Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#86 Transferred to Ravenna!


Alrighty well just an insane and intense week! Things have gone down and I'm about to tell you what has gone down okay! Well first things first yes you guessed it... another man has received eternal life at this point but, he will need to continue to the end! YUP Giovanni was baptized!!!!!!! He is a baller! It was great!! I was a little nervous because the baptism started at 5 o clock and.. it was scary because there wasn't anyone there and I was a little nervous! When the ordinance came people showed up and it was a great turn out! lt was so spiritual as always! I love baptism its just the best!! Giovanni will be a strong member I know that! It was perfect because after the baptism there was a member who was having his son's birthday party upstairs so they invited us all and it was perfect because Giovanni talked to everyone and really did get welcomed into the ward which was fantastic! He is such a baller just listen to this! There was a lady that was there who lived close to him and he knew her and he told us he knew her and we asked if she was a member and he said no. So just jokingly I was like well look at that Giovanni the times is now to start that missionary work and he was like,... he gave literately the 100 dollar response.... well I have my Book of Mormon in my backpack that I will share!!!!!!!! I mean come on!!!! How big of a baller is he!! I was excited for that wonderful experience! The Lord gave us that baptism!!! I am so thankful. so he will do great! Tonight we will have a family night because our Bishop, who is easily my favorite Bishop that I have had in my mission, he is from Argentina!! He is a baller and it is his birthday so we will have a surprise party for him at the church. 
Another thing as well there will be 2 missionaries leaving for transfers and...... one of those missionaries is me. Okay well me and Sorella Soh will be leaving Slla Soh is is soooooo awesome! She is going to Siena to open! So thats cool! I will be leaving my boy Anziano Sexton! I will be going to Ravenna! It is by Bologna so thats super awesome! My new comp will be Anziano Rango!!!! He is a baller., he is actually in Anziano Sextons group and he lives in California but he is part Tongan!!! I'm so stoked Anziano Sexton can't stop telling me how much of a  boss he is!!  I'm super excited because he is awesome! We will tear Ravenna to shreads!!!! It is a beach city so thats cool! It is by San Marino so I will get gorgeous pictures and the people in that area are awesome!!! So thats a bonus! But here is some even cooler things you ready for this!! Well my district leader is Anz Gessel! He is in his 8th transfer and is a baller. He was in my district here in Milano!! He was serving in Muggio and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!! HIS COMP IS ANZ DEVINCENT!!!!!!!! WHAT WHAT!!!! So he will be in my district and I will do scambios with him!! I'm so stoked!!! Its unreal!! And my zone leader is Anz Squarcia!!!!!!! Remember him the Italian!!!!! The funniest Italian ever!!!!! I'm stoked! It will be great!!! So when I got the call from President he just went on to tell me that I need to help out the  branch a lot!!!!  So it will be a challenge but I'm stoked!!! The branch President there is pretty known and he is awesome!!!!! So there are about maybe 40 active members but that might be pushing it, but it will be cool to get to know everyone!!!!!! So thats awesome!!! umm it has been tough leaving the people here but don't worry I have taken a lot of pictures. Another cool thing is I get to travel to Bologna tomorrow with Anz DeVincent!!! So thats great!!! It will be great! I know I will finish strong and I know President called me there for a reason! So thats awesome! When we called him he was like you know Anz Scheurn I have been thinking about you a lot! Because... he went on to say he had his Ipad out and was reading emails and he read Anz Webbs email and apparently Webb emailed President. Pres mentions that Anz Webb wrote in his email how much he loved me and wanted us to stay in Milano together! I thought that was pretty funny! Anz Webb will be staying so thats cool! That is the news on transfers! It will be great like I said Ravenna won't know what hit it! So I'm glad that I left Milano giving it all that I got!  I can really say it because, like I said the Lord provides and I'm a huge testimony to that!!!!! Because man I will tell you what that baptism just was alllllll worth it!! We have some cool contacts and I got to admit it is a little scary leaving my baby boy, Anziano Sexton with another comp, I love him a lot!!  He will be getting Anz Menah, who is from Italy! He is cool Anziano  Sexton will be fine!! He is a baller! hmm but yeah thats about it for transfers. O yeah and actually as you know Anz Neff is going home.... I will miss him lots but hey its okay. I will talk to him soon!!! But  yeah I will see him tomorrow! hmmm but yeah thats it for transfers!
Alrighty well mom I'm stoked you got in contact with Lin because I can't wait to see him!!!!!!!! AND talk to him when I get home! I miss him so so so so so much! Just give him my biggest love ever!!!! Yeah so about that Genevra's mom by the Duomo area. We called her but she is very busy. She told us and I don't know if we will have time but we will see, I will do all that I can to try to get a picture with her so just work with me here ehh!!! Its been a nuts week! Yeah I will admit I'm really stoked to see and meet Gabe! That will be sweet!! So mom I don't know if you got it yet but I did send you a letter and as well as Forrest and Cita. I hope you all got them! But I bet you will soon. 
So a CRAZY STORY!!!!!!! Okay so we went to Sacrament on Sunday and we see Americans that come in all of the time and it is no biggie but... we see them and ask them where they are from, and about 99.9% of them say Utah. Anyway we were there and Anziano Sexton went off to talk to them and I was talking with members but anyway... I here Anziano Sexton yell at me! ANZ SCHEURN and so I turned around and he was like THESE PEOPLE ARE FROM GILBERT!!!  By this point all of the members are like what the heck is going on and of course you know me... I run over there and they ask me what are my cross roads were and I say Recker and Ray and they said NO WAY WE ARE THERE TOO!!! But they knew the ***** and they know exactly where we live but it was a young couple and I wrote a letter to you guys and they said they will give it to you and they took some pictures, but their last names is Christensen!! So that was sweet!!! Small world! So what else is going on that was a funny video of dad yelling at J.T. Pops is a "tool bait"! haha! but anyway I'm glad he and Posey got to go to that! Man Walker and I are exactly alike!!! I love him so so so much and I can't wait to hang with him and I know its more then he wants to hangout with me because he is a big baller! But tell him I say... not to be a sissy about his back okay? Okay good! So school will be good I'm excited for that!!! We will see what goes down all I know is I'm going to work so so so hard in school I'm not even kidding just seeing people here in Italy and the life they have without school just is not good and I will make sure to take it so seriously!!! Yeah that will be good!  Well family thats about it!
I really know that this church is true and I know that GENERAL CONFERENCE IS COMING UP!!!! Yeah we get that reevaluations necessary to do what we need to do in this life so I just want to invite you guys as always to go to conference with a question because I know that I will!!! O my goodness I'm getting goose bumps right now just thinking about conference!!!!!! I'm stoked!! Mom I will never fall! I'm stoked for the Gilbert Temple!! That is the first thing that lady said to me was the Gilbert Temple is looking good!!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!  But anyway I love you all so so so much and can't wait to see you but for now I need to work!! And when I say work... I mean work in missionary work.... but as well as basketball because, the missionaries are about to get schooled today!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

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