Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#89 Ravenna

Saying Goodby is very hard! These pictures are from Milano!

Es[ecially saying goodbye to these last two Anziani in these picture was hard! Anziano Neff Finished his mission and headed back to Utah! Rhett loved serving with this Aziano!!
So hard to say goodbye to Anziano Sexton! Anziano Scheurn Trained him but Anz Scheurn said he learned much more from Anziano Sexton and said he was well prepared to serve way before he got into the filed!! 

TOM SCHEURNNNNNNNNN!! WHAT YOU DOING! (in the words of Eric!!)

So anyway yeah things are going great great great here!! Just working and doing what I do as a servant of the Lord!! You know we were reading the other day in the Book of Mormon and the Bible just doing some scripture studies!! It was crazy because I came across a sctiprture int he Bible that is one of my favorite scriptures ever!! Its Acts 5 40-42 its awesome because it talks about how the Apostles rejoiced because they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name!! Thats awesome because that is how it is now!! I'm worthy to suffer shame for his name!!! I love it and I wear his name on my nametag!! Its just awesome stuff!!! But anyways I know your working hard as always! I love that you email me every week its makes me know that I have a loveing father who is a baller!! But anyways I will root for WF, hoping so!!! Walker is a trader!!!! What the heck!!! Thats all right WF will win!! The work is good! I love you so so so much and thank you for everything you do for me!! Keep going because I will!! 

