Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#87 Ravenna Temple In Tucson!


I got to tell you I had some confidence in the Cardinals, what the heck happened there! Come on are you kidding me, but thats all good they will be fine, just need to have that faith! AND WF what the heck! Whats going on!!!! Don't worry they will just be the dark horses which they shouldn't be! But anyway the city is sweet. I wrote mom a good letter about it!, It's starting to be a little cold but we are in suit coats now! But it will be okay! Man I got no time honestly and as crazy as that sounds, I just need to work hard!!! Next month I will give my dying (last) testimony in conference..... just sickening! But anyway I love you so much Pops! Keep trucking!!!! AND by the way just to say, next priesthood session I will be with my Pops!!! WHAT WHAT!!!! But I love you so so so much keep up the prayers!! The chuch is true!!!
 Love Anziano Scheurn

Cara Famiglia!
 Well I'm doing internet point right now at a brand new city which is pretty crazy! I can't believe a week has already passed in my new city of Ravenna!!!!!! Time is just going so fast! I don't know where it is going it needs to slow down at least a little bit! Anyway Ravenna is awesome !!!!! Its gorgeous!!! The city isn't to big and there are a lot of Africans!!! Which is awesome!!!!  Its pretty! For p day me and Anziano Rango are going to go to the beach area and look,  and throw the football AND get some lunchies!! So that will be sweet! Okay so Anziano Rango is a baller! He is from San Fran California,  He is in the same group as Anziano Sexton so thats means I'm bottle breaking again.. Man its tough but I got to tell you that I lucked out because Anziano Rango is sweet!!!!!!! He is part Tongan! His dad is Italian and his mom is from Tonga! So yeah he is pretty laid back, he has that California personality but he is awesome and works super hard! I got to do all that I to be a ballin example for him because he is being a good one for me!! 
The work is already hitting it off here in good old Ravenna it is close to Bologna and is about 3 hours away from Milano! So thats crazy! Its just so weird to think that in a little bit I will be going back to Milano! So President basically told me that he thinks this will be my last city! So thats just insane! I'm the oldest missionary in the zone.... crazy... but anyway it's going great here in Ravenna! So a funny story the train station is pretty ghetto and I love it! haha Anziano Rangos tire already got stolen. ha, but anyway on one side of the tracks is nice and then when you hit the other side of the train tracks its ghetto and I LOVE working in that area! We meet so many Nigerians who are just awesome!!! They know us as servants of the Lord! We are always just like eyyyyyy!!!! Its funny! We have an investigator names Christina and she is awesome!!!!!!!! She is from Nigeria and she calls us at least 2 times a day and loves us and the church, she has been to church twice and loves it and is reading the Book of Mormon. She is awesome! We set a baptismal date with her yesterday for the 3rd of November, look at that, only 3 days in this sweet city and the Lord has blessed us big time, just please pray for her specifically like you guys do and I know you guys are fantastic at that!!!  She is our superstar!!! Then a crazy and awesome miracle!!!!!!!!!! So anyway we were doing finding work int he ghetto side of the tracks and we are just talking to everyone and we stop a lady from Dominican Republic and at first she recognizes us as evangelical missionaries!! She seemed super interested but when she saw we were LDS or (mormons)... I hate referring to us like that because we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! But she recognized us and she went on to tell us how she knows our church in her country! So anyway we went on and she was busy going to work! We got her number and called her a couple days later! Her name is Rafaela by the way. Anyway I called her to set up an appointment and I was so stoked!!!! But I called her and told her we were " los elderes" is spanish and she was like ahhhh si si si I know! I went on to ask her if we could make and appointment with her to see her! She was like, look guys, my friend is evangelical and she invited me to her church and I want to go, she said. She thought we were part of that church and she basically told me on the phone that, she did not want to meet with us, but anyway... I went on and just bore my testimony and told her that she couldn't know what church was true because she had not heard our message. I was a little bold with her but sometimes we need to be bold! She was like well... I guess your right, you guys can come see me tomorrow and we made an appointment for  the next day! Well turns out she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! She was so nice and she was telling us how its hard right now in her life, and we just said we KNOW that this message will help you!! So anyway we invited her to baptism and she accepted!!!!!! So thats awesome and she loves the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church!!!! Please just pray for her!!!!  SHE IS BOMB!!!!  At the end we offered a kneeling prayer because we kneel with all of our investigators!  It's a great way for them to receive revelation but apparently it wasn't clear that we wanted her to say it haha but we waited for a good 3 min before I was like can you say it and she was like, " O, I SAY IT"? We all just started laughing but anyway it was a great lesson and she said a wonderful prayer!!! Pray for her!!! We will see her again tomorrow! Other then that we are working with other people! We got into a lesson with a Jehovah Witness the other night and let me just tell you there was no spirit...I don't like Bible bashing, just does not bring the spirit!  We left and just bore are testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon! hmm what else, there are a lot of Africans in this branch who are all just super solid as a rock!!! Our Branch Presidents name is President Gresta!!! He is a baller! He is on the ball! The branch is cool, haven't met to many of them yet because of conference but its awesome here! Just pray for us!!! My bike is ghetto hahaha but its rideable so I like it!!! So conference was awesome! I got to say I loved all the talks! All of them were fantastic but,... guess who took the big WIN, it was my man Henry B. Eyring!!! About special talents, I cant remember if it was priesthood, but it was awesome we need to help people recognize there talents and help them use them!! It was awesome!!!!!!! Conference was so great!! I honestly get so pumped when it comes around!!!!  We watched it in Rimini because ou branch is part of the Rimini district not Bologna which kind of surprised me but its sweet!!! Man its crazy going from a huge city to Ravenna but I like it a lot!!! I KNOW A TEMPLE IN TUCSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah yeah yeah! The work of the Lord goes forward like no bodies business!!! Haha so I'm close to finishing the Book of Mormon in Italian... that is my main goal before I get home!! I will send pictures today so don't worry about that!! KEEP BOONE!!!!! I expect to see him when i get home!!!! Yeah I'm pretty stoked to see the "Gabinator!!!! He is a baller!! He seems so sweet! Tell him we be rollin when I get home!!! Well anyway thats about it! Its funny because Nigerians are very religious and go crazy when they preach!! For example we were teaching a man his name is Andy and he was like "yeah your spirit is good, God gives us are spirits, and I went on to say yeah yeah Andy they do, and he was like yeah you know when you sleep sometimes they leave and go to other spirits" and I was like NOOOOOO Andy bad, haha but it was funny. He was like God breaths the spirit into you,... and I was like hmmmmm, I guess???? But it was funny, I love them!! Great city I'm stoked to work miracles here I'm going to continue to work my tail off!! I know this church is true and I know that the church is most defiantly restored!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! I love you all so much and I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father for this wonderful opportunity to serve him for two years! Well I got no time to waste.... I love you all so much!!!!!!! AND I'm stoked for the cabin!!!! Stoked to see you all soon!! Lots and lots of love!!! Keep on going you guys! Don't stop the prayers, because simply, they work! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Love Anziano Scheurn

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