!!!!! He is awesome! His dad is Italian and his mom is Tongan! He so spiritual!! AND knows what he is doing!!! Anyway so thats whats up with the work here in Ravenna!! Things are great and I can't complain because the Lord is great!!! Tell Gabe he needs to speak English!!!! Thats how we learn, look at me, man has it been hard to learn a new language, you bet it has!!! But I would not trade it for anything in the world!!! So I did not get to meet Ginevra's mom, it was a bummer because the time that she could see us was when I was getting transferred! So it was kind of a bummer! But hey its all good I will maybe go see her, my last day in Milano we will swing over there and meet her and get a picture!! So next p-day will be great we will be going to San Marino as a zone so that will be fun!!!! I will take some great pictures! Man I bet you guys are just enjoying the YSA ward! I can't wait to be a part of it!!! It will be so fun!!! Man I just feel like time is just going so quickly...... honestly its really scary!! I just don't understand, already we are over halfway through Oct.... just crazy stuff! It was funny I called President Wolfgramm and was like hey Pres. is it okay if I go online to sign up for classes and just being a boss that he is, he was like well yeah of course you can, and he was like well what school are you going? I was like well probably a community college for now, and then not sure, he was like well thats neat!! He is just so great!!! But anyway its so weird to think I'm signing up for school, it honestly does not make sense to me, where did the time go.... man just crazy!! O and BTW just let Pops know I have a letter coming, I already wrote it I'm just looking for a cool postcard to send. Tell dad when I get home we will start owning in sports because RHETT SCHUUUUUUUURRRRN will be there, speaking of..... Eric what is the deal with him, will he be here there when I get home? I'm praying for that, it would be so great!!  I'm stoked to see what goes down this transfer just keep up the prayers they are working.  I Love you and am thankful for your concern and advice and I will always take it okay?  I will take Italian at MCC but will go to CGCC it will be crazy but I need to take Italian!!
I love you all so so so so much and thanks for the prayers. I know that this church is true and I was born of loving and great parents!!! I love you all so so so so much!!! 

Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn

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