Love Anziano Scheurn


Alright well mom let me just tell you that you have done a fantastic job with the classes. I guarantee better then I could even thought about doing. Thank you so much for that!  It will be awesome and the schedule is perfect because, I will be in the habit of working and studying so it will be perfect. Thank you for all of your hard work you have done for me!  Anyway thank you so so so much for all of that!! 
So about the good old work of the Lord!! Its going baby, o yeah its going!!! So anyway our super star DOUGLAS or Dougy as Anziano Rango and I like to call him is super super super bravo!! O my goodness like he just understands everything! Its pretty crazy to because his family is from Nigeria and they are really really well off! Like the mom is a business lady! She is a baller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so so nice! So they own a African shop here in Ravenna and the dad was a big police officer in Nigeria or part of the Army and he is a little scary... but super super nice!!! So anyway it was funny! His mom just got back from Nigeria and we stopped by their shop to see Dougy and see how he is doing and its funny because all of the Nigerians go there to buy there African ingredients! We walk in and everyone is like EYYYYY Ow You Dai! It means like how are you in Nigerian pigeon English!!! and its super funny because they loves us and they are so so so so funny! Anyway we met the mom for the first time last night and she is so so so awesome!!!!!!!! They have a good family!!! We will work with all of them but right now only with Dougy and he said he will get his family to church! It was funny because we walked in and just asked Dougy's mom if she needed help with anything and she was like no you guys are to nice!! She told us in her Nigerian English! DOUGLAS NEEDS TO GO TO CHURCH, GET HIM TO GO TO CHURCH WITH YOU GUYS! hahaha It was funny but the truth is Dougy has came the last two Sundays and is progressing fantastically towards his baptism! The mom went on to say that she wants him to become a missionary like us hahaha! Super funny! He is a baller and is doing great!! So then we have Fidelity!!!! O my goodness every time I meet with him my testimony grows more than his!! Mom the man just takes everything in... and knows it all!!!!!!!! O my goodness! Truly prepared by the Lord! It was funny we met with him and he was just like yeah I want to give my life to God! I want to obey commandments, he is amazing and he said the first time he heard the story of Joseph Smith he knew it was true because the spirit testified to him that it was true!! But anyway he is a baller! And is progressing so well! For his date for the 17 of Nov!!! He is a baller and every time he meets us he is like I just need to be baptized!!! He is awesome!! AND Dougy's date is for the 10 of Nov!! So yeah yeah yeah!! so as far as Christina... well its super hard to see her because she is just SO busy but next time we meet with her we will tell her the importance of meeting with her and how she needs to meet with us to know and be ready for her baptism! She is super great but we just need to talk to her about it!!! Just pray for all of them please! They are all so so so great, man I have just developed a love for these people that I can't even explain! I love them so so much! So our branch president is truly in" gamba"! that means like on the ball in Italian and helps us out a lot!! He is so awesome!! So yeah he is a baller! Our ward is awesome! I'm getting to know them more and more which is awesome! Its super funny to because just a little side note that is so so so funny so anyway there is a man from Switzerland and he calls us like once every two weeks to pray for us and its so funny he calls us because of a referral that was given to the missionaries a while ago and he calls us and prays for our investigators and its funny how he prays but... he is a baller and actually served a mission in Germany, a little random but he seems awesome!!! We don't even know what he looks like but its just funny!! We are trying to get some young people in this ward!!! So we are trying to find some, and actually for p-day today we are going to play some b- ball! Douglas already has referrals for us and he isn't even a member... crazy!!! One kid is 18 and guess WHAT he is Chinese!!!! He will play b- ball with us and we will try to get a appointment with him today!! Then he is bringing a couple of more boys to play and hoop it up!!! So we will see, just pray for them please!!!! Anyway things are going great here! Still running everyday and working out, its crazy in the morning there is some major fog, and its getting a little chilly but I'm staying warm!! So mom here is the deal I want to send a package home with some ties!! AND some things so its less to bring home with me and another thing I'm sorry I have used so much money.. i sent you and dad a little something somethin in the mail with some letters so don't worry about that it should be there soon. So mom I got my customs packet.. which basically tells me what I need to put on customs and kind of tells me what I need to do to prepare myself to depart. So yeah I'm just keeping that in mined and I want to send some stuff home now so that way it will be less to put on customs, so if you want I can still get dad a suit here at Zara if you want me to, tell me next week and I will get one if you would like me to. man its crazy.. its actually starting to become real to me..... I just cant believe it, in 4 weeks I will give my dieing testimony.... my last one int he mission at zone conference... crazy... but anyway so we went to zone conference and it was so so so funny!!! I walk in and see this senior couple and I look at there name and it says Jefferies!!!! I was like yeah yeah yeah! It was funny we got a picture and he came up to me and goes O yeah Anzziano Scheurn, your mom wanted me to give you this, and just gave me a huge hug!!! It was so so so funny! Super awesome people!! LOVE them, they will do awesome!!! So another thing mom there is a young couple that just moved into the Cooley Station ward, and the wifer.....her little brother is in the mission with me the last name is Procter!! You should try to see them, but yeah hes awesome and I love him,  Anyway just some food for thought!! haha so the new house looks beautiful!!! I'm stoked to see it when I come back! I bet it will be awesome, so about spending some Christmas up there ehhhh? haha with the whole family!!! Just some thoughts to put in the noggin!! Anyway crazy things are going down! We are trying to find some Italians but   "they aint showin us no love" as my comp Anziano  Rango would say!!! He is so so so so so funny!!!! Just a baller! He wants me to go visit his family in San  Francisco when I get home and I told him I would and his mom would cook some Tongan food!!!! sweet!!!!! Yeah things are great, there really isn't anything else going on!! I cant wait to see Gabe!! I might just shoot Gabe's parents a call and just be like hey I cant come down hahaha! but anyway I cant wait to meet the Gabinator!!!! He seems awesome and I can't wait to here him ont he piano! Mom the pictures are Fantastic!!!! You guys look so great!! Best parents int he whole world!! REPRESENT!!!!!!! What else!? Nothing really... so mom as far as skype this next Christmas.. you guessed it I'm not going to skype. I will just call! I will talk for a little bit because I will let my comp talk more then me! It will be crazy crazy crazy! Just crazy stuff! Well mom I know your worried about me going into the real world, and I would be lying  to you if I said I wasn't worried! But I got to tell you I know this church is true and if I just continue to do what I have learned and taught here int he mission I don't need to worry! I will read the Book of Mormon every day and pray every day and go to church every single Sunday!!! AND another thing just remember if the "book is blue, its true"!!! So yeah this church is true! President Monson does lead the church through God!! And Joseph restored the church!!! AND Christ is the redeemer of the world!!! YOU HUUURRRD me! I Love you all so so so so much and I'm thankful for all that you guys do for me, keep up the prayers, they are beautiful!!! 

Love Anziano Scheurn
ps I NEED eric to be at the home when I get home please please please !!!haha

ps I was kind of wondering... I want to buy a nice pair of ray bans glasses for like 82, just let me know, I know its expensive ma mi fai sapere! (let me know) LOVE

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